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Tuesday: Bringing the Boom!

Hi everyone. So I figure some of you might understand why I said that. If not, the computer I was currently using for IllustratorCC isn't working right so I have to use my copy of CS2 and it's really difficult not to want to scream at my computer every five minutes because of how primitive CS2 is compared to the newest version of the Adobe Suite. I just finished up with school and have some more free time and boom! No more new Illustrator or Photoshop. Oh well I guess. I'll have to make lemonade with lemons!

Now that I have that out of my system, I want to talk about a team that I have this strange attraction to there logo and jersey set from the Federal Hockey League. The team is the Dayton Demolition who play out at the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH.
Dayton Demolition logo from Facebook Page

All Photos from daytonprohockey.com
What I find really interesting about this whole jersey set and logo is that the color scheme would usually be unappealing but due to the simplicity of the jersey and color balance of the logo it just works for me. I commend them on using such a bold color combination to create an identity unique all to themselves, something that usually isn't seen at the level they play at.

Anyways, we have the usual COTW, which I know everybody will go to the right of the screen and vote before moving on, and the Tuscon competition voting as well. However, the voting will be due on Friday by NOON eastern time. This is the new standard for most of the voting now. I understand if you don't like it but hey, change is inevitable.

COTW May 8-12 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm Eastern)
Falcons to Tucson Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 12pm Eastern) 
Onto the concepts!
Ben Shaffer- Ohio State Buckeyes
Positives: As a former Ohio resident, I can't begin to explain the love people have for their Buckeyes. Going with two different designs was a good idea for this one. Having the traditional Buckeye stripping on the helmet and sleeves is a must for any jersey. I would say that both a equally as interesting because each has a unique silver feature that stands out.
Negatives: The back numbers could be a little bigger and it would be nice to have a nameplate on the back so it doesn't make the numbers and name have this awkward looking space between them. Also, I understand that you may have something against OSU, but please don't put "CHEATERS" on the back. Make it look Professional and put a generic name on the back.
Overall: 8/10
Ben Shaffer- Wisconsin Badgers
Positives: While this is similar to their current set, the slight alterations you made definitely help the design overall. Adding a second stripe and making the collars contrast in color were all good choices.
Negatives: It looks like your home and away reds are different colors. The good thing about all universities and colleges is that they have their guidelines of color and logo use on their websites that give your the exact color that the university uses for it's athletic department. I found that very helpful when I did my Michigan and Denver Jerseys. Also, the no nameplate thing makes the spacing between the numbers and look strange. that or move the numbers up a bit.
Overall: 7/10

 Brooks Freeman- Ottawa 67's
Positives: The fact that you kept the multi-stripping and stopped it half way was a good choice for clarity reasons. Also, it gives the jersey a less cluttered look. The best has to be the alternate jersey with the "Ottawa" script across the front. While it looks "similar" to a Chicago Blackhawks jersey, making the black stripes bigger and the cuffs go white all the way up to copy the hem looks good on this.
Negatives: Why did you get rid of the "'s" in the 67's should logo? It doesn't look bad but it's not really cohesive.
Overall: 9/10 COTW NOMINEE
Hayden Duench- Charlotte Checkers
Positives: What catches the eye right away is that black-white-red arm stripping. It reminds me of the Coyotes new jerseys but with the white and red switched. Also, nice use of the alternate bear logo and modifying it so it can work without that triangle.
Negatives: the crest logo is way too big for this jersey. Also, the back numbers are a little big as well, and perhaps you could take the hem stripping and move it up a bit. You can barely see the white in front.
Overall: 7.25/10

 Jordon Roberts- Calgary Flames
Positives: Very impressive that you put all this work into this setup at this scale. Big fan of the 80's jerseys and giving them a modern flare works pretty well. Using the current Alternate Roundel logo as their shoulder patch and pants logo was a good idea as well. The Alberta flag jersey is also a nice but literal nod to them putting the Alberta Provincial flag on their jerseys in past and present.
Negatives: The hem stripes look like one side is higher than the other. I'm ok with it but I would make sure that you have and even look when it comes to the curved hem. Also, what will the Oilers do for their Heritage jersey due to them being in Alberta as well? And finally, the numbering is to modern for the classic style. You can have a modern style serif font that will work, but this current font only works for the two alts.
Overall: 8/10

Lucas Daitchman- Montreal Royals
Positives: Well this is a first for me. Making a concept from a 100-year-old jersey style template. I will say that it looks pretty good even though the only Montreal Royals I ever heard of were the ones that played baseball. the old gold three stripe design and what looks like a Montreal Maroons style logo with a crown on it all looks like a pre-NHL jersey.
Negatives: That logo is just not working well here. From what I've seen from other hockey sweater designs of the early 20th century, usually when a Canadian team would use a crown or something to symbolize their relationship to the queen, they would have a logo that would look much grander than this. I'm no expert on this though but just make the logo look a little cleaner, maybe make the crown slightly smaller.
Overall: 7.5/10

Lucas Daitchman- Ottawa Senators 
Positives: This team is a little more familiar to me. I could see a picture of the Ottawa Senators and the Pittsburgh Pirates (NHL) going at it in the Duquesne Ice Gardens. The three stripes look great on the bottom and the sleeves of the jersey and it works overall with the teams Identity at the time.
Negatives: Since only the black and white are visible, I would suggest making the accent red stripes a little thicker to add some color to the jersey.
Overall: 8.5/10

Tyler Meli-Skewis- Winnipeg Jets 
Positives: The idea of a red alternate jersey is very interesting. I've never seen the Jets, whether it be the former or current, use a red jersey. The white Yoke is also an interesting idea.
Negatives: Those blue stripes need to be wider, you can barely see them and it doesn't balance out all that white and red. Also, move the crest logo up a bit.
Overall: 6.5/10
That's all I got for you folks today. Before you leave, don't forget to vote for the COTW and for the Falcons to Tuscon Entries. I hope everybody has a good week and I'll see you all next week. They're all yours Phil.  
Tuesday: Bringing the Boom! Reviewed by Steven Marculaitis on May 17, 2016 Rating: 5


Lucas D. said...

The Royals name is to represent Mount Royal, Montreal's namesake.

DBro Alexander said...

I hate that Dayton logo. Like, a lot... But I hadn't actually seen the jerseys until now. And you're right. I kind of want to hate them but I just can't. In fact I want more...

Fun Fact: One of my best friends played in the Federal League last year. And he moved around quite a bit from team to team. But he spent most of the year playing for the Berkshire Battalion who ended up being bought by the father of one of the players and moved to Dayton to become the Demolition.

Yay Hockey!

Steven Marculaitis said...

Lucas thank you for clearing that up and DBro Alexander: last year they had a team outside of Pittsburgh that hardly had anybody go to the games. It's a shame because Danbury had the best Whalers logo ever before having to move to Brewster and the new Danbury team becoming the Titans.

winnipegjets96 said...

I vote....for a Dayton Demolition redesign competition, But I totally agree, it;s a dumpster fire..but in a good way

Taylor Roy said...

I remember watching Sports Jeopardy online a couple years ago and they had the Danbury Whalers owner on the show. He seemed to know his stuff

Steven Marculaitis said...

How is a dumpster fire good? Are you saying that the jerseys look ok but the logo is terrible? Please explain.

Richard Lewis said...

Cotw nom for Jordan's flames set. Home jersey would be an instant purchase

Dylan Glenn said...

I'll 2nd Jordans Flames concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm saying that it's such a failure, such an absolute mess...you're glad it exists

DBro Alexander said...

@Steven - Another fun fact. Danbury is the team my buddy ended the year with. So he was a part of the last Danbury Whalers team.

Steven Marculaitis said...

That's really cool Alex. I will say though that the Brewster Bulldogs use the Detroit Red Wings last Winter Classic jersey as their home set and a white and red version as their away so it wasn't a total loss. Also, I'm actually satisfied with the current Danbury logo, name, and colors but the jerseys could use a change. Fed Hockey League Comp anybody?

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