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Thursday: Don't Do Drugs Kids

So last night I was talking with my dad, and he told me about this one Penguins jersey patch he had. Let's take a look shall we?
Yikes. He told me it's a knock off from the early 90s where they had to make it look obviously different enough from the original, so then it wouldn't be illegal apparently. Without knowing that I'd have assumed the person who made it was just wasted or something of the sort. I'll be honest though, I don't mind the beak and eye style, and the top skate's style could be good for a fauxback logo. That bottom hand though.......


This week, we have the COTW like always, plus the Tucson competition, I'd say Falcons but by no means do they need to be named the Falcons. There's an extra week on that competition so that way you can be a bit more experimental with your design.
COTW April 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Tucson entries (due Fri, May 13 @ 10:30pm Eastern)
Ryan also posted this a few days ago to clear up the COTW nomination situation, so if you need any clarity on that go give it a read.

Competition Entries:

Zeke G.


Bradley D. - West Virginia University
+Clean, simple design
-Though I don't really mind the full yoke on the white jersey, it doesn't look good being essentially nonexistent on the blue. I'd wrap the stripes all the way around the arms on that one.
+Yellow helmets are an interesting choice, but they seem to be the status quo for WVU, and it actually works quite well for both a dark and light color
-Name looks a tad small, but maybe that's just me
Overall: 7.5/10

Daniel L. - HC Dinamo Minsk
+I've been following this series on the CCSLC a bit, and the whole series is a really cool idea.
+This is definitely a unique look.
+Double blue is a great color scheme, this design shows it off well.
+Number font looks great here
-The only gripe I have with this one is that during a game, the design may be somewhat hidden since it's all on the inside, especially on the arms. The sides shouldn't be too bad though.
Overall: 8.5/10 and my COTW nomination

Dylan T. - Kansas City Scouts
-Well, unless you're proposing a name change, this team is the Scouts. The Chiefs are the football team. Don't worry though, I've done this myself much more often than I'd like to admit. Chiefs is also spelled wrong on the concept.
+Good translation of the Scouts' uniform into the Adidas template
-..that's really all it is though, the almost exact uniform on an Adidas template, and the Adidas stripes are a downgrade overall.
+Gotta give you some realism points for that at least, because as far as we know this will be the reality with Adidas jerseys.
-The Devils logo looks a bit awkward on the shoulder the way you have it placed.
+I think the all white numbers are an upgrade.
Overall: 4/10, the score is mainly low because of the creativity.

Dylan T. - Toronto St. Pats
+Here we have a bit less of a throwback, and more of a fauxback.
+I like using a green version instead of the white version like it was before.
+While the logo being a Maple Leaf reading "St. Pats" on the inside, I think it's a good way to tie in both franchise identities.
-The blue leaf on the shoulder looks way out of place, I'd make it the white version at the very least.
Overall: 8/10

Jay S. - Buffalo Bills
+The taking the striping from the Bills' jerseys seems like the obvious move here.
+Swapping the white and red in the striping on the blue jersey was a good move, because now it contrasts the colors better.
-It's a downgrade on the white though, as it throws off the color balance.
-Speaking of color balance, switching the red and blue on the white jersey's yoke would help.
-The TV numbers look way too big, size them down a good bit.
Overall: 8/10

Jay S. - Chicago Bears
**Edit** Whoops, thanks to Dylan A. in the comments for pointing out to me that this is blue not black, really looked like black to me for some reason. Review is fixed now, but the points are still the same really.
+For the blue jersey, taking the Bears' jersey striping again seems like the obvious move.
+I like that instead of taking the white jersey striping too, you just modified the home design. Creates a nice consistency between the set.
-The color balance on the white jersey is still a bit off though, either adding a blue hem and/or cuff coloring, or swapping the colors in the stripes could help.
-Blue pants would also fix the color balance without any changes to the jersey, so it'd be nice to see the equipment.
Overall: 8/10

Jimmy T. - Tucson Falcons
+Drawing from the Coyote's identity definitely isn't a bad idea for their affiliate.
+A sand colored "white" jersey is a really underused style.
+The logo looks much better without the wordmark.
-It gets a bit lost on the dark jersey though.
+Simple and good looking striping pattern
-Their sizes should be consistent though, the same on the arm and hem.
-I don't think that font fits very well.
Overall: 7/10

Josiah B. - Canada
~The file name for this concept says it's a crazy 90s concept, but this design isn't too far off from what they'll be wearing in the World Cup later this year. Take that as you will.
+That being said, I quite like this design. It's pretty unique overall.
+The hem color you added immensely improves the look of this.
+The logo and removal of black is also an upgrade in my opinion.
-I think you could lose the Canada wordmark though.
Overall: 8.5/10

Josiah B. - Sweden
+I'm actually quite surprised that I don't see this type of flag striping more. I honestly think this may be one of the best usages of it I've seen. Works much better as a hem stripe than chest stripe in my opinion.
+Everything else is simple and traditional, a good look.
-I think the yellow is a bit too dark and almost mustard-y, especially if it's going to be used for the main jersey color.
-I think the stripes would look better if they were a bit thicker.
-The numbers and name look a bit strange off center the way they are, but I actually don't really mind it much.
Overall: 8.5/10


That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all again next week.
Thursday: Don't Do Drugs Kids Reviewed by Brendan Poe on May 05, 2016 Rating: 5


Colin Magee said...

That penguin's hand looks like it went through a meat grinder.

DBro Alexander said...

The Chicago Bears are navy not black.

As for the color balance on that, I wouldn't think it's an issue. Remember, it's going to be paired with dark blue equipment. That's at least what they wear for real.

And it's a shame their actual number font wasn't used. It's a good font.

Steven Marculaitis said...

The penguin looks like it went a round with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Brendan Poe said...

@DBro Thanks for pointing that out, don't know how I messed that up. And as I mentioned in the review I did account for the pants because that would definitely fix it, but without seeing it on the concept we can really only assume.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Daniel L for COTW

Ben Shaffer said...

Josiah B's Sweden for COTW. That vertical stripe looks fantastic. Great idea.

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