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May 31, 2016

Tuesday: It. Has. Begun!

Good afternoon everyone. I'm going to get straight to the point. The Penguins are leading the Finals 1-0 with a 3-2 win at home, the top five vote for the Atlanta Thrashers Competition, Concept of the week voting, and most importantly, The logo competition for the HJC Open going on, so get to it!

COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC OPEN 2016 Logo Competition Entry Phase: (Ends June 10 @ noon Eastern)

The latest entries for the HJC Open:

Lucas Daitchman
On to the Concepts!

Brooks Freeman- Owen Sound Attack
Positives: The "Bear Claw" stripping on the primary set fits well with the logo and the color combination that you have the stripping in order really gives the jersey a well balanced look. The stripping on the alternate jersey is also unique and interesting.
Negatives: While I am a fan of the gradient stripping, you give the alternate jersey this 90's roller hockey look that, while it worked for the Penguins and Canucks, it just doesn't fit well on this yellow alternate. Also, the 90's Capital numbers don't work on this jersey.
Overall: 7.5/10

Brooks Freeman- Peterborough Petes 
Positives: The thick stripping really works hrere as the overall theme. It also works in the fact that the end to end half sleeves aren't dominated by the large stripes and vice versa. As for the alternate, going with a simple two color scheme using a large waist stripe really works well on this. Also, the smaller stripe towards the bottom of the jersey looks good as well.
Negatives: The issue I have with the half and half sleeves with the full sleeve stripe is that both jerseys have a different look when you look at it as an overall all, but that's a preference thing.
Overall: 8/10

 Connor Lanteigne- Colorado Avalanche
Positives: The logo that you made for the Av's looks pretty good with this jersey. While a gray alternate is unusual today, I think that the Av's could pull something like this off.
Negatives: A lot of execution mistakes. To start, you have no front of the collar. Second, you have nothing to detect a yoke or any type of stitching on the jersey. Third, your sleeve numbers are incorrect. They should be divided evenly.
Overall: 4/10

Fernando Moreno- Boston Pride
Positives: To start, the template you used for this looks great. The design of the uniform set overall works really well. With a name like "Pride" a patriotic color scheme is a win-win. the waist stripe with the two accent stripes really works out on the jersey.
Negatives: While the vintage white looks nice and fits very well, I feel that vintage white has seen its time pass in the jersey world, so make it a traditional white. Also, Perhaps making the outline a little bit thicker on the back because it might get hard to read the white numbers within the white of the yoke from a distance.
Overall: 8.75/10

Jordan Roberts- Anaheim Ducks 
Positives: Impressive setup as always Jordan. I can tell you that it would be a dream for anyone who grew up in the 90's for the Ducks to go back to the original logo. As for the first three (because well all know the four is a perfect 10 alone). Bringing back the classic diagonal stripping and doing it in the current alternate stripping style works perfectly together.
Negatives: The yoke and phantom yoke on the first two jerseys are a little much. Get rid of them and you got yourself a great set.
Overall: 9/10

Jordan Roberts- San Jose Sharks 
Positives: bringing back the original color scheme along with the new teal works really well on this. Also, good job bringing back the yoke. San Jose's jerseys aren't as interesting without them. The third is also a nice combination between the current black and first black alternate they ever had. And for the "Heritage", It's nice that you went with a California Seals style throwback. That's something you wouldn't see on the ice today.
Negatives: The chest logo on the third is a little too big and I think that the Seals jersey wasn't the best choice but it's still a nice jersey.
Overall: 10/10 COTW NOMINEE

 Josiah Bosch- Carolina Hurricanes
Positives: Thank you for bringing back the hurricane flag pattern in the stripping. Also, the alternate logo looks good on the sleeves. The black jersey really works well with the red stripe and white accent stripes.
Negatives: The white jersey just isn't working. I get that you wanted to keep the ends black but it just makes the sleeve and hem stripping look strange with that white in it.
Overall: 7.75/10

Josiah Bosch- Nashville Predators
Positives: Love the dominance of yellow on the jersey. Some people might say it's overkill but when they brought out that alternate yellow helmet, it took their home jersey to a new level. I really enjoy that you kept the yellow on the ends of the white jersey and the pattern near the collar and on the sleeves gives  it that little personal touch, similar to the piano keys inside the neck of their current jersey.
Negatives: Bring back the current numbering and one of the thin white stripes on the white jersey is yellow instead of white.
Overall: 8.75/10

 Josiah Bosch- Winnipeg Jets
Positives: Hey Winnipeg Jets, take note. Thank you for going back to a traditional style jersey with the jets. everything about this works because of it's simplicity.
Negatives: A little more Navy on the white jersey would be nice.
Overall: 8.5/10

 Lucas Daitchman- Winter Classic 2018
Positives: Both jersey look pretty nice. Going with the colors of the early Dallas years and not using white on the Stars jersey was a really good choice. As for the Wild jersey, Good choice in using the "Minnesota" script and doing a color on the top of the sleeves with color on the hem of the jersey. it gives the color a interesting distribution around the jersey.
Negatives: Those numbers on both sides look awkward on both jerseys.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan Christensen- Ottawa Senators Third 
Positives: Overall this set is extremely successful because it hits two fronts: it uses a throwback logo and it's a simple but effective design. Everything just works out together for this set.
Negatives: I would suggest changing the vintage white on the sleeve patches to match the white of the primary logo and set.
Overall: 8.5/10

Ryan Christensen- Ottawa Senators 
Positives: This design screams Ottawa senators. with the Centurion pattern stripping to the sleeve design, it all goes together in a cohesive manner. Also, Nice use of the profile centurion logo.
Negatives: the Centurion pattern stripping is a little much for the jersey. simple gold accents work just as well also.
Overall: 8.5/10
Well everybody, that's all the concepts I have. I hope everybody has a good rest of the week and enjoy the final round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

May 30, 2016

Monday: Cup Final Dozen

Welcome to a very large Monday post here on HJC.

Today marks the beginning of a very colourful Stanley Cup Final between two teams who you'd expect would be here more often but are only meeting for the first time. The jerseys are already set but one funny thing I noticed is what happened to San Jose's 25th Anniversary patch come Cup Finals time. It's no longer on the jersey!

Image from
Given this image used by a very accurate and trustworthy jersey store, it's fair to assume the Finals patch will replace the diamond patch we saw through the season. Honestly, I thought it would have been dumped come playoff time since the season was over. I'm sure this is standard protocol for teams that have anniversary/ASG patches but I can't remember the last team to wear a patch on a jersey all season/playoffs and have to replace it when they made it to the Cup Finals.

Don't forget to vote for COTW! Jordan needs to know which of his 3 concepts are best, help the guy out and let him know which of his already amazing concepts is the superior!

Also don't forget to vote in the Atlanta Thrashers competition Entries can be found by clicking the Thrashers tab above this post! 

Finally, the HJC Open logo competition has opened. There's a set of rules on the contest page you need to follow and a list of the previous logos since 2011. My personal favourites were last year and 2013's logos; the bigger the trophy, the better! You have until NEXT Friday; June 10th! 

COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
HJC OPEN 2016 Logo Competition Entry Phase: (Ends June 10 @ noon Eastern) 


Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Josiah B.)

+ Love the old alternate script in darker blue and darker yellow; looks beautiful 
+ Striping pattern is really nice; It's a nice throwback to the 80s Sabres and it improves on the white jersey 
+ The free range buffalo patch looks great as a shoulder patch
+ Good execution

- Don't forget the helmet logo
- One thing I've change on the jersey is the numbers. I'd have added a small yellow outline around the numbers

Rating: 9/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ While I'm not a fan of the overhead Thrashers logo, it looks a lot better without maroon
+ Despite Ryan using what I think is the least liked Cookie Cutter Template, I think it works. The colours are balanced nicely and the logo works with the template, at least better than Pittsburgh & Ottawa 
+ Good execution 

- I would have used the swooshing Thrashers head as a shoulder patch instead of the primary logo
- The lower sides where the hem would be on both jerseys need some colour, maybe a yellow stripe on the side panels 
- I'd have also gone white white numbers on the arms of the blue jersey

Rating: 8.25/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ I like how the home and road are a mix of every jersey the lignite have ever had, including the mixing of eras in logos. It looks really good and shows how Tampa can make their look better with minor changes
+ Alternate reminds me of those old mid 2000s Leafs WalMart Kids jerseys (which I personally thought were good looking and I knew at least a dozen people who had them way back when), which I think actually works really well for the Lightning, a nice dark jersey with a lot of throwback elements
+ The South Florida alternate, whilst it being off to see the Lightning in green, I think this really works for a civic pride jersey and tying the team to South Florida University
+ Great execution

- NOB on the green jersey is too small from a distance
- Blue jersey could use a shoulder patch to brighten up the shoulders a tad

Rating: 9.25/10

Montréal Canadiens Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ I really like the striping on this jersey, especially on the white jersey; I get a vibe of their 1911/12 jersey with the diagonal sash and Olde English C, but for the modern man
+ The hem is a good addition, reminds me of their original white jersey to clash with the Red Wings
+ Good execution 

- The striping on the red jersey is a little too Walmart Kids jersey for my taste, coloured cuffs would fix that
- The only major flaw with the white jersey is using the blue yoke instead of a red one. The jersey would be perfect otherwise as an alternate 

Rating: 8.25/10 

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ Home and road are nothing too new, a good mix of the original jerseys and current logos/numbers. Sweet and simple
+ The C & A patches are a nice touch on the alternate jersey 
+ The alternate jersey I'm assuming is to instil Civic pride with the Peace Tower logo, and while it's eccentric, it's not too far out there to be impossible to use

- Don't forget a logo/striping on the pants
- Instead of just leaving the hem/cuffs black on the white jersey, I'd have swapped the white and black
- On the alternate, making all the jersey under the hem striping white would add some much needed white to the jersey 

Rating: 8/10

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Phil B.)

+ Remember that Montréal 1911/12 jersey I was talking about...Phil went and made a Panthers version of that, and it works, it matches the Florida state flag as well, which is what I'm guessing Phil was going for.
+ Colours are really well balanced considering Florida doesn't like to use a lot of blue outside of gear
+ The shoulder patch, while likely not what we're going to see, works pretty well; I could see that as a nice T-shirt logo
+ Good execution

- While I understand why Phil didn't include it, adding the custom font the team is going to use would make the back more interesting and add some realism
- The pants/gloves need white on them

Rating: 8.5/10

Colorado Avalanche Concepts (By: Josiah B.)

+ Excellent colour balancing right off the bat
+ Striping is a good call back to the original jerseys, but unique with a good chevron shape and the use of black on the jerseys in a visible manner
+ Simplified numbers look great and fit the trend the NHL is going towards
+ Good logo choices
+ Good execution

- The yokes seem a little bit unnecessary, not bad by any means, but I think the jerseys ould look better without them
- Again, don't forget helmet logos

Rating: 9/10

New York Islanders Concepts (By: Jordan R.)

+ Jordan makes the one correction I'd make to the current Islanders home/road jersey and straightens the arms, good move
+ The 3rd jersey proves yet again that it's time for the return of the Fisherman in prime to return with minor adjustments, such as proper numbers and a more clean upper body
+ The black jersey is improved greatly with the stripes on the number and classic collar
+ Perfect execution aside from one minor thing

- Same point with the numbers on the helmet

Rating: 9.75/10 COTW nom from me

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Lucas D.)

+ While the Ducks have always been traditionally a darker team, having big bright orange and white jersey could be an open change
+ The Mighty Ducks striping is just begging to come back, and Lucas does a good job balancing the colours that the Ducks have never really been able to without making one very small
+ Good execution

- The biggest flaw with this jersey is the bare shoulders, the Ducks have had quite a few shoulder patches in their history, pick one and make it work because it likely will
- The orange numbers might be a little too bright, and extra outline would fix that

Rating: 8.75/10

Las Vegas Flash RHI Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ The jerseys perfectly fit the RHI theme: big and bold. The...I guess it isn't gradient, but rather spray paint marks look really good
+ Good custom shoulder patch, matches the theme perfectly, as does the cross through the 7 on the numbers
+ The pants remind me of an 80s glam metal singer....which is a good thing considering the rest of the jersey
+ Great execution

- With the black helmet, I'd think pants would look better win black, but I do get that Brooks wanted the jerseys and pants to match. My solution would be a purple helmet, but I understand if some think that's too much purple
- TV numbers are too small

Rating: 9/10

New York Riveters NWHL Concepts (By:Fernando M.)

+ The jerseys are a good mix between the Rangers Winter Classic and the Rangers away jersey, and it really works to tie the Rangers to the Riveters and NY hockey history
+ The reworked logo to match the Rangers Lady Liberty logo also works a lot better than the original Riveter logo with this look
+ Colours are well balanced, aside from the lack of off white on the blue jersey which isn't too bad
+ Great execution

- I would have added some off white to the blue jersey, as it helps the other logos stand out
- I'm not sure if the pant stripes being cut off is NWHL regulation or a template thing, but full stripes would look better

Rating: 9.25/10

Tucson Rattlers AHL Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Custom logos look great, the R on the Arizona flag pattern looks excellent
+ The striping is really simple, but since 2004 the 'Yotes haven't really had anything too unique, and having the black under arms adds something to the Northwest striping
+ Good font choice
+ Good execution

- NOB is too close to the number on the back and yoke
- Sock striping is too large

Rating: 9/10


That's the post!
Do not forget to vote for COTW and top 5 Thrashers!
Also don't forget to get working on those HJC Open logos!
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose, Mooseheads & Sharks! 

May 29, 2016

An Outsider's Perspective, Part IV: Atlantic Division

Hello everyone and welcome to another HJC Sunday post!

This week, I'm continuing my series in cooperation with my wife, where she (a graphic design professional) reviews logos for each NHL division. This week, she is reviewing the Atlantic Division.

Florida Panthers: "Well, I don't like it. I think it's way to complex. I don't think having the entire lower body is necessary. I think you could have used just the head and paws and got the point across. I don't like the shade of yellow used on the logo, as it doesn't match the shade used on the logo. There is a lot of hard edges. It seems too low-res for today's design."

Tampa Bay Lightning: "It's self-explanatory and straight-forward, but I don't find it very creative. It's a lightning bolt with a circle around it. It's just kind of boring. It could be a logo for anything."

Detroit Red Wings: "Overall, despite hating the Red Wings, they have a good logo. I think that it represents Detroit and their mascot very well. It has an old-school vibe, but has aged well. It's creative and you understand it's intent."

Boston Bruins: "I like Boston's logo. It's clean and easily recognizable. You understand it immediately. I like the colors, even if they are a bit overused in sports. I like their alternate logo with the bear as well, it complements their primary logo well."

Ottawa Senators: "The average sports fan probably isn't going to understand that the term "Senator" comes from Rome, and thus fail to make the connection between Ottawa and Rome. The logo itself isn't bad. The stare is a little creepy, though. In general, it's a well-made logo. I like that there is a subtle O in the logo."

Montreal Canadiens: "I understand the origin of the logo, but I don't think the H makes much sense. It communicates more about the team nickname than the team location. Having more experience with American sports markets, the logo reminds me of a conglomeration between the Chicago Bears and Cubs logos. I mean, when you google "Chicago Sports Logos" Google will actually pull this logo up. That's a problem."

Buffalo Sabres: "The logo itself isn't bad. May have too many elements, but it's not bad. It's very literal. Technically, their mascot is a sabre and not a buffalo, so I don't see the necessity behind the buffalo. The city of Buffalo can get too referential with buffaloes in their logos. I prefer their old logo with just the crossed sabres from their red/black days."

Toronto Maple Leafs: "While the leaf is a little complicated for me, I appreciate that it is a modernization of a classic design. It also stays true to their traditional aesthetic. It's an improvement over the previous logo, which was too bland."

Now let's move on to today's concepts!

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Scott D.

Positives: I believe that this set is likely near the mean of what aesthetic direction Colorado Avalanche fans and jersey geeks would like the team take. It gives the team a unique look again, while keeping what is working now (though admittedly, that isn't much). Taking out the black is the right thing to do. There's no need for it. I have no complaints with execution or presentation.

Negatives: There should be more blue on the away jersey. I think making typeface on the away jersey blue would help. The concept doesn't bring much new to the table. Bringing back the pre-Edge Avalanche is overdone. Old-style collar laces don't fit the rest of the jersey. 

Overall: This could be exactly what Colorado needs. (8.5/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: The yoke used here is a way to hearken back to the Avs pre-Edge jerseys without getting into trite territories. I prefer the shade of blue that Lucas uses here. I think that it brightens up the set better, as Avalanche jerseys can get too dark when paired with the darker navy blue. Execution and presentation are good.

Negatives:  I'd like to see a little more blue. It's a good shade. 

Overall: Referential without being derivative. (8.75/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Lucas D.

Positives: Using the font from their alternate jersey is the right idea. I love that typeface. Striping pattern looks great. Using a little silver trim helps make a further connection to the logo. The Cannon is well-used as a shoulder patch. Colors are balanced well. No execution errors. 

Negatives: Is it different enough?

Overall: This could be fix that Columbus needs. It's respectable  (8.75/10) COTW nomination from me!

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - Jordan R.

Positives: The font is very interesting. I think it fits the team. Colors are balanced well. Striping pattern looks good on the home/away. Execution and presentation is phenomenal. The detail Jordan puts into his concepts is something our less experienced/accomplished artists should take note of. 

Negatives: The third jersey is crowded. I'd take off the cuff stripes, and the numbers on the front. Maybe move the sleeve numbers to the shoulders. Using the old CBJ logo on the third jersey was an odd choice. Why not use the cannon since it's inspired by Civil War uniforms? I'm not a fan of uniforms derivative of another local team. College football can be very divisive, and you don't want to divide your fanbase, showing preference to Ohio State over other in-state universities. 

Overall: I respect the detail and execution. The home and way are pretty good, but the third and fourth jerseys are problematic to me. (8/10)

New York Islanders Concept - Ryan C.

Positives: I can see some possible inspiration from the Isles' Stadium Series jersey, which I actually liked. It's a deviation from the normal NYI aesthetic. Take that for what it is. Could be good or bad depending on your opinions. Execution is good.

Negatives: Ryan has used a similar typeface on the last three concepts of his I've reviewed. I'd like to see something different. The logo used isn't as bad as the jerseys it accompanied, but it still seems out of place here. I think the Stadium Series NY logo would fit the concept better.

Overall: The jersey feels disconnected from the logo. (8/10)

New York Islanders Third Jersey Concept - John E.

Positives: Second concept of the day that uses the old Lighthouse logo. Using teal is an interesting decision. The number on back feels a little too small. 

Negatives: The yoke is a little too "Bruins." I'm just not feeling the teal in this instance. It's interesting, but I don't think it's used effectively. Using a number on the side of the helmet seems redundant, as the NHL requires numbers on the front of the helmet now. 

Overall: Bringing back teal is interesting, but for something like that, I think you need to make a full commitment to it. (7.5/10)

Dallas Stars Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: That number font is outstanding. It reminds me of the font used for the Nashville All-Star Game, which I loved. It ties the jersey into the logo better. It's a small detail, but it;s an instant improvement. 

Negatives: I miss the green yoke on the road jersey. Dallas's shade of green is too good to not have more of it on that jersey. Also, it's spelled "Spezza." (kidding, of course, I know now that it's on purpose)

Overall: The font is a huge improvement. Bringing back the green yoke for the away jersey could make a near perfect Dallas set. (8.5/10)

New York Rangers Concept - Josiah B.

Positives: The Rangers' white jersey is my favorite road jersey in the league. Partially because of that beautiful yoke design. Josiah brings that yoke design to the home jersey as well and changes the road jerseys' wordmark to "New York" instead of "Rangers." 

Negatives: Putting logos on the helmets makes your concept look more realistic. 

Overall: Hard to improve on the Rangers set, but I think this could have. (8.75/10)

The quality of artwork today is very high. I have only one nomination to give out, so if you feel a concept is worthy for consideration of our Concept of the Week designation.

Don't forget to vote, and get your picks for our last round of the HJC Playoff Pool in!

Next Week: A 2015-2016 review of the season's new designs!


COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

May 28, 2016

Saturday: Shark (and Penguin) Infested Waters

The winner of the COTW vote for May 13-19 was Matt M's Falcons to Tucson entry!

Full Results

Another competition entry takes the COTW vote. Well done Matt! Not to say that Matt's concept isn't fantastic, but I personally feel that he sometimes gets more love for a beautiful presentation than some other artists. Ryan C. or Scott G. may have a bit more straight forward approach with their presentation, but Matt adds a level of realism which pushes his concepts over the edge when it comes to COTW and Competition votes. Agree or disagree?

We know that Jordan will win this week's COTW vote. He owned the week with 9 of 11 nominations total. The three concepts that were seconded are in the vote. If you're signed into a Google account, that poll appears on the side of the page. You can see Jordan's nominated concepts by clicking the link in the poll or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends on Friday at noon Eastern time. Good luck Jordan?


The entry phase for the Atlanta Thrashers ReDesign has come to a close and now it's time to vote. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the THRASHERS tab to do so. You can view the entries there and place your Top 5 vote. As a test, voting for the competition also appears on the side of the blog. You'll need a Google account to vote and voting ends on Friday at noon Eastern.

The next competition will be for HJC Open logos! Yes, it's getting close to that time of year again. Who's excited?!?!?!?!


Last Saturday we ran a poll to see which of the final four teams in the playoffs had the best throwback jersey. The choices were limited to the jerseys pictured below.

And here are the results:

Obviously the Penguins hope for similar results in the Stanley Cup Final. My vote went to the Sharks' throwback. The teal still holds up to this day. I think the look of the jersey fits the team's name so well, as do the colours. Those elements also suit the warmer climate of the Bay area. Then it's all topped off with some classic and effective style stripes. Having said that, if I ever saw one of those Lightning jerseys on sale I would pick it up if I could.
What made you vote the way you did? Is it because the Penguins currently have the attention of the hockey world and they are wearing the throwbacks doing it? Is that Lightning jersey so bad that it's good? Is that old Blues logo better than the current incarnation? Comments...below...we need them.


Our Thursday writer Bpoe96 (Brendan P.) has won this year's HJC Playoff Pool. There's no prize for winning the Playoff Pool, but he can certainly put it on his resume. His lead is such that no one is able to catch him. However the pool isn't done. You can still play for bragging rights. A lot of players like to compare how many points they got this year versus previous. If this is your first year here's your chance to set your benchmark. Picks are due once the puck drops for Game 1 on Monday at 8pm Eastern.


COTW vote May 20-26 (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)
ATL Thrashers Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ noon Eastern)

May 27, 2016

Friday: Thrashers Ranked

The Stanley Cup Finals match-up is all set, the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the San Joe Sharks in a battle of two aquatic animals.  Game one is set for Monday at 8pm Eastern, which means you'll have to get your Playoff Pool picks in before then.  The winner of the pool has already been determined, but you can still play for fun.

That's enough playoff talk for now though, instead let's talk about a team who never won a single playoff game, the Atlanta Thrashers.  No the Thrashers weren't a very good hockey team, but in my opinion they were a good looking team, there's only one Thrashers jersey I dislike.  So today, in honour of our ongoing Thrashers Redesign competition, I'm going to rank all six Atlanta Thrashers jerseys.

6)  2007-11 White Road Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
My least favourite Thrashers jersey was their white Reebok Edge sweater.  There's not much to like here, it was a template shared with the Flyers and it had unnecessary piping on the front.  The only thing I liked about this jersey was that it kept the unique design in the collar.

5)  2008-11 Georgia Bronze Third Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
The Thrashers last third jersey wasn't very popular, but I actually thought it was pretty good.  The design was very unique, not only the striping pattern but also other details like the oversized shoulder logos.  It's not my favourite Thrashers jersey, but it's probably their most underrated jersey.

4)  2003-07 Thrasher Ice Blue Third/Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
Next up is the Thrashers original third jersey (which became their home jersey for one year).  I was a fan of the asymmetrical arm design, but I always thought the hem stripes looked out of place on this jersey.

3)  2007-11 Thrasher Ice Blue Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I thought this jersey improved when the side panels replaced the hem stripes.  The side panels just seemed to fit with the asymmetrical arm design better.

2)  1999-2007 White Home/Road Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
In my opinion the Thrashers were a team who got it right with their original jerseys.  I loved the the pattern on the hem stripes and the design on the arms.

1)  1999-2006 Atlanta Midnight Blue Road/Home Jersey
Image from SportsLogos.Net
The original midnight blue jersey beats out their white jersey because it's able to use more maroon and yellow.  The white jersey just wasn't as colourful.

Which Thrashers jersey was your favourite (or least favourite)?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.


The COTW May 13-19 vote ended today at noon Eastern.  The new May 20-26 poll hasn't been posted quite yet, but it should be up sometime later today.

COTW May 20-26 vote (ends Friday, May 27 @ noon Eastern)


Here are the last of the Thrashers Redesign entries...

by Alan H:

by Andrew W:

by Jay S:

by JJ:

by Josiah B:


St. Louis Blues, by Ben M:
Ben starts us off with a Blues concept without any yellow (besides the alternate).  While I do like their current colours, this colour scheme looks good too and you might as well try something new for a concept.  However, I think this shade of bright blue is a bit too intense, I'd recommend choosing a colour from ColorWerx (like this one here).  I like the chest and arm stripes, but I'm not a fan of having both the yoke and contrasting upper arms.  The alternate jersey's striping pattern looks great though.
Rating: 7/10

Kitchener Rangers, by Tyler K:
Next up Tyler fixes the Kitchener Rangers by giving their own look (instead of New York Rangers copies).  It baffles me why they don't use this logo full-time, it's much better than their current logo.  This striping pattern also looks good, I particularly like the stripes on the side of the yokes.  My only suggestion is to use white numbers on the red jersey, I think they'd be easier to read.
Rating: 8/10

Columbus Blue Jackets, by Josiah B:
Josiah continues his NHL17 series with two concepts today, starting with a very vintage set for the Blue Jackets.  I think these would be great as vintage alternate jerseys, but if these were primary jerseys I'd prefer they use true white and one less stripe to make them a bit less retro.  I do like the single colour numbers though.  Lastly, I'm wondering if the pants would be red or blue?
Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild, by Josiah B:
For his second concept Josiah gives the Wild a set of jerseys that actually match.  I think these arm and hem stripes are perfect for the Wild.  Although personally I'd prefer to keep the road yoke, and use wheat in the logo and the home jersey's striping.  However those are just my own preferences, there's nothing wrong with how this concept is now.
Rating: 8/10

Minnesota Wild, by Jordan R:
Jordan also sent in a Wild concept as part of his NHL series, and he choose to base their look off of the North Stars.  To be honest I'm not a fan of that decision, but I happen to really like the Wild's current identity.  Also, while the wordmark looks okay on the home jersey, it's hard to read on the road jersey.  I love the third jersey though, the double green looks great and so does the striping pattern.  The fourth jersey is a cool idea to honour the state of hockey.
Rating: 8/10

New York Rangers, by Jordan R:
For the Rangers Jordan wisely kept the primary jerseys essentially the same, only switching the wordmark on the road jersey to New York, which is a small change that I'm a big fan of.  The third jersey, with true white and an actual logo, is a much better version of their current third.  I think the Yankee inspired fourth jersey is a unique idea for a concept, but I wouldn't like it in real life.  The execution is great for the most part, however on the road jersey the name could be lowered so it doesn't overlap with the yoke and the stitching of the rounded part of the yokes should be deleted.
Rating: 8/10

New York Rangers, by Lucas D:
We also have a Rangers concept from Lucas today.  I think the white jersey looks great, the small changes made help modernize the jersey to fit with the lady liberty logo.  Speaking of the logo, I don't think it looks quite as good in this colour scheme, I like it better with navy blue and silver.  The blue jersey looks fairly good, however the red kind of disappears into the blue, I'd try to separate them with white.
Rating: 8/10

Arizona Coyotes, by Lucas D:
I've actually reviewed half this concept before, as Lucas previously sent in the maroon jersey on it's own.  I loved the pattern on the stripes back then and I still love it now, and the matching road jersey looks good too.  Comparing this concept to the original, it's clear Lucas' execution and presentation continue to improve, that's great to see.  The original concept earned my COTW nomination and this one will as well.
Rating: 9/10 and my COTW nomination!


I'll be back next week, probably with a review of the Panthers new uniforms since they're scheduled to be released next Thursday.  Goodbye!