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August 18, 2017

Friday: Two Kings and a Czar

Hello again and welcome to another Friday post!  It's beginning to reach the time of year when my NHL withdrawals begin to take over.  I spent all of last night watching highlight videos on Youtube on everything from best hits to goalie freakouts.  It's getting bad, y'all.  It's also reaching the time of year when we see a slump in the number of concepts being sent in, as I'm sure y'all have noticed.  I don't know if it's the heat making people sluggish, or just the fact that hockey is sort of "out of sight, out of mind" during this period, but I say it's time we change that.  I know that I'm not innocent in all of this, as I haven't been contributing as many concepts as usual either, but I think we need to gear up for the new season with some new concepts.  We have a bevy of outdoor events that we could make one-offs for, with the usual Winter Classic and Stadium Series games as well as the NHL 100 Classic.  We also have an entirely new uniform system to work with, and I know that y'all have teams that you think could have done better.

Just gonna leave this here...

So my charge to you, dear readers, is to go out and make some concepts to show Adidas where they went wrong.  Even if you aren't familiar with design, we have a great tutorial section on the site here, which I myself used when I was first starting out.  I was just a reader like you who thought I'd give it a shot, and lo and behold, it led to a job.  You never know until you try.

New voting will begin with Ryan's post on Monday, along with the announcement of this week's winners.

Now on to today's concepts!

Burkus Circus- Team Russia

Our first concept of the day is Burkus Circus' design for Team Russia.  Right off the bat, I like the chest stripe that helps give the jersey the look of the Russian flag.  The gold in the striping does a good job of tying the logo in with the jersey while still being minimal enough to preserve the flag design.  I'm a big fan of the continuation of the flag motif in the collar, it's understated enough to be considered among more traditional multi-colored collars, but it's different enough to pop.  I've never been a huge fan of the script under the main logo, but if you chose to keep it, I would have liked to have seen a font for the name and numbers that better matched it.  I don't like the look of the gold numbers, especially on the white arms, but I can't really think of a color that would work better with this design.  I also would have liked to have seen the breezers, just to get a better idea of the overall look of this set.  Final verdict: a decent set, but nothing that I think will unseat their current uniforms.  7.5/10

Jets96- Los Angeles Kings

Next up is our very own Jets96 with a concept for the Los Angeles Kings.  I love the return of the purple and gold color scheme, I think it adds some vibrancy to their identity, and helps them match the Lakers, their cohabitants at the Staples Center.  While I don't necessarily hate the silver and black, I think that this color scheme makes for a more exciting look for the kings.  I also love the return of the original crown logo, it's much better than the home plate logo that graces their current set.  I like the nod to tradition with the gold helmet, and those gloves look great.  I'm not really keen on the generic cookie-cutter template that was used by the Avs and Preds, and when used here without the piping, it looks even more bare.  With such a modern looking jersey, I don't like the traditional striping on the breezers, either leave them blank or use a more modern striping.  I was never a huge proponent of the "Los Angeles" text on the bottom of the jerseys, and it becomes even more cluttered here with the addition of the team name.  With the text on the front, the more basic name and number font looks out of place, just use their current set.  Final verdict: a step in the right direction for the Kings, but a little too generic.  6.5/10

Joe D.- Los Angeles Kings

Our final concept of the day is another design for the Kings, this time coming to us from Joe D.  Once again, I love the move away from the home plate logo as a main crest, it works a lot better as a shoulder patch.  I like the simplicity of the single grey stripe given the complexity of the diamonds in the cuff and hem pattern.  At first I didn't really like the diamond patter with white extended all the way down, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  It reminds me of the fur trim on the capes that you always see worn in old time royal portraits, which I think is a great design choice for a team with such a regal name.  I'm not sure how I feel about the white collar, while it is traditional, I think it might help the color balance to have it be silver.  Not a fan of the numbers on the breezers, it looks a little too amateurish for me.  Might also make the main crest a little bigger.  Final verdict: a nice set for the Kings that I think would make a great alternate.  8.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!

Well, that's all for me this week, see y'all next Friday!

August 17, 2017

Thursday: Sudbury Redesign

*** Edit by Ryan *** 

Hey guys! As you know my regular post comes every Saturday. You get the voting results and the new nominees. You also get contest updates and some more. Well this Saturday will NOT be that type of post. I will be away so Jets96's regular post will happen on Saturday. Then all of the regular stuff that happens on my post will happen on Monday. Essentially Jets and I have switched days for this week.


As you guys have seen recently, we don't have too many concepts to present today. This works out well for me because this week has been my busiest all summer, so a light post makes things a lot easier for me. On the plus side for you guys, I actually have some news to report on for once!

A few days ago, the Sudbury Wolves unveiled a new set of jerseys for next season, which appear to take influence from their 1989-2009 white uniform:

In my opinion this is a huge upgrade, though that wouldn't have been hard to accomplish considering their previous uniforms were just a Reebok EDGE cookie cutter design. Their logo still needs a major upgrade, though, and I'm not sure how I feel about the number typeface chosen; I think it works but I think there are better options. Not much to complain about though, as all they're doing right now is improving.

Despite this improvement, there are still many CHL teams with designs ranging from mediocre to awful, and some that just copy an NHL team. My challenge for you guys this week is to redesign some of these teams into a better and/or more unique look. Or, if you'd prefer, just redesign a team that already has a good look and improve on it.


This week has a few more votes than usual, with the COTW vote as always, the COTW-July vote, and the voting for the hockey card competition, you can be sure to get your voting fix in this week!

COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Burkus Circus - Edmonton Oilers
+This is a great way to combine the Oilers' past, while giving them a new look for this new era, and also incorporating some new ideas.
+I like the influence taken from the old WHA jerseys without directly copying them.
+Changing the colors around on the jerseys is a big help in giving them a new look. The square shoulder yoke and the shoulder stripes also give them something they've never had before while still fitting well on these jerseys.
-I think royal blue would have been a better choice if you were making blue the primary color. I only think the navy works for the new Oilers because it's a secondary color, rather than the primary.
+The road jersey could probably use a bit more blue, but other than that the colors are balanced well.
+I like the oil drop incorporated into the arm and pants striping.
-I'm not a big fan of your coloring of the logo. I'll admit it's grown on me since I first saw it a few days ago, but I still think the normal coloring would look much better.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Jets96 - Montréal Canadiens
-What in the....
+If nothing else, I have to give you a lot of credit for stepping out of the box on this one.
+Despite how strange this concept may be, I really like how you still tied this into their current look.
-Quite frankly, I really hope this isn't the future of hockey jersey design. I don't mind an asymmetrical look, but this one is a little bit too crazy for my tastes.
-Not really sure the point of the extra logo on the one arm.
+I think you made a good choice to include the shoulder yoke, as otherwise the jersey would look insanely unbalanced.
-Unless it's just me, the TV numbers look a tad small.
-Personally, I think that if you're going to do something crazy like this to the jerseys, yet something that's also pretty simple, go all out and do something crazy and simple on the pants and/or socks too. Imagine giving the players a sock to match the jersey for their right leg, and one that matches the other arm for the left leg, for example. That might look awful, but who knows, and for something as crazy as this it would at least make sense.
Overall: 7.75/10

Sebastian B. - Chicago Bears
+I was originally going to give you a downgrade for doing nothing much aside from recoloring the Hawks' jersey, but this is actually pretty similar to the Bears' striping in the first place. Happy coincidence, ain't it?
-However, I still think you could have done a few things to differentiate the two teams. For one, I would add a third orange stripe on the blue jersey's hem, or just stay faithful to the Bears' pattern but with only two of the three stripes. On the road jersey, I would change the hem striping to match the sleeve striping, but that's just to keep it consistent.
+I think you chose the right logo to use, and I don't mind the typeface either.
-The logo looks a little big.
-The numbers and name on the back and the TV numbers are all very pixelated.
-The TV numbers are also incorrectly placed. The 9 should be on one side of the template and the 2 on the other, rather than them both being placed on the same side. Take a look at either of the other concepts on this post if I didn't explain that well.
-Not sure why you have front numbers on the blue jersey and not the white, but I'd remove them from the blue jersey anyways.
+I actually like the use of the NFL's captain patch on this jersey.
-I think a neat touch would be to put it on the other side of the chest, though, like they do in the NHL.
Overall: 7/10


And that's all from me this week! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

August 16, 2017

Wednesday: Bueller?

Three concepts this week. From two artists. I know it's August but my goodness we need your help here. You would think that with the new Adidas jerseys revealed we would have an influx of new ideas to replace some of the new duds, like Nashville, New Jersey and Edmonton, or even some that still need replacing like Ottawa, Columbus, Washington and Calgary.

So this is my challenge to you: Exactly what I mentioned above. Replace those jerseys, because the teams need them scrapped like yesterday. And be creative with it. Don't just replace them with old jerseys. Get new ones.

NEWS: The Belleville Senators have recently unveiled a better look than their parent club. We saw the pictures on Sunday and we cannot wait for Ottawa to get that set, right? RIGHT?

VOTES: The Hockey Card top 3 vote is ongoing, as are COTW and the July COTW (I'll still refer to it as concept of the month or COTM) votes.


COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Matt G: Arizona Coyotes Alternate Concept

While this does seem rather generic, I like it. A lot. Matt uses the vintage white/sand color in the Coyotes color scheme to create a classic look for the team. The number font is sort of a modern take on classic numbering, with rounded edges. I kind of like it. Nothing stands out to me though.

Rating: 85%

Matt G: Arizona Coyotes Throwback Concept

I won't spend too much time on this because we have another Adidas-ification, strike that, Adizeroed (thanks to an anonymous reader) concept here as the original Coyotes look is transferred onto an Adidas template. Only difference is the lack of a number outline, which is a slight improvement. Again, nothing special, but something I want to see on ice. 

Rating: 80%

Vaughn R: Montreal Carabins vs Ottawa Gee Gees (U Sports, formerly CIS) Concept

Looking at the existing jerseys for these universities, obviously its an improvement because the Carabins use recolored Rangers jerseys (black substitutes red) and the Gee Gees use the Edge-ified Coyotes jerseys. Personally I don't like how the blue stands alone against the black on the Montreal jersey. The jersey itself seems fairly dull. As for the Ottawa jersey, the only thing I hate is the colored name bar. The bar should not be there but even if it is fine there, it isn't big enough because ofhow bold the font is.

Rating: 75%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:


 Not enough concepts to have a standout one here 

I hate when I can't nominate a concept for COTW. It sucks, because usually I am blown away by some of the work you guys put it. And with three concepts, none of which blew me away, I had no choice. I'm sorry. Hopefully you guys can send some stuff in. I have a couple of things in progress now so hopefully I can share that with you guys soon. Until next week.

August 15, 2017

Tuesday: Da Beauty League

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

The Hockey offseason can be a little slow. After the draft, and the occasional uniform unveiling, (well, most years anyways) there's nothing left to do... Players and people alike are wrapped up in summer. Which also explains why we only have three concepts today, so don't forget to send in your work!!! But that's where Da Beauty League comes in! 

Da Beauty League has been taking the Hockey world by storm! It's a small league in Minnesota, but it's having a pretty big impact on the players and their NHL teams. Many players are Minnesota-born, or have ties to Minnesota, either through playing for the Wild, or playing for the Gophers or any other Minnesota College. The games are played every Monday and Wednesday and are all 4-on-4 non-checking. And each team competes for the second greatest trophy in sports, the John Scott Cup! 

The league consists of 6 teams, 
Team Velocity TC (Training Center)
Team Tradition 
Team RBC
Team BiC
Team Walser
Team Tria
and since its so small, all of the teams are ad-sponsored. Now you might think that the jerseys are riddled with ads, much like a European hockey jersey, but you'd be wrong. Since each team is sponsored by a company, that company is featured as the main crest, and the striping is clearly visible. Some follow basic templates that are even identical to each other like Team Tradition, and Team RBC. Team Velocity TC is similar but a little different in the shoulder yoke.

Team Tradition 

Team RBC

Team Velocity

Team BiC, and Team Walser (An Auto Company in the area) both have similar looks, although Walser has a chest stripe instead of the tail stripe. 

Team BiC

Team Walser

But Team Tria is probably has the most clever jerseys in the league. The company's main logo is used as the crest, but the secondary logo, is used exactly like the Nordiques used the Fleur-De-Lis on their sweaters. On both the shoulders and the hem stripes. Very Clever!
Team Tria

As the league gets bigger, hopefully this can become almost a second NHL, and maybe real team nicknames will develop! 

While Ads on a jersey aren't the best, this is certainly the way to do it! This is also my challenge to you guys! Send in some concepts that use advertisements, but are done tastefully!

Don't forget we also have voting for our regular COTW, we have the voting for July COTW, AND we have the Hockey Card comp. voting going on too! So don't forget to vote on those! 

COTW (Aug 4-10)
Hockey Card Top 3

On to the concepts!!!


Matt G.- Arizona Coyotes (NHL)
Matt starts us off with his home jersey for the Arizona Coyotes! 
  • I like the return of the Kachina pattern!
  • The black base is great, and works really well with the logo
  • I also like the shoulder yoke! 
  • The combination of beige/sand and white usually never works, but it looks good here! 
  • I like the font choice! 
  • The numbers should have an outline. Red would probably work the best here
  • The socks should have the Kachina pattern on it
  • I also don't like how the pants don't really match the rest of the stripes
My rating: This would be a great look for the Yotes, on that combines modern sweaters with their classic ones! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!! 

Matt G.- Arizona Coyotes (NHL) 
I'm reviewing these separately to add another review, otherwise we'd only have two concepts today.
  • I like the colored upper sleeve look, like the current road sweaters! 
  • The logo works well with the design! 
  • Once again, the socks should have the Kachina pattern...
  • The beige/sand touching white on the socks doesn't look the best... 
  • The numbers also need outlines!
My rating: A little bit sloppier here on this concept than the last... 8/10

Vaughn R.- CJHL Canada 150 Classic
Last but not least is Vaughn's CJHL Canada 150 Classic concept. He pits the Montreal East Rangers vs. the Ottawa Jr. Senators! For reference, the East Rangers look a lot like the 1994 Rangers, while the Jr. Sens look like a red and white version of the Habs road sweaters. 
  • I like that you used the Jr. Sens sock pattern on the sleeves, and gave it a little more color!
  • I also like that you kept the drop shadow on the Rangers jerseys. 
  • While the Rangers are from Montreal, the Habs sock pattern doesn't work the best for a jersey, and it leaves too much red on the sweaters. 
  • You're presentation is also awful... There is no way that the breezers should be bigger than the jersey. It's also littered with random logos and boxes. It needs to be cleaned up a little... 
My rating: Your designs are decent, but your presentation is sloppy... 6/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

August 14, 2017

Monday: Double Ducks of Anaheim

Welcome to the Monday post!

Not a lot of jersey news out of the NHL, nor AHL now that the B-Sens have unveiled their new jerseys. However, I've compiled a list of new jerseys that we will see this upcoming seasons o you know what to expect in the coming months. This list obviously isn't exhaustive, as particularly in the CHL, teams will unveil new alternates of a whim.

Toronto Arenas throwback
2018 Winter Classic jerseys and full logo set (New York & Buffalo)
2018 Stadium Series jerseys and full logo set (Toronto & Washington
2018 All Star Game @ Tampa Bay jerseys and full logo set/patches for TB
Centennial Classic jerseys and logo set (Montréal & Ottawa)
Full 2018 NHL Draft logos @ Dallas
Vegas or STL's future AHL affiliate team (when they decide to stop sharing
AHL ASG jerseys and full logo set
AHL Outdoor Classic full logo set and jerseys
Portland ECHL (Pirates, Mariners, MAINEiacs, new name) jerseys and full logo set

When will we see these jerseys and logos? History suggests that the Winter Classic will come before the Stadium Series and All Star game, however the All Star Game logo will come well before the actual jerseys. In fact the ASG logos will be one of the first new things we see this season. Portland's ECHL team may be more than a year away, however the Worcester Railers HC logo was unveiled around this time last year. The Centennial Classic will be a wild cards as we don't now if it will actually be called the CC or something new.

We will all see these things likely within the rest of 2017, somethings sooner than other. What are you looking forward to? These should all inspire concepts as the season comes closer and some teams tease these events or call on the past. Look forward to what you guys come up with.

Voting this week is quite simple, we have the weekly COTW, the July COTY vote, as well as the Hockey Card Competition voting. All 3 votes are found on the side of the blog, and two of them with pictures to help. For the Hockey Card Comp, click the banner above to see the entries.

COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

ALSO have an idea for an upcoming HJC competition? Put it forward in the comments on social media and on the comment section this week, when Ryan will consider the options.

On with today's 5 concepts


Anaheim Ducks Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ I've always found the current Anaheim alternate a little underwhelming, and while I'm not a huge fan nor detractor of the gold and orange together since the gear balances it well, this is a lot more interesting while keeping the good
+ Gold numbers look solid on an orange jersey, this would be a keeper 
+ Goes well with the home and road we saw on Sunday 
+ Great execution and template, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series

- I think that switching the gold and black on the hem/arms/socks but NOT the numbers would look a lot better imho
- It's really small, but the collar would look better if it were black

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Ducks of Anaheim Concept (By: Matt G.)

+ Everyone loves the Mighty Ducks jersey, seeing it back a few times a year like the Coyotes do with the Kachina jerseys
+ Modern numbers and curved striping look solid and are a nice update 
+ Great execution

- Here's the thing, I totally get this works in the series, and I think that Matt is the first person to do this so far, but we now know what the Mighty Ducks jersey looks like on the Adizero template. There really isn't much original about this concept, well executed of course, but this was a similar concept trend we saw with X CCM jersey in edge. 
- It's splitting hairs, but I am on team black pants for the MD, and it would be easier on the equipment manager

Rating: 8/10

CHL Outdoor Classic BB Armada V. Ottawa 67s Concepts (By: Vaughn R.)

+ Solid simple jerseys right here for both jerseys for teams that have very unique and chest stripe driven jerseys 
+ As an outdoor game, these jerseys would clash really nicely 
+ Solid execution 

- There's a couple of things missing out here, shoulder patches, particularly on the BB jerseys, who have an excellent shoulder patch now that would look great on the jersey 
- LMJHQ logo should be black on the jersey 
- Should be some red on the Ottawa gloves

Rating: 8/10 

HJC Concept (By: Christian C.)

+ For those who weren't around in 2011-12, HJC did actually sell jerseys. They weren't really a hit but none the less it's always nice to see that idea bounced around 
+ Ryan is a Leafs fan, that is true 

- These are clearly Anaheim alternates recoloured, which is fine, but the fact that HJC's colour scheme (maroon, beige and black) aren not featured but instead Anaheim's colour, and seafood green and yellow and Leafs's very jarring and there isn't much to tie everything together
- Logos are all over the place, literally. HJC's logo is stretched, the NHL and Leafs logo, If you want a shoulder patch, put it on the shoulders, but it's VERY rare you see a logo outside the shoulders and front of the jersey 
- NOB and numbers are too far apart, and it doesn't match the font used on the HJC logo
- Reebok hasn't used the Vector logo on the back of a jersey since 2010-11, and it will never been seen again, should be the Reebok script 

Rating: 2.5/10

Hockey Card Competition Entry (By: Burkus Circus)

+ Fun fact, I have a pretty large hockey card collection, particularly OPC from 2005-06 to 2015-16, and this is a pretty solid idea
+ While it might clash for certain teams, the sock stripes on the sides of the concepts look great and is a nice way to show where players come from to where they land
+ Photos are solid choices
+ Good execution

- On a logistical sense, the update sets OPC & Upper Deck issue are meant to do this, and in desirable sets are hard to come by, this would complicate a set that would be ~600 cards +Rookies +Inserts + Jersey Cards +200 Updates, adding another let's say 50 would mean a very large bider for storage.
- Would have liked to see the back of the cards to see if this contains stats or writing about how they got traded/signed 

Rating: 8.5/10

August 13, 2017

Sunday: I'm You But Better!

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome back to HJC. We have a hefty load of five concepts so I don't want to take up all of your time with my chatter. Before I do though, We do have some news on the AHL front. The Belleville Sens released their uniforms and inaugural season patch yesterday.

Let's start off with the jersey, which comes as no surprise to nobody. While that may be true, it looks beautiful! Sure it's a copy of the alternate jerseys the Ottawa Senators wore during the edge era but they look great minus those pants that they decided to use. Also, they're wearing the inaugural season patch on BOTH shoulders. It's a pretty nice logo and reminds me a lot of the old tower alternate logo the Senators used. Overall, this is a solid set minus the pants. 8/10

I'd also like to bring up that the University of Maryland's hockey team needs any help they can get right now. As of one month prior to their season, the university ordered them to get all new white jerseys due to the university discontinuing the logo on the front of the jersey. They have a gofundme page that you can make donations to.

We have three things to vote for this week guys. COTW-JULY, the usual COTW, and the hockey card comp so get on that.

Enough talk, let's get to the good stuff!

Lucas D- Ottawa Senators
Positives: It's actually nice to see to see a black senators jersey. I always liked when they had the black with red stripes on the jersey. Also, the striping on the arms works pretty well with the logo on the front.
Negatives: That cut off yoke on the front is just awkward and doesn't look that good. Also, you could either pull the hem striping up a bit or pull the numbers down because they look really close to the name plate.
Overall: 7.5/10

Matt G- Anaheim Ducks

Positives: The classic striping on both jerseys are nice and the orange collar really pops on the jerseys.
Negatives: You could do without the black yoke. Also, the gold numbers on the back with the orange just looks strange and could use some read. Finally, I can't begin to explain how many times this type of concept has been sent into this website and quite frankly, the template doesn't sway my opinion that this is any better or different than the others.
Overall: 8/10

Ted N- Team Canada 
Positives: Full disclosure: this is based on cycling jerseys. Moving on, the numbers in the maple leaf on the sleeves looks really good and I like the color choice of grey/white/black to have the red really show.
Negatives: I can see where you based the striping off a cycling jersey but it's just a headache to look at on a hockey jersey. It's kind of like an optical illusion that the more you stare at it the more it hurts your head.
Overall: 6.5/10

Vaughn R- 2017 AHL Classic (Laval vs Belleville) 
Positives: I actually like both of the concepts due to the references to former teams. The rockets look like jersey something that the Bulldogs could have worn and the straight copy of the 1930's sens jerseys both look great with the team's respected logos.
Negatives: The plain red yoke on the sens jersey is a little awkward and the numbers on the yokes are kind of bothersome, but it's mostly the fact that it really hard to get the fine details from this that really bring it down.
Overall: 8/10 COTW NOMINEE

Alright that's all I got for you guys today. Thanks for tuning in and come back next week to see if we find Jets an American girl for a wife!

August 12, 2017

Saturday: Network...100%

So I'm back again. Last Saturday was the most frustrating in a while. My home network kept going down and would be down for an hour or two and then it would come back...for about 20 minutes. I would scramble to get everything done and then the network would crap out again. But that unpleasantness is behind me now. Time to press on!

The winner of the COTW vote for July 28 - August 4 was Christian L!

Full Results

This was the first COTW win this year for the 2014 COTY winner. It was a solid Islanders concept with all of the skill and execution that I would expect from Christian. Well done!


That was the final COTW vote of July. We may now commence with the COTW-July vote. There are four really great concepts in this vote, and one other concept. If you are logged int a Google account the red poll will appear on the side of the page. You will have until Friday at noon Eastern time to place your vote. The winner will move into the 3rd Quarter Vote held in October.

We have a new group of COTW nominees for the first vote of August. They are actually 4 really great concepts. This almost resembles a monthly or quarterly vote. Again, be sure you are logged into a Google account to vote and do it before the deadline of Friday at noon Eastern time.


The entry phase of the Hockey Card Competition has ended. We had 11 submissions for this contest which will lead us to a Top 3 vote. The poll appears below and on the side of the page. You can place your Top 3 votes up until Friday at noon Eastern time. Visit the COMPETITION tab, or click the banner at the top of the page, to see all of the entries. The winner moves into the next COTW vote!

We had a few entries sent to the regular email address instead of the competition address. Why is this important you ask? The writers have access to the competition email and are able to post the entries as they come in. They do not have access to the other email and it may delay your entry past the deadline if you were to send it there.


Just for fun and because things are slow, I thought it would be neat to have you guys rate the Star Wars films. I'll let you know the results of the votes in a couple of weeks.


I'm off next week. Hopefully one of the writers will be able to cover for me, but it's complicated. So I will talk to everyone in a couple of weeks! See ya.

COTW-July vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
COTW Aug 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hockey Card Comp Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

August 11, 2017

Friday: Last Day of Freedom

Hey y'all, welcome to another Friday post.  School starts Monday for me, so today is the last true day of Summer vacation.  While I lament losing my free time, it's worth it to know that I'm that much closer to the start of hockey season.

While we have no real uniform news, I wanted to let y'all know about something I came across online that I think would interest a lot of you the same way it interested me.  The team over at Pop Chart Labs have created a print that creates a visual history of the NHL, and to be perfectly honest, it's a thing of beauty.

It follows the history of jersey design throughout the years, including some of the most famous and infamous designs ever created.  It even includes some international and minor league teams that were particularly inventive.  I think it's a must-have for those interested in jersey design, and I'm sure some of y'all will agree.  You can pick one up for yourself here.  Be sure to use the code TCHJC at check out to receive zero percent off, because I'm not being paid to promote this and they haven't asked me to do it.  I just love this poster and thought I would share it with others who could appreciate it.

Last of the Hockey Card Competition Entries





In terms of voting news, we have the COTW vote for July and the week of August 4-10, both of which end next Friday at noon EST.  Additionally, we have the Top 3 vote for the Hockey Card Competition, which also ends Friday at noon.

COTW July vote (ends Friday @noon EST)
 COTW August 4-10 vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 
 Hockey Card Comp vote (ends Friday @ noon EST) 

Now on to today's concepts!

Ben B.- Vegas Golden Knights

Our first concept of the day is Ben B.'s design for the Golden Knights.  I dig the idea of a chest stripe for the Knights, their logo can work really well with one.  That being said, I'm not a huge fan of this striping pattern or the "drip-dye" style two-tone jersey.  The steel grey in the striping kind of gets lost against the black, I think swapping the striping would help.  While I do like the font choice, I think the black numbers with the black back isn't the best call, even with the white stripe in it.  I also think that the Knights have a great shoulder patch, and while I can see why the red in it would make it hard to work with this design, I kind of miss it here.  I also wish you'd somehow incorporated the steel grey into the striping on the breezers.  Final verdict: a decent design, but there's nothing that really pops for me.  7/10

Brooks F.- Uganda

Next up is Brooks F.'s concept for the African nation of Uganda.  Brooks does a great job here of incorporating the flag into the striping pattern, and it works especially well here as a chest stripe.  The striping in the extended yoke is wild, but I actually really like it.  It reminds me a lot of Marquette's basketball uniforms in that it's busy, but consistent enough enough that it's not too overpowering.  While I'm not the biggest fan of the font, I actually think the white numbers work well on both jerseys because of the chest stripe.  Consistent striping on the socks is a plus, but I would have swapped the red and yellow on the breezers so that it's consistent with the chest stripe when the players sit down on the bench.  Final verdict: a concept that took some chances and managed to make them work.  9/10

Chase C.- Winnipeg Jets

Our next concept comes from HJC's own Chase C., who has created a new set for the team formerly known as the Thrashers the Winnipeg Jets.  The first thing I notice is the incorporation of grey into both jerseys, which I think is done quite well here.  I like the simple striping pattern paired with contrasting cuffs, it looks quite sharp in this color scheme.  The collars work well on both jerseys, and the navy yoke on the away was a smart choice to keep the lighter blue from being too dominant.  The gear socks and breezers look great, and while I wasn't sure about that glove at first, it's growing on me.  My only problem is the italicized numbers.  I know that the Jets currently use it, but I really wish that that design choice would have stayed back in the 90s.  Final verdict: a fine set that I would be happy to see the Jets take the ice in.  9.5/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!!!

FC Macbeth- Chunichi Dragons

Next up is FC Macbeth with a design for the fictional Chunichi Dragons, a baseball team from the classic Tom Selleck film Mr. Baseball.  I like the logo choices, and the addition of silver to the color scheme is a great decision.  I like the striping pattern, but it kind of bugs me that it's consistent everywhere but the pants.  It's not bad, it's just that it doesn't match all the other stripes in the full uniform.  I'm not usually a fan of full length yokes, but I think it works really well here.  While I do like the font used (from the Sabres' ill-fated third uniform from a while back, if I'm not mistaken), I do think it clashes a little with the more traditional font used for the shoulder patch.  While I do like the thought behind the logos on the gloves,helmet, and pants, no team should have four different logos across one uniform set; it's just way too confusing.  On a final note, I think the main crest should be a little bigger and moved up a tad.  Final verdict: a good design, and by far the best I've seen from you, Macbeth.  You seem to have taken some of our feedback to heart and it shows in your vast improvement.  Keep on rolling with that momentum.  7.5/10

Vaughn R.- NHL 100 Classic

Our final concept of the day is Vaughn R.'s design for the NHL 100 Classic game between the Canadiens and the Senators.  Let's start with the Habs: you say that it is inspired by the Wanderers, which puzzles me because the Wanderers' sweaters were white with red, not blue.  What you've created here looks more like someone created an away set for the Quebec Bulldogs and slapped a badge on it.  As for the gear, it's ironic that this concept is for an outdoor game, because if outdoor games have taught us two things, it's that 1) white breezers don't look good and 2) white gloves also do not look good.  Now on to the Sens:  I love that you went all out with the barber pole design to pay homage to the original Senators franchise.  I also really like the recolored profile logo, adding red to the laurels was a good call with the elimination of gold, and placing it more like a soccer patch helps to keep it closer to the original.  Black breezers were a good call here, as the jersey is busy enough, but I would have liked to see a little red in the gloves.  Putting the name and numbers in the white box is great preservation of the original Sens' look, but I think your TV numbers are a little too low on the arm to be effective.  Final verdict: a lot of issues with one set, but the other set looks pretty good and does a great job of preserving history.  6.5/10

That's it for me this week, see y'all next Friday!