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Wednesday: 5000-1

 A quick congratulations is in need for Leicester City for winning the English Premier League. Overcoming 5000-1 odds to defeat the giants of English soccer, such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur is quite the achievement. Why do I bring this up? Two reasons:

1) Let's throw back to my EPL series and show you a portion of my Leicester City concept. (DISCLAIMER: Not eligible for review or Concept of the Week).

2) 5000-1 odds are ridiculous. The odds of YOU winning something here are much, much easier, so if Leicester City can beat those odds, you can too.

Crazy things have happened. The United States was a 1000-1 underdog to beat the Soviet Union in 1980. Nobody would've thought that every Canadian team would've missed the playoffs. Nobody thought that in the same playoffs that there would be no original 6 teams in the second round. I've won Concept of the Week. All of these improbable events came to be. So don't get down on yourself. Keep working hard and you can win our "league".

But before you get there, we need your help to crown a champion for this week. So go to the black box on the right and select who you believe is worthy to take the crown of Concept of the Week.

Ok, now that you did that, we can get back to you winning. It's up to you to move the Springfield Falcons to Tuscon, Arizona. Design a new set of jerseys, or even a brand new logo set, for the relocation. Send 'em in!

*** EDIT BY RYAN ***
New post on the Design Blog explaining the COTW nomination deadline.

Oh ok, Ryan, I'll check that out.

Daily Reminders:

COTW April 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Tucson entries (due Fri, May 13 @ 10:30pm Eastern)


Not so fast. CONTEST ENTRIES!!

Phil B (HI GUYS!):


Ok NOW we move on to the concepts!

Alan H: Creighton Blue Jays (NCAA) Concept

Alan gives us quite the modern look for Creighton, and with a recent re-brand, I'd say it's justified. The only thing I think needs improvement is color balance on the dark jersey. I'd love to see some more of that light blue, and I think it would look best on the sleeves below the striping pattern. Maybe add a silver stripe above the pattern on the arms of the white jersey to match it with the side panels and the dark jersey. Otherwise excellence as usual from Alan.


Bradley D: Tampa Bay Lightning Concept

A unique striping pattern for sure. A modern yet simplistic look that bodes well with this team. I love how the striping makes it feel like a quick fade, if that makes any sense. The blue from the top slows down into the white while the white from the bottom slows up into the blue. That probably doesn't help describe it but whatever. Only complaint is the TV numbers being too high.

Don't like the team but love the concept: 80%

Bradley D: Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Concept

Same thing here, but the way the colors are, while it loses the fade effect, it does throw back to the original Lightning jerseys, which isn't a bad trade-off. But blue helmets? Once you go black you can never go back, so black helmets are needed, or else you have an Islanders third jersey disaster. As if we don't already have enough of those.

Equal trade-off, equal score: 80%

Daniel L: Frolunda Indians (Champions League) Concept

Daniel brings us the idea of Champions League (something the aforementioned Leicester City will enjoy), but on ice. Simple jersey, classy logo. I just feel this concept needs something. Anything. Shoulder patch? Better striping? Perfect execution though.

Something is missing: 82%

Bylan A: Rockford IceHogs (AHL) Concept

The D-Bro brings us yet another Rockford IceHogs design. It's the equivalent of another Islanders design from me. Anyway, he adapts the Stadium Series jersey from Chicago, makes a matching black jersey, and sends it to the minors. I love the pig bum logo, and I think it's the most underrated in the AHL, but I would suspect that a Blackhawks logo would have to be on that jersey somewhere. Unfortunately, the jersey stripes are so disproportioned to begin with (not your fault), that it seems impossible to do this. I wouldn't be surprised if they did this in real life. Doesn't mean I would like it.

Oink. That's all I got: 81%

Dylan T: Carolina Hurricanes Throwback Concept

Simple is nice, but too simple is not good here. The Whalers had enough of a distinguished look that going even simpler from that is not a step in the right direction. Adidas stripes have been addressed in most concepts with them. I hope it doesn't become a reality. Number outline would be good, and move it up the sleeve while you're at it. Template could be improved big time, since it looks like a sloppy photoshop.

There's your whale of a tale: 63%

Dylan T: Columbus Blue Jackets Throwback Concept

While this looks more like an actual Barons jersey, I can't help but want a thicker white stripe and for the striping on the sleeves to move up. Same execution flaws from your previous concept.

Cleveland the unfortunate result capital: 60%

Lucas D: Ottawa Senators Concept

I love this so much, but one thing is missing. It's a classy look, but the character is lost without the gold in the logo. I don't need it anywhere else. Just put it back in the logo. The red number on the back isn't the easiest to see, but we really need that gold back.

Gold is valuable: 77%

Ryan C: AHL All-Star Game Concept

Ryan creates a classy set for the AHL All-Star Game, which is usually the case with AHL games. Colors balance well, execution is top notch, but just show me how those pants look. Are they red or blue? What kind of stripes do they have, if any? It can make or break your concept. Helmet logos?

Star power is here, but it needs support to thrive: 84%

The winner of my Concept of the Week Nomination is: 

So there you have it. Another week gone by. Next week I hope to talk to you after the Islanders advance, or else you'll have a somewhat miserable post. 

Well miserable intro that is, but I'll do my best to keep you entertained. Bye guys!

Wednesday: 5000-1 Reviewed by Phil Beck Designs on May 04, 2016 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...


What do you mean by the stripes being disproportioned?

And as for the lack of a Blackhawks logo on the jersey...
Exhibit A - Chicago Wolves
Exhibit B - Hershey Bears
Exhibit... whatever there's more I don't feel like looking them up lol

Taylor Roy said...

I'll 2nd Alan's Creighton concept

Josiah Bosch said...

Actually the Champions League was a joint project with Daniel Lowry, Jan Schreyer, and Bradley deBode, and myself. Trust me, all of my concepts are coming in as well. I approached the guys with it and we did it over the March Break. Good times.

That being said, I'll toss a nomination at the Frolunda concept. No bias.

JJ Anderes said...

Dylan A. for COTW

Phil Beck Designs said...

D-Bro, I mean them being oversized as opposed to a normal jersey, but remember, not your fault because it's a stadium series jersey.

Plus the teams you mentioned have separate identities from their parent clubs. Rockford does not.

DBro Alexander said...

@Phil - The stripes are oversized compared to the stripes on the normal Blackhawks/IceHogs jerseys yes, but they are by no means oversized stripes. They're larged and are almost a complete barberpole but I don't think you mean to use the word oversized.

And also, the IceHogs have had their identity since 1999. That's way before the Blackhawks ever came into the mix. They're not the Rockford Blackhawks. I don't think just because teams share jerseys or are affiliated means they 'neeeed' to have their logo.

Justin said...

Dylan for COTW!

Matt McElroy said...

Yeah Dylan thats why they're called the Chicago Black Hawks of Rockford because they have the same identity. Wait a second ..... DINKLEBERG!!!

Welll that'll be a COTW nom for Mr Alexander's Chicago Black Hawks of Rockford from me

Ryan C. said...

I'll second Dylan's Rockford concept. And he is correct, the icehogs were around long before the Chicago affiliation. I remember watching the Muskegon Fury stomp the ice piggies into the ground pretty regularly lol

Phil Beck Designs said...

Shots fired, Ryan!

DBro Alexander said...

Oh I remember that Ryan. All that stomping ended up getting the Piggies into the AHL. How's the Fury doing? ;^)

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