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Thursday: (Sun)rise of the New Panthers Uniforms

So, considering the amount of concepts we have today (and have had all of this week), I'm gonna keep the intro here pretty short, but not without some news (well, sort of) to talk about.

First off, in case you forgot, the Panthers will be unveiling their new uniforms today.

As you can see in the tweet, it'll be sometime between 7 and 8PM EST, so you won't even have to wait 4 hours after this post is up to see them!

Also, some slight news on the Panthers' AHL affiliate's name:

Darn, I was really hoping for that name. Oh well. There's always another team to try it for.
But in all seriousness, you can go submit a name for the team if you'd like, through their name the team contest. Just follow the tweets and you'll find the place to go.

This week we have COTW like always, which is a Jordan-Off this week, and the voting for the Thrashers competition. We also have the first week of the HJC Open logo competition taking place, so go try your hand at designing a logo for the competition. It won't hurt to try.
COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC OPEN 2016 Logo Competition Entry Phase: (Ends June 10 @ noon Eastern)

HJC Open Logo Entries:

Spencer R:

Brooks F. - Sarnia Sting
+This is definitely an idea that fits a team like the Sting.
+Said idea is executed well, and I like the curviness of the piping/side panels in this case.
-The design could be too busy overall, but I think we'd have to see it on the ice to really know.
+Keeping the design in a place that would be mostly hidden does help that though.
+I like the choice of gray for the alternate
-I think the alternate would look better with hem stripes as opposed to side panels, but i understand going for a modern design there.
Overall: 8.5/10

Brooks F. - Sudbury Wolves
+Love that shade of blue.
+On a similar note, I think the colors are balanced perfectly on the white jersey, with just the right amount of that blue.
-This one might just come down to personal preference, but I'd either swap the other yoke's color from gray to white, or just leave it blue.
+Definitely the better logo choice here.
-Not a fan of the alternate logo though, I think it would work better without the wordmark.
+While I'm not a fan at all of jerseys with only grayscale colors, I think this one works better because of the prominence of gray.
-Still would like to see some blue in there though.
-I'm not really sure the under arm design works for that jersey, with the rest of the design being so simplistic and traditional.
~It also reminds me of this design, take that as you will.
Overall: 8/10

David G. - Nordiques de Québec
+I like the idea here, it has some potential.
+I definitely like the idea of a double blue color scheme.
+The striping pattern is also well done too.
-Too many fleurs-de-lis though, it's a bit overkill.
-The chromeification of the logo, name, numbers, and stripes, is a big no. If you just had the logo chromeified on the presentation, fine. But on the jerseys themselves, it wouldn't look good at all. Admittedly, though, if it was meant to be actually shiny, and not like the original Stadium Series designs' fake chrome, I don't think I can say that it would look horrible, as I've never seen that done before. Does seem overkill again, though.
Overall: 7/10

Fernando M. - Calgary Inferno
+I like the custom logo.
-The top is a bit awkward though, I'd try to keep the flames just coming out from the top "slab" of the I.
+The typeface used for the back name and numbers fits well.
+The design fits the Flames' identity like it's meant to, but adds something new. It works well.
+I like the pants design a lot actually. I think it works for a modern style like this.
-There's not nearly enough red on the white jersey. I'd swap the black and red on the jersey and socks, the black pants will balance it out.
+I will say..there's something about it that I like though. Not sure why...
Overall: 8/10

Jay S. - Florida Panthers
+I'd imagine this is pretty close to what we'll be seeing later.
+I like the additional stripes at the bottom of the jersey
-It makes it a bit too much like Montréal though.
-White numbers with a white chest stripe, and only yellow outlines probably isn't a great idea...
+I really like the design and idea of the blue jersey, I think the Panthers would definitely look good in a blue alt.
-I think the stripes need to be bolder on that jersey though.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan R. - Montréal Canadiens
+Not much you can do with the Habs. That's reflected in this concept.
+I do like the changes made, such as the TV numbers inside the arm stripes.
-The road jersey would be much better if you swapped the red and blue though. Balances the colors better. That's always been my pet peeve about that jersey.
+The third and fourth jerseys are solid callbacks to the Habs history.
-Not a very creative concept overall.
-Unless it's just me, all of the numbers look slightly off center, shifted to the left a bit.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan R. - Nashville Predators
+The Preds already have a solid design. Nothing wrong with playing off of that.
-Still not too creative though.
+Removing the piping was definitely an upgrade.
+The callback to their original jerseys is an interesting idea for sure. With the current logos on it that would already be a nice improvement.
+The fourth jersey is a good way to take aspects from both the Preds' identity and Tennessee state pride. I really like how the striping comes directly from the flag.
-The numbers all look small, and still slightly shifted to the left.
Overall: 8.5/10

Josiah B. - Los Angeles Kings
+PURPLE. AND YELLOW. Huge, huge improvement over their bland grayscale color scheme.
+That old logo actually fits pretty well on a modern design.
+Striping looks nice, and the colors are balanced well.
+That typeface still fits really well here.
-I think the numbers could use an outline or two though.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW Nomination

Josiah B. - San Jose Sharks
-Some people like orange for the Sharks, some don't. I'm not one of them, so this point comes down to personal preference completely.
+But, if you're gonna use orange, this is a good amount of it to have.
-The shade of teal here looks somewhat green. I don't think it fits with the orange well, and I'm not a huge fan of it in general, but again, to each their own I suppose. 
+The colors are balanced great here. I love the amount of white on the home jersey.
+The typeface here works really well again.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - San Jose Sharks
+Just like you it appears, I'm on team gray for the sharks. It's always just looked cleaner to me.
-I wish there was more of it on the road jersey, though it's not bad without it.
+The striping works well here, especially with the white hems on the home jersey.
+I feel like a broken record here, but the typeface again fits well.
+The teal shoulder yoke balances out the colors on the road jersey, good inclusion.
-Bit of an execution error on the road jersey though, the teal arm stripe on the back was left gray. It happens to all of us. Unless for some odd reason that's intentional.
Overall: 9/10

Tyler M. - Philadelphia Flyers
+Pretty simple, solid design overall. The colors are balanced well on the home jersey.
-The black and orange should swap on the road though.
-The logo looks really small on the home and road.
+I like the idea behind the alternate.
-Not a fan of the typeface for the front "logo" though. I also think their regular logo would be just fine.
-I'm not sure a design so similar to the Penguins would go over well in real life. While I 
(as a Pens fan) don't mind, as this is more a design style than something exclusive to the Pens, and this isn't an exact copy, I don't think other fans would feel the same way.
Overall: 8/10

Zeke G. - Atlanta Thrashers
+I like the idea of using the sublimated design on the jersey similar to the Atlanta Hawks. While that design "draws inspiration from a hawk's breast, I suppose it works for a thrasher as well.
+I'm usually not a fan of completely bare hems, I actually don't mind it here.
-I'd drop the light blue from the color palette, at least for the jerseys. Considering how little it's being used, I see no explicit need for it. Maybe even replace it with yellow in the logo.
-The number on the white jersey has some yellow in it, from (I assume) recoloring it from the blue jersey. 
Overall: 8/10


And that's a wrap on today's long post. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you again next week, maybe after a Penguins Stanley Cup victory? If not, we'll see game 5 that night.

Oh yeah, Phil, what was that you said yesterday about the Pens losing? I can't hear you over the sound of Party Hard playing in Consol Energy Center. ;)
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Ben Shaffer said...

Jordan R's Montreal set for COTW.

Zeke G said...

I'll second Josiah B's Kings concept. Very nice!

I saw this afternoon that the Coyotes filed a trademark for the name "Tuscon Roadrunners," so they'll probably be going with that. I'm a fan of the name.

Phil Beck Designs said...

FYI I have Pens in 7. I just don't want to be right about that.

Dylan Glenn said...

I'll 2nd Jordan's Habs concept.

Ryan said...

Dylan's nomination is 11 minutes past the deadline, but I'm a cool guy so I'll allow it.

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