Hat Comp


Despite the name of our blog being hockeyJERSEYconcepts, this competition will ask you to design a hat for a NHL team.

Design at least one hat for one NHL team.

You may include other hats on your entry and other hats for other teams, but they all must stick to the same theme.
For example, you can include hats for a Winter Classic between two teams. Or you could show us your idea for the 2017 NHL Draft Hats.

There are many templates out there on the internet. You can find them by searching "baseball hat template" on Google.

For your convenience, here is a very simple template that should be very easy to use.
Click & save

One entry per person
Your name or some sort of ID must appear on your image

Entries due: Friday, March 24 @ noon Eastern
Email entries to: hjccontest@gmail.com

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