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Wednesday: Fix You

When you try your best, but you don't succeed

When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you.

So yeah. There's the new unofficial theme song for the New York Islanders. Trying our best (although in Tampa that was debatable) but not succeeding. We got what we wanted against Florida but not what we needed (the Cup). Tears were streaming down many faces. We lost something we couldn't replace (the Coliseum). We loved our team but it went to waste. But we will try to fix them. Also it's the song the team came out to pregame for the past 2 years.

And boy do we have to fix them big time. So many free agents, including Okposo, Nielsen and Martin. There are several more RFAs that need signing too. Oh and some fans are clamoring for Stamkos. What are we going to do?

Before we worry too much about that, let's worry about the rest of the playoffs. Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh are tied at a game apiece with game 3 tonight. Sharks and Blues Game 2 finished 4-0 in favor of the Sharks to tie the series.

As such I will fight Jets96's decisions on the best jerseys in their respective franchise histories.

Pittsburgh Black 1986-1992:

(via penguins.nhl.com)

Pittsburgh as I've mentioned is a city of black and gold in sports. Steelers, Pirates, Penguins. The double blue was nice, but this helps with the city identity, and not the garbage Vegas gold. I'm so happy they are (allegedly, but all but confirmed at this point) switching back to this full time. White jerseys had too much gold and not enough black. Plus the gold helmets were too much, so they ditched them for white later on.

Tampa Bay Blue 2011-Present:

(via lightning.nhl.com)

I liked the logo that came out from the Reebok-Edge overhaul, but the jerseys were trash. Tampa's logo was edgier (no pun intended) than the one they started with. However this is the cleanest look the Lightning have brought out. White doesn't get the nod because of the Tampa Bay script over the logo.

St. Louis White 1968-1984:

(via Long Island Business News on Pinterest)

No white on yellow nonsense, no red, no navy. I swear I'm not biased because the great Al Arbour wore this sweater as seen here (with glasses while playing too!) Better than the blue jerseys they had during this time.

San Jose Teal 2007-2013:

(via Beyond the Hockey Stars on Reddit)

The black is balanced perfectly here, the new logo is better than the expansion logo, and the orange trim is perfect (and better than grey). Add a hem stripe and boom, perfection. White jersey is nice but these are more crisp.

So clearly Jets and I have our differences. I assume you do to. So let's discuss it. Who's right? Why is Jets crazy with his picks? Or me for that matter? Comment below!

The Kentucky and Oregon primaries were yesterday. Our primary is every day! And you don't have to be in Kentucky or Oregon to vote! And there are no accusations of voter fraud (I hope)! COTW as usual, but the Tuscon Falcons/Sun Dogs/Roadrunners/Whatevers vote is here too! Polls close Friday at NOON as per the new week at HJC.

Reminders in technicolor:

COTW May 8-12 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm Eastern)
Falcons to Tucson Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm Eastern) 


Ben S: Michigan State Spartans (NCAA) Concept:

This reminds me a lot of the Minnesota Wild in regards to the striping pattern, which is a major plus here. The contrasting upper sleeves are gorgeous. Clean dual color scheme here, as Michigan State should stick to, instead of BFBS (black for black's sake). Sock stripes should be lower, as mentioned on this blog fairly recently. I'm not feeling the stripe on the pants because I think it throws off the balance of the concept as a whole. Probably best to have no stripe, or one stripe only.

Avoids the Pit of Death in Sparta: 83%

Ben S: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (NCAA) Concept

While I hate wordmark logos on the front of a jersey, it's generally accepted in the NCAA so I'll allow it. I've never been a fan of gold helmets for Notre Dame, but it is also a staple at ND. The one thing that doesn't make me happy is a lack of blue on the white jersey. The shoulder patch needs a white outline, or else it gets lost easily. Don't like how the collar is the same color as the yoke. Font is perfect. Love how the striping pattern is purely identical on both jerseys. One of my favorite jersey illusions. The striping looks different on each jersey, but in reality it's completely unchanged. IT's simply how it works against different color jerseys. Beautiful. Could use helmet and pant logos, plus sock stripes are again too high.

Pot of gold, but too much gold: 79%

Brooks F: Mississauga Steelheads (OHL) Concept

Remember the illusion of identical striping I just mentioned? Brooks expands upon that and brings us identical arms. And the white jersey's contrasting upper sleeve makes things even better, but the downside to that is that I would've hoped for more blue on the hem, especially since the socks have it too. Striping is a little high on those socks. Alternate's striping is brilliant in comparison to that underrated logo. Having no logo on the alternate's shoulders is the right move, as it helps the yoke striping stay consistent with the rest of the jersey. Love the alternate pant stripes too. Nice little touch that does you well in the long term.

Catch of the Day: 89%

Jordan R: Dallas Stars Concept

You did mention that you wanted to leave the home and road alone, which is a nice thing but doesn't help with the whole idea of a "concept". Alternate brings back memories of the Dallas Stars first road jersey, and placing the numbers in the empty stripe space works well. This shade of green stands out better than the old Stars green. The "pride jersey" as I'll call it, needs to be more red and less orange. Not the best shade to use if you want to purely represent Texas. Good call on the logos. Execution notes: sock stripes are too high.

Conceptualize things beyond alternates: 76%

Tyler M: Vancouver Canucks Concept

Not bad. The Canucks need a green jersey. Their minor league club has one and it's BEAUTIFUL, so there's no excuse as to why the parent club doesn't have one. So Tyler tries to fix that and it's not bad. He tries a modern take on the old Vancouver Millionaires jerseys. Personally speaking, I think this template is trash. I, among other artists, have had trouble making jerseys look good with this template so we have moved on to better ones, so scroll down on the Templates page and check out all of them. Striping on the arms isn't bad, but maybe move it a little bit further down so that the numbers have space to breathe. All logos are too small, and the primary needs to be much bigger. Not a fan of that hem striping, because I don't feel that it has the same vibe as the sleeves. No number outline works here. Sock stripes are too high

Ideas are there, but explore some more: 64%

Vaughn R and William B: 2018 All Star Challenge Concept

This was a fun concept from the pairs comp from Vaughn and William. The All-Star Challenge logo looks great (thanks for the bit about ditching the stars for the patch logo), but the Hockey Fest logo has too much going on with all the different league logos on top. Although I would love to see some sort of AHL and OHL outdoor game, in addition to another CWHL vs NWHL game despite the tragic Denna Laing injury. Would be a fun event, plus your presentation is fantastic here.

Star-studded: 86%

Zeke G: Arizona Bighorns (AHL) Concept

While this is a brilliant concept, the execution drags this down big time. Loose pixels are everywhere. The numbers on the back are too spaced out from the name plate. Logo could use an outline on the front of the dark jersey. Shoulder patches on the alternate are placed incorrectly. I know you're better than this. Otherwise a good idea.

Clean up in aisle 5: 50%

The winner of my COTW Nomination is:



Well that wraps up another week at HJC. And as my offseason progresses, I look forward to some of the design changes in the sport. Oh wait there's still hockey? LET'S GET WATCHING!!! See you next week.
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Dylan Glenn said...

I'll 2nd Brooks for concept of the week.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Phil, excluding Tampa, you've picked my second favourite look of all the teams. Good picks

Burkus Circus said...

Al Arbor is the reason I'm still not using contacts when I play hockey...


Anonymous said...

Notre Dame isn't in the Big 10, its independent...

Ben Shaffer said...

@Anonymous Notre Dame is joining the Big 10 in hockey in 2017.

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