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Friday: Heritage Jets

Hello folks!  Just a few hours ago the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their Heritage Classic jersey, let's take a look at it...

Image from @NHL on Twitter
It looks good doesn't it!  It's also white.  I was expecting to see the blue version of this jersey, but I like that they went with white.  The jersey is a true throwback (not a fauxback) to the sweaters worn by the WHA's Winnipeg Jets, specifically the version from their Avco Cup winning 1977-78 season (according to the information on WHAUniforms.com).  The Jets will wear red pants with these jerseys, there's many great photos of those pants and the whole uniform in this photo gallery on the Jets website, go check it out.

Image from @NHL on Twitter
Meanwhile the Oilers will wear their alternate jerseys from last season.  I was initially disappointed since we don't get to see a new jersey, but I think this was the right decision.  First of all the game will look great with the orange versus white matchup, and it also saves the white version of this Oilers jersey for the future in case the they get to host another Heritage Classic game in Edmonton.

Images from NHLUniforms.com
For the Alumni Game the teams will wear the jerseys 1980 throwback jerseys (pictured above).  I don't know if they'll be in the edge cut or not, the Jets Alumni jersey worn on the stage was in the old CCM cut, while the Oilers jersey was just their current home jersey.

What are you thoughts on these jersey?  Personally, I like them all.


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Here are the last 365 Club contest entries to come in...

by Alan H:

by Danny R:

by Matt G:


Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, by Jared L:
We begin in the KHL with a Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod concept from Jared.  The overall design is very unique with the red upper chest area, I think it looks very nice.  I also like the unique details like the half-and-half collar, and the Russian name and captain's patch.  There are a few execution errors though, the sleeve numbers read 44 instead of four, and the back number is off center.  Also in a couple of places the stripes go outside of the template lines.  That being said, Jared has improved tremendously since he first started making concepts, which is great to see.
Rating: 7/10

Atlanta Thrashers, by Alan H:
Before the 365 Club contest, our last non HJC Open competition was the Thrashers Redesign (which seems like forever ago).  This is close to Alan's entry, it's the same general idea just with a few tweaks.  I think the design is okay, it's basically their original jerseys with a standard full-length yoke and the hem stripes added to the sleeves.  The problem with making it so similar to their original jersey is that I end up comparing the two, and I don't think that comparison is particularly kind to this concept.
Rating: 8/10

Buffalo Sabres, by Steven G (me):
This next concept was made by me.  It's a double concept, part of my NHL Double Series.  For the concept on the left I was trying to see if their B/Sword logo could work as the primary.  The other concept is my ideal Sabres set, which is pretty much just their original jerseys (with the road jerseys hem stripe now matching the sleeve stripes).
Rating: ?/10

Florida Panthers, by Zeke G:
Eventually the Panthers will have a blue third jersey using this logo (I'm guessing/hoping), maybe it will look something like this concept from Zeke.  I love the striping pattern, especially the angled sleeve stripes.  It's a great design because it both honours the Panthers original jerseys, while also fitting in with their current brand.  The only design change I'd suggest is to use their current font.  Execution wise there are a few issues, the logo and numbers are too big, the back numbers are too low, and there's a smudge behind the top of the logo.
Rating: 8/10

Florida Panthers, by Brooks F:
Brooks also sent in a Panthers concept, but his is a new set of home and road jerseys.  The striping pattern inspired by the original jerseys look great, and it's different enough from those jerseys that it also feels fresh and new.  I especially like the triple outlines on the yokes, you don't see yokes with that many outlines very often these days.  There's nothing wrong with this concept, but I wouldn't want these to be the Panthers full time jersey because I prefer them in red (these would be great as alternates though).
Rating: 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning, by Lucas D:
Lucas has been swapping the identities of NHL teams for his latest concept series.  Here he recreates the Lightning in the style of the New Jersey Devils.  The logo is great, both in the context of this series and on it's own (with a few tweaks this would be a great alternate logo for the Bolts).  The only tweak I'd suggest for this purpose would be to make the top bar of the T slightly thinner.  Execution of the jerseys is good, but the yoke outlines should continue all the way to the collar.
Rating: 8/10

New York Rangers, by Matt G:
A few weeks ago, Phil (the Wednesday writer) challenged someone to make a Rangers concept with their primary logo on the front.  Based of off this concept I don't think that was a difficult challenge, because the logo looks good here.  The slight changes Matt made to the striping of the home and road look decent as well.  The third jersey is the star of this set, using the design from their logo for the entire front panel is very unique.  I'm just not a fan of where that design stops on the bottom, it creates an awkward gap between above the hem stripe.
Rating: 8/10 and my COTW nomination because of that unique third jersey!


See you later!
Friday: Heritage Jets Reviewed by Steven Grant on August 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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I'll 2nd Matt G

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