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HJC Playoff Pool 2019

This is a simple and fun pool!

Round 1 picks  -  click to enlarge
The Playoff Pool operates one round at a time.
Before the round begins you will pick the winner of each series in that round and in how many games it will be won. (ie BOS in 6)
You will get points based on how correct your guesses were.
The player with the most points accumulated at the end of the Playoffs will be the winner of the Pool!

5 points = team & series length guessed correctly
3 points = only team guessed correctly
1 point = only series length guessed correctly

You will need to use the same name each time you make your picks so that points can be registered accordingly.

Come back to this page when the 1st Round match-ups are set.
Picks will need to be submitted before the puck drops for the first game of each round.

*** You must be logged into a Google account to make the form appear ***

PLAYOFF POOL Reviewed by Ryan on April 13, 2019 Rating: 5


PenguinPride87 said...

Does the winner win anything?? Or just bragging rights?

Ryan said...

Bragging rights.

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