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Saturday: Stuffing Cotton In Your Mouth Is Illegal!

The winner of the COTW-August vote was JJ!

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Once again another competition winner is going far in the Concept of the Year race. Well done JJ and we will see your concept again in about a month for the 3rd Quarter Vote.


The winner of the COTW vote for September 2-8 was Jake.

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There's no other way to put it. This was a blowout! We will see if the popularity of this concept holds up in the COTW-September vote at the end of the month.


The new COTW nominees for September 9-15 have been listed in the black poll on the side of the page. You'll need to be logged into a Google account to see the poll. Votes will stop being counted Friday at noon Eastern. You can see the nominated concepts on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab or by clicking the link in the poll.


All three entries are in for the World Cup Design Challenge. It was disappointing to see only three entries. I thought the contest was fun and simple. In the voting poll I've also given you guys a chance to let me know why this competition really didn't work. The poll closes at noon on Friday. Good luck to JJ, Andrew W., and William B.


Speaking of William B., he's back with HJC! William used to write for us and after an extended break I've invited him back into the fold to be HJC's first ever Social Media Admin. Now's the time to follow HJC on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. William is doing some neat things there including some logo comparisons, throwbacks to old posts, and more.

@HockeyJC on Twitter or Like the Hockey Jersey Concepts page on Facebook. There are also buttons near the top right of the page.


I won tickets to go see the US play the Czechs on Thursday at the World Cup. I don't really have a rooting interest in the game, but it will be fun to see some of the US players and I also expect the Czechs to be thoroughly manhandled in this tournament.


Here are the poll results from last week which asked what the most iconic international hockey moment is.


I think that how you answer this question typically is heavily influenced by where you are from (obviously) and how old you are. Younger fans may not care about Team Canada 1972, but totally understand how awesome Team Canada 2010 was. There's not such an age gap with Team USA 1980 and Team USA 1996, but age likely still factors into that choice too.

Photo: USAHockeyHallOfFame.com

This week's poll looks ahead to the 2016/17 season and which team will be the worst overall dressed team.


I was contacted by a team in the SPHL. This particular team is the only reptile themed team in the league from the state of Georgia. Their "Marketing & Fan Experience Manager" informed me that we have been illegally using their logo and that I have 30 days to remove the concepts and HJC was threatened with legal action. I immediately responded and asked this person to explain to me the team's contention with our readers creating jersey concepts on a "Just For Fun" blog? I never heard back from them.

Well done to this team that does not want to be named! I can totally see how this Just-For-Fun blog could really be damaging your brand. Free publicity must really be terrible, especially for a semi-pro team in the SPHL.

Going forward do not send in any concepts for this team. I don't want to post them, they don't deserve the attention, and they don't want us using their logo. Existing concepts for this team will be altered to remove any mention of the team name and logos.

I believe there is a chance that they really liked one of their concepts posted here on HJC. They may like it so much that they want to take that idea for themselves without giving credit or compensation. So if you have submitted a concept for this team keep an eye on them to see if your idea shows up over the next year and a half.

Good riddance to you SPHL team. There are lots of other teams much classier than you that understand what everyone is doing here and that no one has any intention of hurting any brand with their creativity.


COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
World Cup Design Challenge vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Saturday: Stuffing Cotton In Your Mouth Is Illegal! Reviewed by Ryan on September 17, 2016 Rating: 5


Phil Beck Designs said...

And with that, ALWAYS leave ID on your concepts. Can;t wait for them to steal a concept because of this now.

Steven Marculaitis said...

Should we send this post to other hockey teams and blogs?

Lucas D. said...

Ah, I see what you did there with the title. Good on you Ryan, situation handled swiftly and professionally.

Steven Marculaitis said...

Wait a second. Did they reveal their new uniforms yet?

Jared Wolf said...

Where was this thing you're talking about, Ryan?

Ben Shaffer said...

I'm definitely expecting them to steal a concept now. Why else would they care what's happening on an amateur blog?

winnipegjets96 said...

I can only hope this manager just didn't know what the site is about and we'll get a "sorry for the misunderstanding". But Quad City & Grand Rapids (teams above the SPHL) have approved enough of our blog to use us to host competitions for fan jersey designs in the past, and I'm certain more will in the future. As you said, at worst this is free publicity.

Steven Marculaitis said...

perfect idea: Do a jersey competition for the rival team and have them play that team with the winning jersey!

Tederifico said...

Wow, someone in the publicity department is 1) not smart 2) thin skinned 3 and combination of 1) and 2). Free publicity celebrating the sport they are selling in particular their team. You don't want to bring awareness in a positive light of their team to aficinados of the sport who, even amongst ardent fans, would otherwise NOT be aware of their club.

Of course the other side is clubs coming and ENGAGING people here in competitions to make their jerseys. Someone for said team should be fired.

Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Um, what about my concept for the competition?


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