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June 30, 2016

Thursday: Another Outsider's Perspective: Metropolitan Division

Hello again guys! Crazy day yesterday in the NHL, with the Hall/Larsson and Subban/Weber swaps, along with Stamkos staying in Tampa, and thus effectively killing the hopes and dreams of Leafs and Wings fans everywhere (sorry Ryan). The trades are definitely something I never expected, but I'm not all that surprised with Stammer, nor would I have been if he went to Toronto or Detroit.

Today again we continue the series I started last week. For those who missed it or need a refresher, here's a copy/paste of my explanation from last week, and with one change that's in bold:

This time around I'll be "interviewing" my friend on these logos. She'll be entering her third year of design school next year, she's a hockey fan (a fellow Pens fan I may add), but she isn't much of a uniform nerd, as I'd call myself and I'm sure as many of you would call yourselves.

This is going to be formatted very similarly to the way Caz formatted his, I'll ask her about her opinions on the logos, and her response you see on this blog (the "Her Review" sections) will be a direct copy/paste from a message from her. If I have any additional comments (keyword 'if'), I'll state it after. Next up, the Metropolitan Division. (All logo images are from

Carolina Hurricanes
Her review: There seems to be a lot of segments when dissecting the Hurricanes logo. This is used effectively because it gives the logo the sense of motion it deserves when trying to symbolize the energy of a Hurricane. One aspect that bothers me at close glance of the logo is that the red central ellipsis overlaps the black part. Since the whole logo follows a form of keeping similar spaces between each section, it doesn’t make sense to have one that is randomly overlapping.
My comments: Everyone always says this looks like a toilet bowl flushing. I kind of see it, but I think that's reaching a bit.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Her review: This has to be the most detailed logo out of the metropolitan division, from bevelling to intricate detailing. On top of that, this logo appears to have the most dynamic, which can be seen in the ‘swoosh’ of the flag. It would be difficult to remove or even alter the flag aspect of the logo since the original flag is this detailed. Although the flag may be a dominating aspect of the logo, its complexity doesn’t necessarily spoil the logo’s simplicity through the repetitive stripes and stars, it simply adds more meaning to the team’s name. Another feature that is implemented very well is the bevelled star. It’s placed in a way that showcases correct angling and doesn’t seem odd in placement. 

New Jersey Devils
Her review: This is an example of how letters can be shaped in the form of an image. I’ll admit, however, that it took me a while to figure out that this logo was a combination of the letters ’N’ and ‘J’. What threw me off was the ending of the J, or the devil’s tail. Since the design is flat and minimally uses colours, the warping of the tail does not give off a sense of dimension. The tail is awkwardly skewed without giving the ‘diving sense’ that the tail was intended to have outside of the roundel. The pros on this logo is that they were able to not overpower the imagery of of devils in the creation process. Slight giveaways like the horns and tail still represent that this indeed symbolizes the devils.
My comments: I've always wondered if the hidden D in the logo (made by the tail and the "arm" on the left) and the negative space inside the logo making a hockey stick (inside the supposed D) was intentional or just coincidental. Hmmm...

New York Islanders
Her review: My favourite part of the logo is the use of the hockey stick for the letter ‘Y’, which plays out as an interesting contrast to the boldness of ‘NY’. I would comment on how busy or how the island’s shape needs to be redefined, but changing the form of it would not make it seem like Long Island at first glance. An aspect that could be adjusted is the consistency of using strokes. For instance, the left of the island, does not touch the roundel and has a blue stroke around it, while the right side of the island doesn’t have a stroke. [Comment by myself: you really have to look closely to see that, you won't see it from a distance.] The decision should be made whether to keep the stroke or dismiss it for both sides. Additionally, the word ‘Islanders’ is skewed on the curve. As a result, the typography is unequal and always changing between similar letters. A prime example of this is in the letter ’S’, that appears twice in the word and looks different. It seems like it was only morphed to fit the curve as opposed to given any forethought on how it affects the original shape of the letter.
My review: I've always thought the tip of the I being at the location of Nassau Coliseum was a nice touch, despite being a questionable design choice.

New York Rangers
Her review: The shield is used as a basic shape in order to fit elements within the logo. The word ‘Rangers’ runs diagonally, reaching from each corner of the space its provided. The visual problem it creates, however, is the useless spacing on the left of the letter ‘R’. Since the angles of the typography and the diagonal do not match up, it creates an effect of visual error where it seems that leaving this space appears to be an afterthought. Another problem is that the diagonal lines between the word ‘Rangers’ and the horizontal under ‘New York’ do not match in thickness, which doesn’t seem to have a reason for inconsistency. Finally, the typography on the ‘K’ stands out unequally from the rest of the letters. Whether it be the typeface used or just how the letters were customized, the leg of the letter is way too high and doesn’t match the average general height (known as the x-height, in more technical typography terms) of the rest of the letters.

Philadelphia Flyers
Her review: As much as I dislike the team, I’ll have to admit that their logo is probably one of my top three favourites for the NHL. It’s probably the sleekest and most minimal way to symbolize the idea of flight or wings. The use of strokes is so simple and doesn’t overpower the whole logo. This can seen with the white stroke that not only contours the whole shape, but also creates an outline between each wing, then finally goes in the centre of the logo around the circular area. The only aspect of this logo that I question is the use of orange and its symbolism to Philadelphia or the team in general. This doesn’t necessarily mean the use of it is an adverse feature; the logo needed some accent colour like the bright orange to give it a final touch.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Her review: One thing that draws me into the Penguins logo is the use of angles. When it’s not used in the prominent background triangle, it’s in the hockey stick, the penguin’s legs, skates, beak, and general body shape. Although these angles do not all necessarily match up, they give off a similar visual language which makes the logo successful. A feature that stands out to me, that doesn’t seem to match with the rest of the logo, are the penguin’s gloves. There are too many small delicate white segments that can either be taken away or combined in order to create a bigger shape. Additionally, the penguin’s body near the bottom glove narrows too much in comparison to the rest of the figure. It would be best to follow a similar or expected thickness all around the penguin as opposed to straying from what most of the design is following.

Washington Capitals
Her review: The Capitals depend on the use of typography, specifically one that is custom made, for their logo. The city’s name is in a safe all caps oblique Helvetica. The three stars on top of the word ‘Washington’ are the only elements that are not angled along with the rest of the logo, which is definitely a nice contrast that doesn’t intentionally warp the original shape just to fit. In regards to the main element, the word ‘Capitals’, the typography is nicely done overall, but have some aspects that could be tweaked. For example, the bottom half of the letter ‘C’ that peaks up for no apparent reason. The bottom can rest along the baseline, since most of the letters already follow this rule. 

Bonus: Washington Capitals: 'Weagle'
Considering how popular this logo is with jersey nerds like us, and how much more fitting it is for a primary logo, I figured I'd ask her to give her thoughts on this one too.

Her review: This is particularly one of my favourite designs for a few reasons. Firstly, an eagle is known to be very complex in shape, and this logo simplifies without taking away from the bird’s features. For instance, the hooked beak, the spread of the wings, and the separation of the white feathers to the eagle’s body. Also, the knockout on the bottom of the eagle that showcases the Capitol building is a unique way to add symbolism using subtraction as opposed to just building onto the actual logo like most teams have done.

I hope you enjoyed part 2! Come back next week for part 3.


You know, I thought I had a pretty solid entry for the HJC Open, but after seeing everyone else's entries..I'm getting worried. You guys submitted some great concepts, and good luck to all. So if you haven't yet, go leave your votes for that, and while you're at it stop by the COTW vote and leave your vote for that too.
HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Alan H - Quebec Nordiques
+That sure is an interesting striping layout. I like it.
-I wish the hem stripes went all the way around, but I do understand that they don't because of the Adidas template. Let's just hope that changes for the NHL.
+Good color balance.
+Also good job with using the fleurs de lis sparingly.
-Not too sure why you didn't just put the helmet logo on the helmet, but at least you showed it.
-Unless blank pants was a design decision, there should also be a pants logo.
Overall: 8/10

Jack S. - Florida Panthers
+Nice choice utilizing an alternate color here.
+Good looking striping pattern.
-It'd look better if the stripes were a bit bolder though.
+I like the addition of even more military references, like the name on the front. I think that could work for just an alt jersey.
-Not a fan of the captain patch though. From a distance, you wouldn't be able to tell if that was for captain or alternate captain.
Overall: 7.5/10

Jordan R. - German Confederation
+This is probably one of the most interesting series I have seen in a while, if not ever. Very creative.
+The German flag inspired chest stripe also has a neat look. I'm not sure why it's in a chevron shape, but that does make it stand out from an ordinary chest stripe.
+I really like the way in which you incorporated black into the road jersey, I definitely can't say I've seen something like that before, unless you include this. (Don't worry, yours isn't that bad)
-I wish the chest stripes continued to the back.
+Yet at the same time, I think it was a good design decision not to do that. I'm not sure which would be better.
-I think the sock stripes are a bit low, they may get partially hidden under the skates if they're tucked in.
Overall: 8.5/10

Jordan R. - New Spain
+Great color balance between the jerseys here.
+For the complexity of the front design, keeping the rest simple was smart.
+And in this case, leaving the design off of the back was a good decision.
+The chest design works amazingly. It's a surprise it's not too busy. Great way to incorporate the flag.
-The C patch blends in a bit. I'd make it yellow, to match the front logo, and since there would only be a minimal amount.
-There should be numbers on the helmets, at least according to today's NHL. If their exclusion was a design decision, ignore this comment.
+I agree with leaving the pants plain, to contrast the business of the jerseys.
Overall: 9/10 and my COTW nomination

Jordan R. - United States of America
+Nice and simple design. Hard to go wrong with that.
+The striping patterns being exactly the same on both jerseys is always neat.
-Not a big fan of the nameplate on the road jersey, but it's not terrible.
-The front logo looks a bit big.
+I love the use of stars on this set. Not too much, and they definitely fill the void when needed.
-If I were you, I'd add one star to the back of the jersey on the bottom of the hem. That way the amount of stars on the jersey matches the amount on the flag.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan C. - Arizona Coyotes
+Much classier alt for the Yotes, as opposed to the modern version of this last time.
+I'd love to see maroon and white (or sand) versions for a home and road.
+The yoke and yoke stripes really change the concept from being too simple.
-Although it does still borderline being too simple, and even being a bit too close to the Devils and Bruins.
+I like the creation of a goalie and designing their gear too, especially the helmet. Don't see that often.
-If the goalie has a head in there, I'd do something to make it easier to see. It just looks like a floating mask to me. Lightening the background a bit would do it easily.
-I'd like to see the back of the jerseys also. If not the entire back, at least the name and numbers.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan C. - Tucson Roadrunners
+The roadrunners definitely need a logo improvement. Good start.
-I think the new roadrunner head just looks odd and somewhat creepy here. The bottom of the (mouth?, beak?) especially is bent really strangely. I'd lose the wordmark too.
+The striping pattern looks solid, and I like having the TV numbers inside.
-Either swap the red and black on the road jersey striping, or make the hems and/or cuffs red. The color balance is off as it is.
Overall: 7.5/10

Truman K. - Buffalo Sabres
+Another smart case of using the third color for a third jersey.
+I like the stitched numbers.
+Good color balance.
-The white blends into the yellow too much.
-The extra white lines around the buffalo are unnecessary
+I like the helmet logo.
-This jersey is way to similar to Boston. Changing the yoke style a bit would fix it, because I understand that the striping is just in reference to their old uniforms.
Overall: 7.5/10

Tyler M. - Detroit Red Wings
+I'm not sure why this striping pattern is always used for the Wings in concepts, but it works.
+Cool idea to make the arms on the home jersey white. I'm surprised I don't see that more often.
-That may make that jersey a bit too white, though. I'd have to see it on the ice to really tell, mainly so it isn't confused as a white jersey.
+The logo gives off a nice vintage feel, while the jersey gives off a modern feel. I think they work pretty well together, though.
+The Howe patch is a really nice touch, and since the Wings put their Cs and As on the other side, good job of placing it.
-The typography looks a bit strange to me, mainly the 5. It looks a bit wide, and the "middle bar" should be lowered a bit.
Overall: 8.5/10


And that's it! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.

June 29, 2016

Wednesday: AND HERE WE GO!

Two days left before all hell breaks loose. FREE AGENCY!!!! Who is going where, why is your GM not fired for not getting this guy, and STAMKOS! My head is already hurting from all the nonsense and complaining from Islanders fans all over the place. Can we just shut up and let the chips fall as they may? (I'd say thank god for MLS but with a summer transfer window AND a winter transfer window we deal with this ridiculousness the entire year). Also, every free agent is rumored to go to Toronto so take those rumors with a grain of salt.

JUST KIDDING! HELL HAS ALREADY BROKEN LOOSE! TRADES EVERYWHERE! BIG news that just broke: Edmonton trades Hall to New Jersey for Larsson, Weber to Montreal for Subban, too. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING! Sorry that we're late, but now you know why.

EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING INCLUDING THE HJC OPEN! 31 artists have entered, 16 will advance. 1 will win. Who decides? YOU (And Ryan if there's a tie)! Vote for COTW while you're at it too.

HJC Open Round Robin vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)


Bradley D: Charlotte Checkers Concept

So Bradley brings us a nice calm set to distinguish the Checkers from their parent club, the Carolina Hurricanes. That striping pattern is awesome, because of how it works with the bottom portion of the logo. Very clever. Personally, I have never been a fan of isolated black stripes, see Owen Sound Attack for that. Just a personal preference. Otherwise brilliant.

Checkmate: 85%

Bradley D: Charlotte Checkers Alternate Concept

And lets make things even fancier with, well, checkers. Appropriate. Everything here is brilliant, except for two things, the logo choice, wordmark logos are not a good look, and the yoke. If you are going to put checkers on the yoke, I'd recommend a squared off yoke, as well as a checker pattern that accurately follows the lines of the yoke. It was done well on the sleeves, but needs work on the shoulders.

King Me: 83%

Jordan R: Austrian Empire (1816 World Cup) Concept

When Austria met Hungary in Euro 2016 this year, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire jokes were flying. And now here we are. Quality look of using only yellow and black. Good call on the player choices, considering the geography, so long as Franz Ferdinand isn't playing. I just don't think yellow socks with a black jersey works well, and the other way around for the other set. I'm looking forward to this series. Name and number are separated a bit too much. maybe lower the nameplate.

Historical: 81%

Jordan R: Ottoman Empire (World Cup 1816) Concept

As we continue through the Central Powers, we basically have a team Turkey concept, but they were the Ottoman Empire. Classic look for an older era. Double red is an interesting look, one that doesn't work as well as double blue, but definitely a quality look. Chest stripe definitely works well with the moon and star logo, since seeing it in something other than white seems somewhat sacrilegious.

It's all Turkish to Me: 84%

Jordan R: United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway (World Cup 1816) Concept

Another chest stripe but vertical because why not. Surely a unique look but I don't like the white trim. I'm also happy the stripe doesn't go down the back, good call there. I miss seeing the triple crown logo, but this new (old?) shield looks good in its place. Those numbers on the sleeves are HUGE. Calm it down there. Simple as you'd expect from Sweden, but with a little Norwegian flair.

United: 83%

Ryan C: Florida Panthers Alternate Concept

I don't exactly know what to make of this. The logo choice makes it look like a 1920's style jersey, and the striping helps with that look. I would LOVE to see a red version of this. The stripes are balanced enough from the top down so as the pouncing Panther logo has space to breathe. I'm not too keen on a blue helmet with a white jersey only because this is an NHL level concept. Dark helmets with white jerseys aren't always the best look (see Colorado Stadium Series 2016).

Classic: 87%

Spencer R: Springfield Thunderbirds (AHL) Concept

Presentation here is nice (need helmet logos though), and working with a double blue color scheme is expected. Execution is killer here, as well as some design choices. Let's start with execution. White jersey has a blip of light blue on the sleeve above the striping. Number font seems a bit too ridiculous to go with this logo, and the numbers themselves are too close together. Sock stripes are curved. As for design choices, it's very hard to make a phantom yoke and side panels work. This falls short as well.

Thunderstuck: 62%

Tyler M-S: Colorado Avalanche Concept

Right off the bat I'll tell you I am no fan of the thin striping. I'll also tell you that the logo is really small. I do like the move to put light blue in the logo. Makes the logo look better and allows the navy blue to make sense in the Avs' color scheme. The Colorado pride jersey is a nice touch, and I'm glad it looks different enough from the flag to make it work better for a hockey jersey. Maybe darken that yellow though.

Adventurous: 78%

The winner of my COTW nomination is:



Well I'm off to work and I'll probably miss a lot as the day progresses with NHL offseason news. See you next week when everything has happened.

June 27, 2016

Tuesday: The Eleventh Hour

GOOOOOD MOOOORNNNNING VIETNAM! No? Ok. Hi everybody. Welcome back to another Tuesday post that isn't all messed up. Once again, I apologize for that and to Avi for the misspelling.

Anyways, If your reading this prior to 5:00PM EST then you have under thirty minutes to get your concepts for the HJC Open in. Otherwise, too bad and better luck next year. 

As a friendly reminder, VOTE FOR THE COTW! it takes at most two minutes. Get on that stuff.

HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern)
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

To the Concepts!

 Bradley Debode- Binghamton Senators Alternate
Positives: We begin our AHL parade with Bradley's B-Sens alternate and the design looks pretty good. Making the striping classic while having the double stripe in the yoke looks really good.
Negatives: That roundel style logo is a little too small. Also, the problem with this template is that using the black gives the whole concept a rough look to it.
Overall: 7/10

Bradley Debode- Binghamton Senators 
Positives: the striping is really clean and unique on this whole set. The accents on the waist and making the ends a different color make the jersey look simple but effective
Negatives: clean up your template. All that grey makes it look unfinished.
Overall: 8/10

Bradley Debode- Bridgeport Sound Tigers Alt 
Positives: Playing off the islanders current alternate turned out really well here. The four stripes and white out logo look pretty interesting on this whole uniform
Negatives: Bring in those beautiful numbers that the islanders have on their alternate jerseys. The plain block numbers are just boring on this set. 
Overall: 8/10

Bradley Debode- Bridgeport Sound Tigers 
Positives: Out of the two uniforms I would have to say that the white set is the better of the two. The two stripes with the different colored gems work well as a nice nod to the Islanders while giving the Tigers a look al to themselves.
Negatives: The orange uniform just isn't working out for me with the white hem. I get the color swap but in this case it doesn't work with the blue as the striping.
Overall: 7.5/10

Josiah Bosch- Springfield Thunderbirds 
Positives: Thanks for making the yokes match. Anyways, the striping on this whole set just looks awesome and the different colored hems work out well on this. Also, the different colored nameplate actually looks good on this set.
Negatives: Call it nitpicking but the white jersey would look better matched up as the dark jersey. The striping being different on the arms and the hem just doesn't work as well as the other jersey.
Overall: 8.75/10

Lucas Daitchman- Springfield Thunderbirds 
Positives: What's really working for this jersey right now is the arm striping cutting off at an angle instead of just going half way. It really works well with the logo. Also, the chest stripe was a really good idea to mimicking the striping on the logo.
Negatives: Make the stripes connect. I get that you wanted it to look like the logo but if it's going all the way around then make it connect. Also, the yoke stitching doesn't need to be that crazy. It might cause movement limitations if it were to be used in a real life situation, but that's a guess.
Overall: 8.75/10

Ryan Christensen- Edmonton Oilers 
Positives: I don't know what you were thinking when you made that logo but looks awesome. It gives off a 70's feel to it with a modern update. As for the jersey, the simplicity of it works out really well to make it pleasing to the eye.
Negatives: The chest stripe is a little much on this.
Overall: 9/10

Ryan Christensen- Montreal Canadiens 
Positives: I'm seeing a pattern with you and the sleeves. They definitely work on this faux back jersey you made with the hem stripe matching the white jersey. Also, the logo being simply white really gives the jersey a much more defined look and those block "M"s on the shoulders look really good. 
Negatives: Nothing. Absolutely nothing
Overall: 10/10 COTW Nominee

Zeke Goldsmith- Philadelphia Quakers
Positives: It's good to see that you really simplified the Quakers jersey and added some modern touches to it. The yoke and hem stripe look great as does the black arm ends.
Negatives: Get rid of the stitching on the arms so it looks like a square yoke and make sure your logo is the same color as your jersey.
Overall: 7.5/10
Well that's all I got for ya kids. Good luck to all of you who entered in the HJC Open. Have a good rest of the week and now I pass off the torch to Phil.

Monday: Bonjour Bulldog!

Hello, and welcome to another Monday post on HJC!

Things I'm happy about today:

Vegas getting an expansion franchise
The HoF selections today, especially Vachon
Jets getting a superstar in the draft
New Leafs jerseys are better in person than they are on an app
HJC Open begins soon!

Things I'm not happy about

You haven't voted for COTW yet!

You should vote, or else your favourite team will be moved to Sacramento and become the Sacramento Skidmarks (Concept idea for those of you needing inspiration)

For those of you entering the HJC Open, you NEED to have your entires ready for tomorrow they are due tomorrow @5pm, 30 minutes after the post! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Voting begins that evening, so get ready to vote too!

HJC Open Round Robin entries (due Tuesday @ 5pm Eastern)
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

On with today's concepts


Québec Bulldogs Concepts (By:Lucas D.)

+ The stripes increasing in size on the chest is a really nice touch for some interesting patterns
+ The layout of the jersey is really nice, colours are well balanced (which is relatively easy considering there's two) but Lucas does make it interesting
+ Considering the Bulldogs never really had a logo aside from a big Q, the fact it works 100 years after it was first used is really cool
+ Good execution

- I would have gone with a curved set of numbers to match the logo
- The Penguins-esque colour upper arm look okay, but I would prefer an uncoloured upper arm

Rating: 8.75/10

Las Vegas Black Knights Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ Right away, I love the colour lay out. Lots of black and white and just enough Vegas Gold to make the team look unique
+ The striping having a tie to the Vegas flag is a good move and would be the first time a team has done this striping full time since the Pre-NHL Canadiens
+ While we won't get this logo, something similar would be awesome, I'm now fully on the Black Knights name
+ The clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades collar details look fantastic
+ Great execution

- An LV shoulder patch would be complete this look

Rating: 9/10 COTW Nom from me!

Québec Bulldogs Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ I'd call this a merger between the Bulldogs & Nordiques, a solid move and looks very simple but it works
+ The striping I'd call a full on improvement over the Nordiques, if they were to come back, I'd use this striping and patch lay out any day
+ Great execution

- If this is a Bulldogs concept, it works decently, but the Québec script makes a good helmet logo, not a logo, use the Q
- That being said I do think it's a better Nordiques concept if you'd have used the Nordiques logo and added some red around the numbers and striping

Rating: 8.25/10

Atlanta Flames Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ I'm a big Atlanta Flames fan in that I'm glad they existed and I like their identity, and seeing them updated for 2016 I really like seeing, especially having this tie to Calgary but not a copy
+ The side flames look fantastic, I thought they'd look too close to the Oil drop, but having the flames curve on each side to make a dip on the sides saves the look
+ Curved arms and colour lay out keep the look
+ Numbers are an excellent choice
+ Great execution

- Needs a shoulder patch
- I'd also like to see the gear on this concept to see how black/red gear would look and get some realism to this concept for a team that was screwed over by existing in the 70s

Rating: 8.75/10

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Steven G.)

+ The idea of this concept series is great, and Steven has put a lot of thought into these (explain the long time between releases)
+ Either set would be a vast improvement (and bring back the old alternate/keep the new alternate) but I agree the Steven, the left has more colours and merges both eras in the Avs history well
+ The detail of the Colorado C in the numbers and upper arms on the right jersey looks great and would work well on an alternate
+ Dark blue gear looks fantastic, use that immediately
+ Great execution

- The new look set needs more dark blue in it, and would look better with said dark blue gear
- Lace down collar seems a little unnecessary
- The black hem stripe on the maroon new look jersey looks better with a white hem trim, not black

Rating: 9/10

Ottawa Senators 100th Anniversary Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Their 10th anniversary logo with the Senator without the mohawk (I forget the name of that part of the helmet, and I'm a history major!) always looked great to me, and it works well with the current shield loog
+ The jersey without the arms works perfectly, we'll cover how to improve the arms soon
+ Rest of the gear and socks work really well imo, and good fauxback 
+ Good execution

- The arms really don't work for me, it makes the jersey look like the rest of the jersey is a sweater and the arms are a knit sweater from your grandma at christmas you wear once because your mother told you too. I understand Ryan wanted to do something different than the hem and the 2011 Heritage Classic striping. It could work, but if you wanted to improve it right away, add a big O to where the arm striping would be to match the 1920s Senators OR put that on the shoulders and put the number box on the arms 

Rating: 8.75/10

Vancouver Canucks 100th Anniversary Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ Another great fauxback concept here, this was something I'd have hoped for when the Millionaires logo in blue it'd go on the alternate and the modernized stick in rink is put on the home and road (still time)
+ The striping, while similar to Stars, works so I don't really mind much
+ Again, great execution, the lay out of this concept is perfect!

- The block letter V gives a more 40s vibe, put the Vancouver script back in the letter
- The Stick in Rink in vintage white isn't the worst look, but it needs a space in between the green & vintage white 

Rating: 8.5/10

Bakersfield Condors Concepts (By: Bradley D.)

+ While the striping hasn't changed a whole lot colour wise, the striping is different from the Oilers and it works with the logo but also gives its own identity 
+ The curved arms look fantastic, especially in orange 
+ Rest of the jersey is stock standard but it really works well imo, and NOT AN OILERS COPY!
+ Good execution 

- Lots of spare white pixels on the gear and upper jersey, don't forget to fix that up
- I'd like to see the white jersey without a yoke and a blue collar to see what looks better
- Don't forget to take the white spaces in the script on the logo on the blue jersey 

Rating: 8.5/10

Bakersfield Condors Concept (By: Bradley D.)

+ I'm a huge fan o the Condors using the Oiler orange jersey as inspiration and making their own orange jersey, it's a great colour blown up fully on a jersey and it works well with the Condors logo 
+ While I don't think it really works as well as it could, the side bar striping I think is a neat idea to try
+ Good execution

- The side striping is really more of a basketball design, but trying it on a hockey jersey isn't impossible, this biggest problem is the arms. The thing that killed the Oilers original edge jerseys was the lack of arm striping visible from most angles, maybe just do it on the hem
- The name bar would look better inside an oversized yoke
- Same problem with the logo script, but the script would pop more if it were blue like the wings of the beautiful California Condor

Rating: 7.5/10

That's the post! 
Don't forget to vote and get your HJC Open concepts ready!
Have a great week!
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads

June 26, 2016


Hello everyone! Hopefully this post finds you satisfied with your team's draft haul.

The Leafs had a huge week. They drafted American Hero Auston Matthews, acquired Kerby Rychel and Frederick Andersen, and introduced new jerseys! Personally, I think it feels like a change for change's sake. Striping thickness is the main issue. There are some peculiar proportions going on. It's not bad, but it will make Maple Leaf vs. Lightning games even more confusing for the casual fan. For more details on their debut, read Ryan's post from yesterday. He was right there in the mix!

From my perspective, I was really hoping for a draft day trade that would rid us of human Nickleback album Mike Ribeiro. As it is, Dante Fabbro was the player I was hoping to get, so I don't have much to complain about. We've restocked our defensive prospect cabinet following a few departures, and prepared ourselves for the potential of a defenseman being grabbed by Las Vegas in the expansion draft. The Preds also drafted a player named Konstantin Volkov, who joins Magnus Hellberg in a list of Preds' draft picks who could also be movie villains. 

So how do you feel about your team's draft day? Who were the biggest winners and losers? Will the Leafs be competitive next year? 

House Lannister Concept - Matt G.

Positives: Tonight is the Game of Thrones finale! As far as I'm concerned, you either like GoT, or you're wrong, so I'm trusting you are all as pumped as I am. I really like the striping and regal appearance of the jerseys. Colors are balanced well. Execution is good. I really like the presentation as well. The location of secondary logos and sleeve numbers on the home and away jerseys were an interesting choice. 

Negatives: The shoulder logos on the third jersey, would look more natural if they were facing left/right instead of north/south (from a side perspective, if that makes sense). Some gold trim on the equipment would help.

Overall: *Plays the Rains of Castamere* (8.5/10)

Albany Devils Concept - Bradley D.

Positives: The striping pattern looks great. If New Jersey isn't going to use it, someone may as well. It connects the AHL franchise to NJ without being just a logo-swap. Execution is good. The alternate is what New Jersey and jersey fanatics have been wanting for a long time.

Negatives: We've seen a lot of concepts like this for both the New Jersey and Albany Devils. A unique detail or two could separate it from the numerous pack.

Overall: Solid, respectable, classic, but also common. (8/10)

New Jersey Devils NHL 100th Anniversary "Fauxback" Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: If I were to make a Venn diagram of creative concepts and New Jersey concepts, there would be very few in the middle segment. This would make the cut, though. It's still traditional, but it brings new details to the table. The vintage white looks surprisingly good against this shade of red. The detail work on the equipment is exceptional. Ryan has further improved his presentation.

Negatives: I think a different logo may be required for a fauxback. The logo is a classic, but at the same time, it doesn't look aged.

Overall: An expertly executed jersey. A logo that has more of a 50s-ish appearance may help. (8.5/10)

Las Vegas Ace Concept - SR Designs

Positives: "Aces" could be a good name for a Las Vegas team. Colors are balanced well. 

Negatives: The logo is problematic. I respect when someone makes their own logo. However, this one has an appearance similar to...well there's no easy way to put this...a vagina. The numbers on the back are a little too small. With Pittsburgh changing their colors back to yellow and black, and Boston already using those colors, the color scheme is perhaps overused. 

Overall: Some interesting ideas, but it needs work. (5/10)

Las Vegas Ace Concept - SR Designs

Positives: This color scheme makes more sense, considering the colors of actual playing cards. I think it makes more sense for the team anyways.

Negatives: See above

Overall: Color change is an improvement. (6/10)

Colorado Rockies Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: The Colorado state flag logo looks really good against a chest stripe. The yoke is really unique. It draws your attention. This isn't a jersey set you are going to forget easily. Colors are balanced well. Execution is very good. 

Negatives: I think the yoke goes too far down the arms. The last point it tapers to would come between the sleeve numbers, crowding them. 

Overall: A few minor changes to the yoke could make this a perfect Rockies set. (8/10)

Colorado Rockies Concept - Zeke G.

Positives: The Rockies get a double feature today. Zeke also uses a chest stripe. Colors are balanced well. I like the use of the flag logo on the shoulder and helmet. The pant stripe works too. 

Negatives: I don't think the Rockies old logo works against a chest stripe. The logo itself already has a central stripe, so it makes it almost feel off-center.

Overall: Switching the primary and alternate logos would be the best way to improve the set. (8/10)

Minnesota North Stars - Zeke G.

Positives: Honestly, it's hard to mess up this color scheme. It just looks great. The striping pattern looks good. The yoke helps make the away jersey more distinctive. Execution and presentation look good. 

Negatives: The yellow outlines are a little too thin. They are almost imperceptible. 

Overall: It really is a shame that the North Stars jersey and colors aren't around anymore. (8.5/10)

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