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Thursday: Another Outsider's Perspecitve - Post Expansion Pt. 1

Hey guys, guess what's back!

...oh yeah the post title probably gave that one away huh...should have thought that one through...

Well, let's just get on with it!

This week we have some more defunct teams up for review, all of these coming from the '67 expansion or later. 

California/Oakland/California Golden Seals
"I’m just going to start off by saying… None of these logos depict a seal. Some of my first guesses include a bee, fish, or a cobra with no tail… but definitely not a seal. The first logo to the left contains way too many strokes and no sense of hierarchy; it just basically looks like an equal mash of lines and shapes. The second and centre logo is an improvement, but still doesn’t look like a seal. The final logo confusingly ditches the blue colour and focuses on the green and yellow… which helps the logo not seem as busy. However, the line work is sloppier, unequal, and still does not depict a seal."

Atlanta Flames

"The Flames logo has to be my favourite logo from this week’s set. In the most simple way, the letter depicts not only the city’s name, but also incorporates imagery of the team within the actual letter. Additionally, the counter (enclosed hole) of the letter ‘A’ is uniquely created using the flame imagery. Overall, the logo does not over-incorporate elements, but simply uses two main aspects and combines them in the straightforward and suitable way possible. "

California Golden Seals
"This logo has a questionable choice of colours. These colours are not quite complementary and compete with each other, not to mention being extremely vibrant. The curves on some letters, especially on the edges, could be cleaned up. This can be seen in the letter ‘e’ and how the edge around the eye (closed section of the letter) kinks. Aside from generally cleaning up some curves, the letters could be kerned and spaced out better."

Kansas City Scouts

"The Scouts use a simple primary colour scheme of blue, red, and yellow. Uniquely, this logo uses a threshold effect on the main imagery, a photograph, which not a lot of teams use due to the overall image not being recognizable enough or easy to remember. Despite it being a photo as opposed to a simplified vector, I’m still having trouble identifying the figure and what the animal is (which can be argued)."
Note: I showed her what it actually is. She sees it now. To somewhat echo her, this logo has always, and still does, kind of look like the Statue of Liberty to me, in a way.

Cleveland Barons

"The Barons logo, compared to the rest, gives off a more rustic feel, which is suitable for the team’s name. The incorporation of the state’s shape within the counter (empty area in the centre) of the letter ‘C’ is a safe way to rid of any unwanted negative space. One main concern is the legibility of the letters, considering how compressed and close to each other they are. On the same topic, the letter ‘C’ that surrounds the state can be refined around the edges."

Colorado Rockies

"This is another logo that uses a classic yet safe case of the primary colours. One aspect that I like about this logo is the use of hierarchy in regards to colours. The ‘heaviest’ colour, blue, takes up the most space in the entire logo, followed by red. Yellow is used scarcely, which is good considering that if the colour was used a lot more, it would become distracting. The logo contrasts between sharp, hard edge lines of the mountain and curves from the circular elements in the centre. One aspect that could improve this logo is keeping the white strokes/spaces consistent. For example, the space around the letter ‘C’ can have the same stroke width as the white stroke around the mountain."

Minnesota North Stars

"The North Stars exceptionally play on their team name using their logo. The letter points in the north direction towards a star… it can’t get any simpler than that. One unique aspect about this logo is the use of dimension, which definitely adds to the visual component. Also, the inverting of colours on the star is a nice touch and makes it appear that the star is glowing. The black stroke is in the star too, as opposed to it being outlined around the letter, which does add to the effect of glowing."


In the voting department not too much has changed since last week, but there are also two less votes to worry about so this week is a bit easier. The COTW vote is still here, like always. The International Outdoor Comp. is nearing its end, as are the writer applications. At the end of last week we didn't have many of those, hopefully you guys were just preparing some great ones.

COTW Aug 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Competition (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC Writer applications (due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Lucas D. - Ottawa Senators
+I like the infusion of gold back into the jerseys and the laurel pattern coming back.
-I think the home jersey could use some more red though. The pants balance the black at least.
-The laurel pattern on every stripe may be a bit much.
-Both jerseys could benefit from a yoke and/or shoulder patch.
-The logo’s perspective is off. It looks like it’s coming out towards me from a side view. Same with the C patch. It should match the perspective of the jersey better.
-The pants could use to have a stripe, they look pretty plain as it is.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas D. - Toronto Arenas
+The striping pattern on this one, while being only one color, is a lot more visually appealing than the last. The contrasting arms make sure the jersey doesn’t look too plain.
-I like the idea behind the logo, but it’s just missing something to me. It also shouldn’t be flipped on the other jersey, it should remain the same for them both.
-The same logo execution issue as the Sens jersey applies here.
+The plain pants work a lot better here too.
+Good choice keeping only the T for the pants logo.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan C. - Carolina Hurricanes
+I’d say they look a bit more unique than their current designs, while keeping those in mind.
-Not a huge fan of the mismatching hem and arms, but they do at least match in one aspect.
-The thin black stripes get slightly lost on the red.
-I think the collar would look better if it was all one color.
+I really like that typeface.
+Good color balance on the set.
Overall: 8/10

Vaughn R. - Edmonton Oil Kings
+With a color scheme like this it could easily become too much. This one is kept at bay.
+Striping looks good.
-The red gets lost in the blue a bit though, and I think the blue jersey could use some more white.
~Green is a strange choice here…but considering how little it’s used I’m not sure I’d say it’s bad. Care to explain why, though?
-Regardless, the logo gets a bit lost on the blue jersey.
-Stitching should stop at the hem stripes.
-The typeface isn’t bad, but I think it could be better.
Overall: 7.5/10

Steven G. - Los Angeles Kings
Since these are really two different concepts…let’s review it that way.

New Look:
+Love the purple/forum blue. Really wish they’d bring that back.
+I like the historical callback in the striping. The mismatching hem works here, especially since it’s still very similar to the arm striping.
+Yoke on the road jersey looks great.
+Love the typeface and the logo used.
-The logo is a bit busy though.
Overall: 9.5/10

Ideal Look:
+Keeping the grayscale colors is probably a good move, as it’s reminiscent of the Gretzky era and the cup wins.
+I really like how you were able to combine their (full arm yoke) jerseys along with their current ones, and still have it look fresh.
+Good logo choice. Even though it’s a bit busy, it’s a lot better than the same thing being smaller inside a shield.
-I think a different typeface would look better, but this one isn’t bad.
-The logo on the black jersey could use a white outline.
Overall: 9/10

Both of these get my COTW nomination since they were sent together as one concept. But if I can only nominate one, I’ll nominate the new look.


And that's all for this week! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week.
Thursday: Another Outsider's Perspecitve - Post Expansion Pt. 1 Reviewed by Brendan Poe on August 18, 2016 Rating: 5


Burkus Circus Concepts said...

Not only is the concept flow slow, so is the comments. Let's discuss stuff...
Montreal's away jersey is the most overratted jersey in hockey.


winnipegjets96 said...

I think the red jersey is more overrated imo, don't get me wrong it's classic as all hell and I love it, but I've always preferred the subtlety of the white jersey. I do see why people don't like the arms but my problem with the red jersey is that it should be updated at some point. Minor updates at that, but people are unwilling to make changes to it at least make a new jersey as an alternate that isn't a throwback.

Vaughn Roberts said...

I used the green since its on the gems of the actual logo.

Caz said...

I like Montreal's current set. The small details like the "LNH" shield and the bronze eyelets get me everytime. Also, counterfeiters haven't picked up on the LNH thing, so Montreal WC counterfeits are easy to spot. You have to get the white jersey with name/numbers for the colors to balance, but I think it's a timeless look. It hasn't bent to trends. The jersey itself is a confident statement in the permanence of the team's identity.

Lucas D. said...

I agree about the comment section, @Burkus. I'll add some context to my Sens concept... I'm in the midst of trying out a new template, and I spot an old Stadium Series concept I made in the past, liked the striping pattern, and thought it would make a great primary. I had trouble making a light version, but then I took a look at the logo and emulated it onto the striping, outlines and all.

That being said, both of Steven's concepts are incredible. His ideal drastically improved on LA's current set while drawing from the past, and his new look doesn't shy away from their original owner's regal vision of the team, and comes up with something nothing short of spectacular. I'll second it for COTW.

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