HJC's Drag & Drop Template
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Reebok Premiere Jersey Template
Click image to download  ---  CLICK HERE to download Vector file

Reebok Premier Jersey Template #2

NHLuniforms.com template
NHLuniforms.com V2 Template (by TG)

NHL Practice Jersey Template

Side Profile template (by Scott M.)
KHL Template
Full Body Template (for Paint users)
Layered versions -   PDN(Paint.net)   -   PSD(Photoshop)

Full Equipment View (Paint user compatible) by Colin M.
 Full Equipment View (Paint user compatible) by Colin M. [Edit by Caz]

Reebok Authentic Jersey Template
*fits NHLuniforms.com collars
CLICK HERE for vector format (courtesy Sportslogos.net Forum)

 AHL 3rd/Specialty Jersey template

SP Apparel template
 Layered Versions:  Photoshop  -  Paint.net

Shop.NHL.com template (by Dylan W.) - Image for display only
Download Front (PSD)
Download Back (PSD)
Video Tutorial

Shop.NHL.com template II (by Eric W.)
 Shop.NHL.com template

Shop.NHL.com template [Edit by Caz]

Full Body template (custom) by S2dio
Photoshop version  -  Paint.net version
S2dio's Custom Player Templates (PSD) - Download
RBK Edge template (from Sportslogos.net)

"Combo2 Template" by Steven G.
Click HERE for 2015-16 NHL jerseys using this template
CCM 6100 template (from Sportslogos.net)

CCM Vintage Template (Traced from the template below)

Nike Swift Template (ver 2) by Ryan Haslett

  Nike Swift Template (ver 2) Layered - Paint.net - Photoshop
Nike Swift Template - AI file (vector)

Nike Swift template 2 (from Sportslogos.net)

Nike Swift 2014 template (by Brady S.)
Nike Swift 2014 template (by Colin M.)
Download AI file (vector) by Dylan Wonka
Nike Swift (Full Body) - Jesper W.

Under Armor Template (by MasonII)

Equipment Templates by Matt Marczel - Part 1Equipment Templates by Matt Marczel - Part 2

CCM v10 helmet (MS Paint) - *Versions below have a visor*
Helmet & glove template (by Jake88)

DOWNLOAD >>> CCM v10 (PDN) --- CCM v10 (PSD)

Random Equipment
Reebok Edge sock template
Reebok Edge sock template #2 (by Kevin P.)

Nike Swift Sock Template (by Kevin W.)

Goalie Mask
Flat Goalie Mask Template (by Steven M.)

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