April 29, 2017

Saturday: Playoffs Problems

The winner of the COTW vote for April 14-20 is Lasse P!


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I always love a first time winner. Congrats on that Lasse. Jerseys would not have saved the Alaska Aces, but this one would have been a beauty. And we will see it again next week when it competes in the COTW-April vote. Good luck.


The new COTW nominees for April 21-27 have been listed on the side of the page. Sign-in to any type of Google account and vote. It's simple. Votes will be counted up until Friday at noon Eastern time.


I've gone over this a couple of times before and again I present my meaningless gripes about the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  • This is a new one, however by the time the 2nd round begins Sportsnet should not be using the American television feed. I'm a Canadian and I want the Canadian broadcasters I know and a Canadian perspective! Sportsnet has enough broadcasters for each of the four series, this shouldn't be a problem! (Hughson, Cole, Randorf, Romanuk). But this just goes to show the sub-standard hockey broadcasts we've been getting in Canada for the last 3 seasons.

  • During the Stanley Cup Final both anthems should be sung. It doesn't matter if it's Edmonton vs Ottawa in the Final or Nashville vs Carolina, both anthems should be heard. Why? Because both countries bring in a large national audience (sometimes Canada's national audience is bigger than the US one) and that should be recognized.

  • The ads on the boards always get me aggravated. It really means nothing and has nothing to do with how I enjoy the game. However, when there is a game in Canada it seems really silly to me to have Discover card on the boards right near centre ice. We don't have Discover cards in Canada. It would be like Rogers getting prime advertising space during a Penguins/Capitals game.

  • This goes along with what I said above, but you usually see NBC or NBCSN ads in the corners when they are broadcasting the games. If the game in in the US then NBC will get both corners. And if the game is in Canada Sportsnet will get one corner and NBC will get the other. The Canadian set-up is how it should be for every playoff game! This goes back to the whole anthem thing where there are two large national audiences tuning in and both should be recognized.

Well there's my meaningless playoff gripes. I look forward to when I'm an old man and this stupid stuff makes me so angry that I write a carefully worded 3 page letter to the NHL expressing my dissatisfaction with the NHL product and laying out my demands.


I would like to welcome TC Moore to the writing team. TC will scribe his first post on Friday and I am looking forward to it. TC was brought on because he has the necessary skills and he brings a little bit of a different view. When building the writing team I try to choose people who would all see a concept in a different way. That way we aren't having the same messages being written on every post.

I would like to thank Steven G. for his time on the team. Everyone who writes for HJC does it because they want to. They all volunteer their time each week so that we can all have a little break from the real world each day. HJC doesn't stay fresh and keep moving forward without them!


The World Hockey Jersey Championship is coming up soon on HJC. There will be three divisions; Canada, United States, and World. There will be a vote for each division and the winners will have a Final vote. You can begin getting your international concepts ready now, but don't send them in until the competition begins and you read the rules. That will be Friday, May 12 after The Random Competition ends.


So how crazy am I with my Playoff gripes? Feel free to let me know in the comments. Are you looking forward to the HJC World Hockey Jersey Championship? We'd love to hear from you.

COTW April 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
The Random Competition entries (due Friday @ noon ET)

April 28, 2017

Friday: That's All Folks!

Hello folks!

Sadly the rumours are true.  This is my last post as an HJC writer.

It's been a lot of fun writing for HJC, and it's something I still really enjoy, but unfortunately I just don't have enough time to commit to this position anymore.  So I decided to hang up my keyboard, as I didn't want to continue on with shorter, rushed posts.

That doesn't mean you'll never hear from me again though, I'll still be visiting this site everyday, leaving the occasional comment, and submitting any concepts that I make.  To put it another way, I'll still be part of the HJC community.

And HJC really is a community.  It wouldn't exist without all of you, the readers, the commenters, everyone who submits concepts, and of course the other writers as well.  Not just current writers either, there have now been 23 people who have been HJC writers at one point or another (see the end of this post).

I think that number says a lot.  That there have been 23 folks who have volunteered for this website over the years, really shows how much this site means to people.  That's not even counting everyone who's applied to write for HJC but had to be turned down.

HJC also obviously wouldn't exist without Ryan Haslett, it's founder, and current administrator and Saturday writer.  He does a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make this website work, I think more than most people realize.  Thank you for everything, Ryan!

Last of all, I want to take this opportunity to welcome TC Moore to the writing team.  I've been very impressed with how much his concepts have improved over such a short amount of time, and I'm sure he'll make a great writer as well.  Welcome aboard, TC Moore!

Now on with the post!


Here's the latest entry for the Random Competition...

William B:


Keep an eye out for a new COTW poll to be posted sometime today, it will be the only vote for this upcoming week.  That vote runs until next Friday at noon Eastern, which is also the deadline to submit your Random Competition entries.

COTW April 21-27 vote (ends next Friday @ noon Eastern)
Random Competition entries (due next Friday @ noon Eastern)


Utica Comets, by Ethan B:
This concept is stolen.  It's a recoloured Springfield Falcons concept, which was made by Andrew G back in 2013.
Rating: 0/10

Orlando Solar Bears, by Ethan B:
This is also a stolen concept.  It was originally a Charlotte Hornets concept, made by Taylor R in 2015.
Rating: 0/10

Ottawa Senators, by Garret M:
Our first legitimate concept of the day comes from Garrett, it's a new set of jerseys for the Ottawa Senators.  The white jersey is my favourite of the two, I like the similarities to the Senators original look.  The red jersey is okay, but something about the white upper-arms combined with no white on the hem looks a bit weird to me.  Also, the logos use a different shade of black than the jerseys, the primary logo on the red jersey could use an outline, and the shoulder logos are too big.
Rating: 6/10

Team USA, by Anthony C:
Next up we have two international concepts from Anthony, starting with the United States of America.  I like the striping pattern of each jersey, they both have a nice traditional look to them.  However the outer stripes on the dark jersey are slightly thinner than on the white jersey, which I don't like.  I also don't like the colouring of the logo on the dark jersey, I prefer the current version (which just uses a white outline).  I am a fan of the "Land of the Free" hanger effect, it's a small detail but it adds a lot of character to this concept.  However, I think the red stars on the sleeves should be white, and the vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripes.
Rating: 6/10

Team Italy, by Anthony C:
Anthony's second international concept is for the Italians, who use a unique colour scheme for their hockey jerseys.  This concept makes good use of their colour scheme, I especially like how the flag stripes are flanked by navy blue.  However, there's a one pixel navy blue gap between the individual flag stripes which in my opinion should be removed.  Also, the flag stripes on the pants should be equal width (right now the white stripe is thicker).  The flag on the collar looks good though, as does the wordmark on the other side.
Rating: 7/10

SC Bern, by Dino W:
We continue on with an SC Bern concept from Dino.  The dark jersey is interesting because it uses a Ducks style swoosh on the hem combined with simple coloured cuffs, which I think works surprisingly well.  I'd use the same design on the light jersey (or at least keep red the main colour to match the hem).  Also I'm not a fan of the hem trim, it's too cluttered with the hem stripes already there.  I do like the rounded collars, but I don't like the red name and numbers on the black jersey, they might be hard to read in real life.
Rating: 7/10

Prince Albert Raiders, by Ryan C:
Today's final concept, and the final concept I get to review as an HJC writer, is a redesign of the Prince Albert Raiders by Ryan.  I really like this striping pattern, the curved gold stripe combined with the extended yoke looks great, and it's a unique design as well (more unique than most CHL jerseys).  The number font is unique too, and I think it was a great choice here, it fits this concept perfectly.  Additionally, these jerseys make the logo look quite nice (on it's own I think this logo is just okay).  My only complaint is that the collar on the white jersey looks kind of rough around the edges.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


You may or may not recall this, but the last time we were looking for a new writer, I made a list of everyone who had written for HJC and how many posts they wrote.  It seemed to be fairly well received, so I thought a good way to end my last post would be to provide an update of those "standings".  Current writers are in bold.

1.  Ryan Haslett, 933 Posts (Nov 2009 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

2.  WinnipegJets96, 252 Posts (Aug 2012 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

3.  Dylan Alexander,178 Posts (Aug 2012 - Dec 2015)
First Post
Last Post

4.  William Butala, 123 Posts (Sept 2013 - Jan 2016)
First Post
Last Post

T-5.  Brendan Poe, 111 Posts (March 2015 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

T-5.  Steven Grant, 111 Posts (Aug 2012 - June 2013 & Jan 2016 - April 2017)
First Post
Last Post (this one)

7.  Caz Williams, 100 Posts (Oct 2013 - Feb 2015 & Jan 2016 - Aug 2016)
First Post
Last Post

8.  Phil Beck, 79 Posts (May 2014 - Sept 2014 & Feb 2016 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

9.  Dylan Nowak, 70 Posts (July 2013 - Jan 2014 & March 2015 - Jan 2016)
First Post
Last Post

10.  Steven Marculaitis, 66 Posts (Jan 2016 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

11.  Colin May, 53 Posts (Aug 2012 - April 2013 & Dec 2013 - May 2014)
First Post
Last Post

12.  Jack Godlewski, 36 Posts (May 2015 - Feb 2016)
First Post
Last Post

13.  Tyler Gross, 35 Posts (Nov 2012 - Aug 2013)
First Post
Last Post

14.  Alex Offenbach, 34 Posts (Jan 2014 - Sept 2014)
First Post
Last Post

T-15.  Chase Carlson, 33 (Sept 2016 - Present)
First Post
Latest Post

T-15.  Kevin Wos, 33 Posts (Feb 2013 - Sept 2013)
First Post
Last Post

T-17.  Christian Legault, 30 Posts (Sept 2014 - April 2015)
First Post
Last Post

T-17.  Ricky Mazella, 30 Posts (Aug 2012 & May 2013 - Nov 2013)
First Post
Last Post

19.  Caden Patafie, 25 Posts (Sept 2014 - March 2015)
First Post
Last Post

T-20.  Glen Cuthbert, 13 Posts (Oct 2010 - Feb 2011)
First Post
Last Post

T-20.  Thallos, 13 Posts (Aug 2012 - Nov 2012)
First Post
Last Post

22.  Thomas Livingstone, 1 Post (Aug 2012)
First and Only Post

23.  TC Moore, 0 Posts (May 2017 - Future)
First Post next Friday

As you can see, I'm retiring tied for fifth in all time posts.  I'm okay with that.

Thank you all!  And for one last time...

That's all folks!

April 27, 2017

Thursday: Round 2 Begins, Day 2

Hello everyone, welcome back!

I'm writing this post a bit early today as tomorrow I'll be busy going on another college visit, so I can't really comment on yesterday's Anaheim/Edmonton game (or Edmonrton, if you ask the random comp. page). Nashville is on a hot streak though, with 5 wins in a row .

I will say I'm excited for the Pens game tonight especially (I am a Pens fan after all), and it's going to be a tight series and it'll be fun to watch.

In other news, welcome to the writing team TC! I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.


Voting wise we have the usual COTW vote...and that's all for this week's deadlines. We do have the Random Competition's deadline of NEXT Friday though, so go check that out. You have a lot of time on this one. (What great combinations for Florida and Philly by the way...)

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Random Competition (entries due May 5, 2017 @ noon ET)

Random Entries as of 12:40am EST (I'll try to update this as late as I can, but please forgive me if I can't)

Lucas D.


Anthony C. - New York Islanders
+This is the type of approach that the Islanders should have taken when designing a black jersey (which is, add a lot of other colors).
+It's a solid looking jersey overall. I like the prominence of white.
+I think the Brooklyn script works, but it would make more sense if the team was renamed.
-This design is really not creative. Merely a recolor of the Isles' current jerseys. You can do better than that.
-The execution still has some issues, mainly the stitching overlapping the hem striping. The odd thing is, you got it right on the front view's orange stripe...
Overall: 5/10, be more creative

Anthony C. - Stockton Heat
+See, that's better than just recoloring a current design.
-Still not the most creative, but it's better.
+I like the vintage look you're going for here.
-There seems to be a bit of an identity crisis, though. The script and striping make this look vintage, yet the number and name font, along with the pants design, give off a modern look. I'd stick with the vintage.
-Another execution note, and again the striping should overlap the stitching. Again, you did this (mostly, just do it to the black inside stripes as well) correct on the back view but not the front, which is a bit odd.
Overall: 6.5/10

Dino W. - Belarus
+Red and lime green is a color scheme you don't see often, if at all. Nice to see it here.
+I like the flag pattern on the hem striping.
-This only applies on the white jersey: Keep the arms consistent. Adding the flag stripe on the arms would be too busy, so just replace it with a solid band. As it is though, switching the colors on the arms should suffice.
+That font fits pretty well.
-Not sure what the logo is supposed to be, but it's a but too busy.
Overall: 7.5/10

Ethan B. - Seattle Sea Lions
Funny story, I fell asleep in the middle of writing the post last night, so from here on forward I'm writing these in my car on the way to Penn State. Sorry if the format is a bit wonky, I'll fix it whenever I get the chance. On to the concept.
+Green and blue is a color scheme that would fit Seattle well, and the colors are balanced well.
+I like the green jersey, as green jerseys are few and far between.
+Good job crediting Matt and Dylan for the logo creation.
-Presentation note: your text is way too big. Keep the focus on the concepts.
-I think you're on the right path with the striping pattern, but they're way too thin.
Overall: 7/10

Lucas D. - Anaheim Ducks

+Using the Ducks' alternate/sock striping, or a close variant of it, isn't a bad idea. Looks much better when consistently used.
+Good color balance on every jersey here.
+/- Still not a fan of the beige/gold used with orange, but it's not so bad here.
-Absolutely no need to have yellow inside of the sticks on the logo. While not very noticeable, it could be easily replaced with colors that are actually in the color scheme.
+My two personal favorites here are the orange and eggplant jerseys, but obviously I don't think they'd look very good used together...
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

T.C. Moore - Mississippi RiverKings

+Love the amount of yellow on these jerseys.
+Also neat that the designs are exactly the same on each jersey.
+Good logo choice. I like the one on the alternate especially. 
+I like the idea of a throwback/fauxback type alternate.
-Would be a bit more unique if it was its own design, though, instead of a recolor of the primaries.
-All the numbers look a tad big.
Overall: 8/10

T.C. Moore - University of Colorado Buffaloes

+Again, I really like the amount of color you're putting on these jerseys, though it's not as prominent on the white one.
+This looks like what the Pens would be wearing with the current type of design in Vegas gold.
-Numbers look a bit big again.
+Not sure the purpose of the blue and gold on the alternate, but it looks good.
-Making the logo on the black jersey white would help it contrast better.
Overall: 8/10


And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

April 26, 2017

Wednesday: Round 2, FIGHT!

After two days of rest, the NHL playoffs are back! I had a brutal first round in the HJC Playoff Pool, but when in my full bracket, the Blackhawks are listed to win it all and then get SWEPT for what seems like no good reason, then you can see why. But it's redemption time. My picks are in for round 2. Get yours in before puck drop tonight, as the Western Conference gets under way tonight with the East beginning tomorrow, and the West-East pattern of game schedules will continue until May 1 when the only Eastern Conference match-up is the Penguins and Capitals.

NEWS: Nothing major to announce this week in terms of design but keep your eyes peeled as the offseason looms. Vegas expansion will be on June 20th and we may see jerseys unveiled there.
In the mean time WELCOME TC MOORE TO THE TEAM! He'll take over Fridays

COMPETITIONS: LET'S GO CRAZY! It's the Random Competition! We have taken all the colors in the NHL and shuffled them around. Now it's your task to make it work. Each team has been assigned two colors that they must incorporate into their color scheme, either in addition to existing colors, in place of existing colors or even alongside completely different colors. Click the banner for more details. Entries due next Friday at noon.


Ryan C: Ottawa Senators Black and Yellow

Displaying SensBY.jpg

VOTES: Concept of the Week only this week. Congratulations to Jake M. on winning the COTY 1st Quarter Vote!


COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)
Random Competition (entries due May 5, 2017 @ noon ET)
HJC Playoff Pool Round 2 (Picks due Wednesday @ 8 PM)


Anthony C: Montreal Canadiens Alternate Concept

At best, a decent design that would look better with the Canadiens' current primary logo instead of the one seen here, just for the sake of color balance, or with this logo and the red and white swapped. At worst, a sloppy, hastily made concept. Stitching doesn't overlap the striping in concepts despite what we see here. And what really gets you here is the yoke stripes. It would look so much better if they followed the curve of the yoke on this template.

Rating: 57%

Ethan B: Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) Concept

The biggest problem I have here with this concept is that template lines and shadows have been recolored to go with the color scheme. This template is a hard one to work with, and if you don't put in the extra effort to make the template work, don't use it. On top of that, the numbers need to be rotated slightly counter-clockwise in order to not look slanted against the arm striping. I like the basic idea here though, as it's based on the Wheat Kings' alternate jerseys. A good look made better with a matching black jersey, but made worse with a white jersey that is in desperate need of yellow. Maybe add some white trim on the home and alternate and yellow trim on the away OR yellow striping with black trim. Because if you notice the actual alternate Brandon uses, the numbers are white with black trim.

Rating: 50%

Jake M: Temple Owls (NCAA) Concept

Having lived in Philadelphia for a few years, I'm quite familiar with Temple University, as they were one of the City 6 schools (Well, Big 5 plus my former school, Drexel University). The striping pattern we see here is a common pattern that we see based on the "T" logo of Temple. It makes sense, but one thing I do not really enjoy on a hockey jersey is vertical arm striping. I hated it during the 2006 Olympics and subsequent tournaments and it was even dumber on the socks back then. I'll pass.

Rating: 83%

Jamie R: Vegas Golden Knights Concept

This concept isn't very golden for the Golden Knights. I like the idea of the red star pattern on the arms but other than that the color balance isn't doing it for me. There's too much red and not enough gold. Too much emphasis on the alternate logo and not enough on the primary logo. Otherwise a fantastic idea.

Rating: 86%

Ryan C: Saginaw Spirit (OHL) Concept

This is a striping pattern that has always seemed daring to me. Better than a simple vertical arm stripe pattern, but not good enough. Especially since I don't feel the balance of color here with the use of blue equipment along with the white jersey dominated by red. Jury is still out on this.

Rating: 86%

TC Moore: North Dakota State Bison (NCAA) Concept

Looks like today's post theme is color balance. And with all the yellow involved here the least you could do is use some more yellow on that white jersey. Maybe in between the green stripes? Or swap the yoke and trim colors? The full NDSU logo doesn't look good enough to be a shoulder logo. It's better as a primary logo, but the Bison head alone is too strong of a primary logo to replace here. Maybe go without a shoulder logo? EXECUTION NOTE: I still see an NHL shield on the inside tag. This is an NCAA Concept, not an NHL concept.

Rating: 75%

TC Moore: Southern Methodist Mustangs (NCAA) Concept

This is a much better concept. The yoke striping is a great touch, even with the retro shoulder patch. Seeing this wordmark with the mustang logo underneath is brilliant. The Mustang logo with the Dallas skyline is a great logo that fits on the helmets well. There is nothing I can hate about this jersey except for the template used, but that's just out of personal preference in my own work. Well done.

Rating: 95%

The WINNER of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



GET YOUR PICKS IN TONIGHT! We have an 8 PM puck drop between the Predators and Blues at Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Tune in tonight on NBCSN or CBC. Afterwards at 10:30 you'll see the Oilers and Ducks on NBCSN and Sportsnet. NBCSN features the new TV voice of the Islanders, Brendan Burke paired up with former Islanders and current Rangers analyst Joe Micheletti. I'm looking forward to it. Game on! See you next week!

April 25, 2017

Tuesday: Late Again

Hello again, and welcome, Hockey Fans, to this Tuesday's post!

Sorry this is late again! Don't forget to vote! 

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On to the concepts! 


Anthony C.-Bonnyville Pontiacs (AJHL) 
Anthony starts us off with a team from the Alberta Junior Hockey League, 
  • I like the logo...
  • It's WAY too plain... It needs a lot more to it's striping pattern
  • Wordmarks also don't really work for shoulder patches...
  • The logo and the numbers on the black jersey would be impossible to see. The beige logos and numbers also might be hard too see on the white jersey. If you flipped everything to the opposite jersey, it would be more visible... 
My rating: It seems like a good identity to build around, but the jerseys look more like practice jerseys, and it's not much of an improvement over their EDGE Penguins set... 4/10 

Anthony C.-  Watertown Wolves (FHL)

Anthony also has the next concept, this time, it's for the Watertown Wolves, from the Federal Hockey League!
  • I love the striping pattern!
  • I also like the number font, it fits well with the jersey and the logo.
  • Excellent work on the TV numbers! 
  • Decent execution!
  • The template striping should stop at the hem stripes...
  • The N&#OB are a little big, and the logo is a little small.
  • The black numbers and letters might be a little hard to read...
  • This jersey is way to close to the Nashville Predators old Alt. Sweaters...
My rating: This is definitely one of your best concepts yet, but it's very similar to the Preds' old Alt... 6/10

Denny J.- 2018 NHL Winter Classic 
Denny gets the third of the day with the Winter Classic match up for next year! 
  • I like the very simple, throwback approach to each sweater
  • I  like the ideas behind each jersey
  • I do like the plain red lettering on the Rangers jersey
  • Everything is kinda blurry and/or pixelated... 
  • The Rangers sweater would look better if the crest was above the wordmark on the other side... kinda like the USA 1960's sweaters...
  • Execution is a little sloppy...
My rating: A decent set of sweaters, but everything is a little sloppy... 6/10

Dino W.- Washington Capitals (NHL)

Next up is Dino and his Washington Capitals Set! 
  • I really like that you went out there in the design...
  • Execution looks great! 
  • I like the sleeve length yoke design on the white jersey
  • N&#OB are a little small
  • While I appriciate the creativity, the striping pattern doesn't really work...
  • The sleeve length yoke on the white jersey looks good, but the yoke shouldn't be cut up by a different yoke on the red jersey. 
  • The side panels also don't look the best
  • What would happen to the NHL100 patch when it comes off in 2018? 
My rating: Great execution, but the design doesn't look the best... 7/10

Ethan B.- Norfolk Admirals (ECHL)
Next up is Ethan's redesign for the Norfolk Ads!

  • I like the curved upper sleeve design! 
  • I like the kings font! 
  • Unfortunately, there's a lot...
    • I can't tell what's supposed to be piping or just the template... 
    • Everything is very pixelated, and looks very sloppy... 
      • Except the N&#OB
    • NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER fill in template areas as a design... The breezers should not have the orange filled-in areas... The socks should not be filled in like that, because...
      • Those sock "stripes" at the top will be covered up by the breezers, and the bottom will be covered up by the skates.
      • The breezers "stripes" on the top will be covered by the jersey hanging down... 
      • And the biggest problem, is that it looks bad...
My rating: A decent idea, but lots of execution errors, really hold this back... 6/10

T. C. M.- Kennesaw State Owls (NCAA) 
The last two concepts go to Our newest writer, TC, and his NCAA concepts! This one is for Kennesaw State Owls!

  • I do like the Penguins-esque striping pattern!
  • The yellow looks great! Even the Helmet! 
  • Great logo choice! 
  • Great execution! 
  • I don't like the grey in place of white in the pattern and numbers... 
  • The #OB are a little big... 
My rating: A great concept, and welcome to the Blog!!! 9/10 and my COTW NOMINEE!!!! 

T.C.M.- Yale Bulldogs (NCAA) 
The last concept of the day goes to TC and his Yale Bulldogs design!

  • I like the double blue/grey color scheme!
  • I also like the logos. I really like the shoulder patch! 
  • I also like the striping pattern! It adds a vintage feel
  • I would like to see more of the double blue color scheme in the numbers
  • I'd also like too see the "Y" logo in white on the blue sweater
  • #OB are also really big
  • You're missing TV numbers on the blue sweater
  • I also don't like the glove pattern
My rating: Another fantastic concept! 8/10


Well that's all from me, you Tuesday writer, Chase! Come back for more!

April 24, 2017

Monday: Double College Concepts

Welcome to another Monday post!

Photo from enysports.com
Every year in the minor leagues, we say goodbye to several teams. Whether they are going to a different league or moving cross country to meet the needs of their pro-teams (unless it's the CHL then that has only happened twice in the past few years, both times in the OHL; Hamilton and North Bay/Brampton). I've already been over the Elmira Jackals and Alaska Aces, but who knows which other teams are gone. The AHL loses my personal favourite franchises, the St. John's Ice Caps. I love their logo in both forms and would have loved to have gone to Newfoundland to see the game (I was in Newfoundland the summer of 2012 but no games to be seen). Whether the team takes a hiatus until Québec City possibly wants an AHL team there, or the QMJHL comes in to buy the rights to the name and gives them an original colour scheme or jersey. The Binghamton Senators are going to move to Belleville, Ontario, but the Albany Devils will be moving to Binghamton to replace them so I mean, it's gonna be a change but Albany is the only city to lose a team and they will likely get an ECHL team.

Photo from Jacksonville.com
However, this upcoming hockey season, including the NHL, we're welcoming back some cities and new cities at different levels. The Laval Rockets give semi-pro hockey to a city that has not had a franchise at a notable level since the Laval Titan College-Français moved to Bathurst, NB in 1998. Prior to that the Québec city was famous for the Voisins/National/Saints in the QMJHL between 1969 and 1985, where Mario Lemieux played his junior years.  Vegas has been talked to death, but remember that prior to the Golden Knights, the Wranglers were there from 2000 to 2014, and prior to that the Thunder in the IHL from 1993-1999. Worcester returns to minor-pro hockey since the Sharks moved to San Jose with the rest of the Pacific teams, where they had played as Sharks/IceCats since 1994. Jacksonville is getting their third semi-pro hockey team of any kind, the others being the Barracudas, who played from 2004-08 in the SPHL and the Lizard Kings in the ECHL that played from 1996-2000. Belleville lost the Bulls to Hamilton in 2015, and prior to that not much pro/major junior hockey history prior to 1981 when the Bulls were established.

This got me thinking: What will be the next cities to get semi-pro hockey back? I'll stay out of the NHL because the whole __________ number of cities that totally deserve an NHL Franchise thing has been done to death, and frankly most lists either revolve around former NHL cities that failed or just plain absurd and seemed cool in NHL 10 so why not?!

Photo from toledoblade.com
I'm quite sure that the Portland Pirates will return in the ECHL with a more refined version of their original logo. The New Haven Nighthawks are now part of a beer brand, though their return would be welcomed to any minor league. The Houston Aeros are a tricky one as I wasn't a fan of any of their logos other than their WWII bomber logo WITH the blue. The Granby Bison are an unlikely team to return, and the town hasn't existed on the LMJHQ map since 1997. Ditto for those good ol' Lewiston MANIEacs. What about the Toledo Storm, a team that had 15 strong years in ECHL and when the great purge the league had in the mid 2000s came, they were one of the later victims. Frankly, the loss of Alaska and 2015 move of the west coast teams to the AHL means the EC in ECHL can finally mean majority East Coast...or at least not Pacific (Allen, Utah, Idaho and the CeHL teams being the exceptions). Speaking of the CeHL, how about the Dayton Gems? or Denver Cutthroats?

Which minor league identities, particularly those in cities without teams there now, would you like to see come back? What league would you put them in and why?

As you may have noticed there is a position opening up on the blog for a writer. Thank you to all those who entered. One thing I will say is don't be discouraged if you don't get chosen this time. Take the criticism constructively, improve your skills, even try starting you own personal blog for a while to hone in your writing style. Ryan will be announcing the new writer soon. I've been here the longest of any writer not named Ryan, and it always sucks to see another writer leave (though some do come back on occasion), so thanks Steven G. for all your time with the blog in your second tenure with the blog. Steven joined the writing team the same time I did in August of 2012.

Here's his first post from back then. I always find it interesting seeing design trends and old teams we haven't seen concepts from in literally years (Peoria when they were the Blues' AHL affiliate comes to mind). Check those out if you ever need inspiration for concepts!

Voting for this week is really simple. We have 4 concepts up for COTW, Two from the ECHL and two from the NHL. Take a look on either the side of the blog or clicking the COTW tab

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

On with today's concepts!


Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ I reviewed a Wild concept last week from Ryan, but this week he's chosen to focus more on the pre-edge Wild jersey and/or the North Stars' final jerseys, with a lot of improvements
+ The white arm stripe on the green jersey really works here, something the originals lacked
+ Dito for the large colourful hem striping to match it 
+ Just like last week, I like the choice of the State of Hockey patch on the shoulders 
+ Good execution 

- Same problem as last week with regards to the removal of the wheat in the shoulder patch 
- NOB is lightly too large 
- Helmet numbers need an outline 

Rating: 8.5/10 

Bemidji State Beavers NCAA Concepts (By: TC Moore) 

+ Beautiful colour scheme and layout here
+ The Beavers script wouldn't have been my first choice for the primary logo in any other level of play other than the NCAA, but in the college level it works
+ Good logo choice for the shoulder patches
+ Good execution, proper NCAA markings on the front

- Striping looks good, but it's way too similar to the Blackahws
- One issue I have with the script and NOB is the lack of colours
- To help it match the green jersey, I'd add a yoke to the green jersey

Rating: 7.25/10 

Buffalo Sabres 2018 Winter Classic Concept (By: Anthony C.)

+ Would love to see the 2010 alternate script return (PS, did anyone buy that jersey? I remember people liking it but never see it)
+ It might be that the 81 on the back is meant to reference 1981, and looking at what the Sabres worse then, its got a similar colour lay out, but not a direct rip off
+ Some may prefer white instead of creme, but I like the look of it
+ Good execution, minimal errors here

- The one noticeable error is the hem stitching going through the hem instead of stopping at it 
- Sabres is spelt with an RE, not an ER, but it's not a huge deal as lightsaber is spelt like that so I get the confusion
- I like the look of the yellow numbers on the back, but for them to work on the arms I'd put them in the yoke 
- The one thing I would have kept from the 2010 alternate would be the stitching in the numbers
- Loose pixels above the right side of the yoke near the collar

Rating: 7.5/10 

New York Rangers 2018 Winter Classic Concept (By: Anthony C.) 

+ Big fan of the New York script being used, again like it was in 1981
+ With the Rangers having a deeper jersey history, I like the 2013 Winter Classic yoke being used, but also like the current away's yoke
+ I actually prefer the use of creme here as the current and well loved alternate uses it 
+ Good execution again

- Same execution error on the hem stitching and the loose pixels
- Numbers are too close to the namebar on the back 
- The striping doesn't look bad, but it's way too similar to the Oshawa Generals rather than the Rangers, it doesn't look bad but there is a level of disconnect

Rating: 7/10 

Fort Wayne Komets ECHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ The Komets currently have really solid jerseys, but are perhaps a little too simple and use black over orange as the dark jersey's primary colour 
+ Striping adds a little more character to the jerseys, but still plays into the classic appeal of the logos 
+ Rounded numbers really work here
+ One thing that really adds character to these jerseys is the oversized yokes. 
+ Great execution 

- Call me crazy, but I'd like to see inverted collar laces on these
- Helmet numbers need an outline

Rating 9.25/10 COTW Nom from me! 

Quinnipiac Bobcats NCAA Concepts (By: TC Moore)

+ Great logo choices across the concept, it's nice to see the big bobcat head without it leaping
+ The numbers and the QU logo go well together
+ Same execution as the previous concept

- One thing that throws the colour balancing off is the mustard cuffs, make them blue and make them white on the blue jersey
- The mustard jersey has way much too mustard in the gear. If you really want it to work, the helmet needs to be blue and some white in the striping and pants would go a long way
- Same issue with the Blackhawks striping, the striping on the mustard jersey would work just fine on the other two

Rating 6.75/10 

April 23, 2017

Sunday: Country Road Take Me Home

Good Afternoon everybody. Welcome back to another great HJC post. Playoffs are in full swing and the East has it's first team moving on to the second round as well as two teams in the west.

I was searching the old internet and came across a pretty sweet design for the West Virginia University Hockey Team that was made by Rebirth.

 I then realized that it was on a Gofundme page for the hockey team to raise money for these plus two other jerseys for the upcoming season. Being the kind of person that wants to see others succeed, I reached out to Doug at Rebirth and the head coach of the hockey team A.J. Sturges and Rick Wickiser, a current player on the team, and offered to help. A.J. is a big fan of our site so it only felt right to bring their page to light. It's the team's 50th anniversary next year and they want to have jerseys that reflect the history of the team as well as a jersey that represents the coal mining industry of West Virginia.

Now, I'm not asking you to go over there and dump a ton of money into it (but if you want to do that by all means go ahead). I'm asking you to spread the word about the campaign to anybody you know that would be willing to help out, whether it be a Alumni, current student, or just someone willing to help. If you have some money to burn and are feeling generous, please donate a bit to the team so they can rock these next year. Click on the Gofundme text at the beginning of the previous paragraph or Here for more information or to make a donation.

Oh, I almost forgot. Good luck to everybody who put a mock post in. Believe me when I tell you this is the best gig to have without benefits or pay!

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)

Okay, onto the Concepts!

Anthony C- Team North America
Positives: To be honest Anthony, the positives this has going for it is the traditional striping and striping color combo.
Negatives: Please, for the love of all that is good, put the numbers on the sleeves. Also, make the name on the back black. Finally, move the sleeve stripes down slightly and maybe add a more prominent stripe to the pants. Overall this logo style clashes with the design of the jersey.
Overall: 6.5/10

Anthony C- Winnipeg Jets
Positives: While I'm confused on the color choices (someone please fill me in) I like the design choices you made on this overall. The striping on the sleeves and hem are beautiful with that jet on the sleeves and the fact that it's a gold jersey doesn't bother me.
Negatives: My only negative is that you just slapped the old Penguin pants onto this design. Be a little more creative. Also, I get that you were trying to put your name as the brand logo but if you didn't make the template or acknowledge that you made the template, please put a manufacturer on there.
Overall: 7.25/10

Ryan C- Bridgeport Sound Tigers
Positives: This is a very simple but effective design here Ryan so good job on it. The sleeve stripes with the accents of orange really stand out well as well as the yokes and hem striping. You really did a good job.
Negatives: I'm not sure if that font for the numbers is the correct font to use. I say that you are better off playing it safe with the plain block numbers.
Overall: 8.5/10 COTW NOMINEE!

Ryan C- Regina Pats
Positives: The sleeve striping is really unique and works pretty well so good job. Overall you did a pretty simple but effective jersey again.
Negatives: For some reason the CCM logo on the front looks too close to the sleeve. Now, I could be wrong but it just looks really strange with the way the yoke is curved and how far it's over but It could be in the right place.
Overall: 8/10

TC M- Atlanta Braves
Positives: While I'm not the biggest fan of crossover uniforms, this works out pretty well with the Braves identity. the simple striping works well and the yoke on the white jersey keeps it from looking really plain.
Negatives: Not sure why but the numbers look a little big on the back of the jersey.
Overall: 7.75/10

TC M- New Jersey Devils
Positives: While the sleeve striping could have looked too busy, you balance it out with the hem stripe well. Plus, the numbers don't look that bad.
Negatives: A few things that could be changed on this. Get rid of that green jersey. It's just ugly man. Second, change the pants to red. It'll look a lot better than the green.
Overall: 8/10

Ok everybody that's everything I have for you today. Come back next week for another great post. Don't forget to vote and check out WVU's Gofundme page. See you guys next week.

COTW April 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon ET)