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August 31, 2016

Wednesday: The Return of the Blogger

A long time ago, in a galaxy closer than you think...


It is a rebirth of a blog, shuttered by malicious computer activity. With this activity, a new computer was brought forth in an attempt to save the blog from permanent disaster. This blog was known as The computer brought life, energy and concepts to the Internet, as well as entertainment for readers before the malice. With this computer, mindless top 10 lists like last week's list were never to be the focus of a post ever again.


We have three things going on right now, in addition to our return to normalcy. Normal COTW vote is back. Normal Competition voting is back (International Outdoor Classic Comp). We have the COTW Competition to make up for the lack of a COTW vote from this past week.


COTW Aug 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Classic Top 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Challenge entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)


Lucas D: Carolina Hurricanes Concept

Brooks F: Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Concept

Burkus Circus: Philadelphia Flyers Concept

Ryan C: Las Vegas Knights Concept

Taylor R: Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) Concept

Phil B: New York Rangers Concept


Alan H: San Jose Sharks Concept

Alan merges together two eras of the Sharks here. The pre-Edge alternate takes on a new look as an Edge-cut, but with all other pre-edge template lines intact. This is slightly more than an Edge-ification of a concept, as he adds current logos and color for under the sleeve striping. Quality looking set, but with the helmet logo and shoulder logo you have two shades of black, so watch that.


Alan H: San Jose Sharks Alternate Concept

Ever wonder what a grey version of their pre-Edge jersey would look like? Well wonder no more because this is it, albeit with modern logos. The template makes the side panels look more of a darker grey than a black, so while it should be solid black, I won't hold that against you. That also explains the black arch on the back and not on the front. Your main set is better though. Same notes about the shades of black.


Burkus Circus: San Jose Sharks Hand-Drawn Concept

So I think I now know why there's no google account yet for Burkus Circus. But anyway, I'm happy that this hand drawn concept has templates, logos and numbers printed out before color was placed in here by hand. I'll judge your handiwork separate from the computer work. The teal's look like they are two different shades between the logo and numbers on the away jersey. Also the numbers look a little large. placement looks good between the logo and the template. In terms of hand drawings, What I will recommend is using a ruler. A ruler will help you create straighter lines for the stripes. I won't mention anything about template lines in relation to striping because it's virtually impossible to remove those by hand. The shade of teal used is much brighter than the logo's shade of teal, not sure what resources you have available to match the shades using crayons. Not bad for hand-drawn at all.


Chris W: Walther Christian Academy Broncos (SCC- Chicago Suburbs) Concept

I did a little bit of research about this team, and while the logo is a Denver Broncos recoloring, it's better than what I found on the site. There's no need for grey in this, and your design is exactly why. The striping is simple, yet unique. The alternate is beautiful, a nice old-school (no pun intended) look. Stunning, well executed and beautiful presentation. I've never been a fan of green (or red for that matter) as the spacing between stripes. I think it looks better as two bordering stripes.


Matt Mc: San Jose Sharks Concept

Seems like everyone is trying out concepts with that new logo set that was unveiled a few weeks ago. I don't blame them, it's a quality logo. Interesting to use orange in branding of the jersey but not at all elsewhere. Quality jersey but it doesn't stand out enough for me. That captain's patch is a diamond... why?


Zach R: Grand Rapids Griffins (AHL) Concept

Overall a simple jersey, basic design that fits their new darker color scheme. I like the lack of white here. But the real concept is the logo. It's a basic G with wings on both sides, as a nod to both the Red Wings and a griffin actually having wings, perfect branding for a minor league team, mind you. That G doesn't look like its in a font that demands respect as a quality logo, but the wings lift it up (pun sort-of/not really/totally intended). I just wish there was a thicker red and grey outline. It would make the jersey look that much better in terms of balancing along with the striping.


Zeke G: San Jose Sharks Concept

Remember what I said about the Sharks concept overload? Well here's another one with the new logo set. From a distance, it's almost impossible to see the grey used in the striping and trim of the teal jersey. White and light grey together is a no-no. I also think a black or teal collar for that jersey works better than white, because with that modern logo and the teal the Sharks use, it doesn't fit the vintage/classic look a white collar brings along with laces. Same for the black. Execution note: Since the backs of the jerseys are smaller than the front views, the shoulder logos also have to be resized properly, and they're too big on the back.


The winner of my Concept of the Week nomination is:



It's good to be back. BPoe will probably agree with me tomorrow. See you next week for my last post before my trip to Orlando, Florida!

OH AND ONE MORE THING! NEW WRITER ALERT!! Because we all saw the last concept post from Caz who is stepping down. Steven M will be there on Sundays for you, so find out in 6 days who our new writer is!

August 29, 2016

Monday: Here's the Deal...

Hey, Ryan here.

HJC will be back with regular concept posts beginning on Wednesday, August 31 at 4:30pm Eastern.

Concept of the Week
  • If any concepts are nominated and seconded for COTW on Wednesday and Thursday, they will be joined by the concepts nominated on Friday, August 19 and Sunday, August 21. They will comprise the August 26 - September 1 COTW vote
  • The winner of the COTW Challenge will take the COTW spot for the week of August 19-25.

Going back a while, Brooks F. won the COTW vote for August 5-11.

Full Results


The last Saturday post that I completed I ran a poll asking what your favourite Winter Classic logo was to date. The winner was the 2015 logo.


I was surprised! I was not expecting this logo to win. My personal favs are the 2010 and 2009 logos.


This week's poll asks which 2017 Winter Classic sweater are you most looking forward to? The results will be revealed on Saturday's post.

My work is getting much busier now, so I don't have time to take down the polls at noon every Friday. People will be able to place votes, but they won't be counted.


COTW Aug 12-18 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
International Outdoor Classic Top 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW Challenge entries (due Friday @ noon Eastern)

August 26, 2016

Friday: Collar Laces

Should collar laces only be used with traditional jersey designs?

That is the question I'll attempt to answer on today.  Hello folks, and welcome to another concept-less post here on HJC.  Before we begin, I want to clarify that I'm not including the modern inverted laces introduced for the 2014 Stadium Series in this discussion, I specifically want to know when the standard lace-up collar design should be used.

Photo from
To answer this question I think we should know a bit of the history of collar laces in the NHL.  For the NHL's first 24 seasons, all collars were free from laces.  The Montreal Canadiens changed that by introducing lace-up collars for the 1941-42 season.  Three other teams, the Rangers, Blackhawks, and Maple Leafs, followed suit in the 1950's.  Laces reached their peak from 1970-72 when seven of the 14 teams used them, but their popularity quickly faded and they disappeared altogether after the 1977-78 season.  They were gone for 19 years, until the Rangers brought back laces with their classic blue jersey in 1997.

Photo from
Surprisingly the second jersey to re-introduce laces wasn't vintage, it was the Kings purple and black third jersey.  In fact most of the jerseys that adopted laces in the next few years were modern, including the Oilers blue and silver jersey, the Islanders orange sweater, and Atlanta's asymmetrical jersey.  This use (or mis-use) of laces with modern designs continued into the Reebok Edge era, examples include both the Senators "SENS" jersey and Islanders first black third jersey.

Many people are against the idea of using laces with modern jersey designs, they believe only traditional jerseys should use laces.  I use to be one of those people, in fact I once did an entire NHL concept series and only used laces for original six franchises.  Since then my opinion has changed, I now think it's fine to use laces with more modern designs.  I even think some untraditional jerseys look best with laces.

Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images
The Calgary Flames current home and road jerseys are examples of untraditional jerseys that I think look best with laces.  That's right, I think the Flames' jerseys could be even worse, and would be slightly worse with a different collar.  Part of the reason I like their lace-up collars, well specifically the home jersey's collar, is that they use black laces.  I like how the black laces are more subtle against the red background than regular white laces would be.  The Winnipeg Jets, whose jerseys are somewhat modern as well, take the idea of subtle laces even farther.  They use blue laces for their home jersey and white laces on the road, and I think those choices are the perfect fit.

That being said, I don't think laces should be used equally for both modern and vintage jerseys.  I believe there is something traditional about laces, and they should be used more often with classic designs.  Which brings me to my next question, why are laces considered vintage?  Is there something inherently vintage about the appearance of laces, or do we consider them vintage mostly because they disappeared for nearly two decades?  I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle, collars would look vintage regardless of their history, but that is further emphasized by the fact they weren't around when more modern designs first started to appear.

So to answer my original question, no I don't think laces should be used exclusively with traditional jerseys.  I think we should decided what looks best on a case by case basis, and sometimes modern designs will look best with a lace up collar.

What do you think?

August 25, 2016

Thursday: Another Outsider's Perspective - The Finale

Hey guys, welcome back to this odd week at HJC.

Another non concept related post today, and how fitting is it that we still have this series going on? So here it is, the finale (unless you guys request for more, then maybe we can reconsider). This last week will be the second set of post expansion teams. (All logo images from

Hartford Whalers
"This is possibly one of my favourite logos that have ever been presented in the NHL. Starting from the knockout effect used in the H right in the centre of the logo, which curves up to suit the shape of a whale’s tail. The only possible aspect that bothers me about the tail is that the curve is not 100% smooth, but the fix is easy. Lastly, the letter ‘W’ dominates the bottom of the logo, but not enough that it doesn’t ruin the knockout effect. The colours harmonize each other, the geometry is close to perfect— all the aspects of a successful logo."

Winnipeg Jets (1979-90)
"The use of direction is very prominent in this logo. This can be seen in the use of similar angles in the jet, the hockey stick, and ‘Jets’ lettering. Even when it’s curves, the city’s name mimics the overarching circular shapes that are used in the background, and the knockout on the Avro Arrow. The letters used are obviously custom made and come from a style of that era… the only problem is legibility, especially on the word ‘Winnipeg’. The red colour on the blue background not only gives off a sense of visual vibration, but is also squished around the most signifiant and difficult to distinguish letters, like the ‘W’ and ‘G’."

Qu├ębec Nordiques
"I’ve always thought the Nordiques logo looked like the Canadian version of the Republican elephant … without the stars. Whether it was intentional or not, it still looks like an elephant at first glance, which doesn’t reflect the team. If the logo was trying to depict the letter ’N’, it’s definitely not clear and could be improved to suit this purpose. In regards to more technical aspects of the logo, there is no reason for the inner white stroke to the right to randomly change in thickness."

Winnipeg Jets (1990-96)
"Similar to the other Jets logo, direction is greatly used. One new change is the lack of emphasis in the use of circles, which is now only used in the background. The word ‘Winnipeg’ is now much more clear and plays off the hockey stick at the top. The Avro Arrow is also much more abstract than its previous version and doesn’t look as randomly placed either. There seems to be another subtle element: a white streak across the letters, possibly created from the jet’s contrail. Another new feature is the use of drop shadows, which can be carefully seen under the jet and also around the edge of the circle."
Minnesota North Stars / Dallas Stars
"The Minnesota North Stars / Dallas Stars take on very classic shapes and fonts and combine them into one logo. Starting with the font, which appears as an oblique Helvetica, is spanning across the logo. A few indications that it could indeed be Helvetica includes the curved junction (the right leg) of the letter R, and the perfect horizontal terminals. The text can be kerned a bit more, like the ’S’ and ’T’ at the beginning of the word. In regards to shapes, a typical five pointed star is the centre of attention. What makes this logo unique is that not only is the top point used as a letter, but it also hints at the ‘North’ direction, which is included in the team name."

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
"I’ve always been fascinated by the Mighty Ducks’ logo. It has its own unique identity that stands out amongst all the logos out there. Despite being iconic, the logo still gives off a ‘cartoonish’ sense compared to all the other teams. There isn’t really a way to ‘improve’ the logo due to its distinct style and feel, which could easily be tarnished when played around with. If this logo could be modernized, I would suggest keeping it flat in style like the other logos in the series. This would help take away its ‘cartoonish’ feel, but also be interesting to see how it blends in if it was copying the same logo fashion of this era."

Atlanta Thrashers
"A feature that I’ve always loved about the Thrashers logo is the use of analogous colours. They definitely give a sense of dimension that no other NHL team logo has. The dynamism and action is very much alive in the colours, direction, and angles used in the logo. Even when viewed at a small scale, the logo’s colours are still very noticeable and further give it a unique visual boost."

Phoenix Coyotes
"If there’s one distinct theme I noticed in this series, it’s that almost all these logos have taken an extremely geometric approach. This is a great example of how much representation the Coyotes have fit with a few shapes and colours. Despite the effort, the logo is still not working on various levels. Firstly, there are too many colours that are unsuited for this logo, such as the extremely accented purple. Secondly, the random segmentation of the logo has too many layers and turns, that in the end, it’s just not worth remembering as a brand. Finally, it’s messy and seems more like a collage of shapes than a unified logo. Overall, this logo is not a terrible illustration, but it is not suitable for a brand logo, which is not supposed to be this complex."

And that's the end of it! Huge thanks to my friend, Rana, for reviewing these for us for 8 whole weeks, it's much appreciated. 

Now if you guys will excuse me, I'll be on my way to go grab the new Pens jersey. I'll update the post later with some pics.

*Update* A few pics of the new jersey, I love it.

August 24, 2016

Wednesday: WELP

So with Ryan's computer gone down the tubes, he gave us the option to post freely or take the day off.


Just kidding, It's time for tonight's top 10!


But before that, a little bit of news out of Brampton. The ECHL's Brampton Beast have an online form in which representatives from the other 26 ECHL franchises may fill out in order to request forfeiture in advance of playing Brampton. That's right, you can forfeit your games to Brampton this season, but why?

"The ‘blessing’ may very well mean a Kelly Cup Championship is in the cards for the Beast for the upcoming 2016-17 season.

As Canada’s only ECHL franchise, the Beast have chosen to embody the giving nature that Canadians are known to uphold and have offered to extend an olive branch to their ECHL competitors who now fear playing against the Brampton Beast.

As of today, the Beast are scheduled to appear in 72 ECHL contests, starting with the club’s season opener against the Wheeling Nailers at WesBanco Arena on October 15, 2016.

The Beast would like to offer our ECHL competitors the opportunity to forfeit their scheduled contests against the Beast organization in an effort get a head start on the 2017-18 ECHL season."

The form can be found here:



I mean, tonight's top 10 list is the top 10 Alternate Jerseys you Never Want to See Again On Ice.

You may want to see them as a collector, but never again in action. 

Number 10!

Columbus Blue Jackets 2003-07

Nash wearing old CBJ alternate photo nashin2003alt.jpg
(Via cdnuniguy on Photobucket)

While this debuted the fantastic logo we see today, This jersey is plagued by the fact that there are two dark colors too close to each other: the standard navy blue and BLACK. Everyone here should be familiar with the term "BFBS", or black for black's sake. If you don't, it's the idea that we should add black because why not? Other teams experimented with it, but the two darks in close proximity here rank this as the biggest BFBS violator in the pre-EDGE era.

Number 9!

Philadelphia Flyers 2002-07


While the sleeve pattern is nice, the biggest problem here is the logo. How do we take a timeless logo and modernize it? Let's add a thick silver trim to the inside of each colored portion of the logo. There is only one way to describe what happened with that logo and because I can't say it on cable television, I won't say it here.

Number 8! 

New York Islanders 2011-14


There are four teams in New York that don blue and orange. One didn't exist at the time (NYCFC), two of them had dropped black entirely at that time. So what does the other one do? ADD black! Yes folks, BFBS comes back with a vengeance. The Mets and Knicks had just dropped black because they smartened up and said black doesn't look good with blue and orange. So let's add grey too for no reason! The blue helmets don't help either, and while I can respect not being able to design a quality alternate logo that fits the jersey, The name and number option for the front is inexcusable. It's amateur at best.

Now why isn't the current black here? Because black and white without blue and orange works very well. The only orange is in the logo and the only blue is on the inside of the collar. The grey makes no sense at all. Many consider these worse than the fisherman jersey. Include me in that. (Fisherman wasn't included because it wasn't officially an alternate, but rather part of a normal rotation the Islanders used in 1997 until the redesign brought sanity back to Uniondale).

Number 7!

Atlanta Thrashers 2008-2011

(Via Yahoo Sports)

Remember what I said about the amateur look of the name and number on the front? Well here we are. While I always will appreciate seeing the Thrashers in red, albeit only in concept, This was not the way to do it. Oftentimes in concepts I will discuss execution with shoulder patches. These are too large for anyone's liking. But what really makes this concept is the socks. Who in their right mind would design that? Does it match the side panels? Sort of/not really. So we can all thank True North Sports & Entertainment for relocating this team, if only to rid ourselves of these.

Number 6! 

Nashville Predators 2001-07


While the design patterns and the logo aren't half bad (the logo does have a lot going on though), there's one thing that was always featured on this original turdburger: MUSTARD! As a New Yorker, the concept of mustard on a burger is repulsive *ducks and dodges*, but as a jersey enthusiast, the concept of mustard on a jersey is even worse. They had a perfectly good shade of yellow. Why ruin it?

Number 5! 

Boston Bruins 1995-2006

(via Barstool Sports)

Yellow alternate? Points! Awful bear head logo? Points deducted. Wordmark shoulder logo? Points deducted. Jagged striping? Points deducted. All this for an original 6 team? All points lost and then some, We have had some concepts in which we talk about wordmark logos NOT working on the shoulders, and this is your case study as to why it shouldn't exist in real life. The bear head logo needed an upgrade from before 1995 but this is not the bear head design we were looking for.

Number 4!

Tampa Bay Lightning 1996-99

Image result for tampa bay lightning alternate jersey

(via Icethetics)

It seems like an injustice to see Vinny Lecavalier wearing that. The floodgates opened up after this jersey was unveiled. Well actually they were opened up when the Islanders rebranded and when another third jersey was unveiled that you'll see later. But the floodwaters were well present on this jersey as the hem pattern. Oh and let's add rain on the front and lightning on the sleeves. From a design aspect though I think it's pretty cool that there's a grey yoke extending past the numbers to connect to the lightning, as it's reminiscent of a cloud with lightning striking from it.

Number 3!

Phoenix Coyotes 1998-2003

(via Sports Illustrated)

The Lightning began the precedent of crazy patterns on the hem and sleeves, and who else but the Coyotes took advantage of it. The desert is in full effect here with actual rock formations and cacti on the hem and arms, with the alternate logo of the moon down on the hem too. The stand-alone head logo isn't an issue, but the shoulder logo was, because we weren't sure if it were a bird's eye view of a coyote or a salamander.

Number 2!

Los Angeles Kings 1995-96

(via The Royal Half)

Gradient swoop. A font better suited for a term paper. The return of purple and gold. and that logo. BURGER KING! If you thought seeing Lecavalier in that Bolts jersey was a disgrace, then there's no bigger disgrace than the Great One wearing this. I don't have to say much about this one. While an all-time classic for collectors, an all-time stinker for players.


Buffalo Sabres 2013-15

(via Icethetics)

I had mentioned the Preds mustard jersey as a turdburger only to make the burger-mustard joke. However if you do a Google search of the word "turdburger", this is the seventh result, and the first one not actually related to human bowel movements or burgers, seventh result overall. From the front it looks ok, but coulde use some work with that silver trim. From the back, you'd never guess that it was the same jersey. The back is navy, the front is yellow. This jersey has every right to be called Dr. Frankenstein's newest monster, but instead we call it the Turdburger.

HONORABLE MENTION: Dallas Stars 2003-06 (Mooterus).

That'll do it for this week. Concepts return next week unless Ryan's computer isn't fixed and/or issmashed to pieces and subsequently replaced by the end of the week. 

August 22, 2016

Tuesday: When I realized I Had a Jersey Problem

Hi everybody. Ryan's computer is down and out for now so no concepts this week. However, I was deep in thought over the weekend after reading Caz's final post. I asked myself "When did I start to become obsessed about hockey jerseys?"

That answer is actually a video game; NHL 97 to be exact. It was Christmas of 1996 when my brothers and I got the first generation PlayStation with NHL 97 as one of our first games. Unlike the prior consols, the players on NHL 97 were more detailed, it had an actually commentator, and other things that really took it to another level.

I played that game constantly because I wanted to see all the logos and jerseys. The designs of the 90's were unique and complimented the logos that the teams used. From that point on I was in love with everything logos and uniforms.

To honor this, I'm going to give my top 5 favorites from the 96-97 season. Also, I want you guys to to share your early memories of your love for hockey logos and hockey jerseys in the comments section.

5. St. Louis Blues
I always loved the red in the Blues color scheme. Also, those thin, diagonal stripes with the angled numbers always looked really neat to me.
4. Hartford Whalers
I was more in love with the colors and logo rather than the uniform itself, but the silver was really sharp looking on such a poor 3D quality game.
3. All-Star Game Jerseys
The colors, the giant star pattern, and the division logos all screamed 90's. A true classic in my mind.
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
You might be wondering why a Penguins' fan wouldn't put his favorite team at number 1. Well to be honest, I only liked the dark, diagonal "PITTSBURGH" jersey (I have a Cleveland Lumberjacks jersey in the same style) because it was more traditional than what the white jersey was. It also looked better in my opinion. Note* Alternate jerseys were not on NHL 97.
1. Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Do I really need to explain why I chose this as number 1? Also, uses my favorite player from that era as an example.

Since Caz has left, I will take over this Sunday. It was a pleasure to write with you Caz and I hope I can do a good job of trying to distract others from the inevitability that is Sunday as you have.

Have a good rest of the week everyone.

Worst NHL Jerseys of All Time

I'd hate to leave HJC without a post on Garfield's least favourite day of the week. As you are aware Ryan's computer has left him high and dry, and he's given the writers the chance to write about whatever they want.

Top 10 Worst Jersey of All Time lists are usually garbage. They are filled with the same jerseys over and over again.Wild Wing,  Fisherman, Burger King, Flying V, Turdburger and some dated jerseys from any era. To call them predictable would be an understatement. However, this past week I read a list that featured several jerseys that many would consider to be good, whether due to nostalgia or because they are good. The largest surprise was the Minnesota Wild alternate being on the list, a jersey which for a few years was the best jersey in the NHL along with St. Louis's navy alternate (2010, what a year). Along with that were some jerseys many categorize under the "love it or hate it" like the Flames horse head alternate, Buff-a-slug (RIP), or any number of throwbacks from the 30s and older.

Fun fact, I have grown to like the Burger King, Fisherman & Wild Wing jerseys. The Burger King jersey I like because it had a good logo and seeing players other than Gretzky wear it (like the fabulous Byron Dafoe) I think it was something that was essential 90s mess that. The Wild wing jersey had really nice arms striping and yoke, it could have made a great jade alternate if not for the idea of the mascot punching through ice. The Fisherman jersey gave us the fantastic lighthouse shoulder patch and once the fisherman logo was replaced with the navy Islanders classic logo, it made an okay alternate. Teal looked good with that colour scheme. However, some jerseys don't provide inspiration or anything good. Instead they bore us and replace something that was much better.

Today I wanted to push the boundaries of this list. We're not going for dated looks, we're not going for what looked good at the time, we're not going for even going for experimental that failed. We're going for objectively ugly, replacing something better or just a plain stupid decision, you won't find most of these jerseys on any other list.

10. Anaheim Ducks 2006-2014
Photo from
Some people liked these jerseys....good for them....they were the perfect example of why using a script as your primary logo is so hard to do. The striping was an okay idea, but that stupid orange thin stripe always seemed to be sitting there and nothing else. They would look much better with a thick orange stripe the same was the other two. However all the Ducks had to do to keep these off the list would be to put the D footprint on the front and BOOM, sold at least one more. Thankfully the team made a good looking "orange county" alternate and made it their new look. Since these jerseys were retired only one team has worn script as their primary aside from Dallas (shivers). Calgary, and that worked because the script had personality. This script had not nearly enough to put on the front. If the Ducks hadn't won the Cup in these jersey I can guarantee they wouldn't have lasted until 2014.

9. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 2003-04/2005-06
Photo from
Wow are these jerseys drab and bland and sad. Call me crazy, but these are worse than the Wild Wing least that jersey was interesting and as I said, it had some good parts. These jerseys have their fans and good for them, but this jersey had the issue of having nothing to do with the Mighty Ducks at all. How hard was it for the team to make a jade version of their eggplant jerseys? Eggplant and black don't look good next to each other, and they're the only two colours we really see on the jersey, with silver and white thrown in there to try to emulate the Kings chevy jerseys. The script used is extremely generic and to me reminds me of those Wal-Mart jerseys and shirts the kids who's parents either didn't know hockey or knew they'd spill shit on them so didn't wanna get them a real jersey (this is back when CCM put effort in youth jerseys with real patches and didn't do that screen printing crap or take details out of their jerseys to save money). The MD patch on the shoulder is okay at best but again, nothing to really do with the Mighty Ducks theme, the font chosen is too generic that any team could have used it. That was the biggest problems with this jersey, any team could have done this.

8. New York Rangers 1976-78

Now don't get me wrong, I happen to like these jerseys in a weird way...but....the best analogy for these jerseys is they are the equivalent to that friend you had in middle/high school who came back from summer vacation looking weird because they caught onto a new fad and by winter break they're back to normal....this was the Rangers' "punk phase" in a sense. The idea of the Rangers finally using their primary logo as just that is not a bad one, but these jerseys did not look like Rangers jerseys. For one they're far too simple, and don't have any interesting striping pattern on them. There isn't nearly enough red on the hem, something the Jets fixed when they took this design in 1979. However the numbers are biggest let down, and this is coming from someone who loves rounded numbers. That being said, this font looks exactly and I do mean exactly like something pulled out of Notepad...not even Paint or Word, but Notepad. I said in the preamble I wouldn't count experimental jerseys, but this wasn't experimental. There was nothing unique about this jersey, it's overall just lazy, and these's a reason why it didn't catch in the Gardens. It attempted to reinvent the wheel and ended up just finding a round rock and calling it a day before really trying anything.

7. New York Rangers Stadium Series
Photo from
Sometimes a jersey just isn't meant to be. This isn't to say the Rangers shouldn't use modern logos. Lady Liberty was so good it could have replaced the classic set for a good period of time, and that logo STILL looks great 20 years later. If they had put Lady Liberty on this jersey it would be fine, but they opted to copy their AHL affiliate. It's very rare to see an NHL team copy their minor leaguers, but the Rangers did and looked like idiots while doing it. On top of that the jersey was late to the party with the futuristic design. 20 years ago, the Rangers had lightning in a bottle and they tried to replicate it 20 years later outdoors. The Stadium Series are supposed to push design boundaries through tempting a design (when teams feel like playing along), but these didn't do that, not without a logo.

6. Carolina Hurricanes 2013-Hopefully Sooner than Later
Photo from
If you look up uninspired in the dictionary, these would appear next to them, highlighted and with a pop out tab. The white jerseys are a fine addition if the Hurricanes wanted to go for something more subtle. I've understood people making connections to the Red Wings/Maple Leafs with the Lighting, but the Hurricanes right now currently wear a Team Canada jersey, simple as that. The Charlotte Checkers pulled this look off  better by adding a black stripe. One black stripes saves these jerseys. These jerseys are not only a downgrade, but one that could have been easily avoided. So many concepts went above and beyond anything the Hurricanes have ever had....let alone these... The exciting or toilet related logo the Hurricanes have looks so out of place on such a simple jersey.

5. Columbus Blue Jackets 2003-2007

Why teams add black when they don't need to makes no sense to me, but  when people defend this jersey, it's under the guise of "the precursor to their current jersey which aren't that bad". Those people are right....but that doesn't excuse the fact that of all the colours they could have added to the upper arms of this jersey, they chose black...not red....not white..not baby blue.....but a colour that blends right into the dark navy. This is one that could have been saved. When I look at this jersey, I can't even tell there's black at first, and it hurts my eyes to tell the two colours apart. The black also clashes when the blue and black meet with the red pants and the socks. Everything looks out of place for such a simple design. The mismatching shoulder patches only add to the oddity of this jersey, but the fact it lasted as long it did is incredible. I could understand people not liking the original primary logo the Jackets had, but all the team had to do was swap out that for the current primary, and not subject fans to a literal eyesore.

4. The Turdburger
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Sometimes the clickbait gets it right. It's not like this jersey couldn't have been saved, it would just involve taking the entire back of the jersey out of the picture. When people began speculating what  this jersey would look like, there was some serious hype and people thought this would be a fresh design we had never seen before and could be a was a new design alright...but the lacklustre unveiling in what looked like the back of a sketchy warehouse and shock people experienced when they saw these can only be described as a bad smell that lingers and then hits you with one big whiff causing you to nearly vomit. This jersey once again has almost no white to be seen, with the back containing none at all, making the jersey look muted and bland. The front is a little more appealing, but again, very little white and what there is just blends into the grey. It's hard to map this jersey out in your head, as when you look at the front and then the back, it appears to be two different designs some mad seamstress sewed together while intoxicated on all you can drink nyquil. The rounded numbers, while they do look good on their own, look very out of place with the angles on the jersey. There were at least two positives on the jersey, the unique crossed Sabre captain's C and the script under the collar...but if those are best things about the jersey, and you can call it the Turdburger without sounding immature...that should speak for itself.

That being said, you should own one if you collect jerseys because like the Burger King & Wild Wing jersey, I think this will be a jersey that the team can't get rid of fast enough and suddenly they're worth 500 bucks.

3. Toronto Maple Leafs 2007-2010
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ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The nickname these jerseys have in Toronto is the pyjama jerseys and for a good reason; these jerseys look like they are part of a onesie or a big shirt you'd wear to bed. The font on the back looks fine and all, but from the front, thee's almost nothing. They look like cheap practice jerseys. No shoulder patch, no hem stripe, and from a few angles and in crowds nothing but a blue shirt....a $120 blue shirt...The Leafs are constantly criticized that they don't care about their average fan and most of their best seats are business meetings rather than full of their jerseys, but this is just highway robbery...This isn't a case of a Reebok cookie cutter template, this is just stupid. The Leafs knew they messed up with these jerseys, and corrected it relatively quickly.

2.  Dallas Stars 2007-2013 (excluding the 2007-11 white jersey that had a logo)

The worse of the edge script jerseys, we have a jersey here that was lazy in design, but worse than the Leafs jersey it couldn't even use the Stars colour scheme properly. I could understand the Stars desire to go back to black as a primary colour, especially wanting to correct the Moo-terus jersey, one that just missed the list because I happened to like the arm stripes. Like the Leafs jersey, from a few angles the jersey looks like a blank black/white jersey with an NCAA arched script on the front. What makes this jersey  worse than the Leafs jersey is that these jerseys lack a logo, and without spending the extra money on a name/number, the jerseys are nearly blank....$120 on a shirt with 6 letters on it. I get that Texas loves football and this is supposed to be football-esque, and if this was an alternate it would be a write off, but when for 6 seasons a team wore these almost every game.  The stripes on the arm are sparing...literally, with a large blank space between the stripes leaves very little colour on the jersey without numbers, which is only further amplified without a hem stripe. Couple that with the controversy the Stars and Reebok had in the early days of the Edge system by refusing the do screen printing to carry over their existing design from 2006-07, and these jerseys are best buried and sold on clearance racks.

1.  Edmonton Oilers 2007-2012

These jerseys had no thought put into them, no design to them, and look like a knockoffs. In the bland jersey club, these are the supreme leader. It was tough to say which jersey between this and the Leafs or Stars jersey are worse, but it came down to this: While the Leafs jersey is a blue shirt with stripes on the arms and the Stars jerseys have almost no design to them and no logo...this jersey takes it one step further. THEY COULDN'T EVENT COMPLETE THE ARM STRIPES. I can't believe no one in the design process stopped and said "maybe we should finish the stripes to go all the way around the arm". It wasn't even that there was a design on top arms like how the Jets or Panthers have done....NOPE, the top are are desperately blank, again especially without numbers or shoulder patches. The striping pattern on the socks are not great, but it's something. The Bettman apron seals this as the worst jersey to come out post lock-out and I highly doubt it will be beat. Some people will complain about the colour scheme, but I can assure you that was the least of this jerseys problems. This is the jersey equivalent of when a classmate forgets a project is due so they half ass an unfinished report full of grammatical and spelling errors and the only thing done by handing in such a report is wasting the professor's time with looking at it. The fact it took the team 4 years in the Edge system to correct this is a joke, the fact the navy jersey was kept for an extra year is a bigger joke.