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Tuesday: It. Has. Begun!

Good afternoon everyone. I'm going to get straight to the point. The Penguins are leading the Finals 1-0 with a 3-2 win at home, the top five vote for the Atlanta Thrashers Competition, Concept of the week voting, and most importantly, The logo competition for the HJC Open going on, so get to it!

COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC OPEN 2016 Logo Competition Entry Phase: (Ends June 10 @ noon Eastern)

The latest entries for the HJC Open:

Lucas Daitchman
On to the Concepts!

Brooks Freeman- Owen Sound Attack
Positives: The "Bear Claw" stripping on the primary set fits well with the logo and the color combination that you have the stripping in order really gives the jersey a well balanced look. The stripping on the alternate jersey is also unique and interesting.
Negatives: While I am a fan of the gradient stripping, you give the alternate jersey this 90's roller hockey look that, while it worked for the Penguins and Canucks, it just doesn't fit well on this yellow alternate. Also, the 90's Capital numbers don't work on this jersey.
Overall: 7.5/10

Brooks Freeman- Peterborough Petes 
Positives: The thick stripping really works hrere as the overall theme. It also works in the fact that the end to end half sleeves aren't dominated by the large stripes and vice versa. As for the alternate, going with a simple two color scheme using a large waist stripe really works well on this. Also, the smaller stripe towards the bottom of the jersey looks good as well.
Negatives: The issue I have with the half and half sleeves with the full sleeve stripe is that both jerseys have a different look when you look at it as an overall all, but that's a preference thing.
Overall: 8/10

 Connor Lanteigne- Colorado Avalanche
Positives: The logo that you made for the Av's looks pretty good with this jersey. While a gray alternate is unusual today, I think that the Av's could pull something like this off.
Negatives: A lot of execution mistakes. To start, you have no front of the collar. Second, you have nothing to detect a yoke or any type of stitching on the jersey. Third, your sleeve numbers are incorrect. They should be divided evenly.
Overall: 4/10

Fernando Moreno- Boston Pride
Positives: To start, the template you used for this looks great. The design of the uniform set overall works really well. With a name like "Pride" a patriotic color scheme is a win-win. the waist stripe with the two accent stripes really works out on the jersey.
Negatives: While the vintage white looks nice and fits very well, I feel that vintage white has seen its time pass in the jersey world, so make it a traditional white. Also, Perhaps making the outline a little bit thicker on the back because it might get hard to read the white numbers within the white of the yoke from a distance.
Overall: 8.75/10

Jordan Roberts- Anaheim Ducks 
Positives: Impressive setup as always Jordan. I can tell you that it would be a dream for anyone who grew up in the 90's for the Ducks to go back to the original logo. As for the first three (because well all know the four is a perfect 10 alone). Bringing back the classic diagonal stripping and doing it in the current alternate stripping style works perfectly together.
Negatives: The yoke and phantom yoke on the first two jerseys are a little much. Get rid of them and you got yourself a great set.
Overall: 9/10

Jordan Roberts- San Jose Sharks 
Positives: bringing back the original color scheme along with the new teal works really well on this. Also, good job bringing back the yoke. San Jose's jerseys aren't as interesting without them. The third is also a nice combination between the current black and first black alternate they ever had. And for the "Heritage", It's nice that you went with a California Seals style throwback. That's something you wouldn't see on the ice today.
Negatives: The chest logo on the third is a little too big and I think that the Seals jersey wasn't the best choice but it's still a nice jersey.
Overall: 10/10 COTW NOMINEE

 Josiah Bosch- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: Thank you for bringing back the hurricane flag pattern in the stripping. Also, the alternate logo looks good on the sleeves. The black jersey really works well with the red stripe and white accent stripes.
Negatives: The white jersey just isn't working. I get that you wanted to keep the ends black but it just makes the sleeve and hem stripping look strange with that white in it.
Overall: 7.75/10

Josiah Bosch- Nashville Predators
Positives: Love the dominance of yellow on the jersey. Some people might say it's overkill but when they brought out that alternate yellow helmet, it took their home jersey to a new level. I really enjoy that you kept the yellow on the ends of the white jersey and the pattern near the collar and on the sleeves gives  it that little personal touch, similar to the piano keys inside the neck of their current jersey.
Negatives: Bring back the current numbering and one of the thin white stripes on the white jersey is yellow instead of white.
Overall: 8.75/10

 Josiah Bosch- Winnipeg Jets
Positives: Hey Winnipeg Jets, take note. Thank you for going back to a traditional style jersey with the jets. everything about this works because of it's simplicity.
Negatives: A little more Navy on the white jersey would be nice.
Overall: 8.5/10

 Lucas Daitchman- Winter Classic 2018
Positives: Both jersey look pretty nice. Going with the colors of the early Dallas years and not using white on the Stars jersey was a really good choice. As for the Wild jersey, Good choice in using the "Minnesota" script and doing a color on the top of the sleeves with color on the hem of the jersey. it gives the color a interesting distribution around the jersey.
Negatives: Those numbers on both sides look awkward on both jerseys.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan Christensen- Ottawa Senators Third 
Positives: Overall this set is extremely successful because it hits two fronts: it uses a throwback logo and it's a simple but effective design. Everything just works out together for this set.
Negatives: I would suggest changing the vintage white on the sleeve patches to match the white of the primary logo and set.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan Christensen- Ottawa Senators 
Positives: This design screams Ottawa senators. with the Centurion pattern stripping to the sleeve design, it all goes together in a cohesive manner. Also, Nice use of the profile centurion logo.
Negatives: the Centurion pattern stripping is a little much for the jersey. simple gold accents work just as well also.
Overall: 8.5/10
Well everybody, that's all the concepts I have. I hope everybody has a good rest of the week and enjoy the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Tuesday: It. Has. Begun! Reviewed by Steven Marculaitis on May 31, 2016 Rating: 5


Ben Shaffer said...

Josiah B's Nashville Preds for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

Brooks F's Peterborough Petes Concepts for COTW. That alternate is right gorgeous!

Dylan Glenn said...

I'll second Jordans Sharks concept for COTW.

Vaughn Roberts said...

I'll 2nd Brooks

Daniel Lowry said...

Bosch's Preds for cotw.

Frank W said...

Sorry, pet peeve of mine, but striping*

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