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Tuesday: Concept Marathon!

Hi everybody. Welcome back to HJC. We have a marathon of ten concepts this Tuesday. That's not why I'm excited though. The Penguins and Capitals have game six tonight and the Penguins are one win away from knocking the Capitals off and moving on. I have nothing against any of the Capitals fans on this website, but I was born and raised a Pens fan so I'll be glued to my TV rooting for the Pens. Sorry.

We got the Tucson Competition still going on. If you haven't gotten your logos done yet and are on the jerseys by now then I hope you're fast at making a good looking logo. Unlike school, this is something I would assume nobody would procrastinate on, unless you have more important things in your life. That I completely understand.

And as usual, we have the Concept of the Week voting still going on so remember: take the time to vote for your fellow designers and don't be a poor sport because you didn't get the vote.

Oh, and one more thing. To clarify the new structure at HJC, please go to this link:

Since we have no new entries for the Tucson Competition, ON TO THE CONCEPTS!

Jay Schreyer- EHC Frieburg
Positives: The First thing that catches my eye is the sleeve stripes that are the same color as the jersey itself. It gives the sleeves a nice break instead of it being completely solid. The simple hem stripe and the "1961" on the back was a good choice as well.
Negatives: One problem that I have always found with S2dio's custom full body template is that when you add color to it, you have this grey boarder around the creases in the jersey and in the gloves. This makes the design look rough and unfinished. If you intend to use this for future concepts please take the time to go in and make sure that you have the color flush against the the black lines or a darker variant of the color to give it a more realistic look. (I'm not blasting S2dio on his template, but I've had the same problem as well with it and it can be frustrating at times. It is a good looking template though.)
Overall: 6/10

 Jay Schreyer- Kolner Haie 
Positives: The sleeve and hem stripping looks really nice on this jersey. the fact that you go from long cuffs to two small stripes to a larger stripe really draws my eye to it. Also, adding the "1972" on the back of the jersey was a really nice touch to the jersey.
Negatives: While I think that this jersey is much better than your other concept, I would have liked to see a nameplate used on the back of this instead of just the names sewn on the back. It doesn't look professional.

Josiah Bosch- Rapperswil-Jona Lakers  
Positives: Pretty clean concept here, which is always nice. The number font works pretty well with this jersey. Also, using the stripping in the cuffs was a good choice. It gives the shoulder stripping a much more interesting look.
Negatives: The simple vertical stripes on the tops of the jerseys just look strange to me.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas Daitchman- Florida Panthers
Positives: There's a lot I like about this. The 90's style yoke is a nice nod to the team's past. Also, the waist stripe looks really nice and the numbers are pretty legible on both the sleeves and back.
Negatives: While I like the yoke and waist stripe, the hem stripping is a little much for the jersey. I would decide whether to keep the yoke or those hem stripes at the bottom because that's a lot going on in a jersey.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas Daitchman- Winter Classic 2017
Positives: I'm going to move past my gripe that the Blackhawks are in another outdoor game and say that this Blackhawks jersey looks pretty good. the thick red stripes with a black outline look really good and the simple black rounded collar look good. As for the Blues jersey, using a white yoke in the style of the original away jersey looks good.
Negatives: For the Blackhawks jersey, the large separation between the sleeve stripes and the close proximity of the hem stripe bothers me a bit. Also, add that little black stripping to the bottom of the jersey as well, or just do something completely different on the hem of the jersey. And for the Blues jersey, this jersey would probably look more appealing if the white and yellow were switched. If the white was against a darker color then it would work.
Overall: 8/10

 Ryan Christensen- New York Rangers Alternate
Positives: Yay the classic Rangers logo is on this and not a modern Rangers logo with vintage white! This concept is another good example of one that is changed up enough to look different from the current jersey, and you do it quite well.
Negatives: If you're sticking with the whole vintage look, then go with the vintage text as seen on their current alternate jersey. Also, I'm not sure if you intended to make those underarm gussets vintage white but the jersey would be more vintage if you just made them dark blue. Finally, while your socks and jersey may be near perfect, that helmet needs some work. Don't go with a gradient in the helmet. Make it a solid color and make the lines black instead of gray because it gives the helmet lines a rough look. Feel free to discuss this with me in the comments section.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE

Ryan Haslett- St. Louis Blues Third
Positives: Love the "Blues" text above the logo. I feel that they were one of the few team that could pull off the text above the logo. Also, The simple square yoke with white ends looks nice on this. Finally, the double outline on the numbers are a nice touch.
Negatives: (Ryan please don't kick me off writing for this) The yoke looks off to me but I'll give you a pass being that it's a more realistic style of a template. Also, This jersey just looks strange with the really long cuffs that go all the way in to the middle of the arm. Just make the cuffs mid way up the forearm and make a blue-white-blue stripe combo in the middle of the arms. It would give this jersey a more appealing look.
Overall: 7.5/10

Tyler Meli-Skewis- Chicago Wolves Alternate
Positives: It was nice that you brought back the diagonal "WOLVES" writing.
Negatives: So what you changed on this jersey was the crest and the collar. Everything else is the same as their current home jersey. I don't want to see someone just copy a current jersey, change the front logo, and call it their own concept. That's not what making a concept is about. Also, you have no TV numbers and your back number is too big.
Overall: 2/10

Zack Rueger- New Jersey Devils
Positives: I commend you on trying this Reebok template with the Devils logo. While I think that they have a good jersey set already, It has always intrigued me as to how the devils would look with a modern jersey.
Negatives: This template just is not working here Zack. I would play around with some other templates to see what would work.
Overall: 6.5/10

 Zeke Goldsmith- Vancouver Canucks
Positives: Going back to the black-red-yellow combo was a really good choice, and you did it on a nice template. Some might say that it needs a hem stripe but I think that it looks fine without it.
Negatives: Those two little extra stripes at the top of the sleeve stripes just aren't working. Get rid of them and the sleeve stripes would be beautiful. Also, The logos on the home and away look different sizes.
Overall: 7/10

Well folks that's all the concepts I have today. Don't forget to Vote and get your competition entries in. Have a good week and I'll see you guys next week.
Tuesday: Concept Marathon! Reviewed by Steven M on May 10, 2016 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Ryan C's New York Rangers Alternate concept for the COTW.

Burkus Circus said...

Is there some sort of glitch or something? There hasn't been any entries to the Falcons competition in, like, 10 days!


Zeke G said...

@Burkus, the last entry posted to the competition was posted four days ago, though I agree that it feels like 10! For whatever reason, the number of entries these last few competitions has been pretty low. I would think that the extra time on this one would boost numbers, but I've only seen about 10 or so posted so far. Anyone have any thoughts on why the submission numbers have dipped recently?

Ryan C's NYR alt for COTW

Colin Magee said...

Zeke G's Canucks concept for COTW. The "extra" arm stripes make it look like the striping on the skates. I think it works nicely.

jan schreyer said...

@zeke @burkus the number of cotw nominations in the comments has also gone down I think. Not sure where that trend comes from though.

I'll have my Tucson ready in time so there'll be at least one more

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