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Wednesday: Henke With the Save

Don't get the title? It's a 1992 Toronto Blue Jays reference. The reason for the title is that I had to jump in to save this post. I being Ryan.

COTW July 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
365 Club entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

Gatineau Olympiques (Brooks F.)

+ Love the sash
+ Great use of colours on home and away
+ Nice contrast with lack of colours on alternate

- Weak shoulder patch
- Not digging the Olympic rings on the back hem

(8.75 / 10)

Los Angeles Kings (Jimmy T.)

+ This logo looks good in purple, but only on the white jersey in my opinion
+ I like the LA as a shoulder patch

- Not overly original
- My advice would be to change something about the logo or the stripes. Give us something we haven't seen before

(7 / 10)

Washington Capitals (Ryan C.)

+ I like how the square yokes work with the Adidas collar and the W shoulder patch
+ I'm a sucker for the classic or simple arm stripes
+ I think the blue side panels work on the white jersey

- I don't think the white side panels work on the red jersey
- This font doesn't work for me with the block style W in the logos
- I think the primary logo is too busy. I would have just gone with the eagle or the W. Probably just the eagle because the W is already on the shoulders

(7.5 / 10)

Washington Capitals (Ryan C.)

+ I like how the logo is simpler compared to the red and blue concepts we saw previously
+ I like the block font versus the font used for the numbers on the other concepts

- Pluses and minuses are mostly the same as the last set of concepts by Ryan C.

(7.7 / 10)

Vancouver Canucks (Zeke G.)

+ Soooo many people would love to see these colours and the Millionaires logo used as a 3rd or 4th jersey by the Canucks, so good choice here as an alternate
+ I like that you did something new with the three stripes on the arms versus what we saw at the Heritage Classic

- Perhaps a nod to the current Canucks logo set on the helmet would be a good tie-in
- White or vintage white pants have yet to work nicely in the Reebok (soon to be Adidas) era

(8 / 10)

Now we need you guys.
Leave your COTW nomination BUT also tell us which concept you liked the least and why. Make sure you tell us why or else you're just being mean. Perhaps someone who is on the fence about submitting concepts to HJC is reading this post. Lets show them what this community can do and what a positive environment this can be.

Terminator, out!
Wednesday: Henke With the Save Reviewed by Phil Beck Designs on August 03, 2016 Rating: 5

1 comment:

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll throw Zeke G. a COTW nom, I'd be interested to see that high of arm striping on a jersey

The concept i liked least in this post is sadly Jimmy T's Kings jersey. I love the idea of the colour scheme and the recoloured chevron logo, but Ryan said it perfectly it needs something to be more original. Adding some black or black gear would help that a lot, but it's a good idea

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