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Many readers find HJC and want to jump in and create concepts too. This is a very simple tutorial using Paint.net that can help you get started.

This is how I create concepts. However, there are many ways to create a concept. I’m just trying to give a foundation to anyone who wants it.
You'll need Paint.net, so go get Paint.net. Install etc. I’ll wait…
Got it? Good.

Make sure the following THREE windows are open in PDN (Paint.net). COLORS, TOOLS, and LAYERS. You can do this by going to the “Window” tab at the top and individually select the windows you need open.
For the sake of ease we’re going to make the 1980-81 Buffalo Sabres road jersey Edge-ified. Here’s the template…
What I do is go to ColorWerx and get the official colours of the jersey.
*ColorWerx is no longer available. You can get colours (last updated 2013) on the TEMPLATES page by downloading HJC's Drag & Drop Template* Right click that image, copy it, then go back to PDN. At the Edit tab (top of the screen) select “Paste in to New Image”. Now we have the template open in one image and the colours in another. Have the jersey template on the screen in PDN.
Here’s PDN’s downside. Sometimes it can’t distinguish between two very different colours. Sometimes it can’t distinguish between two very same colours. Most times it can, but to decrease screw ups I’m going to assume that it can’t tell between the Sabres blue and the grey template outline
Once you get accustomed to Paint.net you can use the Threshold meter to prevent this.

1) Create a new layer by clicking the button on the layers window

2) Go to the Sabres colours image and use the Color Picker tool to select the yellow. Then go back to the jersey temp
3) You should be on the newly created layer. Use the Line tool.
4) At the top of the screen, where it says Brush Width, choose 10. That will make the line we are about to draw 10 pixels wide.
5) To the right of that there is a button that has a small curvy blue line on it with boxes. Click it, that will disable the antialiasing. For straighter lines, always choose antialiasing

6) Draw the line, make sure it’s straight. How down the SHIFT key while you draw to make it straight. Be sure to draw it longer than you need. Because you’re working on a different layer, you can actually draw that line anywhere and move it after you’re done drawing. Consider each layer a clear cell, like what they draw cartoons on.

7) Click anywhere, except for on the line, to un-select it. The next line on the Sabres jersey is 2x the size of the first that we drew, so again select the Line tool but, this time make it 20 pixels wide. Draw the line. (You can draw it anywhere, we’ll move it)

8) Select the Magic Wand tool. Use that tool to select, by clicking on, the bigger line that we just drew. Now use the Move Selected Pixels tool to move the big line into position. What’s its position? If you notice on the NHLuniforms.com drawing, the big line is the same distance away from the thickness of the little line (10 pixels, remember?) So what you can do is put the big line directly next to the little line, then hit your left arrow key 10 times. Now the big line is in place.

9) Use the Magic Wand again and select the little line. Go to the Edit tab and select Copy. Then select Paste. It will paste the line over top of the original but that’s ok.

10) Now use the Move Selected Pixels tool and move the new little line 10 pixels to the left of the big line. Here’s how it should look.

11) Under the Edit tab, use the Select All feature. Use the Move Selected Pixels tool and put the group of lines into position, like this;

12) Select the layer that the jersey template is on. Use the Magic Wand tool and select inside the area that those lines are going to go;

13) Select the layer that the lines are on then go to the Edit tab and select Cut. Back to the Edit tab and use Select All. Then hit your Delete button on your keyboard. Back to the Edit tab and choose Paste. Now your lines should be cut, trimmed and in position like this;

14) You might think “Oh geez, that took forever and I’m only done one side” This isn’t entirely true. You can repeat those steps for the other arm if you wish or you can use PDN and it’s advantages. Make sure you’re on the layer that has the lines. On the Layers window, select the Duplicate Layer button.

15) Now you have two layers of lines, but they over lap each other and one is going the wrong way. Well, make sure you’re on that new duplicated layer. Then go to the Layers tab (not the window, the tab) and select Flip Horizontal.

16) Line up this new layer of lines on the right sleeve of the jersey, if not already done. You can use the Zoom tool at any time to make sure you’re in line. Now you should have three layers.

17) Now you need hem stripes. Use the Rectangle Select tool and select a block of yellow lines from the sleeves on the duplicated layer. Use the Edit tab and select Copy. Then back to the Edit tab and select Paste in to New Image.

18) In that new image we have a block of yellow lines. Go to the Image tab and select Rotate 90 Clockwise.

19) Under the Edit tab, choose Select All. Back to the Edit tab and choose Copy.

20) At the top right of the screen you can see all of the images you have open. Choose the one with the jersey template. Now that image should be open in front of you.

21) Go the Edit tab and choose Paste in to New Layer. Now those hem stripes are in their own layer (“cell” as I discussed previously)

22) Select the hem stripes with the Magic Wand then move them into position (up against the edge of the template) by using the Move Selected Pixels tool.

23) Using the Move Selected Pixels tool grab the tiny square. We will use it to stretch the lines to the other edge of the template, as pictured below.

24) Go to the image that has the official Sabres colours on it and use the Color Picker tool to select Sabres’ blue.

25) Return to the jersey image and ensure that you’re on the layer that has the template on it. Fill in all appropriate areas with the blue. Don’t make the collar blue. Repeat steps 24 & 25 to make the collar yellow.

26) Now your concept should look like this; Go to the Image tab and select Flatten. That will merge all of your cells into one.

27) Logos are next. You can get them from Sportslogos.net

28) Copy the Sabres logo and paste in a new image as you did for the official colours.

29) Use the Magic Wand tool to select the white background and the TM. Press DELETE on your keyboard to erase them, which leaves a transparent background. (Grey and white checkerboard = transparent)

30) The logo needs to be resized. I find for this template that a logo that is 131 pixels in height is the best size for a main crest.

31) To resize, go to the Image tab and select Resize.

32) Select the height number, and then type 131.

33) Remember how we moved the hem stripes (steps 19 to 21) The same principles apply here to move the logo where it needs to go.

34) Go to Image and select Flatten, again moving all cells into one.

That covers the extreme basics. Obviously other parts of the jersey need to be completed like the back, shoulder patches and numbers. That can all be done by using the skills I laid out above. Copying, pasting, rotating, magic wand tool and using layers.

Shoulder patches for this template, work best at a height of 40 pixels (the same as how we resized the main crest). Jersey numbers can be found at my Photobucket account. They do not need to be resized, they fit perfectly on to this template.

The main thing is to play with Paint.net and try out all of the features and learn what they do. Don’t worry about making mistakes, that is how we learn. Go ahead and make mistakes. Make the same mistake twenty times. Plus, Paint.net has infinite undos!!!! 
If you have any questions, email me concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com

Also be sure to check the TUTORIAL/TEMPLATES tab. There you will find a link to templates for each NHL team! If you go there you’ll see my very first ever concept, it’s craptacular!!!!
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