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October 31, 2016

Monday: Burning Up Western Style

Welcome to another post here on HJC, and happy halloween. If you haven't already chose a costume, find a Miroslav Satan jersey (preferably the red Sabres alternate) or any Devils jersey and a pair of dollar store devil horns and you're good and hockey related. If you really wanna go all out on a Devils costume, be the Devils fan from that one episode from Seinfeld.

Once again we had another dry week of jersey news, though we are less than a month away from the unveiling of the Las Vegas ________'s logos, script etc. as well as the likely unveiling of the Winter Classic, Stadium Series and Detroit's Centennial Classic jersey (Toronto's is all but confirmed to be 11/10 Arenas jersey that's been floating around on social media).

If you haven't already and are interested in joining The Season, please check out the little S on the side of the page with the social media buttons. Remember to read ALL the rules and to do your best to keep your concept semi-anonymous.

Furthermore I think we all know the drill with you should do that...Please?

In fitting with today's amount of Calgary Flames concepts, don't forget to vote in the Calgary Flames contest, click on the banner above!

On with today's 5 concepts, 4 of which involve Calgary, the other from Helsinki, Finland and playing in Davos, Switzerland.


Calgary Cowboys Concepts (By: Cole W.)

+ I really have enjoyed Cole's plausible "What If" series based on hypotheticals, and while the actual Cowboys folded in 1978, there was a plan as early as 1976 to get an NHL team in Calgary as the Cowboys and was rejected in 1978 after low season tickets, it wasn't absurd
+ The colour layout reminds me a lot of the Flames in this period
+ Striping is the perfect late 90s-end of edge jerseys
+ Good execution

- I feel like this is the absolute last year you could use this logo, but even by 2001 that logo would look out do date
- The angle of the numbers and logo would look better if they matched 
- The Flames had the issue on their red jersey in this period by using black NOB with black numbers, and just like the Flames they blend in too much with the numbers. I'd make the captain's C and NOB white

Rating: 7.5/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Tyler M.S.)

+ Right away I have to say that I agree with the Steve when he said that scrapping the piping and flag patches save the jerseys, he was right! 
+ Please Calgary, put that shoulder patch on your jerseys now! 
+ Striping looks good, I'm actually surprised how good the curved side panels look 

- Primary logos are too small
- I'm not sure what font I'd replace this font with, but I think that at least straightening it would help it look less like Winnipeg's 
- Even though I know Tyler's point in this concept is to use a few changes as possible, I would prefer an actual hem stripe

Rating: 7.75/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Andrew W.)

+ This likely is my dream Flames set, with the addition of black as an accept colour
+ That white jersey is still arguably the best of all time with this, it's absolutely gorgeous 
+ The red jersey is really saved by that black
+ Good execution
+ Again...Calgary...THAT SHOULDER PATCH!

- Sadly, the NOB and numbers are too close to each other 
- Again we have the issue with these jerseys where the red pants look great on the white jersey, but I'm not the biggest fan on the red jersey. It's completely subjective and we can agree to disagree but I'd use 2 pairs of pants. 

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW Nom from me!

Calgary Flames Concept (By: Andrew W.)

+ While I was a 'uge fan of the previous alternate, this would be an upgrade in several ways
+ The idea of using the shoulder patch as the centrepiece of a chest stripe is excellent!
+ Striping and colour placement (for the most part) looks fantastic
+  Good execution

- Same issue with the NOB & numbers 
- The logo features a lot of white in it, and the jersey needs some in the striping
- I would have used the black oversized horsecollar tie down from the previous alternate rather than using the same collar as the home 

Rating: 8.5/10

Jokerit (KHL) Spengler Cup Concepts (By: Mike F.)

+ So this series has been really interesting, and yes all the jerseys have looked the same but that's part of the fun, and they do have their own charm 
+ For some reason I really like that Yellow jersey. It's funny because the colour balancing is off but at the same time Mike did an excellent job of doing it as fitting to the time and it fits with their red & yellow alternate as well as their throwbacks in the past have used this colour scheme and move away from the usual blue & red
+ Good execution! 
+ Also thank you for adding information on the concept! 

- I know the pants would likely not be blank in the actual tournament, I wish they had something on them
- I would have also put the logo of each team (modern or throwback) on one shoulder and the flag patch on the other 
- The templating of each jersey as I feel they'd look better if you fiddled with arm striping to make them look different 

Rating: 8/10


October 30, 2016

Sunday: Guess What I'm Being for Halloween!

The answer is nothing by the way. Welcome back to another Sunday post. No big article on a hockey team's jerseys so let's just get into the concepts today.

Don't forget to vote for the COTW and the Flames redesign. Also, don't forget to get your team in for the HJC Season!

COTW vote Oct 21-27 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

Alright let's do this!

Cole Wintringham- Calgary Cowboys
Positives: Very interesting concept idea. The logo is very 90's and works really well with the slight diagonal striping. It's a very nice jersey and it works for the era that it's meant to represent.
Negatives: That crest logo just looks huge on the front of the jersey and move the back numbers down slightly.
Overall: 8/10

DT Concepts- Colorado Avalanche  
Positives: yes bring back angled striping for the Avs. Also, the subtle white and silver accents look very nice against the red and blue, and that yoke looks beautiful and as compliment to the hem.
Negatives: Why give the Avs another Maroon jersey? Also, I like how you are using a custom template but that collar could use some work. that extra part on the outside of the main collar looks strange on the front.
Overall: 8.75/10 COTW NOMINEE

Lucas Daitchman- Philadelphia Flyers 
Positives: The whole idea of what the teams of today would look like as original 7 teams is a great idea and this uniform actually looks really nice. the orange-black-white striping looks great on the sleeves and the the pattern continued on the hem looks great.
Negatives: The logo kind of falls flat. It just doesn't seem to match the era in my opinion. Try making more pointed like Old English instead of a rounded font. Hell, you could even get away with a block P.
Overall: 8.25/10

Mike Ferens- Oxford University 
Positives: Fun fact, Oxford was one of the first Spengler made up primarily of Canadian students. Sticking with the template look as commonplace during the Spengler tournament, The navy and white of oxford looks beautiful with this design and I think it could work as an alternate for a team with similar colors (Penn State?) .
Negatives: While the design itself is nice and classic, It would be nice to see it on a modern cut template, not the classic CCM.
Overall: 8.5/10 

Mike Ferens- SKA Saint Petersburg
Positives: Once again, beautiful template style design. Also, something I didn't mention in the previous design was the logo on one sleeve and the details on the other. That's a really cool idea and I believe would work for a European style jersey.
Negatives: The Design looks kind of off with the white lettering and numbering. I get that it might not be easy to see the the lettering and numbering but the what just stands out there so much it's awkward.
Overall: 8/10

Ok that's all I got for you guys today. See ya next week.

October 29, 2016

Saturday: Pick Your Teams

The winner of the COTW vote for October 14-20 was Taylor R's Medicine Hat Tigers concept.

Full Results

Well done Taylor. I loved this concept and I was happy to see it win. Let's see how far it can go now when it returns in a couple of weeks for the COTW-October vote.


The new COTW nominees for October 21-27 have been listed on the side of the page in the black poll. Voting will end on Friday at noon Eastern. If you can't see the poll then you're not logged into a Google account. You can view the concepts by clicking the link in the poll.


All of the entries are in for the Calgary Flames ReDesign. We had17, which is a good amount. Thus we have a Top 5 vote to determine our winner. The winner advances to next week's COTW vote. Click the banner at the top of the page to see the entries and to place your votes.


Last week's Weekly Poll asked about Wayne Gretzky's greatest accomplishment. The winner was him having more assists than any other player has history. Here are the full results.


This week's poll asks what's your hockey number? When you're on the ice what number do you wear? Even if you don't play hockey, let us know what number you would wear. Results will be revealed on next week's post.


This Weekly Poll will be the last for a little while. That is because...

It's time for The Season to begin. I talked about this a little bit last week and now I'm prepared to reveal all of the details.

What you will do is send an email ( telling me that you want in. You will also want to leave me with a top 3 list of teams, in order of preference, that you want to create concepts for. I will reply letting you know what team you are. This will be an anonymous Saturday exclusive contest. You will only be identified by your team.You'll send in one home concept and one road concept. Your concepts then go head-to-head with other concepts on a weekly basis. If you have a home game, then your home concept is used. If you have a road game then your road concept is used. Top two teams in the league or in each pool after the round robin advance to the Playoffs!

There will only be 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 teams. It all depends how many people want to play. Each Saturday post will provide the scores from that week's match-ups. Also, you'll be able to vote on the next set of match-ups. Finally a standings update will be provided with each post. There is also a page for this competition "THE SEASON". That page will show all the scores and the updated standings. You'll be able to get to it at any point during the week by clicking the S icon on the side of the page:

All of the details and rules can be found on that page. It is mandatory reading if you plan on being involved in The Season.

Hopefully this is something that can comeback each year, like the HJC Open or Pairs Competition. It all depends of the initial level of interest and if that level of interest can be maintained throughout The Season.

Ok, email now! Note the specific email address for this competition.


COTW vote Oct 21-27 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

October 28, 2016

Friday: NHL Uniform Countdown - Part 3

Hello folks!  This week I'm continuing to countdown the best home and road uniforms in the NHL.  In case you missed it, I began this countdown two weeks ago with the teams ranked 30th to 23rd.  Here's who I had at the bottom of the league...

30.  Colorado Avalanche
29.  Calgary Flames
28.  Ottawa Senators
27.  Buffalo Sabres
26.  Anaheim Ducks
25.  San Jose Sharks
24.  Los Angeles Kings
23.  Nashville Predators

Last week I continued my ranking with teams placed from 22nd to 15th...

22.  Carolina Hurricanes
21.  Vancouver Canucks
20.  Tampa Bay Lightning
19.  Columbus Blue Jackets
18.  Arizona Coyotes
17.  Winnipeg Jets
16.  New York Islanders
15.  Dallas Stars

And now it's time to unveil the teams I have ranked from 14th to 8th, starting with the Florida Panthers and their new uniforms at number 14.

14.  Florida Panthers
I like the overall idea of Florida's new jerseys, they're a more modern take on the classic chest stripe.  I also like the unique details like the crossed laces and the placement of the secondary logos.  Ranking these jerseys at number 14 doesn't really do it justice, I think they'll move even higher up the list once I get more used to them.

13.  Minnesota Wild
If I was just ranking home uniforms, the Wild would likely be in the bottom 10 of the league.  It's not an awful jersey, but I don't like the yoke outline or the lack of any hem stripes, and I prefer the Wild to wear green.  However, their road jersey is so good it rockets them back up to number 13.  I love the road jersey's striping pattern, I love the pop of colour from the red numbers, and I especially love that their awesome logo is front and center (without a roundel).  Honestly, it may be my favourite road jersey in the NHL.

12.  Washington Capitals
I'm guessing this ranking will be unpopular.  The Washington Capitals use a wordmark instead of their popular Weagle logo, and their jerseys feature unconventional elements like side panels and arm wings (I don't know what to call those).  It's not the normal recipe for success, but I think it works for the Capitals.  In my opinion, their jerseys are a rare example of a good modern template, and, while I prefer their Weagle logo, I think their wordmark is good too.

11.  Pittsburgh Penguins
The Penguins always seem to get the better of the Capitals in the playoffs, and the result is the same on this list, with the Penguins finishing one spot ahead of their rivals.  It's a good thing the Penguins switched jerseys over the summer, because their last set would have ranked in the bottom five of the league for sure.  These new uniforms are classic and they just feel right, but as I've said before I think they could be even better if they were slightly updated.

10.  Boston Bruins
According to me, the answer to the question "who's the better looking black and yellow team" is the Boston Bruins, but just barely.  Their yoke design and yellow home socks score big points for me, and I can't complain about their arm or hem stripes either.  Their spoked-B logo is also a plus, although I do prefer the 1949-95 version without so many outlines everywhere.  I'd also prefer if their numbers used a single outline instead of double outlines.

9.  New Jersey Devils
The New Jersey Devils haven't changed their look since 1992, and I hope they never do.  There's really nothing I dislike about their jerseys, the striping pattern looks good, their logo is one of my favourites, and their font is nice.  If I was being very picky I'd wish for a bit more red on their white jersey, but I still like that jersey the way it is now.

8.  Toronto Maple Leafs
When I first saw the Maple Leafs new jerseys, I was aghast at the mismatching hem and arm stripes.  Then I saw the whole uniform and realized the the hem stripes match the pant stripes.  After that I was less bothered by the mismatched jersey stripes, and now I like the jersey more and more every time I see them.  Also, their new logo is great and I'm a fan of their new number font as well.

So that's part three down, next week I'll finally reveal who in the NHL I think has the best set of home and road uniform.  In the meantime, if you have any feedback on the list so far, feel free to leave a comment.


Here are the final contest entries for the Calgary Flames ReDesign...

Justin N:

Patrick N:


Tyler M:

Good luck to all those who entered!


The voting phase of that Calgary Flames ReDesign will begin sometime in the next 24 hours (as soon as Ryan has time to post the polls).  The new COTW poll will be added at the same time.

COTW Oct 21-27 vote (ends Friday, Nov 4 @ noon Eastern)
Flames ReDesign vote (ends Friday, Nov 4 @ noon Eastern)


Auburn University, by Ben S:
We'll begin our world tour of concepts today in the NCAA with an Auburn University concept from Ben.  He gives the jerseys a classic striping pattern including a chest stripe, which I think looks great with their UA logo.  I also the helmet stripe (which I'd like to see an NHL team try one day), and the placement of the TV numbers on the shoulders.  The only issue I have with this concept is the outer outline on the back numbers, it should follow the angles of the numbers (like the orange outline) instead of being completely vertical.
Rating: 8/10

Vancouver Canucks, by DT Concepts:
Our next stop is in Vancouver for a much desired green Cancuks jersey.  I'd be so happy if the Canucks unveiled a green third jersey, they're my favourite team and green is my favourite colour.  This specific jersey from DT Concepts would be a good option, the striping pattern is very nice, I especially like the subtle use of silver.  Surprisingly I don't mind the silver number outlines either, they look a lot better than I'd expect (although I still think blue outlines would be best).  Last of all, I'm not a fan of the oddly shaped collar, but I do appreciate the attempt at something new.
Rating: 8/10

HC Sparta Praha and Färjestads BK (Spengler Cup), by Mike F:
We'll now follow Mike overseas for a couple of Spengler Cup concepts, starting with HC Sparta Praha.  I'm a big fan of the entire premise of this series, from the additional teams, to the outdoor games, and especially the vintage uniforms (thanks for the description by the way, it makes my job much easier).  The design of the jerseys is good too, I like the high chest with the arched wordmarks, as well as the unique placement of the sleeve stripes.
Keeping with Spengler Cup tradition, each team in this series uses the same template, and here we see how it would look in Färjestads BK's green and gold colour scheme.  All the positive points I mentioned above carry over for this concept.  I also just noticed the flags under the back collar and the team names on the sleeve, those are both great subtle details.  The only change I'd make is to go with green pants and gloves, the black equipment looks out of place to me.
Rating: 9/10

Mikkelin Jukurit, by Jake M:
Our globetrotting adventure ends in Finland with a Mikkelin Jukurit concept from Jake.  The striping pattern looks good and it uses the colour scheme quite nicely, I like how red and yellow are always kept together.  Although, I do think the white jersey would benefit from some more blue, either a blue hem to match the dark jersey or maybe blue numbers instead.  Speaking of the numbers, I'm a fan of the font, it's unique but still somewhat traditional as well.  Jake's execution and presentation are also top-notch.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!

October 27, 2016

Thursday: Red Out

Hello guys, welcome back!

I don't really have anything for the intro today, so let's just get right into it!

But first, take the extra time you have from a lack of a long intro to go vote. Only COTW this week so that won't take much time. And if you have even more time, why not go redesign the Flames and enter it into the comp.

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

Flames comp entries:

Ryan C.

Brooks F.


Ben S. - Alabama Frozen Tide
+The simple design used here fits the logo set well.
-I think the stripes are a little too thin though.
+Good font choice.
+The laces and shoulder stripe fit well with this design.
-The diagonal wordmark on the red jersey is a bit too low.
-I'm not usually a fan of helmet stripes, but it's not too bad here. Still think it would be better without. The side number is a neat idea too, I think that works better.
Overall: 8/10

Cole W. - Calgary Cowboys
+Pretty good design, accurate for the time period.
+I like the addition of gray, but...
-It meshes with the white on the red striping. Separate the two colors.
-The black also very slightly meshes with the red.
-I have a similar critique on the logo as yesterday, but I also like where you're going with it. I'm not sure the spur needs to be larger, but if you used a bold/black Helvetica for the C (just like the Flames), I think it'd be a big improvement.
-Bring back the change log too, I could barely tell the difference between this concept and yesterday's.
Overall: 8/10

John E. - Quebec Nordiques

If there's aren't the Nordiques I apologize, but there isn't any indication as to what the team actually is. Now here's the only jersey set we have today that isn't primarily red...
+I like the choice of color shades. Separates them from all the other red/white/blue teams.
-I think the lighter blue should be just a bit more lighter though.
+I really like that primary logo, and the secondary isn't bad either.
-I don't think the primary should really be a primary. It seems more suited for a shoulder patch.
+I like the modern direction this concept goes in, to separate them from the past Nordiques.
+The font works surprisingly well here.
-I think the yoke's shape conflicts with the striping's shape a just looks off.
+The pants fleur-de-lis is a nice look.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Mike F. - Team Canada

+This is sure an interesting look.
+The stripes look good. I like the upper arm stripe too.
+While I don't prefer the black I think the black equipment does give a nice break from the red on the red jersey.
-I like the idea behind the yoke, but I don't think it works. Move the bottom stripe down if not remove it. 
-After seeing some other concepts for this series, I'm not a fan of the templated design for every team. I'm not sure any jersey enthusiast really would be.
Overall: 7.5/10


And that's all the time we have today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week!

October 26, 2016

Wednesday: Black Bowtie Affair

So tonight the Islanders are doing something pretty cool. In addition to wearing their oh so beloved black alternate jerseys, they are giving away bow ties.

You read that right.


If anyone remembers Bill Torrey, the first general manager of the Islanders (and first for the Panthers too), he was more famous for wearing bow ties than Ken Rosenthal is now. A neat little item that I'll definitely wear to any sort of formal event.

Also for December 23rd, they are giving away a bobble head of someone not officially employed by the team for the first time in their history. The Karate Kid, posing with the Crane Kick (the leg bobbles too), Ralph Macchio, in full Islanders get-up, minus the helmet and plus the head band. Someone in their marketing department needs a raise.

Meanwhile at HJC, nobody is getting a raise. But despite that we are moving on along with our Flames Competition 2.0. With new readers and a bit of time passing by, we decided to redesign the Flames again. Here was my entry for the first comp:

What a mess. Just overall yuck. (Note to Ryan, this entry is not valid for the current competition, as it is neither a current entry, nor original design as of this posting).

However, I think these entries below are pretty, pretty, pretty good:

Adam L:

Phil B (HI GUYS!):

Glen W:

Official Reminders:

COTW Oct 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Calgary Flames ReDesign entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Cole W: Calgary Cowboys Concept

While a properly executed jersey design, and a decent design appropriate for the era listed on this concept, there's a bit of a problem that drags this concept down: the logo. There's a lot to be done here. While the spur is a nice touch, the font of the letter (and size of it compared to the spur) is boring. An italicized "C" that you can see with any Microsoft Office program. I need some more excitement and this "C" doesn't provide it. Maybe make it thicker? Make the spur larger?

Rating: 68%

Justin N: Syracuse Crunch (AHL) Concept

I get the idea of the "S" logo here, because it's the same "S" you see on the chest of Crunchman in the logo. It's not even close to their strongest logo. I've never understood why Syracuse uses orange in their color scheme, but I guess anything is better than whatever the previous logo was supposed to be. White jersey needs blue trim, because the colors are not balanced well. Blue jersey I've seen before, but I can understand using that as an alternate to connect to the parent club. Sock stripes are too high, because if they were made as is, the striping would be at knee-height instead of the middle of the shin.

Rating: 74%

Lucas D: Pittsburgh Penguins Concept

An interesting idea I've tried before is to create a Penguins jersey whose striping is diagonal to better fit the logo, as we see here. I'd love to see a yellow Penguins jersey, because yellow jerseys are awesome. However the outline on this logo may have to be just a tad thicker. Look at how the numbers stand out in comparison to the logo. The outline separates them enough to help stand out. YOWS is avoided here because this shade of yellow works well against white. Striping draws on the existing Penguins uniforms while giving this its own unique look. The yellow hem trim needs to go though, as it ruins the flow of the striping on the body of the jersey.

Rating: 79%

Mike F: HC Davos (Spengler Cup) Concept

I'm happy this jersey isn't littered with advertisements (although space is saved for them here) as we usually see with the Spengler Cup. This design is intended to create a vintage look for Davos, exclusively in blue and gold, and as Sweden proves that it works, Mike proves it once again with a slightly unusual pattern, though one you can see as a vintage look. Only thing I would suggest is adding two stripes to the pants. Love the nod to the tournament participants on one sleeve, with the logo on the other.

Rating: 86%

Ryan C: St. Louis Blues Concept

Ryan uses his favorite design element, the off-colored upper sleeve, to his advantage here as he continues that pattern to chest striping. And this is guaranteed to not work had you chosen the primary logo, so good choice with the roundel logo. The elimination of the lighter blue helps with this immensely, because it not only simplifies the color scheme, but note that it isn't used in that roundel logo at all. The numbers have a big enough outline to not blend in with the bottom stripe. YOWS is minimized through the shade of yellow used. I'd love to see how the equipment works with this jersey though.

Rating: 95%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is:



If you are reading this just as it comes out, I'll be on my way to Brooklyn if you want to meet up and talk about HJC. Usually I hang out around Section 117 during intermissions, but my seats are in 210 tonight. Just don't be that guy who wears a Rangers jersey, because you will be mocked and/or derided, and Islanders fans will make you regret that choice.

If you are reading this after the game, well just listen to the podcast if you want to hear my voice. If not then listen to it for the range of smart and stupid I exhibit while talking. Don't forget to vote, send in those Flames entries, as well as regular entries too (it gets boring to review only 4 or 5 concepts) and I'll see you next week.