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Your task is to create a new set of jerseys for the Columbus Blue Jackets...
...BUT the primary logo must feature their mascot, Stinger!

ReDesign a minimum of the home and road jersey using Stinger as the primary logo
You may use an existing Stinger logo, or create your own.
An alternate jersey is optional, but not required.
Stinger does NOT have the be used on the alternate jersey(s)
There may be no more than FOUR (4) jerseys on your entry
You may keep the team's colours or you can change everything

Place all material on one image
One entry per person
Your name or some sort of ID must be on your entry/image
Your entry must be submitted in PNG or JPG format

The winning entry will be entered into the 2019 Concept of the Year - 1st Quarter Vote

Send entries to: HJCcontest@gmail.com
Entries due by: Friday, February 22, 2019 @ noon Eastern
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