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February 29, 2016

Monday: Better With Pants

Welcome to another Monday post!

Since we've been doing a few "what works & what doesn't work" lists on this blog for the past couple weeks, and I thought I'd continue it this week. Let's look at how equipment can make or break a jersey. Last week, Dylan N. brought up in the comments how Anaheim's away looks better with the gear and the all black gear helps to balance the colours better, which is true, look at how good it looks with John Gibson's black pads. Anaheim isn't the only case. Using the right colour pants, helmet etc. can save an otherwise meh jersey, or hurt a jersey's colour balancing.

Done Right

Buffalo Sabres Away

Photo from

One jersey that I might have added to my worst away jerseys list was the current buffalo away. Aside from the yoke, there isn't nearly enough blue in the striping. It's mixed in with the white and grey that throughs off this jersey on its own that makes it look much too light. The blue pants and gloves act as an extended blue cuffs/hem that balance the colours much better than just the jersey on its own. The grey pits and side curve piping should go, but the gear really makes this jersey look better in action...even when the team doesn't...

Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series '16

Photo from:

I was very skeptical of this jersey when it first came out. I though it looked....weird, not bad but weird. I was pleased with the amount of black, but the collar thing and lack of hem stripe, it felt empty. With the gear, the jersey looked like something from the 20s, it's beautiful the logos and red stripe standout against all the black around it, which again, looked better with the gear. I think a lot better of this jersey than I did at the unveiling. I'd consider getting one...if I had to get a Hawks jersey and I didn't have to pay for it.

Flying V

Photo from

These jerseys certainly were not good, but were an interesting experiment in a time in hockey that needed these jerseys to shake things up. The teams were usually playoff worthy, which helped their cause, but on their own, the jerseys don't hold up. The V on the pants really works to the jersey's benefit, and acts as a continuation of the arm V. I'm not saying these jerseys are good, but they really look better with the full uniform. 

Done Oh So Wrong

1994-95 Winnipeg Jets

Photo from

These are some of my favourite jerseys ever, and the red pants looked gorgeous....however the Jets in their second to final year got curious and tired something I have only ever seen on the Kitchener helmets on a blue jersey. It didn't work. I'll admit it may have been worth a try and was cool seeing, but it proved to throw off the red on the jersey and made the Jets look like a beer league team rather than the best team in the NHL...sort of. This is something you'd expect the Jets AHL team to do to distinguish them from the Jets in a way, which neither the Moncton Hawks nor Springfield Falcons did.

Carolina Hurricanes Home

Photo from

Yeah, the Hurricanes have had this problem for a while. Going all red with your whole kit works for Detroit, but for Carolina, with the lack of black or silver on the jersey, the word blood clot comes to mind. Black pants would work much better, or even a black helmet. It might throw off the white jersey a bit, but it would still look better than the Hurricanes do now at home.

Any jersey With White Pants

Photo from

Photo from

It's a unique idea that works on paper, but in reality, as anyone who's gone to East Side Marios in a white shirt will know, white stains really easily. With hockey players tumbling and falling and slamming and sliding all over the ice, their pants get dirty, and go to off white, light grey to eventually grey skid marks up the sides and back. It makes them look like they got them from a thrift store. It did look okay for the Caps, but it never lasts for that reason. They look like they smell like smoker.

Remember that Chicago Express? It was less than a week ago, you should! As expected it has entered its voting phase, you should get your votes in. It'd be mighty swell. Yes, that good, it'd be swell.

Also don't forget your weekly COTW vote, and Admin Ryan is nice enough to have another Outdoor Game vote...and this time don't vote ironically (New York had nice ones in 2012).

COTW Feb 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic Best Jersey Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Team Denmark Concepts (By: Taylor R.)

+ Hmm..considering one of the Jets future stars (Ehlers) is Danish, and it's not an exact copy, I like the striping
+ Great logo choices
+ It might seem hard not to balance 2 colours, but the colours are balanced perfectly on each jersey
+ Major improvement over their current jerseys
+ Great execution

- I'm split on whether there should be some black on the jersey, but one place it would be good would be on the numbers

Rating: 9.5/10 COTW Nom. from me

Yugra-Khanty Mansiysk KHL Concepts (By: Zack M.)

+ While it's not a major improvement, I'd say these jerseys are a good westernization
+ The striping is like a mix between the Jets & Maineacs
+ Good colour balancing, love seeing as much green as possible

- a shoulder patch & tv numbers would make this concept look better
- Remember to stop the vertical stitching at the hem striping
- On the home jersey, the hem piping in white doesn't really work, it only works if there is no striping or if it is a part of the striping
- primary logo is a too large
- NOB is too low set and the numbers are too small

Rating: 5.5/10

Toronto Titans NWHL Expansion Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Always a plus when someone creates their own logos, and while these logos are simple, they'd be a nice addition to the NWHL
+ Great colour balancing
+ Love the striping pattern, I think think an octagonal pattern was possible but Brooks pulls it off nicely
+ Great execution

- I know these are supposed to be the only Canadian team in an American league, but the flag patches never really work

Rating: 9.25/10

All Star Game 20XX Concepts (By: Jared L.)

+ Well, you can't call these jerseys boring, they certainly are colourful and easy to tell apart

- The image is really small and hard to see some of the detail in the font
- As for the font, I can appreciate you want to be unique but I can't read the atlantic jersey at all, and rarely do hyphenated jerseys work ever
- All the jerseys are templates from 8 years ago (Thrashers 3rd, Nashville, Dallas & Thrashers away) which don't really have any unifying theme, the top two's schemes could work, but the Pacific division is a mess,
- Using actual logos instead of typeface on paint work work a lot better

Rating: 4/10

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Jamie R.)

+ I get a Cleveland Brownies vibe from these jerseys, but that does work for the Flyers
+I by no means think every team should do this but the Adidas 3 stripes work in this jerseys favour
+ Good colour balancing, it's like the old black pre edge jerseys with some much needed orange
+ Good execution

- I get Jamie wanted to used a bell logo, but this jersey would look better with a regular Flyers logo

Rating: 8.75/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Lucas D.)

+  Love the Ohio flag reference on the jersey, this something they should do full time
+ Good colour balancing
+ This would make a great 3rd jersey, and finally makes good use of the swooshing flag logo
+ Good execution

- Cannon logo shoulder patch is a must
- Blue cuffs on the end of the arms with a white space in-between the ohio stripes would make this jersey perfect

Rating: 8.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Noah B.)

+ Love the striping with the current shoulder patch
+ It's funny but I love the lack of an NOB
+ While the primary logo is plain, it works really well with the jersey
+ Good execution

- Inside of the collar should be blue
- Try this concept with the current Leafs logo and the new one

Rating: 8/10

That's the post
Don't forget to vote in all your mandatory votes
Have a great week
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads

February 28, 2016

Nineties Expansion Pt. I: The Marketing

My grandparents' driveway in Northwestern Tennessee was mostly flat. There was a tree root that caused it bow up near the garage. That was an obstacle; a defenseman in my mind. With a child-size golf putter in my hands, I move the pecan (still in the hull) to my forehand, holding it wide around the tree root, then to my backhand, and back again. I shoot the pecan towards a square basket that I used to pick purple hull peas in my grandfather's garden that morning. It hits the rim. I pick up the rebound and score.

I was five years old, and had just seen The Mighty Ducks. I altered trying out deke moves like Adam Banks and "slap shots" like Fulton Reed. That is, until my grandmother, worried I will dent the Buick, tells me to gather up the pecans in the basket; not shoot them.

I had no skates of any kind, and had never skated in my life. Even today, the skill eludes me. I don't  think I was aware of the existence of hockey until that movie came out. Keep in mind that this was early 1990s rural Tennessee. My parents had just built a new house, and gotten a computer. I had my first experience with the internet (dial-up, naturally) not long before this. No channel on our television showed hockey at any point in the year. It was never in our newspapers. The chances of me encountering hockey where I lived during that time was very slim.

Disney would help change that, though. Six years later the NHL would expand to Nashville. Although it would be another 15 years before I would attend my first NHL game, the connection I made with that movie opened me up to embracing a sport that wasn't football, and a team that wasn't my beloved Tennessee Volunteers. 

The Mighty Ducks made hockey relatable to someone who had never seen or played the game. It showed a generation of kids a new sport that they could have fun playing. It used a smorgasbord of characters that appealed to a very broad spectrum of demographics. Disney followed up on the movie with merchandise, cartoons, and of course, sequels. It was gold, and was good for Disney and the league. It led to a team being put in Anaheim and named after the movie.

This movie rode the Gretzky-to-LA wave, and hockey felt like the "it" sport of the time. Players started signing major international endorsement deals. The alternate jersey program was introduced, fanning the flames of sports aesthetic experimentation that fuels websites like this and unites and excites fans.

And now here I am, the ever-elusive "non-traditional market fan" the NHL wanted so badly, and here you are, reading what that Tennessee boy who substituted pecans for pucks and golf clubs for hockey sticks has to say about how hockey became a truly cross-cultural sport. We've come a long way since 1990, and The Mighty Ducks helped get us there.

Next Week: The impact of emphasizing "mega-stars" in sports marketing in the 1990s.

This week we have several really amazing concepts from some newer and more experienced artists. Take a look!

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Zach G.

Positives: Bonus points for using Komarov. Beyond the recent suspension, I really love his game. This concept has shades of my favorite Leafs set. The new logo looks great, even if it is a little too large in this case. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but the thinner font used is more similar to what the team wore from 1927-1963. If it was, that's a good eye to detail. Execution is pretty good. I respect taking the time to put a logo on the helmet.

Negatives: I know Zeke is likely just trying something new, the small maple leafs on the striping aren't doing it for me. 

Overall: With  a few minor exceptions, you have a very solid set here. (8/10)

Hamilton Bulldogs concept - Daniel L.

Positives: Hamilton picked some absolutely awful jerseys for their competition, but this is one that could make Hamilton really look very professional. Hamilton usually uses red and blue, with brown in the logo. Their main problem is poor color balance, originality, and a logo with little contrast. This set helps fix some of those issues. The colors more closely mirror that of Hamilton's flag. The collar insert is a great idea. Colors are balanced well, and execution is great.

Negatives: The overall design is nothing new, but minor league hockey really needs more designs that rely less on Reebok-led trends like piping, phantom yokes, etc.

Overall: A very classic, well-executed set. (8.75/10)

Washington Capitals concept - Brooks F.

Positives: There's no lack of daring here. It does match the audaciousness, aggression, and awkward proportions of this unused Capitals logo. Execution is perfect, and that's difficult to do with a design like this.

Negatives: It's overwhelming, but I think Brooks probably is aware of that. I think removing the pants striping might help make it more palatable by giving the overall combination some negative space. 

Overall: It's punch in the mouth, but couldn't you see this in a list of awesomely crazy 90s jerseys? (8.25/10)

Team USA concept - Ryan H.

Positives: This is a great mix of modern and traditional design. The chest striping works here. I like the use of sublimated stars. Appropriate use of a tie-down collar is a subjective decision, but I think it works here. I really like the logo. It's simple, but very clean and effective. It looks strong, which is what we like in the States. Execution is perfect. I honestly don't think I've ever pointed out a single execution error on one of Ryan's designs, and that's not because he is the OG around here. 

Negatives: C'mon man, everyone knows the real Captain America in hockey is Seth Jones. I have one question; Is this a dark jersey or a light jersey? I'm assuming a light jersey.

Overall: There's a reason why guys like Ryan and Stephané were what I wanted to model designs on. Newer designers need to take a close look at designs like this from Ryan, the Dylans, Christian Legault. and others. (9/10) COTW nomination from me!

University of Alaska-Fairbanks concept - Ben S.

Positives: I like how the native clothing has inspired some of the design elements here. I appreciate Ben including the pictures of where his inspiration originated. Execution is very good, which is more difficult to do with a complicated design like this.

Negatives: About that complication, the design needs a little more restraint. There's too much striping going on here. I see where the inspiration from the pant striping came from, but I think omitting that would help here.

Overall: It's well-executed, thoughtful, and unique, but less would be more here. (8.0/10)

Team Sweden 2016 World Junior Championships concept - Taylor R.

Positives: Sweden's national aesthetic can really lend itself to some great designs, as Taylor shows here. This design is well executed, and the presentation is very attractive and professional. I have a 1983 Sweden jersey that is very similar to the yellow jersey here, but for the rugby-style collar popular with European jerseys at the time. 

Negatives: Would I change anything about this? Probably not. Is it bordering on clichè? Maybe.

Overall: It's like an old brick house, solid and beautiful, but one that maybe needs some modern touches in interior decorating. (8.5/10)

St. John's Ice Caps concept - Jack S.

Positives: The half blue/half red font is interesting. I like that it mimics the logo. That was a creative idea.

Negatives: It's a shame the only creative idea here is the font. The rest of the jersey is what they already wear, with an extra blue stripe at the cuffs, no separation between the hem stripes, and a solid blue collar. There are no sleeve numbers. There are no shoulder logos indicating major league affiliation, which is especially important with AHL and ECHL teams, in my opinion, because it lends them some gravitas.

Overall: The font was a good idea, but that's as far as the good ideas went. (6/10)

Today featured several really great concepts, but I only have one COTW nomination to give out. Be sure to express your opinions on today's artwork, and let your voice be heard!

Voting has opened for our Chicago Express Redesign Competition! We also have our usual COTW vote, so take advantage of the handy voting poll!

COTW Feb 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic Best Jersey Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 

See you all next week!

February 27, 2016

Saturday: Winter's Sixteen Sweaters

The winner of the COTW vote for the week of February 14-20 was Dylan N's Rangers concept!

Full Results
Dylan N. (NYR) - 26
Brooks F. (ONT) - 14
Lucas D. (LA) - 11

Another competition entry that is strong enough to move on and win a COTW vote. It just shows how important a good competition entry is if you have Concept of the Year hopes. It also raises the question, are the comp winning entries that much stronger than the weekly entries, or are they building off of the momentum from recently winning a competition?

The COTW nominees for the week of February 21-27 have been posted. Place your vote in the black poll on the side of the page. You can see the concepts that were nominated by clicking the link in the poll or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


I thought a team with a double blue colour scheme would inspire you to create. Unfortunately we only received eight entries into the Chicago Express ReDesign Competition. Well, for those eight this is a good chance to move into a COTW vote.

The vote for the Express Comp will be a Top 3 vote, instead of our traditional Top 5. Click the banner at the top of the page to see the entries or go to the CHICAGO EXPRESS tab. Voting can also be done there and it will end on Friday at 10:59pm Eastern.


Last week we had a poll asking you guys what the best Stadium Series jersey has been to date. Here are the results...

I'm very surprised that Detroit's sweater that they will wear tonight took top spot. Not to say that it is the worst Stadium Series sweater (Rangers, I'm looking at you!), but I am surprised to see it at the top.
My top choice was Minnesota's from this year with Pittsburgh's and LA's from 2014 getting consideration as well.

We've done Stadium Series jerseys, now lets do Winter Classic jerseys. You can see where this is headed, can't you? There have been 16 Winter Classic jerseys to date. Some have been direct throwbacks and many have been fauxbacks. Lets find out which one is the best. The poll is posted below and on the side of the page. The poll ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


Ok, so the Chicago Express competition wasn't a hit. It's okay, I mean Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes everybody liked. They left that to the Bee Gees. (Thank you Wayne's World). So give me a team that you guys want to ReDesign. Or perhaps there's a team that you want to design a third jersey for? Let me know in the comments. The best answer will inspire the next competition. My choice would be a competition for a new 3rd jersey for the Sabres. Let me know...

COTW Feb 21-27 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
Winter Classic Best Jersey Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern) 

February 26, 2016

Friday: Underrated

Hello folks!  Today I was planning on complaining about jerseys I think are overrated, but once I started writing the post I changed my mind, instead I'm going to talk about underrated jerseys.

(Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images)
The Arizona Coyotes new home and road jerseys weren't that well received when they were unveiled, but I actually quite like them.  The striping pattern is bold, it's unique, and most importantly I think it looks good.  I also think their number font is a huge improvement, I didn't like the font on the previous jerseys.  These are right up there with their original jerseys on the list my favourite Coyotes uniforms.

(Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images)
When the Carolina Hurricanes road jersey was first unveiled I did not like it, I was like "where is the hurricane flag pattern?" and "change is bad".  Since then my opinion has completely changed.  I really like the unique shoulder yoke with the player's name, and I also think red and black are balanced perfectly on the overall uniform.  I still wish they would've kept the hurricane flag pattern, and I don't like their home jersey, but I'd now say their road jersey is better than their previous road jerseys.

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)
The Columbus Blue Jackets home and road jerseys also don't get the respect I think they deserve.  They're clean, they're elegant, they have a good logo and unique fonts, I don't get why they're disliked.  Plus the red pants add a nice burst of colour.  I'd hate to see these replaced with a set based off of the Blue Jackets third jersey.

(Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images)
I won't miss the Florida Panthers current road jersey too much when it's gone next year, but I do think it's under-appreciated.  I like the colours on this jersey and how they're distributed.  On their home jersey the blue yoke blends into the red jersey, but the road jersey has no such problem.  Also, while the striping pattern isn't as good as the Panthers original jerseys, I don't think it's awful either.  Finally, I like their sun and palm tree shoulder logo, and their primary logo is okay too.

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty Images)
Last on my list of underrated jerseys are the Washington Capitals home and road uniforms.  I've heard people call these outdated, or say they were never good to begin with, but I don't agree with either of those statements.  In my opinion these are an example of how to make a good modern jersey.  The template is unique, there is no unnecessary piping, the side panels are simple and fit with the rest of design, and the number font looks great.  I also don't mind the wordmark logo, I wouldn't want wordmarks to become too common, but I think it's okay for the occasional team.

By the way, my list of overrated jerseys consisted of the Blue Jackets third jersey, the Rangers third jersey, the Flyers third jersey, and Blues third jersey.


Today is the last day to vote for COTW and the deadline to enter the Chicago Express Competition is tonight at 10:59pm Eastern.

Additionally, we have a poll to decide the best Stadium Series sweater.  My vote was for this year's Red Wings jersey, if you disagree with me (or agree) then vote to make sure your opinion is heard.

COTW Feb 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)


There are no new Chicago Express Competition entries, so let's get right to the regularly scheduled concepts...

Detroit Red Wings, by Josiah B:
Josiah starts us off with a tweak to the Red Wings current jerseys.  The biggest change it the addition of a second stripes on the arms (and socks) but there are a few more minor alterations, the home collar is now white, the hem stripes on the home jersey are moved up, and the names are no longer arched.  None of those changes make the jerseys worse, but I don't think they were improvements either, overall I'd call this a lateral move.  Presentation and execution are both really good, except the sock stripes are a little high (take a look at Taylor's concept for a good position).  This concept loses some points in the creativity department, but that's fine, not every concept needs to be groundbreaking.
Rating:  7/10

Niagara IceDogs, by Zeke G:
The IceDogs currently wear Blackhawks style jerseys, here Zeke gives them a set of their own.  I like the striping pattern, a lot of people think you always need full hem stripes but a lot of people are stupid, these look better with no hem stripes (likewise I preferred the Coyotes 2007-15 no hem stripes jerseys better than their 2003-07 jerseys with hem stripes).  What I don't like are the number of execution errors, the logo and numbers are both too big, the white jersey collar is a different colour on the back view, and the sock stripes are too high.  Also, the hem outlines are messy on both jerseys, varying in thickness and disappearing all together in areas on the white jersey.  This concept would get a much higher grade if those issue were fixed.
Rating:  6/10

Syracuse Crunch, by Brooks F:
Syracuse's current set are the epitome of minor league jerseys, they use a lacklustre template and have lots of piping.  Brooks fixes both those issues with this concept.  The striping is quite unique by having a complex pattern on both the arm stripes and the full arm yoke.  I kind of think it's too much though, maybe using a plain full arm yoke with complex arm stripes would be better (or toss the arm stripes and just keep the complex full arm yoke).  The rest of the concept very nice, the execution is good, although once again the sock stripes are too high.
Rating:  7/10

Pittsburgh Penguins (Heritage Concept), by Lucas D:
The Penguins are turning 50 next year, and Lucas decided it would be a good time for them to wear a heritage jersey.  I don't like the recoloured logo, the triangle in their logo is yellow as a nod to Pittsburgh's golden triangle, so recolouring it loses that symbolism.  Other than that I like the rest of the concept.  The striping looks perfectly vintage, and the contrasting shoulders are a nice nod to the Penguins old cup winning jerseys.  I also like the choice to use a round collar instead of a lace-up collar, we know from the Winter Classic how good a round collar can look.
Rating:  7/10

Guelph Storm (Fauxback), by Tyler K:
Tyler joins in the retro fun with a fauxback concept for the Guelph Storm.  Once again the striping pattern is great for a vintage jersey, I could easily picture a team in the 30's wearing this.  The shoulder logo, name and number fonts, and front wordmark also are a perfect fit for the retro theme.  I'm not sold on having their current tornado logo on this jersey though, it's a 90's logo that looks out of place on such an old fashioned jersey.  Maybe using a front number (à la the 1946-47 Rangers) would be a better fit here.  Execution on the jersey is good, the socks stripes are too high though (am I starting to sound like a broken record?).
Rating:  7/10

Milwaukee Admirals, by Alan H:
The Admirals unveiled a new logo this past summer, which might be the best logo in the AHL.  For this concept Alan pairs that logo with a jersey I have mixed feelings about.  The striping pattern isn't my favourite due to the fact the light blue and silver blend together, which weakens the look of the stripes.  I think removing the silver stripes is the way to go because the elements without silver, like the name and numbers, look great.  Speaking of the numbers, I'm really glad you kept the Admirals current font, it truly is the perfect font for them.  I'm also glad you used their old anchor secondary logo, as I like it better than their interlocking M/A logo.  Alan's been at this for a long time, and the execution is nearly flawless, however I (once again) have a complaint about the socks.  For once today the stripes are at a good height, however the socks themselves are shrunk vertically, they'd barely go past the players knees.
Rating:  7/10

Team Canada (World Junior Championship), by Taylor R:
Today's post concludes with a Team Canada concept for the World Juniors.  Taylor does something with this concept that I love, he uses two jerseys that match but they're not an exact colour swap.  Specifically, he uses a colour yoke on the white jersey but contrasting shoulders on the red sweater.  Both jerseys also feature a chest stripe which I like, but I have an issue with where it cuts off.  I think it would be better if it didn't wrap around the back at all, that way you wouldn't see a partial stripe when viewing the player from behind.  I like the rest of the concept though, especially the leaf on the sleeve stripe.
Rating:  8/10


That's all folks!

February 25, 2016

Thursday: Vintage White

Vintage white. Something that's seemingly just a gimmick by the NHL (or whoever originated the trend) in order to make jerseys look more, well, vintage. While it can have that effect, a misuse of it can just make the jersey look more muddy and ugly, with less pop on the design than there would be with regular white. Basically, it's either a hit or miss - and of course you probably know where this is going by now. So, let's get to it.

Photo from, edits by myself
The Flyers have a solid design here (aside from the bottom black stripe missing on the hem, that really bugs me). The vintage white doesn't work too well with the orange though, the regular white pops much more, and the vintage white just has a muddy look to it.
Photo from, edits by myself
The main problem with the vintage white on this one is that it doesn't stand out enough from the blue. While the change doesn't do as much as I had expected it would, it still does help, and I don't think there's any doubt that it looks better on the logo and numbers too.
Photo from, edits by myself
Now this one is probably the worst of the bunch, especially when you look at them side by side. The white pops out much more than the vintage white does. Not much more to it here.

Now, I honestly think that most, if not all, jerseys would look better with regular white than vintage white but that doesn't mean there haven't been some good uses. Let's take a look at a few of those ones.

Photo from
 The main reason that vintage white works so well on this one is that it still stands out enough, and adds to the vintage effect the jersey is going for. Works well.
As will come up a lot, the vintage white/cream color on this jersey works mainly because of the fact that it does not conflict with another color on the jersey. Considering that there's only one other color on this one, it stands out pretty well too.
I repeat, the color works well here guessed it, no conflicts with another color. I think regular white would work better still, but again, this works just fine.


Some interesting news now, the NHL has teased some of the jerseys for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. I believe the only ones that are left to be teased are Russia and the U.S. I'll be sure to update the post if they're teased in time, for now, here are the rest! 
Update: After writing that last night Russia has now been teased. All that's left is the U.S.
Update again: And now the USA jerseys have been teased, so that's all of them.


This week we of course have the COTW vote, and we also have the Chicago Express redesign competition, if you didn't notice the banner on the top of the page. So vote and get your entries in ASAP.

COTW Feb 14-20 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Chicago Express entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)
There's also a vote going on to see what you guys think is the best Stadium Series jersey. It'll definitely be interesting to see, as there isn't one clear cut winner.

Competition entries:
Danny R.

Mitch B.

Jimmy T. - St. Louis Blues
+I like the use of red, gives it a unique color scheme for sure.
+The yellow hem/cuffs look great
+With a busier design like this, it's a good move keeping the pants almost plain.
~I'm not sure if I like the absence of white, or if I'd like to see some...
-The outline on the number doesn't stand out much at all. Better to go with no outline than to have it blend like this.
Overall: 8.5/10

Lucas D. - Dallas Stars
+The colors look nice and vibrant.
+Good choice going with one color name/numbers. Using a yellow/gold outline would have most likely blended itself with the white.
+The design is a modern take on them - with the side panels on the hem - while also being a callback to their past - with the full arm yoke and the striping. Nice touch.
~Not a huge fan of bringing back the old logo on this one, but it still looks pretty good.
-While I do like the colors, they may almost be too bright. Wouldn't really be able to tell until I saw it on the ice though.
Overall: 9/10

Roman S. - Dinamo Riga
+I like the color scheme, dark blue contrasting with white could look pretty good
-The design is very plain..there's only one area of any pattern outside of the piping, it's barely more than a practice jersey. Not a great template to choose either.
-The name is much too small
Overall: Way too plain (5/10)

Ryan G. - Black Sun
It's time for another Star Wars concept from Ryan...which means more missed references. I have watched some Star Wars between the last time I reviewed one of these and now...but I don't think that really helped. I apologize in advance for all of the references I miss on here.
+I like the colors, the red and black looks great together with enough contrast to not need an additional color.
+As always, the font is a nice touch.
+I like the logo, and the "stripes" coming out of the sides...but
-I think those would be cool to work into a chest stripe
-Unless there's a reason for it I'm missing, lose the piping, it almost never looks good, and I'm not sure I've ever seen a good usage of it honestly.
Overall: 8/10

Ryan G. - Thrawn's Empire
Again, all the preliminary comments from last time also apply here.
+I really like the color scheme, this would be a good usage of a gold esque color (bad example, the Penguins)
+ I think the design fits well together. Definitely a unique combo of chest and hem stripes too.
+Again, font.
-Not sure how well the gold pants would work. Black might work better to balance the colors too.
-Same with the gold helmet and gloves.
Overall: 8.5/10

Taylor R. - Russia (WJC)
+Really like the addition of gold to the jersey design, especially with it being used so minimally.
+Simple design, but interesting execution of it. The stripes being more towards the upper arms is different, and the numbers inside of them are a nice touch.
+Really like the font used, it fits great.
-The gold blends into the white a bit on the white jersey. Not a huge issue though.
Overall: 9.5/10 and my COTW nomination!

Tyler F. - Stockton Heat
+Their current Flames copies are pretty bad, for a few reasons. Almost anything can be an improvement at this point, so this is no exception.
+I think I prefer the S alone as opposed to the roundel, but they're both pretty good here.
+For concepts of Calgary or Stockton I usually like minimal black, but I think the use of black here, especially on the red jersey, works really well.
-The stitching should stop at the hem striping
-The front logo on the white jersey, and shoulder logos on the red jersey, are too big.
-Unrelated to the concept itself, but I'd condense your presentation down a bit. There's no need to have about a third or fourth of the right side blank aside from a small bit of text at the bottom.
Overall: 8/10


And that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, an I'll see you all again next week.