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*Not every email will get a response. In fact most won't. Emails that will get a response will be those that do not meet the necessary requirements, those that need some special attention, and emails that contain questions or ideas.

HJC Writers
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Submitting a Concept
- Send your concept into concepts@HockeyJerseyConcepts.com.
- Only PNG & JPG file types will be accepted.
- Please attach the file to your email. Do not send me a link to the concept.
- Wait at least 3 weeks to see your concept get posted before you email asking when your concept will be posted.
- This part is not required, but it helps me save time if you save your files as follows; "FirstnameLastname-TEAM". The TEAM part being the team's abbreviation.
- Any information that needs to be relayed to the readers or writers must be written ON the image.
- Please include home and away "sets" on the same image.
- Please send the FINAL version of the concept. You're wasting everyone's time by constantly revising things. Triple check before you submit anything.
- It is strongly encouraged that you place your name or some sort of ID on your concept. Also sign every email with this same name/ID so I know who to attribute the concept to.
- If you are creating a concept series that involves multiple concepts, it is suggested that you brand each image to look similar. That way readers can easily identify that the images are in fact, part of your series.
- We don't accept updated concepts after they have been posted. Comments made by the writers and readers are meant to improve the concept artist for future concepts. Also, there is a large number of concepts waiting in line to be posted and posting concepts we've already seen only serves to back-up the line further.
- Everything sent into HJC will be posted! However concepts that may be offensive, have nothing to do with hockey, or abuse the good nature of HockeyJerseyConcepts.com will NOT be posted.

HJC Logo Use Policy
If you use any image or logo NOT posted on Sportslogos.net you must give credit ON the image(s) you send in. To properly credit you should find the name of the artist. If that can't be found, you must post the direct link to the image on your concept. If neither of those can be done then don't use the logo, image, or photo. "Google Images" is NEVER an acceptable way to cite an image!

Comments on HJC
The comments section on all posts are moderated by me. That means when you leave a comment it won't be posted until I approve it. Generally this happens rather quickly, but if it doesn't please remember that I have a family and a life outside of the blog. Thus, comments may be late being posted on occasion. Any comments left that are offensive, have nothing to do with the content, or are negative which do not contain any advice on how to improve will be removed.

Getting Started
If you're interested in making hockey jersey concepts yourself, be sure to check out EVERYTHING on the TEMPLATES page. You'll find jersey templates, team numbers and more!

Perhaps you're not so talented when it comes to art programs on the computer? Go to our TEMPLATES page, download a blank template, and print it. Get out your markers or coloured pencils and create a concept. Scan it, or take a properly lighted photo of it, and send it in to HJC!

Also, be sure to check out the Concept of the Week and Concept of the Year Rules.
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