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Tuesday: Sweet Delicious Candy

Hi everyone. Welcome back to another great day of everything hockey jerseys at HJC.

So I wanted to talk about a club hockey jersey that I somehow didn't think to mention until now. Indiana University's Club Hockey team had probably the coolest jerseys made by Rebirth Sports ever! They're currently for sale and they've even been worn on ESPN. So I present to you the candy stripe jersey.
As you can see, they went pretty classic with it but added that crazy yoke to it. And yes, that is John Buccigross wearing there jersey on ESPN. 

To add to the striped metaphorical cake, they also did a bunch of swag to go with it. 
The boys at Indiana are selling these jerseys right now so hurry up and get one ordered.

Before I get to the concepts I'd like to remind everyone that your HJC Open entries are open for entry late on Friday. I hope everyone has been working hard on this. Also, we have the usual voting. Finally, I'm working on the horrible blogger app today so forgive the horrible setup.

To the Concepts!

          Avi Stein- New Jersey Devils
Positives: What really works for the concept overall is that you made a modern style Devils jersey but you kept it simple so it doesn't stray to far away from the classic design. The modern style yoke is killer on this jersey as is the folded V-neck collar.
Negatives- It would be nice to see a small outline around the yoke and your back numbers are too big.
Overall: 8.25/10 Way to bring a classic into the modern world

      Avi Stein- Philadelphia Flyers

Positives: For what little you did to the current jersey, I say you did a good job. As everybody knows by now that I hate the Flyer (Pittsburgher's have some gene to hate them) what you did with the collar and the new alternate sleeve logos look pretty good.
Negatives: You didn't change much at all and I think you could have pushed this design farther than what it is now.
Overall: 7.75/10 Do more please

   Tyler Meli- Skewis- Sweden

Positives: This is a much more improved look for the Swedes than what Adidas actually gave them. The double stripe works much better than the single colored hems they will have in September.
Negatives: Why give them a laced collar when the collar they had was good to start with. The one thing that worked for the WCJ Adidas jersey were those collars and that would add a lot more to the jersey. Also, make the presentation look like something Adidas would use, not something simple like this.
Overall: 7.75/10 FOR SWEDEN!

   Tyler Meli- Skewis- Boston Bruins

Positives: Some people would say that the Bruins need to have a colored yoke but this design is fine without it. Also, the plain laced collar and three stripe design work overall here.
Negatives: First, your logo looks a little small, not too small but it could be bigger. Also, NO SLEEVE NUMBERS! Big no-no.
Overall: 7/10 Always double check your work

   Lucas Daitchman- Florida Panthers

Positives: The Panthers did say that they were thinking of doing the Florida flag pattern on the front of the jersey and I must say that you making the stripes not to big and bold makes it pleasing to the eye. Also, good job bringing that classic panther logo back. I must say Lucas that you've come a long way from when you first started sending concepts and I'm proud of you for getting much better at it so I applaud you.
Negatives: Those navy numbers would be hard to see from a distance even though they're in front of the two white stripes. Speaking of those stripes on the back, you don't need them.
Overall: 8.5/10 Way to rep Florida

    Ryan Christensen- Wichita Thunder

Positives: You never stop impressing me Ryan. The thunder bolt design as the striping on these jerseys look fantastic, especially on the pants. Also, rose numbers look beautiful with just that little alteration. 
Negatives: Nothing in my opinion.
Overall: 10/10 COTW NOMINEE

    Ryan Christensen- Florida Panthers

Positives: The navy jersey with the three red and gold striping really works well here. In fact, the overall basic style just works.
Negatives: Why did you cut off the body of the Panther? The plain Panther head isn't as good as the entire Panther and that's something people want to see. Also, it would be cool to see the yoke come to a point instead of it being rounded.
Overall: 8.75/10 Looking at You Panthers

Well that's everything I have for you guys today. Once again, sorry if this setup is screwy because I'm doing it on a phone. I leave it off to Phil for our next post.
Tuesday: Sweet Delicious Candy Reviewed by Steven M on June 21, 2016 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

HJC Open entries are NOT due on Friday. They will begin to be accepted on Friday at 5pm Eastern

Anonymous said...

All fixed.

Steven Marculaitis said...

Also, Youngstown State is holding a sale on all of their jerseys as well. Check both teams out on Facebook!

Avi said...

Avi.....Not Ali. Cmon it even says it on the entry.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Ryan C for COTW, that new logo looks great on a jersey

DBro Alexander said...

I'm diggin' the collar on Avi's Flyers concept. Only thing I don't care for on that one is the shoulder patch. I feel like the colors should be swapped on the dark jersey with the white sleeves.

Steven Marculaitis said...

Once again Avi, I used my phone so I apologize for autocorrect misspelling your name. I should have caught that one.

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