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Monday: Murray Off Season

Welcome to the first Post-Stanley Cup post of 2016! Hope all you Pens fans are celebrating today, and the hangover has ended. While I would have wanted the Sharks to get their first Cup, having Crosby & Malkin get their 2nd firmly cements them as HoFers, and Kessel getting his cup means a lot to Leafs fans who liked him and thought he'd been shafted by the team on his way out the door. Matt Murray's post game interview and fidgeting with the strap was hilarious!

Here at HJC we have 3 ongoing votes that you, the reader, should vote in. COTW vote as always resets for the week, we also have COTW May to vote for and the HJC Open Top 5 vote. The winner of the Open logo competition gets extra street credit, in being the logo used on the Open tournament throughout July, and go down in history with the previous....4 other logos.

COTW-May vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW June 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC Open Logo Top 4 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's concepts!


Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Avi S.)

+ While I do like the Avalanches classic logo they've used for the past 20 years, it is time for a fresh new look, and the new alternate really does that, with some changes
+ Arms are perfect! While they're the same on the home and road, they do a good job, and maroon mountain stripes are perfect for Colorado
+ Rest of the jersey is simple, but a little more interesting than the current alternate
+ Perfect execution
+ The blue numbers on the back of the white jersey look excellent! I'm not sure if Colorado has ever done that before, but it looks really good

- I do wish there was a shoulder patch, not sure what logo Avi would use, but I'm sure he could come up with something great!

Rating: 9.75/10 COTW Nom from me

Edmonton Oilers Concepts (By: Emin Z.)

+ I like the tie to the city in the logo and the crest, it looks good and in the Oilers current course, you could use it right now
+ The home and road, while plain and a little dated in striping, look good, and have colours balanced well for the most part 
+ Alternate is a good tie to the oil industry and looks pretty good
+ Good execution
+ Also like the addition of the Oyo figures, while I find them gimmicky, I do enjoy them

- Wish the road jersey had a little more gold on the jersey itself, as well as some white on the alternate 
- The striping reminds me of the 1986 Mets with regards to the striping, and while that'd work for the Oil Kings, not for the Oilers 
- The gradient on the numbers are a a bit much

Rating: 8.25/10

Team Norway Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ A pretty simple connect here, and as Chase says, is very similar to what Norway currently wears with minor changes
+ The sleeved cuffs look great imo, very similar to the Blackhawks, but in IIHF works
+ Decent execution

- Sock striping is a little low
- Biggest issue with the striping is the white jersey is the red & blue in the striping, which throws off the colour balancing. Swiping that will fix it
- Numbers are okay, but should be thicker on the back 
- Shoulder patch?

Rating: 6.75/10

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Nice to see the burger king on a good jersey, proves it could have worked
+ Striping looks like a mix of the last couple LA jerseys on an angle, it works
+ Curved numbers are a must with the BK logo 
+ Great execution, thank you for including the front facing numbers on the helmet

- The way the colours are laid out reminds me more of the early 2010s Manchester Monarchs, not the LA Kings. This really could work as a Monarchs concept, but doesn't fit the Kings lok well imo
- Shoulder patch?

Rating: 8/10

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ A very simple striping pattern, but similar to what they wear now in the way the colours are laid out and the black on the upper arm
+ Logo choices are good, while some may not like having the duck mask twice on the jersey, it works in the oval roundel 
+ Goalie gear is a great addition, and while very dark, works well. The mask has a Guy Hebert feel to it
+ Great execution

- While the numbers used aren't bad, the current Ducks numbers would look better
- The pants need some white 

Rating: 9/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Avi S.)

+ While we've seem similar concepts to this, this one may be the best one yet, while the big stuff like striping we've seen before, the little stuff is what makes this jersey
+ Keeping the stairs on the arms and using the alternate numbers works really well to give Columbus their own identity rather than remaining in the days of rookie Steve Mason
+ Good logo choices
+ Perfect execution

- The striping is very similar to the Blackhawks, but it's not a huge negative, and since the Stars went this round I can't fault the Blue Jackets on wanting to do the same since it'd match their state flag
- Wish there was a logo on the pants to liven the up aside from the little bit of blue

Rating: 9.5/10 

That's the post! 
Don't forget to vote for the votes listed above!
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads!
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Dylan Glenn said...

I'll second Avi's Avs concept for COTW.

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