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Friday: Goalie Masks

You know how they say things were better in the good old days?  Well that's not really true, in many important ways things are better now than they've ever been (e.g. you're much less likely to die in a car crash these days).  That being said, I do think goalie masks were better looking in the good old days.  For example, let's take a look at the two masks worn by Stanley Cup champion Matt Murray.

(Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)
To go along with the Penguins throwback third jerseys, Murray wore an awesome helmet inspired by a mask worn in the early 80's by former Penguin Denis Herron.  I love this design because of how simple it is, there's nothing except the right angle lines and everything is a solid colour instead of being airbrushed.  Because of that, the helmet looks good from any distance.

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/NHLI via Getty Images)
In comparison, Murray's modern mask is much more detailed.  There's an airbrushed bridge, skyline, along with music notes, and lens flares.  The Penguins logo on the side looks good, but then it gets partially covered up by a wordmark.  These details don't look bad up close, but they end up getting lost at a distance and muddying the look.  That is why I prefer masks from the good old days, they looked much better at a distance in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on goalie mask designs, were they really better in the past or am I just being too nostalgic?


The regular COTW is the only vote this week, which should give you lots of time to get ready for the 2016 HJC Open tournament.

COTW June 10-16 vote (ends Friday, June 24 @ noon Eastern)
The 2016 HJC Open tournament will begin late Friday, June 24!


Team Finalnd, by Tyler M:
Tyler starts us off with a Finland concept which isn't too different from their actual World Cup jerseys.  One of the biggest differences is that the chest stripe wraps around the back, I think it looks good either way, but with the chest stripe the back numbers need a thicker outline to help them stand out.  Tyler also used their shield logo on the blue jersey instead of the wordmark, and once again I think it looks equally good either way.  Overall this concept doesn't look bad, but I think it could use something extra (like a more unique font) to take it to the next level.
Rating:  7/10

Team North America, by Tyler M:
Tyler also sent in a team North America concept which I'm not a huge fan of because the striping pattern is too similar to the Detroit Red Wings.  Team North America's actual white jersey uses a somewhat similar style to the Red Wings but it's different enough, this concept uses the exact same striping pattern as the Red Wings.  I do like how their is more black on the white jersey, and the sleeve numbers look better primarily orange rather than just an orange outline.  Execution is pretty good but the logo looks a bit too small.
Rating:  6/10

Columbus Blue Jackets, by Ryan C:
When I first glanced at this concept from Ryan I didn't realize it was for the Blue Jackets because of the new blue and grey colour scheme.  I like that, after seeing many similar Blue Jackets concepts it's nice to review something different.  The new hybrid logo looks good, I like the Civil War cap much better than the cannon.  The design of all three jersey is nice, but I especially love the alternate jersey.  Everything on that jersey (wordmark above the logo, no hem stripes, thinner middle stripe on the arms) works perfectly together.  However, I think this concept might be better without any secondary logos, I'm not a fan of the Blue Jackets original logo, and I don't think the Cannon logo works when you're already using it's roundel for the primary logo.
Rating:  8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins, by Avi S:
Before the Penguins promote their throwback jerseys to primary for next season, some people (me included) think they could use some updates.  Avi also feels this way (if this concept is any indication), he uses the modern Adidas style template with square shoulders, along with the modern non-lacing-up lace-up collars, and sock stripes that match the jersey.  The biggest and most important change is with the hem stripes though, they now match the arms much better on both the home and road jerseys.  The only change I don't like is switching from angled to straight pant stripes, I just think the straight stripes are unnecessarily less unique.
Rating:  9/10

San Jose Sharks, by Avi S:
Avi also designed a concept for the team who lost to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup final, the San Jose Sharks.  At first glance I liked the striping pattern, but I liked it even more when I realized the arm stripes curve up the arm.  It's a small detail that adds uniqueness to the concept, my only concern is it might look awkward on the under side of the sleeve where the stripes don't line up.  In other news I like the use of silver here, I like their current colour scheme with orange as well, but the silver is used very well on this concept.  Lastly I think the back numbers are a bit to big, they take up nearly the whole width of the back of the jersey.
Rating:  9/10

Everett Silvertips, by Taylor R:
Our last stop today is in Everett for a Silvertips concept from Taylor.  I love the mountain striping pattern, it looks absolutely awesome.  I also like how the mountains aren't too obvious, I didn't notice the design was mountains at first glance I just thought the striping was jagged.  On their own I also like the mountains on the pants and socks, but I wonder if it might be too much of a good thing once they're all together on a player.
Rating:  9/10 and my COTW nomination!


That's all folks!
Friday: Goalie Masks Reviewed by Steven Grant on June 17, 2016 Rating: 5


Dylan Glenn said...

I'll 2nd Taylor's Silvertips concept for COTW.

Andrew Warren said...

I'll 3rd Taylor's Silvertips concept for COTW.

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