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Monday: Across the Pond

Opps....late post, sorry about that. I try to keep them to a minimum, but if you're like me and mostly helping your family move across Canada, these things sometimes happen.

None the less:

Let's look at today's Tucson AHL entries: There are none as of writing this; hopefully this means everyone is working really hard to get some new team names and unique ideas going!

COTW of course has reset for the week. However, if you've read THIS post from the design blog, Ryan explains the nomination and voting system. Furthermore, Caz is moving back? to Saturday and the Weekend Update will now be on Sundays!

For further clarification: http://hjcdesignblog.blogspot.ca/2016/05/new-plan.html

Also don't forget to vote for COTY April!

COTW-April vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW May 1-7 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Falcons to Tucson Comp (ends Friday @ 10:30pm Eastern)

On to the 10 concepts for the day!


ESVK DEL 2 Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Right away, I like that Jay didn't use black, it keeps the team from straying too far into Flames territory
+ Striping is simple, but works
+ Colours are balanced perfectly
+ Big fan of the alternate, minus one thing
+ Good execution

- The arched script would pop more if it were red, I get you wanted it to differ from the striping that's mostly red
- The jersey need some blue, it's very minor on the logo, but it'll make the colour palate more original
- The sideways S pattern on the logo would look good on the striping, would also spice things up

Rating: 7.75/10

St. Louis Blues Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ The Blues bringing red back is really growing one me, the jerseys use it well without it getting in the way of the yellow
+ Dig seeing the arched script again
+ Good execution
+ Well balanced colours

- The shoulders are desperately bare, they need SOMETHING to liven them up, literally anything.
- White collar needs colours to keep it from having a Leafs look to it

Rating: 8.25/10

Edinburgh Capitals Champion's League of Hockey Concepts (By: Josiah B.)

+  Hockey across the pond isn't too big, but having hockey be like championship soccer could be cool, right away I like the logo choice
+ Colour scheme is pretty nice too, has a Ramparts feel to it
+ Striping is about as simple as it gets, but really works and helps the detail of the logo/numbers shine through
+ Great execution

- The socks need creme/red on them where they are missing

Rating: 8.75/10

Metro Shipbuilders MHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Thumbs up to doing a Maritime hockey team, and giving them better jerseys than what they wore, even if the changes aren't that drastic
+ The striping is really simple, but with the numbers, I get a Broncos feel that, oddly I really like
+ Great execution

- The jersey needs a shoulder patch, especially on the white one
- It's not that the jersey is underwhelming, but I thinking, and I might be crazy with this, gradient or something nautical to tie into the logo in someway

Rating: 8.5/10

Stadium Series 2017 Concepts (By:

 + The jerseys are...similar but different enough I like them opposing each other
+ The colour choice is the Pittsburgh jersey is unique to them and I really like it, lots of yellow, the keystone is the best part
+ The Flyers jersey is able to tie in not only the Pittsburgh connect, but also the Quakers, and it still looks original (mostly since the team tends not to wear jerseys with any actual stripes
+ Great execution

- Game patch? Just for consistency
- Numbers on the back, especially on the Pens jersey look small

Rating: 9/10

Oswego State Lakers NCAA Concept (By: Scott G.)

+ A team with a big O for a logo, and doing an Ottawa inspired jersey, naturally it makes sense, and funny enough, the green/gold go together really well in a barber pole
+ The modern logo works well as a shoulder patch
+ Great execution
+ The jersey is really well balanced, I don't mind the O & green numbers not matching, it actually works

- No complaints

Rating: 10/10 COTW Nom from me!

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ Again, another concept that uses the multi-stripe template for the Pens with a modern take and again it really works
+ Logo choices are perfect, I like this combination despite some people arguing the robo-pen doesn't work
+ Good execution over all across the board

- The shade of yellow is too bright, the Pens use gold, not volt yellow, use colourwerks to get your colours
- The NOB on the black jersey would look better white

Rating: 8/10

Kamloops Blazers WHL Concept (By: Tyler M.)

+ Love the idea of the Blazers in orange, it makes the logo stand out a lot more
+ Good job with the tv numbers, they're done perfectly

- The striping pattern really doesn't work, it's 90% blue and the white is more an afterthought. The colour should be better balanced, work on some striping patterns
- Name and numbers on the back are too large, even for a vintage look
- The edge of the logo has a white part that shouldn't be there

Rating: 5.5/10

MsHK Zilina Champion's League of Hockey Concepts (By: Josiah B.)

+ Custom logo looks really good, a nice unique wolf's head with a good outline
+ Colours are well balanced between the jerseys, good job on that
+ Love the font choice, surprised more teams haven't used it
+ Great execution

- The striping itself is too Val D'or for me, the shade of green with the black cuffs do it. I'd get rid of the cuffs
- Another case of a jersey that would benefit from a shoulder patch
- TV numbers are too large

Rating: 8/10

Krefeld Penguine DEL Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ The biggest problem with this colour scheme is the number of teams who use it, and trying not to copy them,  and Jay manages to avoid that for the most part
+ I like the striping pattern itself
+ Alternate is really solid, wouldn't change much
+ The city crest in the collars is a good point, I really like that idea, and as Jay pointed out in the comments, it's something you don't see often. I appreciate that level of detail

- The thing about the Penguins of the DEL is the blue shoes, that blue is what makes the team unique. Taking that away from eh colour scheme on the jerseys, especially the home and road, leaves the team without much of an identity that doesn't make people think Boston/Pittsburgh/Kingston/Sarnia/Hamilton
- The white jersey needs more black in the striping
- TV numbers are too large
- The Captain's needs to be larger

Rating: 6.25/10

That's the post!
Don't forget to vote and keep working on those Tucson AHL entries 
Have a great week! 
Go Jets, Moose, Mooseheads and my playoff picks 
Monday: Across the Pond Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on May 09, 2016 Rating: 5


Taylor Roy said...

I just find it weird how Ryan C and Jay S have basically the exact same concepts yet one is an 8.5 and the other is 5.25

COTW to Scott G

winnipegjets96 said...

@Taylor, I understand where you're coming from, but I'll offer my perspective. Ryan's concept works much better for the team he's made a concept for. Jay's concept, at least with the home and road, doesn't work well with the team. The white jersey looks more like a Pittsburgh jersey, the black jersey looks alright but having that blue in there. Though I will admit, that was supposed to be 6.25, not 5.25. Thanks for pointing that out

F. J. Skupnik said...

No BLUE ever again for the Pens! Game is at Heinz Field. They must wear blackngold!

Taylor Roy said...

But then couldn't you make the same argument for Ryan? His jersey looks like an Islanders jersey and he didn't utilize the colors of the logo to its full extent either.

jan schreyer said...

I wanted to use the teams traditional coloura thats why I didn't use blue on both concepts as both teams usually and traditionally don't have any blue in their jerseys.

And another thing: I'm kinda disappointed that three writers have now failed to write a word about the collar insert or founding year on the back of my DEL series. Not many concepts are that detailed in my opinion so it should at least be mentioned I guess

winnipegjets96 said...

@Jay- thank you for pointing that out and explaining that. I think I noticed it on that another concept by you (I think), that is a really nice detail!

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