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March 31, 2017

Friday: Next Week

Hello folks, welcome back to another Friday post here on HJC!  Today I was going to rank my favourite specialty jerseys worn in the NHL this season (as part of my NHL Uniform Countdown series), but I ran out of time to do that.  You can expect that to be the topic of my post next week.

In the meantime, here's a look at all the jerseys I'll be ranking...

Which jersey will come out on top?  I guess you'll have to come back next week to find out.


The last batch of votes ended today at noon Eastern.  This upcoming week there's only the standard COTW vote, which Ryan will post the poll for later tonight.  A new competition will also likely be announced tomorrow!

COTW Mar 24-30 vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)

Additionally, the HJC Jersey Portrait Sale is now live.  For $5 you get one jersey portrait (digital file) plus a free ticket into our prize draw, and for $10 you get three digital jersey portraits and three free draw tickets.  The winner of the draw will receive a $50 gift certificate to  Click here for more information.


Port Perry Mojacks, by Anthony C:
Our first concept today is a new set of jerseys for the Port Perry Mojacks from Anthony.  He's used the Minnesota's third jersey template, adding a yoke to the green jersey and creating a matching vintage white sweater.  It's a realistic idea, since many Junior teams use recoloured NHL templates, but recolouring existing jersey templates is a lazy way to make concepts.  Having the sleeve numbers extend outside the jersey is also lazy, as is using the same font for the majority of one's concepts.
Anthony made this third jersey as well, but it suffers from the same issues as the primary jerseys.  It's just a recolour of Ottawa's third jersey template, and the sleeve numbers still extend outside the jersey.  It's not even recoloured that cleanly, there's still some stray red pixels around the collar, as well as above the hem and chest stripes.
Rating: 4/10

Buffalo Sabres (Concept #1), by Tyler M-S:
Next up we have two Buffalo Sabres concepts from Tyler, starting with this more traditional royal blue option.  I think this striping pattern is very nice, it's traditional but it feels current as well, and I like how the yellow is kept apart from the white.  The striping also fits nicely with their logo, however that logo looks a bit too small, it should be at least 10% larger.  Also, why are the socks left blank?  If it's a design choice then I'm not a fan, but it just looks like an easily avoidable execution error.
Rating: 7/10

Buffalo Sabres (Concept #2), by Tyler M-S:
Tyler's second Sabres concept is more modern, it uses navy blue, their old "Goat Head" logo, and the striping pattern in the style of the Penguins pre-Edge jersey (sort of).  I do think this looks good, everything fits well together (the logo, fonts, striping pattern, etc.), but is a bit similar to those Penguins pre-Edge jersey.  I like the shoulder patch though, it's a nice way to incorporate that era of Sabres hockey.  However, the primary logo is once again too small, it needs to be made 20-25% bigger.
Rating: 7/10

London Knights, by TC Moore:
We also have a London Knights concept from TC Moore, and I like almost everything about it except for some small details.  The striping pattern of all three jerseys look good, the number font also works well, and I like all the logo choices.  However, the collar of the green jersey was left uncoloured, the pants paired with the primary jerseys are missing a small chunk near the top, and there are a few uncoloured pixels near the collars (front of the white jersey's collar, back of the other two jersey's collars).
Rating: 7/10

Bonus Tip:  If you're using, when using the paint bucket tool I'd recommend having antialiasing disabled.  You can change the setting permanently by going to Settings (gear at the top right), selecting Tools (second tab on the left), and under Rasterization selecting "Antialiasing Disabled".

NHL100 Classic, by Lucas D:
Moving on we have this NHL100 Classic concept from Lucas, which like the Centennial Classic jerseys is a mix of both old and new.  The Canadiens jersey is a modernized version of their pre-NHL sash jersey, while the Senators is a red (and less retro) version of their current third.  Both jerseys also have silver added to the logos and stripes.  I really like each of these jerseys, and I think they're very realistic as well.  My only suggestion is to make the silver more noticeable, by thickening the silver stripes and adding silver to Ottawa's hem stripe.  Lastly, I love the vintage logos on the pants.
Rating: 9/10

Anaheim Ducks, by Zack H:
Zack created this third jersey concept for the Ducks, which brings back their popular Mighty Ducks logo and colour scheme.  I think that's a good direction to go for a Ducks third jersey, I wouldn't want them to return to their Mighty Duck identity full-time, but it be nice as an alternate.  This jersey does use a new striping pattern, and I'm a fan of it, it feels more timeless compared to the original Mighty Ducks jerseys.  The numbers look a bit vertically stretched though, the horizontal sections are thicker than the rest.  Also, I think using no shoulder logos would be best, instead of using their current logo in their current colours.
Rating: 8/10

Calgary Flames, by Zack H:
Our final concept today also comes from Zack, it's a white third jersey for the Calgary Flames.  I like the choice to use white for a third jersey, you don't see that very often anymore.  I also like the slightly darker shade of red that was used, and that a new striping pattern was used instead of copying the design from the Flames retro uniforms.  This new tri-colour collar also looks very nice.  My only complaints are minor, I think the numbers would look better with one outline (matching the logo instead of the stripes), and the Adidas logo should (in my opinion) be red instead of black.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!

March 30, 2017

Thursday: North Stars Return

Hello everyone, welcome back!

Some interesting news today coming from Minnesota: the Wild will wear North Stars throwbacks.

Photo from
Beautiful, right? The unfortunate part is that these will only be worn during warmups. So close.

The fortunate part is that we don't have to wait long for this one, as they'll be wearing them on this upcoming Tuesday, April 4. Despite that they're only being worn for warmups, I'm excited to see them.

For more on this and even for how to possibly get your hands on one click here.


This week in voting we have the normal COTW vote, and the hat competition voting. Two simple votes.
COTW March 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hat Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

The jersey portrait sale has also begun. You can get one for $5, and three for $10, in CAD. With each portrait purchased, you get one free ticket into out prize drawing, the winner receiving a $50 gift certificate to For more information click here.


Anthony C. - Victoria Grizzlies
+Solid traditional look.
+I like the white yoke.
-Consistency would be nice. Change the hem stripes to the style of the arm stripes. Plus, you emphasize white on the black jersey and yellow on the white. Make sure you keep that consistent as well.
-The color balance is also off. Make sure you have one color on each jersey emphasized after the black or white; make sure there's a clear hierarchy of colors.
-You're also still just using the same font. It's possible that you just submitted this before my comments, so if not, be sure to fix that.
Overall: 6/10

+Great to see a lot of color on this jersey.
+I also like the use of brown instead of black.
-I'm not a fan of vintage white, but that could be just me.
+Great traditional look. The roundel fits well on this jersey.
-Not very creative, though. Copying Boston's Winter Classic design is barely even a concept. Do something more unique!
-Same comment about the font as well.
Overall: 5/10

Anthony C. - Wellington Dukes
+I'm a fan of the upper arm fill style when it's used well, and it's pretty good here.
-Switch the red and blue on the white jersey to fix the color balance.
-The hem stripes are way too thin, they're barely there. The hemline fill on the red jersey is also unnecessary.
-Not a fan of the nameplate, and there could be a better font as well. Plus, this seems to be your second go-to font, start using a variety of fonts to make your designs more unique. The names look small, too.
+The design of the alternate is definitely the best in this set. It looks like something the Caps could wear, without copying them.
-Again, and this goes for all of your concepts today, don't let the shoulder logos and numbers bleed off the template. It looks more professional to cut them off.
Overall: 5.5/10

Brooks F. - Boston Bruins
+Another concept from Brooks' 90s series, which has definitely resulted in a lot of wild, 90s-esque looks from what I've seen.
+To me, this jersey looks like a combination of their late 90s/early to mid 2000s uniforms plus their current uniforms, then add brown. Results in a very 90s look.
+I'm not sure the design would look quite so dated and quite so 90s if you used Boston's regular logo, so great choice going with that.
+The brown adds a surprising amount of 90s to this.
-The name and numbers look a tad close to the yoke.
Overall: 9/10

Lucas D. - Minnesota Wild
+The Wild could really use a more unified look, and that two-stripe pattern seems to be something that's becoming their own.
+Surprisingly, this jersey doesn't look very Christmas-y despite the large amounts of red and green. Maybe it's the darker shades.
+Great color balance. 
+I don't like vintage white/wheat, but in this case I think it works well. Otherwise it might look like a Christmas jersey.
-I love solid color numbers, but I wonder what an outline on them would look like, too.
+I'm not sure what the intention of this was, but I wouldn't want it as a primary. I think the Wild should stick to green. It would make a great alternate, though.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

T.C. M. - HC 05 Banska Bystrica
+ These uniforms are already an improvement over the current set, then again that isn't too hard to accomplish when the current ones are plain striping wise, but way too busy with ads.
+Large amounts of color on this one, and the color is balanced well.
+Good logo choice, going with the cleaner looking one instead of the dated looking roundel.
-The striping looks pretty busy, especially on the red and black jerseys. The white one isn't so bad.
-The full length yoke gives the design a bit of a dated look.
-The font could be better as well.
+The alternate, which doesn't have a full yoke, looks much better. Put the modern logo on there and make it red, and you've really improved the primary jersey.
Overall: 7/10

T.C. M. - Houston Aeros
+Good logo choice here. Their other logo isn't great for the front of a jersey, at least not today.
+I like the primary color as the teal/light blue color. God color balance as well.
+The full yoke design looks better here than on last concept.
-The name looks slightly off center, unless my eyes are deceiving me.
-The hem stripes look a little low on the jersey. You could bump them up a tad.
-Changing the blue jersey's logo to white or blue would help it stand out better.
Overall: 7.5/10

Tyler M-S. - Philadelphia Flyers
+This design looks like something the Flyers could wear. I'd prefer it as an alternate, though.
+I like the way the white looks on the black jersey...
-Bit having more orange with it would fit better with the Flyers' brand. They own orange in the league (at least this year).
-I'm not a fan of removing much of their color in general. It could make for a bit of a bland look on the ice to be mainly black and white.
+The design has a bit of a vintage vibe to it with the stripe layout on the arms. 
-The logo looks a tad small.
Overall: 8.5/10


Speaking of Philadelphia, I have to get ready to head out to Philly tomorrow morning for some college visits, so that's all the time I have today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

March 29, 2017

Wednesday: $ale of the Century

So Ryan has come up with a plan for the blog in regards to the giveaway he was talking about. We will be selling digital portrait of jerseys on the blog for $5 CDN ($3.75 USD) or 3 of them for $10  ($7.50 USD). With a purchase of these portraits, you'll be automatically entered into a drawing for a special prize from HJC. One portrait gets you one entry and three portraits gets you three entries. Full details here. If you have any questions you can ask in the comments of that page. The winner of the drawing will get a $50 gift certificate to! Having just looked at that site, while I'd be ecstatic if they had soccer gear too, you can own replicas of some of the greatest or most infamous hockey jerseys ever, such as the Canucks Flying V or gradient jerseys.

NEWS: The NHL is going Global! Again! The Avalanche and Senators will head to Sweden to start the 2017-18 season. Why those teams? Wouldn't the Avs be one of the last teams the NHL wants to feature after their disastrous 2016-17 campaign? As well as, to be honest, the two teams with the worst primary uniform set in the NHL at the moment? Well, not when you have Gabriel Landeskog as your team captain going up against fellow Swedish NHL captain Erik Karlsson. Here's the official logo.

Image result for nhl global series logo

With the dominant navy and gold, the trim of the brighter blue and silver add a nice compliment to a fairly basic yet efficient logo.

Rating: 85%


A report in the Edmonton Jounral has confirmed that the Oilers will wear their alternate orange jerseys during the playoffs.

Wait alternate? I meant home orange jerseys.

They will also carry their orange jerseys to next year since the NHL is prohibiting third jerseys for next year. Here's the full story.


COTW as usual, plus the Hat Competition. New feature: the poll for the competition vote is now on the side of the blog with the normal votes! It still appears on the competition page itself along with the actual entries, but you can open up the album of entries on Photobucket on one browser window and keep me here on another one, and you can vote while you torture yourself with my writing.


COTW March 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hat Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)


Anthony C: Montreal Maroons Concept

So here we have a case of one of two things: 1) You aren't listening to my feedback or 2) This was sent in before my post last week. The only differences this week from last is that you forgot to add the sleeve numbers. All other execution notes you should know by now since we have tried to hammer them into your mind. From an idea standpoint, this looks like a decent color scheme and one that works fairly well here. But using a blank Toronto Maple Leafs logo for a team that used to play in the NHL alongside them is not the best idea, though you're correct that in this day and age, the stand-alone "Block M" logo isn't a strong enough logo. Not a fan of the off color nameplates. That font doesn't work and it's overused.

Rating: 40%

Anthony C: Whitby Fury (OJHL) Concept

This is an interesting case. You have a decent idea for a concept, but I will not go into detail. I'll explain why with your next concept, alongside why I'm rating this as a ZERO.

Rating: 0%

Anthony C: Winnipeg Blues (MJHL) Concept

Change some logos, change the names on the back and change the shades of blue? I don't think so. This is the same concept as above. That will never fly here. Don't EVER do that again. You can have similar looks between jerseys in your repertoire here on the blog but if its this lazy you're not going to get a good score. Change your act, stop mass producing concepts and pay attention.

Rating: 0%

Brooks F: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

Well after that I look for something to calm myself down and I think I have some to the wrong place. If this doesn't scream 90s, which was your goal based on the file name I received in the weekly dose of concepts from Ryan, I don't know what does. The Hurricanes had fairly crazy uniforms once they moved from Hartford but this takes it beyond that. This gives the infamous Fisherman jerseys a run for their money. And considering how much I love them for their 90s craziness, I have to rate this one high. Fantastic execution as usual from you. Black gear works here. Not a fan of the socks though because as crazy as the Islanders uniforms were, their socks were tame.

Rating: 90%

Jake M: Liberty Flames (NCAA) Concept

Here we have an appropriately fairly conservative look (Liberty University is a historically conservative institution) for the Flames (not the Eagles, the Flames, don't ask). Biggest porblem I have here is the grey fading into the white on the dark jersey. Maybe if you kept the arm patterns perfectly identical on both jerseys, meaning a large white cuff adjacent to the striping, you wouldn't have this problem. No number outlines are a nice choice here for the purposes of color balance.

Rating: 87%

Ryan C: Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) Concept

I'm a sucker for white yokes, as I have stated here numerous times, and this concept is no different. A clean look for the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes are now completely free of their Capitals-based designs, having dumped the wordmark logo in 2013 for their current and better logo and having dumped the Capitals style jerseys last season. Not a fan of that wordmark alternate logo on the shoulders though. maybe another pant stripe or none at all?

Rating: 86%

TC M: Atlanta Gladiators (ECHL) Concept

One thing that hampers your design here is that the striping looks weird from the front. The striping is correct though because it stops at the template lines that were eliminated completely from various aspects of the concept. The gold color is hard to work with in regards to template lines and certain shades of other colors too. Otherwise this is a brilliant idea. If the striping was parallel to the sword it would be even better, because look at some of the lines on the helmet in the logo. They are parallel to the sword as well. Execution note: the numbers are massive though and they squish the nameplate against the yoke. The logo can also use an outline on the dark jersey too.

Rating: 60%

Zack R: Team Scotland (IIHF) Concept

I always love when international jerseys try to incorporate flag patterns into their jerseys. This is no exception. However, execution note: all striping overlaps template lines. While this is also a great design, One thing ruins it: the logo... or lack thereof. Wordmark logos do not belong on a jersey unless its the NCAA and even then it's kind of bad. Blue helmet please. Maybe flatten the sock stripes too?

Rating: 65%

The WINNER Of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



Well that does it for me this week. Buy these portraits Ryan has made available, because every purchase could make you a winner. A winner unlike my Islanders of late. See you next week when the Isles are on their deathbeds. 

March 28, 2017

Tuesday: Minnesota Misery

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post! There's no new news so...

This weekend kinda sucked... The Wild lost to Vancouver 4-2... It was 4-0 at one point... They then proceeded to play a decent game in Detroit, but couldn't score a goal to save their lives, and lost 3-2 in OT... They also have lost 8 of their last 10 games.

And on Saturday, just as the Wild went down 4 zip, the Golden Gophers started their NCAA National Tourney game. Then they blew a 2-0 lead to the 4th seeded Notre Dame, and lost 3-2... Some people may understand, but unless you're from Buffalo...(Maybe Toronto too) Probably not. Minnesota Sports suck. Vikings... 0-4 in the SB. Timberwolves are barely relevant each year... The Twins are the only team that have won professionally, but they also just had one of the worst years in baseball EVER. The Wild are beloved, but have had lots of disappointing moments. No doubt that they've had great runs and stretches, probably better than the North Stars, but still... NOTHING. The Gopher's hockey team is historic, and probably the best team in Minnesota ever, but haven't won it all since 2003. There's rumors that longtime head coach, Don Lucia, will be fired after another first round exit... 

Well that's just a little taste of sports, and specifically hockey in my life... But hey, maybe the Wild will turn it around tonight against the... oh wait... the Washington Capitals...  

Also don't forget to vote! 

COTW March 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hat Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

We also have a fun thing going on! We're selling a portrait of a jersey for $5 (Canadian money, eh?) or 3 for $10 (Canadian money, eh?) (No offense to Canadian's ya know?) if you purchase a portrait,  you will get a FREE ticket entered into a drawing for a prize! We're not entirely sure what it is yet, so check in tomorrow for more! 

On to the concepts! 


Anthony C.- Kingston Voyageurs (CJHL AAA)
Anthony starts the day off with the junior team, the Kingston Voyageurs!
  • I like how the sweaters are close to the Habs, but not completely. 
  • I also like the shoulder yoke on the white jersey.
  • No faux-yoke is fantastic! 
  • You use the Kingston Frontenacs logo instead of the Voyageurs logo. So this is more or less a Frontenacs concept, and not a Voyageurs concept. Use the correct logos for the team you're doing a concept for. I mean, you wouldn't use a Flames logo for a Predators concept? 
  • The colored nameplates look tacky
  • The shoulder yoke on the white jersey should be on the backside
  • The number font does NOT fit at all. There should be a more traditional font. 
  • You also need to cut off the numbers at the edge of the template. We don't need to see the numbers floating above the jersey body
  • The road jersey numbers should also have blue outlines
  • If you have a tail stripe, color in the very bottom hem stripe. The bottom of the red jersey should be red, not white. 
  • Add some color to your collars
My rating: A majority of your work is sloppy and rushed. You don't need to rattle out as many concepts as you can. Slow down and focus on all the details. Listen to all of the advice that the writers here are giving you. 4/10

Anthony C.- Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL AAA)
The second concept of the day goes to Anthony, who creates a concept for another Canadian Junior team!
  • I like the Pens cup winning 90's set as the template, instead of their current set! 
  • I also like the striping on the alt!
  • The script on the alt is also great!
  • Number font fits the jersey very nicely.
  • I do like the half & half Leafs' leaf and Jets' jet alt logos. 
  • The jet should be facing up, not crashing into the ground.
    • The jet logo on the back of the alt is unnecessary...
  • Numbers shouldn't be outside of the template... 
  • Numbers are a little to high... 
  • Add some color to the collars
My rating: A decent look, and one of your better concepts! 6/10

Brooks F.- Oakland Seals (NHL)
Next up is Brooks concept for the old Oakland Seals! 
  • The black looks fantastic in the color scheme!
  • I also like the seal outside of the "O"
  • Number font looks good
  • I also really like the black numbers on the white jersey
  • A few execution errors...
    • You didn't fill in a sleeve stripe with yellow on the left  front of the green jerseys
    • You also forgot to add black to the pants stripe
  • The collar inserts look a little off. Green or yellow would work better.
My rating: A great concept for the Seals, but the execution errors are holding this back. You've done a lot of work, so this kinda mistake shouldn't happen... 7/10

Jonathan S.- Ottawa Senators (NHL)

The next set is from Jonathan for the Ottawa Senators! I'm reviewing these all together, because they're the same set, and you probably could have put all of these on the same image. 
  • I really like the throwback look, calling to the current Sens original jerseys.
  • The logos are also fantastic! 
  • Execution is great!

  • I don't like how the socks stripes are much thicker than the arm stripes
  • #OB are too small, and way to low..
  • The N&#OB of the red jersey should be white outlined in black, it would be easier to see...
My rating: A good throwback to the current Sens original set! A few errors however... 7/10

Noah B.- Calgary Flames (NHL)
Noah has the next set for the Calgary Flames! 
  • I really like the striping pattern! 
  • The block number font also looks great on this more traditional template! 
  • Using minimal black is a really great choice! 
  • I don't like the collar however...
My rating: Simple is always better! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE! 

Zack R.- England
The last concept of the day goes to Zack for an England concept! I'm not really sure which league this team plays in, whether real or fictional, but...
  • I really like the crest, and the number font! 
  • The striping pattern is also fantastic! 
  • Color scheme is great! 
  • It's a little blurry
  • I also wish that the yellow in the stripes were more consistent in size. Some are thicker than others... 
My rating: a good concept, but the yellow stripes not being consistent in size is holding this back just a little bit.. 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

March 27, 2017

Monday: Honouring the Rats

Welcome to another Monday post on HJC!

The Albany Devils are on their way out despite a successful season on ice due to lack of attendance, with them replacing the Binghamton Senators in New York next season. While we'll all miss the A-Devils in a way, they have only been called that since 2010-11...Remember the River Rats?! Well they're back for one night only!

Photo from Albany Devils (@AlbanyDevils)
I mean the jerseys aren't much different than what the New Jersey Devils, Lowell Devils, Albany Devils, Albany River Rats, likely the Binghamton Devils, Utica Devils, Trenton Devils of the ECHL and almost every Devils farm team since 1992-93...and yeah it's cool to see this back on the ice but it's too little too late. The A-Devils/River Rats are gone because of poor attendance and it'll either be an ECHL franchise or nothing for a few seasons. It's bitter sweet. One thing I will say is that the Albany Devils logo makes a good River Rats shoulder patch. Here's some of the bad jerseys the River Rats wore back in the day, I always liked the idea of a team wearing a jersey their mascot wears, which they did...but then there's this!

Rating: 7/10

If you thought the Cornwall Nationals of the FHL had worn their most outrageous jerseys....every game, then you're in for a treat with these. In a similar vain as the Knoxville Ice Bears jerseys from last week, the Nationals honoured First Responders in their community with the logos of paramedics, fire fighters, police and tow trucks....wait tow trucks?

Photo from Cornwall Nationals Official Facebook Page
Yes if you've ever driven through the 401 up to Cornwall in the winter (or during a storm like I did two Decembers ago) you'll know that honouring tow truck drivers makes sense. Overall these jerseys are very busy, but there's nothing really too gaudy here. The majority of the colours on the jersey match the logo, and the parts that don't are small enough they don't obstruct anything. I do like the addition of the tow trucks to the arm in lieu of tv numbers for a one night thing. Maybe explaining what the black thing is (whether it's a kevlar vest or something else) would make sense of the pattern on it. The one thing I don't like is how close the shade of the beige is to the colour of inflatable sumo suits. It does match the logo but maybe closing the lighter shade (or black) would look better.

Rating 6.5/10

Further in the FHL, the Winston-Salem Thunderbirds (a team whose logo was designed by HJC alumni/Rangers lover Scott Markiewicz) have unveiled their jerseys via their mascots. Now this might not be their official unveiling and that could have happened before this or these are mascot exclusive jerseys, but let's look at what we've been shown.

Photo from
Do these look familiar? Well honestly they are Blackhawks jerseys, but the Port Huron Prowlers wear Detroit/Team Canada jerseys and that compliments their logo and this does the same. The one change is to the collar on the white jersey where the red has been removed but it's not the worst thing I've seen and likely done to keep these from being a total ripoff. I'm sure we'd all prefer a more original design, but as is, I don't hate it as much as say for instance the Indy Fuel did this full time.

Rating: 6/10

As you may or may not know, HJC will be selling digital portraits of jerseys. They will be sold for $5 CDN a piece or 3 for $10. When you purchase one of these portraits you will receive a free ticket into the HJC draw for a prize yet to be determined. These portraits will become available at the latest Wednesday so stay tuned.

Here are this weeks voting reminders:

COTW March 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Hat Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On to today's 8 concepts

Penticton Vees BCHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ A nice simple striping pattern with a sort of Tampa Bay Lightning look going here
+ Thank you for fixing the tv numbers on the back left arm cutting into the side of the front right jersey 
+ I think you have the makings of a decent concept here, but a lot of corrections need to be done

- The NOB is too close to the yoke
- Numbers on the back are too close to the BOB and too high up on the jersey 
- I wouldn't have put the tv numbers in the arm striping since there is room for them above them
- Inner part of the hem should be the same colour in outside part of it, which would be blue on the home and road 
Colour balancing is off between the white and black jersey swap the black and blue
- We've seen this now in a few concepts from Anthony, but the collars are not coloured in and it's really bothering me because while if you just made them white, whatever but the grey that's there only to serve as a placeholder colour for something else, it's just plain lazy!
- The Vees currently have pretty solid jerseys (neon blue Rangers Winter Classic jerseys) and these would be a downgrade

Rating: 4/10

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Best parts of the Blues' current jerseys (i.e. yoke stripes, similar striping pattern) are kept
+ While the Preds have a similar idea, putting music lines/guitar strings that match the logo works pretty well, especially the parts that line up with the logo
+ Good colour balancing
+ Good execution

- Smaller stripes (yellow and navy/white) are much too thin, if you thickened them by about 25% but kept the spacing the same, aside from on the arms it's look great
- A traditional length yoke would  have worked batter
- Pants need more colour in them
- Gloves are too plain

Rating: 7.75/10

Alaska Aces ECHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Angled striping looks excellent with the Aces logo
+ Great logo choices
+ Great colour balancing, it's a lateral move if you want white cuffs but I don't really think they need them (similar to the 1998 Capitals)
+ Good execution

- Not a fan of the rounded numbers; Would have drone with something more angled like the Aces script on the logo
- Sock stripes are slightly too high
- I'd like to see a little green in the striping

Rating: 8.25/10

Frol√ľnda Indians SHL Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ You've done a good job here for the most part avoiding the Christmas colour scheme pratfall even without the use of black. Darkening the green would further this but it's fine as is
+ Dig the striping pattern, compliments the logo well and good colour balancing
+ It hasn't really been done since Gatineau did it in their Pre-Edge jerseys but the Indians script works as a shoulder patch
+ Decent execution

- Some black in the numbers and a little bit in the striping would look good and help to darken the jerseys
- Arched strip on the back of the collar isn't the worst thing I've seen attempted, but I could do without it; unique idea but one that would crowd the back of a jersey
- NOB is much too small
- The one area of these jerseys that does fall to the Christmas colour pratfall is the red NOB/Numbers on the green jersey, make them white to match with the white feathers on the logo

Rating: 7.25/10

Estevan Bruins SJHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ A nice combination of Bruins eras that keeps the team from just wearing a Bruins copy despite the name/logos being exactly that (no fault of Anthony)
+ I also like the colour balancing between the yellow and white jerseys, getting that early 60s Bronco Horvath look including the 40s B, there's a lot of potential
+ The real E-Bruins wear 80s copies for the white jersey and similar jerseys with the yellow one with the white and black inverted; this looks more unique and matches

- The blank collars really drag down this concept, particularly on the black and yellow jerseys white a white collar just wouldn't work regardless
- Scrap the black hem piping on the yellow jersey
-  Same issue with the patches/numbers as most of Anthony's other concepts
- NOBs are much too small
- Remember to stop the stitching at the hem jersey if you don't intend on it being a sublimated pattern
- The font chosen doesn't really match the classic Bruins look

Rating: 5/10

Prince George Spruce King BCHL Concepts (By: Anthony C.)

+ The Spruce Kings currently wear Rangers copies, which works with their colour scheme but I like the way the colour balance here between the logo and striping

- TV numbers on this jersey are the worse of the 3 because they should be inside the yoke but they're on the edge of the yoke, which cuts off the piping. You should either reshape the yoke or put the numbers in there
- Collars again, especially on the white jersey
- Numbers on the white jersey
- Same issue with the stitching, button they go right through the striping
- NOB is too close to the numbers and yoke
- Ditch the Rangers pants

Rating: 4.5/10

Team Chinese Taipei Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ Chinese Taipei/Taiwan (Both are right but the IOC agreed that Chinese Taipei is the name of the international teams representing Taiwan and they use it in the WBC and IIHF so that's what we'll use) wear Montreal copies in the IIHF, and right away this is a massive improvement
+ Striping on the home and road looks great and the white sun logo works as a roundel
+ Blue alternate also looks great
+ Vintage jersey is based on what they've worn relatively recently, and while it does look similar to the Laval Rockets/Florida Panthers jersey, it's a throwback
+ Good execution

- Sock stripes are too low, mainly noticeable on the throwback
-  Might have scrapped the collar laces on the home and road
- The shades of red and blue on the flag and jerseys are different outside of the vintage ones. The way to fix this is to colour correct the flag or make the jersey match (I'd do the former)

Rating: 8.5/10

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I'm a huge fan of the oversized rink shaped yokes the Oilers had in the early years of the WHA; it's nice to see them in the Oilers current colour scheme
+ Reworking the yokes to get the numbers out of them has benefitted the colour balancing of the jersey, there's now more blue and orange on the arms
+ Great execution, even the NHL 100 logo fits in well
+ This is probably Lucas's best concept in this series

- The one flaw in this concept comes in the collars, and white it doesn't look bad I would have preferred the WHA style collar the current orange jersey/Winnipeg HC jerseys have

Rating: 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me!


March 26, 2017

Sunday: Why Devils Why?

Hi guys. Welcome back. I'm not going to explain my title because you guys should get it and I'm just going to get right to the posts. Before I do though, I need to remind you guys that we have the COTW to vote for and the hat competition vote so get to it!

Ok onto the concepts!

Adam G- Brooklyn Americans
Positives: Well this would have Phil shaking in his boots. His beloved Islanders changing to the Americans would probably crush him (It would crush me Phil). Anyways, The jersey design itself is pretty traditional but the stars on the sleeves really give it that subtle element of difference. Overall good job going conservative on the design with a name like "Americans".
Negatives: That chest logo is pretty plain. Just the three stripes in it don't do it justice. Give it an outline or something. Also, I'll give you a pass on the yoke numbers but the crest looks a little too big and you could move the stripes up a bit on the hem. It looks just really crushed down there.
Overall: 7.5/10

Anthony C- Battlefords North Stars 
Positives: Is there anything wrong copying the Stars old logo and uniform? absolutely not. Has a design like this actually been done before? Yes. The Lincoln Stars of the USHL wore this design prior to the league going to CCM as the main supplier. All that being said, I will say that your execution is admirable at best but you have a lot of issues with this design.
Negatives: To start, the numbers going over the stripe on the back of the jersey looks bad. Also, I warned your about the TV numbers. Third, the star pattern overall just looks strange in it's setup but that's just an unfortunate side effect of the template.
Overall: 4/10

Anthony C- Calgary Mustangs 
Positives: Nice design overall here Anthony. The color balance on the dark jersey is good and you avoid the yellow on white effect on the light jersey. Also, the horseshoe logo on the sleeves is a nice touch.
Negatives: The TV numbers again. Also, that font for the numbers just doesn't look right.
Overall: 6/10

Anthony C- Sherwood Park Crusaders 
Positives: Really like the sash idea on the primary jerseys with the rounded numbers and L.A. Kings style sleeves. You really took a unique design and made it a mixture of modern and traditional designs.
Negatives: That whole alternate is a negative so just scrap it. As for the primary jerseys, get rid of that nameplate on the back and the TV numbers again.
Overall: 6.5/10

Lucas D- Carolina Hurricanes 
Positives: Taking the old Isles striping on the "Fisherman" jerseys and using it for Carolina is a pretty smart idea there.
Negatives: It would be nice if we saw a backside to these but beggars can't be choosers.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE

Spencer R- Seattle Dragons  
Positives: The logo is a really interesting idea for the team and the arms being a different color with the simple striping looks great.
Negatives: You color combination choice of green and orange is questionable but you could get away with it. Also, that hem leaves much to be desired.
Overall: 7.25/10

T.C. Moore- Amur Khabarovsk 
Positives: The whole tiger stripe theme works really well on this overall design. The half sleeves with a tiger stripe design element looks good as two different styles. Also, the font plays really nice into the theme.
Negatives: What confuses me is the fact that you have modern style striping on the pants with a traditional style stripe on the hem with tiger stripes or multi-stripes on the arms. There is a lot going on and it just clashes.
Overall: 7.75/10

Tyler M.S.- Boston Bruins 
Positives: My first thoughts from this is that it looks similar to the Hamilton Bulldogs white jersey, which is amazing. This design looks really good with the Bruins and gives them a modern-traditional design with the wide arm stripe with the numbers in there and the black, squared yoke being a connector of the two arms. Great job.
Negatives: That crest logo looks a little small.
Overall: 8/10

Ok everyone that's all I got. Have a good rest of the week and I'll see you guys this time next week.