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Wednesday: A Post 23 Years in the Making

Oh my god I'm back again!

And I am finally able to say I was alive to see the Islanders win a playoff series, as I was born merely months after the Islanders sent Jagr packing for the first time. Now I have witnessed the Islanders sending Jagr packing again. 

Sort of:

See this is going to be a long story, one that goes beyond hockey. Saturday, April 9th, The Red Bulls had a home match vs. Sporting Kansas City. As a member of the Empire Supporters Club, I also am one of three main drummers in the group. We each take turns on the drum game by game. Except that game, none of us were able to go due to work and travel commitments, so we had to get one random guy to drum. suffice to say things were bad. So well before Game 6 was announced, I committed to being there last Sunday to prevent it from happening again. I was hoping it would be an early game, but of course the NHL sets it for the exact same time. So I was walking to my car from Red Bull Arena after a thrilling 3-2 win over Orlando City when I saw that the Islanders tied it with under a minute to go in the third. And who else but John Tavares to tie it? 

I get to my car and I notice that I needed food badly. Overtime had just started, so I went to the Wendy's in Harrison, NJ to get food. One problem: no commercials on radio during the dry scrape. Even if there was one, it wouldn't be long enough to cover running inside and getting food, since the drive-thru was backed up. Once overtime ended, I got food, ate in my car and left for home. 

I'm now driving on the Garden State Parkway, and I'm now nervous for two reasons: 2-OT and I'm low on gas. I'm listening intently while trying to make it to the rest stop with enough fuel, when I suddenly hear this.

Then in true soccer fashion, to tie the two sports together, I did the only thing I could've done: My best Andres Cantor impression: 

No joke, I was shouting "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!" In my car for about 10 minutes. Even broke out the Spanish with "¡QUE GOLASO DE JOHN TAVARES!" and "¡LOS ISLEÑOS GANAR!" which translates to "THE AMAZING GOAL OF JOHN TAVARES!" and "THE ISLANDERS WIN!" 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And we sing in both English and Spanish at the games. So thus the Spanish overflows.

Ok now that this is done, let's pick the Islanders-Tampa series. Or all of them for that matter. Let's start with San Jose and... oh...

Round 2 begins before round 1 is over, as the Islanders and Lightning begin their series the same night as Game 7 between Anaheim and Nashville, with the winner to face San Jose in Round 2. I know you're saying "How the (heck, H-E-Double hockey stick, or f***) are we supposed to negotiate this for the playoff pool. I present to you, an Edit by Ryan!

*** EDIT BY RYAN ***

The 2nd Round of the Playoff will begin on Wednesday...before the 1st Round is complete! This will affect the Playoff Pool and submitting picks. I have determined the fairest way to deal with this is to give everyone two days of Round 2 for free.

You get to watch the Islanders-Lightning game before you submit your picks. You will also get to watch all Thursday games if you wish, before submitting your picks.

Round 2 picks will be due by FRIDAY at noon Eastern time.

Just a heads up.


Ok so I edited the post to fit the same exact thing he said yesterday. So maybe an edit by Ryan and Phil?

But your problem is now solved! Get your picks ready. Do me a favor and don't change your original thoughts based on how the Islanders-Lightning game goes on Wednesday. Honor system. Just a personal request. 

While you're checking that out above, check out the RHI vote! Easy vote, as not many sent in entries. I couldn't due to time constraints and computer troubles, but life gets in the way sometimes. Regardless, these concepts still need votes, so VOTE!

While you're voting, check out our COTW vote. We have it every week, so the only things that change, or at least should change, are the nominated concepts and you not voting. Emphasis on changing the latter. 

COTW April 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
RHI Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:30pm Eastern) 


Alan S: Detroit Red Wings Concept

Not the cleanest Photoshop job to isolate the jerseys.This seems like a team Sweden recolor. But that's not a bad look for the Wings. However, I swear if I see those Adidas stripes on an actual NHL jersey I will lose it. Red wings jerseys have the C on the opposite side of the jersey, because of the end of their logo. Also it should be larger. I'd like to see equipment as well as the back to these jerseys.

Flying solo here: 65%

Connor L: Team North America U-23 (WCH) Concept

I love this so much but I would've done one thing: The way you put XXIII on the sleeves makes it wrap around and say XXIIIXXIII. Put half of it on the sleeve so it looks centered like the sleeve numbers. the Adidas logo on the sleeve looks bad so just ditch it or make it look centered like the numbers.

Well, your score isn't U-23: 70%

Jared L: Boston Bruins Concept

ID like to see some ID on your concepts. OK that joke was dumb. I do like seeing a yellow Bruins jersey, but I would prefer their current logo. The serifs on the B in the current logo improve the look of it. Chest numbers have not been a favorite of mine. I lived with them for about 4 years with the Isles and it was 4 too many. The outer stripes are too thin for my liking, especially since the yellow goes up against the white on the first jersey. I think yellow stripes with black outlines would look fantastic. On the yellow jersey I'd like to see the logo as is and not recolored as you have it,

Best yet IMO: 73%

Jared L: Buffalo Sabres Concept

I think I see what you're doing here. You're trying to merge eras of the red and black with the blue and gold. However, based on the logo you are using, which is too big mind you, red is best used as a trim color. I like the font choice, but again with the front numbers. I know the Sabres have them now, but they shouldn't. Sleeve numbers are also too low. No ID-ea why I keep making bad jokes about not having ID.

A cut below your previous: 52%

Lucas D: Toronto Planets (RHL) Concept

I'm going to review these together.

I think that logo is FANTASTIC. However the outline you have here isn't thick enough to warrant an aqua colored jersey. Purple would probably be better. here. Much better logo than what they originally had. The jersey striping is perfect for the logo. There's really nothing else I can sat about this except for wanting equipment.

Out of this world: 82%

Ryan C: Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) Concept

I love how the blue on the shoulders form an H on the front. Modern and unique look for the Canes. Absolute brilliance. Execution issues: Where are the pants and gloves? You have half of the equipment here already. There's also no CHL logo on the back hem. I wonder if this look would look great with a modern Hartford Whalers look....

There was no calm before this storm. But that's a good thing: 88%

Ryan C: Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL) Concept

Ditching the shield and the vintage white actually works. It's similar enough to the Toronto Maple Leafs but different enough to establish it's own look. Simple, classic and no complaints other than the same execution issues I mentioned in your Lethbridge concept.

Rising from the ashes: 88%

Spencer M: Team Canada concept

Simple looks and a red jersey that is going places. But it can't go further until you clean up your work. White jersey is a paint-bucket syndrome with a small logo and no sleeve numbers. The red jersey has a different shade of red unnecessarily. The leaves on the shoulders need to be positioned horizontally. No sleeve numbers again. Number is too low as well as too big. Logo is too small. Striping should overlap stitching. Where are the pants? I'd love to see them.

Decent start but far to go: 37%

The winner of my COTW nomination is nobody! We have a tie this week between two concepts by the same artist. So I don't want to nominate an artist with two equally good concepts. So YOU decide.

I hope to see you guys next week. I have some HUGE jersey news that I'm currently working to confirm. All I can say is that one team may be bringing in some heritage jerseys, and I don't mean the Heritage Classic. WHICH TEAM? WHICH THROWBACKS? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z!!
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Anonymous said...

Dragon Ball Z?

Phil Beck Designs said...

Just roll with it.

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