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Monday: Bonjour Bulldog!

Hello, and welcome to another Monday post on HJC!

Things I'm happy about today:

Vegas getting an expansion franchise
The HoF selections today, especially Vachon
Jets getting a superstar in the draft
New Leafs jerseys are better in person than they are on an app
HJC Open begins soon!

Things I'm not happy about

You haven't voted for COTW yet!

You should vote, or else your favourite team will be moved to Sacramento and become the Sacramento Skidmarks (Concept idea for those of you needing inspiration)

For those of you entering the HJC Open, you NEED to have your entires ready for tomorrow they are due tomorrow @5pm, 30 minutes after the post! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Voting begins that evening, so get ready to vote too!

HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern)
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's concepts


Québec Bulldogs Concepts (By:Lucas D.)

+ The stripes increasing in size on the chest is a really nice touch for some interesting patterns
+ The layout of the jersey is really nice, colours are well balanced (which is relatively easy considering there's two) but Lucas does make it interesting
+ Considering the Bulldogs never really had a logo aside from a big Q, the fact it works 100 years after it was first used is really cool
+ Good execution

- I would have gone with a curved set of numbers to match the logo
- The Penguins-esque colour upper arm look okay, but I would prefer an uncoloured upper arm

Rating: 8.75/10

Las Vegas Black Knights Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Right away, I love the colour lay out. Lots of black and white and just enough Vegas Gold to make the team look unique
+ The striping having a tie to the Vegas flag is a good move and would be the first time a team has done this striping full time since the Pre-NHL Canadiens
+ While we won't get this logo, something similar would be awesome, I'm now fully on the Black Knights name
+ The clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades collar details look fantastic
+ Great execution

- An LV shoulder patch would be complete this look

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Québec Bulldogs Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ I'd call this a merger between the Bulldogs & Nordiques, a solid move and looks very simple but it works
+ The striping I'd call a full on improvement over the Nordiques, if they were to come back, I'd use this striping and patch lay out any day
+ Great execution

- If this is a Bulldogs concept, it works decently, but the Québec script makes a good helmet logo, not a logo, use the Q
- That being said I do think it's a better Nordiques concept if you'd have used the Nordiques logo and added some red around the numbers and striping

Rating: 8.25/10

Atlanta Flames Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I'm a big Atlanta Flames fan in that I'm glad they existed and I like their identity, and seeing them updated for 2016 I really like seeing, especially having this tie to Calgary but not a copy
+ The side flames look fantastic, I thought they'd look too close to the Oil drop, but having the flames curve on each side to make a dip on the sides saves the look
+ Curved arms and colour lay out keep the look
+ Numbers are an excellent choice
+ Great execution

- Needs a shoulder patch
- I'd also like to see the gear on this concept to see how black/red gear would look and get some realism to this concept for a team that was screwed over by existing in the 70s

Rating: 8.75/10

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Steven G.)

+ The idea of this concept series is great, and Steven has put a lot of thought into these (explain the long time between releases)
+ Either set would be a vast improvement (and bring back the old alternate/keep the new alternate) but I agree the Steven, the left has more colours and merges both eras in the Avs history well
+ The detail of the Colorado C in the numbers and upper arms on the right jersey looks great and would work well on an alternate
+ Dark blue gear looks fantastic, use that immediately
+ Great execution

- The new look set needs more dark blue in it, and would look better with said dark blue gear
- Lace down collar seems a little unnecessary
- The black hem stripe on the maroon new look jersey looks better with a white hem trim, not black

Rating: 9/10

Ottawa Senators 100th Anniversary Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Their 10th anniversary logo with the Senator without the mohawk (I forget the name of that part of the helmet, and I'm a history major!) always looked great to me, and it works well with the current shield loog
+ The jersey without the arms works perfectly, we'll cover how to improve the arms soon
+ Rest of the gear and socks work really well imo, and good fauxback 
+ Good execution

- The arms really don't work for me, it makes the jersey look like the rest of the jersey is a sweater and the arms are a knit sweater from your grandma at christmas you wear once because your mother told you too. I understand Ryan wanted to do something different than the hem and the 2011 Heritage Classic striping. It could work, but if you wanted to improve it right away, add a big O to where the arm striping would be to match the 1920s Senators OR put that on the shoulders and put the number box on the arms 

Rating: 8.75/10

Vancouver Canucks 100th Anniversary Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Another great fauxback concept here, this was something I'd have hoped for when the Millionaires logo in blue it'd go on the alternate and the modernized stick in rink is put on the home and road (still time)
+ The striping, while similar to Stars, works so I don't really mind much
+ Again, great execution, the lay out of this concept is perfect!

- The block letter V gives a more 40s vibe, put the Vancouver script back in the letter
- The Stick in Rink in vintage white isn't the worst look, but it needs a space in between the green & vintage white 

Rating: 8.5/10

Bakersfield Condors Concepts (By: Bradley D.)

+ While the striping hasn't changed a whole lot colour wise, the striping is different from the Oilers and it works with the logo but also gives its own identity 
+ The curved arms look fantastic, especially in orange 
+ Rest of the jersey is stock standard but it really works well imo, and NOT AN OILERS COPY!
+ Good execution 

- Lots of spare white pixels on the gear and upper jersey, don't forget to fix that up
- I'd like to see the white jersey without a yoke and a blue collar to see what looks better
- Don't forget to take the white spaces in the script on the logo on the blue jersey 

Rating: 8.5/10

Bakersfield Condors Concept (By: Bradley D.)

+ I'm a huge fan o the Condors using the Oiler orange jersey as inspiration and making their own orange jersey, it's a great colour blown up fully on a jersey and it works well with the Condors logo 
+ While I don't think it really works as well as it could, the side bar striping I think is a neat idea to try
+ Good execution

- The side striping is really more of a basketball design, but trying it on a hockey jersey isn't impossible, this biggest problem is the arms. The thing that killed the Oilers original edge jerseys was the lack of arm striping visible from most angles, maybe just do it on the hem
- The name bar would look better inside an oversized yoke
- Same problem with the logo script, but the script would pop more if it were blue like the wings of the beautiful California Condor

Rating: 7.5/10

That's the post! 
Don't forget to vote and get your HJC Open concepts ready!
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads

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Colin Magee said...

Steven G's Avalanches for COTW. Either one of those sets kills what they currently have.

Dylan Glenn said...

I'll 2nd Lucas' Black Knights concept for COTW.

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