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September 30, 2016

Friday: Exhibition Season

Hello folks!  The NHL's exhibition season has begun, which means we finally get to see brand new jerseys in game action.  I'll review later in the post how the Panthers, Penguins, and Maple Leafs new jerseys look on the ice, but first let's begin with some concepts.


Atlanta Thrashers, by Phil B:
Wednesday writer Phil starts us off with a new set of jerseys for the defunct Atlanta Thrashers.  My favourite part of this concept is the yoke, I love how the thick stripes on the end taper into thin yoke outlines, and I also like the use of their triangle pattern instead of shoulder logos.  I'm not a fan of the sleeve stripes though, as the design would form a deep valley where the bottom of the sleeves meet up, and I don't think that would look good.  I do like that Phil used all four of their colours prominently in the striping, but I don't like the yellow name and numbers on the road jersey, I think navy or maroon would work better.
Rating: 7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs, by Lucas D:
Lucas is up next up with De-Edge concepts for the two Canadian original six franchises, starting with the Leafs.  This concept combines the Leafs new logo, the hem and sleeve stripes from their 1967-70 set, and a yoke similar to that from their Ballard-era jerseys.  I think the combination of those three era's work quite well, but I'm not completely sold on this style yoke.  I like the uniqueness of stopping the yoke at the sleeve stripes, but it also looks a bit strange to me.
Rating: 8/10

Montreal Canadiens, by Lucas D:
For the Montreal Canadiens, Lucas took their famous horizontal chest stripe and transformed it into a sash stripe.  While I wouldn't actually want the Canadiens to use a sash full-time, I love it as a concept.  It's a unique design that also makes sense historically, since the Canadiens wore a sweater with a sash stripe in their pre-NHL days.  I also like that Lucas didn't perfectly match the striping patterns, each jersey looks better than it would using the other jerseys pattern.  I do have a few minor complaints though, the sleeve numbers are hard to read on the white jersey, the names are too close to the numbers, and I prefer their logo without the additional white outline.
Rating: 8/10

Team North America (Version 1), by Ryan H:
Unlike the 2014 Olympics, each team in the World Cup only had two jerseys.  For this concept, Ryan imagines what a third jersey for Team North America might have looked like.  As you can see orange is the main colour here, which I think makes the most sense for them.  Overall I like the striping pattern, it shares some similarities with their black jersey but it's new as well.  My only issue is the silver gets lost in sleeve stripes, I'd either remove it or re-work it so silver isn't surrounded by orange.
Rating: 8/10

Team North America (Version 2), by Ryan H:
Ryan also sent in a second version of his Team North America concept, with the only difference being orange and silver swapped for one another.  I know I just said an orange third jersey makes the most sense for Team North America, but I love the look of this silver jersey.  Unlike the silver accents on the orange jersey, the orange accents here really stand out, and I still like the rest of the striping pattern just as much as I did before.  I also think the logo looks better on a silver background.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


Here are the final entries for the Senators Redesign competition.  There are eight entries today alone, and I think around 20 total!  Good luck to everyone who entered.

Alan H:

Burkus Circus:

Glen W:

Noah B:

Patrick N:

Phil B:

Ryan C:

Zeke G:


Now let's take a look at some game photos of the new NHL jerseys that were unveiled over the summer (at least the jersey that have been worn so far).

Image from @FlaPanthers on Twitter
Since the Panthers made such a major change to their uniforms, I really wanted to see how they looked in action, and for the most part I'm quite pleased.  I like the overall look of their new uniforms, and I also like the details.  The more unique features; like the the captain's sleeve patch, the crossed laces, and shoulder numbers; all look just as good or better than I expected.  My one concern is with the cut off chest stripe, I've seen a few photos where it looks awkward, but it looks fine in the small amount of video I've seen.

Image from @Penguins on Twitter
It was a lot easier to picture what the Penguins new road jersey would look like on the ice, since they've worn this design in the past.  I actually saw one of their games on TV, and my first reaction upon seeing the jerseys was that it just feels right, these look like what the Penguins are supposed to wear.  They look very old school as well, which I don't necessarily think is a problem, but I still think these jerseys could have been improved with some slight modernizations.  I shouldn't be complaining at all though, because these jerseys look great.

Image from @MapleLeafs on Twitter
Last but not least, the new Maple Leaf jerseys have also seen game action.  I'm loving their new logo more and more every time I see it, and it looks especially good on the front of the jersey.  The simplicity of the rest of the jersey really allows the new logo to stand out.  I'm still not completely sold on the mismatching hem and arm stripes, but it's starting to grow on me a little bit.  The hem stripe kind of matches the pant stripe, so it doesn't look completely out of place.

What are your thoughts of these new jersey now that they've taken the ice?  Has your opinion changed at all since they were first unveiled?  Let us know in the comments.


There will be two votes this upcoming week.  The polls should be up later today, or tomorrow at the very latest.

COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday, Oct 7 @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign vote (ends Friday, Oct 7 @ noon Eastern)

September 29, 2016

Thursday: The Tradition

It's almost October, and almost time to begin my yearly tradition to celebrate the beginning of the NHL season.

It started in 8th grade. I think that started after I wore jerseys for a week straight, and then a conversation that went kind of like this:
"You know what you should do, you should just wear a jersey every single day"
"..alright sure!"
After that, I wore a different jersey from my collection to school every day, starting in mid or late October and ending after (American) Thanksgiving, because I had to end at some point.

The next year I decided to turn this thing into a yearly tradition, to celebrate the NHL season starting. Since it starts in October, naturally I do it during the month of October. Last year I even made a schedule as to when to wear a certain jersey and I will be again; I go all out with this thing. For those of you who don't know, I'm a senior in high school, so this will be my last time there, but I know I'll be continuing it when I go away to college and maybe even later.

To some degree, the reason I tell you this is so that way if you like the idea, join me! It's just another way to let the world know that we have a strange obsession with these things.


This week, we have the COTW vote like always, and a redesign competition for a team that really needs one. The Sens have some boring, templated jerseys, and no matter how many good concepts are made for them they just don't seem to get the idea. So let's see what you can come up with! Get your entries and votes in for tomorrow before it's too late.

COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)


Danny R.

Tomas V.
Domenic T.
Cole W.


Alan H. - Montreal Wanderers

+The new color scheme is a great look, and unique. If this was theoretically an NHL expansion concept, it would be important to differentiate from the Canadiens as well.
-The orange and gray bleed together a lot, keep them separated whenever possible.
+The logo is a great historical callback while adding something new.
-The primary has way too many outlines though. 
+The design overall has a traditional vibe while being very modern. The yoke stripes look great, and perfect typeface choice.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Lucas D. - Los Angeles Kings

+The historical callbacks on this one are a nice touch too.
+Good logo choice, and I think the font fits well too.
-Maybe this is fitting for a de-edge, but this design looks very dated, especially in the CCM cut. Something to give it a bit more of a modern look would help greatly.
-The colors look really bland too. A color change may also improve the dated look to the design.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas D. - San Jose Sharks

+Good use of that new logo, and good logo choice in general.
+Hem stripes. Something the Sharks need to learn.
+I'm all for the removal of orange on the Sharks' jerseys (not counting the eye).
+Nice, simple stripes.
-Make at least the top stripe bolder, if not all of them.
Overall: 8.5/10

Phil B. - New York Riveters

-Similar to what was mentioned a few days ago, add some more ID. At least you have the nameplate, but I wouldn't say that's enough.
+This design wouldn't work well for an NHL team especially because of the rivets in the stripes, but it works great for NWHL.
+The stripes really pop too.
+I really like the logo. A rivet inside a rivet along with the NYR. Great idea.
+Good color balance.
Overall: 8.5/10

Phil B. - San Jose Sharks

+Surprisingly I don't think I've seen many concepts like this for the Sharks. I think a modern direction would work much better for the Sharks than it would for other teams.
-Not a fan of the yoke stripes. They look out of place on a design like this.
+I do like the idea of a curved yoke like that.
+Good color balance on here. I like how the orange is used sparingly.
-I'm not saying that I personally care about this, but if this were to be an actual jersey, the Sharks would be called Pens or Ducks copycats most likely
Overall: 8/10


And that's the post. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week!

September 28, 2016

Wednesday: Sheer Brilliance

Today is a special day. Even more special than yesterday, because yesterday was my first trip to Madison Square Garden. Islanders had a split squad match-up with the Flyers and Rangers, both away, and while it would've been cheaper to drive down to Philly and go to that game, time would not allow it as I only got out of work at 5, plus New York traffic would mean that you got to Philly by the time the game ended. So I hopped on the train to MSG, and now I can add that to my NHL arena checklist.

Nassau Coliseum
Barclays Center
Wells Fargo Center
Prudential Center
Verizon Center

Next up is either TD Garden or PNC Arena, depending on what my friends decide to go with me to. Some are going to Chicago on a special "Expedition" but I can't afford to fly there just yet.

Also the score was 5-2 in favor of the bad guys but the score doesn't concern me as much as individual performances and the frustration of dealing with certain types of Rangers fans. I did end up sitting next to a Leafs and Flames fan, a couple who were vacationing down in the States and looking for some hockey to watch. So there is some truth to the stereotype of Canadians being friendly, "except when it comes to hockey rivalries", they said.

But anyway, as great as yesterday was, today is awesome because of HERE! I was fortunate enough to get an entire conceptual branding process for Las Vegas, on top of some fantastic Minnesota Wild concepts that I can say that there isn't a bad concept today and you guys will have a LOT to think about for nominating Concept of the Week from today's post.




A clean, yet modern look that fits with the NHL's current branding. However that branding may clash when it comes to this:


A modern logo for a game that may feature retro jerseys? I don't know about that one. Love how it fits the 100th anniversary logo, as well as the CN Tower nod for Toronto, but this logo is better for an outdoor game:

We modernize the Pittsburgh Winter Classic logo and add rivets to it, since Pittsburgh is the Steel City, and since this game will be at the home of the Steelers, it makes more sense as a modernized look.


We have a few entries today, I still need to come up with something but I don't know if I'll be able to get it done in time. Hopefully I do, hopefully you do too! Here are some people who DID do it in time.

Jared L:




Avi S: Las Vegas Knights Concept


So here's the beginning of a whole branding concept Avi brings us. Let's analyze the logos first. When I look at this the first thing I see is how the outline of the helmet is separated in two specific ways: Once in the front by the helmet's mouthpiece and once in the back. The significance of this is that it creates an L and a V in the design for Las Vegas. Well done with that. Avi shows you how the logo looks on black and white (silver outline is meh), and throws a sword behind it pointing to the bottom right of your screen, showing you how that looks on black white and gold (silver outline looks even more meh on the gold). Finally he shows off a shield logo with the letters LVK involved, first as a tertiary focus behind the main logo and the sword, then as a primary focus. Notice how there's no silver there within the shield, and it's kept solely to the outline of the shield. Another thing worth noting, especially for later, is the reverse stencil lettering. It's as if the stencil itself is the letter as opposed to what the stencil is supposed to help create.


Now we get to seethe logos in action. Simple. Traditional striping. Nothing crazy, but the STENICL IS BACK! Keeping with the theme of the alternate logo, we have stencil-type name and numbers. However with that stencil numbering we have an issue on the black jersey which is a bot of an interesting issue because it's in the NHL as well. Notice how on that black jersey we have a black number outline that is a different shade of black from the main jersey. Not cool, but not unseen in the league. Look at the details of the Islanders third jersey right now. Notice how the numbers contain an outline that is black, on top of a black jersey. You can see it best on the bottom of the 9 when you click on that link. The outline exists to protect the original jersey from counterfeiting, as all the counterfeit jerseys do NOT have that outline, on both the numbers and the logo itself. I have more of an issue with the silver striping on the white jersey. While I think it's cool that you have the same exact striping pattern on both jerseys (silver-black-gold-black-silver), the silver gets lost against the white. I'd rather have a pattern that mirrors the yoke a bit better, like a black-gold-black-gold-black pattern of the same thickness as the striping you use here.

The Knights Who Say "NI!" say: 94%

Lucas D: Minnesota Wild De-Edge Concept

Back to our regularly scheduled concepts. A common theme when it comes to the Minnesota Wild is to eliminate all traces of white on the dark jersey, outside of the shooting star in the logo. The pattern on the white jersey is a nice inclusion of the vintage white as a trim. Carry it over with no white and you have green filling its place to separate the upper shoulder and the red stripe. Personally I have never been a fan of separating a dark stripe from a lighter area with a dark color such as the red and green here, but it's the only way to get these two to match without having a vintage white and white clash-fest. Unless you keep the arms the same for both jerseys?

Wild Thing: 85%

Lucas D: Minnesota Wild Alternate Concept

And the Edge is back here as we take the current alternate and alter it. The yoke is gone. The striping patter is turned upside down. The script is replaced by this thing of beauty. The trees forming an M. The wings forming a W (logo credited properly). The sublimated tree pattern in the striping. No red necessary. The tree in the Alternate Captain's patch. The sublimated tree pattern on the inside of the collar. 

Sheer Brilliance: 100%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is: 



That does it for this week. One more post between today and the start of the NHL season (well two posts if you count the 2 1/2 hours between the post going live and puck drop on October 13th). So far we only have questions from Burkus Circus. And they will be answered, but we want MORE! From Everyone! Send in smart questions, send in stupid questions, I don't care, because some of us are going to be drunk and it's going to be funny. Don't be surprised if we are laughing over absolutely nothing.

See you next week!

September 27, 2016

Ain't no 'back like a Throwback

Welcome to this Tuesday's HJC post! There's not much in hockey news, other than Team Europe upsetting Sweden the other night in OT! Pretty interesting to see Team Europe vs. Canada for the Final! 

Not much for jersey news either, but there is a few new changes.
First, the Flames announced their throwbacks as permanent alts. 

As much as I like these throwbacks, I'm still a little disappointed that the current...errr... now old alts are gone. I really enjoyed that wordmark and western font. But still, these look a whole HECK of a lot better than their current jerseys. 

And secondly, the Red Wings will add a Patch to their jerseys to honor the late Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. These small patches will be worn all year.
So that's it for news! Moving on!

We also have a Senators redesign contest going on!
Here are some of the entries!
Avi S. 

Anthony G.
Don't forget to get your entries in by Friday!

Also don't forget to VOTE!!! 

COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

On to the concepts!!

Vaughn R.- ECHL Heritage Classic (Tulsa Oilers vs. Norfolk Admirals)

Vaughn here does an Under Armour design for an ECHL Heritage Classic.
  • I like the pattern on the Ads jersey, and love the throwback colors!!! 
  • The sleeve-length yoke and blue middle section looks cool
  • The Ads number font really works with this jersey.
  • There's a lot of execution errors...
    • TV Numbers on all both jerseys are a little small
    • Numbers on the back of the Tulsa jersey are a little off centered and a little high
    • The team affiliate patches are very oddly and inconsistently placed between both jersey
  • I don't really think the half and half breezers for Tulsa works, maybe all blue to balance the yoke and tail stripe
  • Your presentation of everything is very cluttered... The equipment, logos, and even the jerseys are in different locations and are all different sizes. Just try working on cleaning up the presentation for your next concepts. This won't take away anything but it's just something to think about
My rating- I don't really see the throwback or fauxback elements of these jerseys, but they're still very good jerseys! 6.5/10

Lucas D.- Calgary Flames De-Edge (NHL)
Lucas adds the Flames to his list of De-Edged NHL teams.
  • Love the colors. Keeping black was a good choice. 
  • Love the N&#OB (Name and Number on back) font used here. 
  • Minor detail, but I love the black collar on the white jersey. 
  • Sleeve length yoke was a good choice in combining the different eras of the Flames. 
  • The NOB in black with white outlining was a problem for Flames fans in reading it, and so they reversed it. To hold the concept to a realistic standard, these should probably be reversed.
  • The sleeve numbers also are a little squished on the yoke
  • Would also like to see tiedowns, but that's just me... (No points deducted for this, it's just my opinion!)
My rating: A wonderful de-edgeification for the Flames! 8/10 And my NOMINEE FOR COTW!!!

Vaughn R.- WHL Heritage Classic (Edmonton Oil Kings vs. Brandon Wheat Kings) 

Vaughn's second concept of the day is another concept for another Heritage Classic, but this time in the WHL. 
  • Throwback feel is much better than the last set.
  • The Oil Kings set has a very Whalers-esc look. 
  • Equipment looks good
  • No execution errors
  • The jersey based off of the Clubs is very interesting for a team based in Brandon, but Winnipeg is pretty far away for Brandon to consider it part of the hockey history there.
  • Again, your presentation is very cluttered...
My Rating: Definitely a better fit for a Heritage Classic, but could still use some work. 6.5/10

Patrick N.- U.S. Air Force Academy; Legacy Series-(NCAA)

    Patrick creates a jersey for the USAFA NCAA team based off of old-school planes. These ones are based off of the Vietnam War F-4 Phantom II's.
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bomber face helmet. Wonderful touch there!
    • Good logo choice 
    • Badges and the Flag is a great idea!
    • Gives off a clean yet still Military-esc feel
    • I had to look up some images of these planes, and they didn't really have yellow, so I'm not sure where that came from... 
    • N&#OB are a little small and the TV#s are also way to small
    My rating: Very good military concept! 7/10

    Phil B.- New York Rangers (NHL)
    Phil B. goes for an absolute shake up of the Rangers, and gives them and very futuristic look.
    • Love the use of the current font, Drop shadow and all
    • Interesting idea of breaking the Rangers Tradition of Wordmarks, but the logo really works well with the striping pattern.
    • Would have liked to see the Arched nameplate still be present. 
    • The Breezers should also match the new striping pattern.
    My Rating: An absolutely wacky concept for the Rangers that somehow, works! 7.5/10

    Well that's all for today folks! See ya next time, and don't forget to vote!

    September 26, 2016

    Monday: Ice...Cold....Concepts.....

    Welcome to another Monday post here at HJC! The title is in reference to one of the old beer jockeys at Rogers Centre....only instead of brews, I give you hockey concepts, free of charge!

    Jersey News:

    In Swift Current we got a taste of the Bronco's 50th anniversary jerseys, based on what the team wore as the Lethbridge Broncos before moving back to Swift Current in 1986 after leaving in 1974.

    Photo from @SCbroncos

    Now while the Broncos could never full time bring this colour scheme back because it's too similar to the Prince Albert Raiders...I love these jerseys. The original jerseys didn't feature the black but like in most cases, adding black to this colour scheme works well. The yellow numbers work nicely against the black gear and yoke. I'd make this a full time alternate any day of the week. It's a good fauxback and goes well against their standard classic set.

    Rating: 9/10

    In Charlottetown, PEI, the Islanders have changed their home and road a little, revolutionizing jerseys as we know it by adding a logo on the front of their jerseys.

    Photo from @IslandersHKY

    Charlottetown has worn the Preds template after dumping the Sens/Lightning/Pens one with the rebrand and I think it works pretty well, keeps the team from being a Pens rip off, but my biggest problem with the Islanders in their 3 seasons not as the Rockets is opting for a very plain Rangers diagonal script instead of a real logo...and considering their logo is one of the best in the QMJHL, it's a shame. Now that problem is fixed the the gorgeous logo is out in front for all to see. We also get a beautiful shoulder patch that says Charlottetown PEI with and outline of the island and a crown underneath with hockey sticks crossed. Honestly this is what we should have had since day one. The vegas gold alternate remains and I'm unsure if the white jersey will use the logo but I'm 99% sure it will (why wouldn't they match, this isn't Minnesota?).

    Rating: 8.5/10 (Go Mooseheads)

    Photo from
    The Binghamton Senators (see I can spell it right) are relocating to Belleville, Ontario. They will be known as the Belleville Senators likely because the OHL Bulldogs still own the rights to the name. There could be a purchase of the rights soon...but it's nice to get another Canadian AHL team (Laval/St.John's, Toronto, Manitoba, Belleville). Don't worry, Binghamton faithful, the Senators are working hard to ensure you keep an AHL franchise. I think we'll likely see Albany, Springfield or Bridgeport relocate, maybe even Hartford under the right conditions. Look forward to the Belle-Sens concepts!

    What do you think happens to the Binghamton ___________? What would be ideal for you? Why not send in some concepts of your ideas while you're at it?!

    Let's check out some of the Ottawa Senators Redesign Entries that have come in since last post:

    Lucas D.

    Justin N.

    Spencer R.

    Brooks F.

    Spencer BR.

    Great stuff! Entries are due this Friday at Noon EST

    Don't forget to vote for COTW!

    COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
    Ottawa Senators ReDesign entries (due by Friday @ noon Eastern)

    As mentioned last post there will be a Start of the Season podcast amongst writers/social media handlers. Submit your questions as questions to the posts leading up to the podcast. The more questions, the better!

    On with today's concepts!


    AHL Heritage Classic Concept (By: Vaughn R.)

    + Right away I like the idea, and while Bakersfield is nowhere near Canada, they're still the Oilers AHL and I like the eras Vaughn has chose to replicate
    + The Moose jersey is exactly as Vaughn says, a mix of the original AHL jerseys and the ones from the Corey Schneider years. It's a good mix and the colours are nicely laid out
    + The striping on the Condors jersey is nice, good mix of colours
    + Good execution

    - Presentation is a little cluttered
    - The logo on the Condors jersey is much too larges and I would have made the oil drop white to match the numbers
    - Captains A is a little too small on the Condors jersey
    - NOB on the Moose jersey is too high

    Rating: 7/10

    Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

    + Taking inspiration form the 1992 jersey and the pre-edge alternate is a good mix
    + Side logo is always nice to see
    + While some may prefer the Sens in red, I think a black/gold mix works well
    + Good execution

    - The O logo doesn't really work into the set, the Peace Tower logo would work better
    - Kind of disappointed by standard boring block numbers, the rounded numbers look better
    - The white jersey needs a little more black on it, a stripe on top of the old one would fix that

    Rating: 8.5/10

    United States Air Force Academy Falcons Concept (By: Patrick N.)

    + Looking at the plane Patrick based his concept on, he's done a good job transferring the layout of colours on a plane, to a jersey. I dig the greyscale
    + The helmet is amazing, enough said
    + The jersey itself reminds me a lot of a flight suit and having the US flag, airforce logo and very simple typeface, you get the military vibe without it being in your face
    + Good execution

    - The plane itself seems to have to yellow on it seems, adding that yellow to the stripes would be interesting to see that added there and around the script
    - A hem stripe would do wonders for this jersey

    Rating: 8.5/10

    New York Islanders Concept (By: Phil B.)

    + After nearly half a decade of black jerseys with the Islanders, we have a whiteout....this is awesome honestly, I love the idea (despite it being Winnipeg's idea IN THE FIRST PLACE)
    + The striping pattern with the 4 orange stripes in the arms and numbers look awesome!
    + Brooklyn tab on the hem stripe looks excellent
    + Surprisingly, I like the Islanders classic logo in monochrome

    - Phil....ID your concepts!
    - It would be interesting to see the NY logo in black, which would add some colour to the front of the jersey, maybe add some blue too
    - NOB is slightly too small

    Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

    Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

    + The colour lay out is a good mix of the pre-edge, Orr era and current jerseys
    + Striping is simple, but it works
    + Great colour balancing, something Boston has had trouble with at points in its history (Neely era)
    + Good execution

    - The shoulder patches would work better, and call me crazy, if they were arm logos and you had shoulder numbers. I could be wrong but it's work a try
    - NOB is too small and thin, an outline would fix that