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December 31, 2015

Thursday: Last Post of the Year

Hello once again guys and welcome back!

So a lot has been said about this already, and most of it would just be echoing other people at this point, so I'm not going to talk too much about it. Just a quick thank you to both Dylans, who if you haven't heard are stepping down as writers, for helping me and others with their concept adventures while writing here. Also, good luck in life to both of you and good luck to Dbro at the new job you mentioned yesterday, it sounds like a dream job for someone into graphic design and jersey design. I hope it goes well!

Fun fact: I'm pretty sure they've both been writing for the blog longer than I've been reading it. I know Dbro has, and for Dylan N., I guess you'd have to go by his first writing tenure for that one.
Fun fact #2: At the beginning of this writing tenure for Dylan N., I was actually one of the people who he beat out to earn the writing spot. Fortunately for me another one opened up soon after and I got picked for that one, and here I am.

With these departures means we have a few writing spots open. Do you think you can replace them? Well why not apply to be the new writer then? I can tell you from personal experience it's fun, and if you do want to be the writer go ahead and apply, you have nothing to lose by doing so.
So it's been a while...but I'm up in the COTW vote again...maybe you should go give me a vote...

Okay I'm just kidding of course, but you should still go vote, but just for whose concept you think is best. All of the concepts this week could easily win in my opinion, I only haven't voted yet because I don't know who to vote for yet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. And while you're at it why not redesign the lackluster look of the Olympiques and enter it into our competition?
COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques entries:

Brooks F.
Alan H.

So I'm going to try a slightly different writing style this week. Usually on concepts there are some areas that need more focus than others, so I'm going to use a style that's similar to the one that I used to use, and that Jack still uses, and rather than focusing on certain specific areas I'll highlight ones that need more focus, wether it be in a good or bad way. I see no harm in trying it at least. On that note, let's go.

Artem S. - Cleveland Barons
Design: It's a simple design that calls back to the original Barons, it looks good
Colors: The black and red blend together a bit, most specifically: on the cuff design on the road jersey. It's not too bad, and could be much worse, and could also possibly be better in a real life application, but it's still something to look out for.
Idea: While it's nothing new, it's always cool to see concepts for defunct teams
Logos: This could easily come down to just personal opinion, but I think the first alternate logo would be better as a primary (Ohio state with the B inside). 
Designer stuff: Sorry for the awkward name, I'm not sure what to call this yet. Anyways you need to ADD ID to the image and also CREDIT THE LOGOS that aren't official logos and that you didn't design. The only reason I'm not "refusing" to review the concept because of the logo crediting issue is because this concept may have been sent in before you had the chance to add it after a previous review. You wouldn't want your work stolen either, so you need to credit someone if you decide to use their logo.

Overall: Believable design for if they came back, and not a bad one either (8/10)

Artem S. - Seattle Metropolitans
Striping: Definitely a solid design that fits the vintage feel this design is supposed to have. I'd continue the stripe the whole way around though.
Colors: I love this color scheme. It's greatly underused. Off the top of my head the only pro team I can think who uses it is the Oakland A's, and the former Seattle Supersonics. After doing a small bit of research too the only other team I found was the Green Bay Packers. This would be a unique scheme for sure, especially for a hockey team.
Realism: I could definitely see this as a modern day incarnation of the team.
Designer stuff: Same as the last concept

Overall: If this was used for an expansion team to Seattle, I wouldn't be upset at all. (8.5/10)

Dylan T. - Seattle Metropolitans
Colors: As apposed to the last Metropolitans concept, these colors stay truer to the former team itself. I think the vintage white is a good touch for a vintage based concept like this, and especially using it for the road jersey is something that should be done more.
Striping: Simple design that also stays true to their previous design. I see no flaws in that.
Numbers: I don't think an outline on the numbers would hurt. I don't think they're bad as they are either though.

Overall: Simple design, which usually results in a good concept, like it does here (8/10)

Ben M. - Toronto Maple Leafs
Idea: With news of the redesign that's coming there are a lot of people making concepts for them now, including myself. It's always cool to see so many people's takes on them.
Execution: The name is too small and the number looks ever so slightly small too. TV numbers are fine though. The vertical stitching should also stop at the hem striping.
Logos: This concept makes good use of McElroy's logo, which is one of my favorites when it comes to the concept logos I've seen for them.
Design: It looks like it's taking from the '67 design and putting a twist on it. I'm personally not a fan of stripes being cut off by a full yoke, especially on this side of the yoke. If you had the stripes outside of the yoke and colored the yoke I think it'd have a better look to it overall.

Overall: Not a bad look at all but it could use some refining (7/10)

Jared L. - Toronto Maple Leafs
Idea: Same thing as above
Colors: Adding black is an interesting move that I think could work. I don't think it was the right move here. The silver you added was a better move though, but I can't imagine it being a realistic one.
Execution: Everything on the image is a bit blurry, but fortunately not enough to absolutely ruin the concept. The logo is also much too large, and the name on the back would be hard to read with only an outline on it.
Design: I commend you for going out of the box with the modern/futuristic fonts but they don't really work here. The side panels don't work at all either, the hem striping is just fine. Hem trim and hem striping do not go together on edge jerseys either, pick one or the other or else you'll have an awkward and pretty bad look.

Overall: I think you have a few ideas combatting each other here. Simplify it and you'll have a much better look. (5.5/10)

Taylor R. - San Jose Sharks
Colors: My view on the Sharks when it comes to colors is that they should drop orange and go back to gray/silver. However I also believe that if they go orange, they should go a bit more all out with it, like this concept does.
Striping: Simple and calls back to their regular jerseys along with the original edge set. The white works well to keep the black and teal from bleeding too much in the striping.
Realism: I honestly doubt the Sharks would do something like this, but if they did this could easily be a top pick.
Design: I'm not sure if this would fall better into colors or not, but I think the jersey could use more teal, however you'd want to add it. A yoke or colored hem/cuffs could look good.

Overall: Simple and great look. (9/10) and my COTW nomination.

And that's a wrap for today. Did you guys like the new writing style? Let me know, I did myself. I hope your holidays have been well to you all and happy new years as well! I hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next week year.

December 30, 2015

Wednesday: Farewell HJC

Hey there and Happy New Years Eve Eve HJCers!

I have a lot to say today, so before any of the important info gets buried under paragraphs of whatever, I'll get it out there in the open first.

First off, for those that were wondering about the lack of a Monday post this week, I was going to take the concepts from Monday's post and include them in today's post as a special double length post, but Mr. Jets was able to get a post up really late last night. So click HERE to go read the Monday(Kind of) post.

Second... Congrats to the Rockford IceHogs for winning Dylan N's AHL logo competition. It's great to see my little ol' hometown team held in the highest regard when it comes to logo design. Fantastic!

There's also a COTW vote this week (As there is every week so don't be surprised)

The Olympiques Competition is also off to a good start, don't forget to get your entries in before Friday afternoon!
COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 

Ok, so it's been mentioned a few times the last few days, and yes. After almost 3 and a half years as a writer for HJC I'm stepping down. I finally got a big boy real job, with my fancy college degree, and it's going to take up a lot of my time.

As shitty as it feels to leave HJC for the time being, I'm pretty excited for my new job. I'll be a designer at a sports apparel and equipment company where some of my duties will include researching and designing jerseys. Which is exactly what I've been wanting to do for a few years now.

HJC has been a big part of shaping my design career. I was one of those kids growing up who doodled on every piece of homework I ever turned in. A teacher in middle school told me that if I didn't go into graphic design I was wasting my time. And after a graphic design class in high school I had decided it was what I wanted to go into for sure. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do though.

This whole time I followed sites like Icethetics, the Creamer boards, and PuckDrawn (Which sadly isn't around anymore.) As interested as I was in those sites it had never occurred to me to try and design my hockey concepts and send it. I wasn't completely comfortable with Illustrator and Photoshop yet, so I just sat on the sidelines and looked at everyone else's work. It wasn't until I found HJC in early 2012 that I decided it was time to try it out for myself.

This is the first concept I ever sent into HJC. My favorite part..... no ID on the image... God I'm such a hypocrite. Even with that error Ryan gave it a 9/10. So... yay me! After my first concept being received so well I decided this would be a thing I tried to do more often. Ryan then shared the news of the Sarnia Sting alternate jersey contest. 

So with a few concepts under my belt I decided to take a shot. I sent in a concept with 6 of my rough drafts as seen below...

Ryan said his favorite was number five, which I chose and it ended up the winner. So because of HJC, I decided to go into sports design for sure, as well as a top notch portfolio piece in the Sarnia jersey. That jersey will always be something I put first in my portfolio and hang on my wall with pride.

I won despite Ryan saying on a later post regarding my final entry, that he would be voting for frigging Justin Cox... PHHHHHHH. Speaking of Coxy, that's another thing HJC has given me. New friends. Guys like McElroy, Cox, Wonka, and Mat Ware, I talk to those guys all the time whether it be about design, or making fun of their respective NHL teams.... So basically everyone but my team and McElroy's team because we are winners. (tehe) And I've probably interacted with everyone here who has a Twitter account. It's nice to have all these new friends who share this hobby/interest.

There's a lot of other things that HJC has given me. Like an eye for good jersey design and an idea of the current trends (which is a fantastic thing to have, as I found out in a job interview a few weeks ago). I can also pinpoint a dumb stupid knockoff counterfeit China jersey from a mile away. I've helped some people change their counterfeit buying ways. There's some I probably can't remember or won't realize for awhile.

I'll end this here for now... Let's get to the competition entries and concepts for the day.


Phil B.

Ryan C.

Matt G.

And now... Here are the daily concepts.

Prince George Cougars Concept - Anish K.
I like the new Cougars logo. That being said, there are some issues with it that could make it much better. That's not Anish's fault, so I won't really count those shortcomings against him. I can't really decide if I like this overall design or not, but the color balance between the two jerseys is good. There's a lot of pixelation on the logo of the white jersey, but not the black jersey. The name on the back looks off center. The shadowed effect on the numbers isn't that great, especially in these colors. The sock design is trying to mimic the sleeve design but I think it could be done better. My biggest issue is the wavy stripes on the socks. Just stick with straight. The gloves are probably best left to one color. Two different pairs of pants isn't a great move either. Stick with black.

Seems like you have a lot of ideas that could end up being really good, but maybe spread them out between different teams or concepts.

Rating: 6/10

Hartford Whalers Concept - Artem S.
This is essentially the Whalers final jerseys, but Reebok-ified. The socks are slightly different, but I like them better. The front numbers are unnecessary. Ideally the front of a Whalers' jersey is nothing but that beautiful beautiful logo. The new C logo is another unneeded addition. If anything should be on the shoulders it's Pucky the Whale. I don't know why the new logo is a C. It'd make sense if they were the Connecticut Whalers, but then the H-W logo wouldn't make sense. Ditch the C and stick with Pucky. Good Ol' Pucky. #Pucky4President

Rating: 7/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concept - Artem S.
Oh man, I miss the Thrashers. They were always one of my favorite teams before their untimely death. Artem suggests a set of jerseys based on their last white jerseys. Reebok wasn't kind to the Thrashers. None of the Reebok jerseys were my favorites, but if I was to choose one to base a set off of it was their whites. Overall, not the best looking jerseys, but that's on Reebok, not Artem. But I wouldn't have been opposed to the team dropping their maroon football jersey or their powder blue asymmetric jerseys.

Rating: 7.5/10

Miami University RedHawks Concept - Ben S.
Good looking set for a college team. It's a good timeless look. They could wear these for 100 years and who would really complain? It's a shame the bird logo isn't anywhere. I wouldn't mind seeing some black trim in there since it's in the team colors. I think it'd give the look a little bit of an edge. Make em look meeeean! I really like the MIAMI in the chest stripe, it's a shame the chest stripe doesn't go onto the back of the jersey. The only thing I'd change is the hem stripes. On the white jersey I'd keep the bottom thin red stripes so it doesn't look incomplete. Same goes for the red jersey, but if you could keep the white hem that'd be awesome. The hem on the red jersey reminds me of these cheap-o Target fan jerseys.

Rating: 8/10

Hartford Whalers Concept - Dylan T.
Dylan T. gives the Whalers the Adidas treatment. The look is similar to their navy/silver jerseys. I like the move to ditch the silver. The new striping is nice. The alternate would be a great call back to their original jerseys, keep the whole hem white though. The jerseys are nice and should be the focus of the image. The logo at the top doesn't need to be that big. You should try to make the jerseys as big as you can so we can see all the details. The border in the corners is cool and all, but you shouldn't be sacrificing the quality of your concepts for it.

Rating: 8/10

Purdue vs Indiana Concept - Matt G.
This seems to be a Stadium Series jersey vs. a Winter Classic jersey. The Purdue jersey has a very interesting hem. I with the silver/gray stripes were on the sleeves and socks too, just so there weren't so blank feeling. Rather then having the hem stripe meet on the side and form a chevron, I think it'd be cooler if the hem stripe was at less of an angle and went up diagonally across the jersey from the front to somewhere under the number where it'd get cut off. The pants look cool though. As for Indiana, pretty straightforward fauxback/throwback look. No complaints.

Also this
Rating: 8.5/10

Atlanta Thrashers Concept - Taylor R.
Oh boy! TWO Thrashers concepts in one day. I love everything about this. Base a whole set on these, hot damn. The new font is hella good. The striping is interesting and looks really good on the lighter blue jersey. The only thing that doesn't fit in the one white pants stripe. With the amount of striping in the rest of the uniform, you could get away with blank pants. It'd be cool to see their "T" logo on the shoulders but it's fine without them.

Rating: 9/10 and for the final time as a writer... COTW NOM

And that's it, for the last time from me, that's a wrap on Wednesday.

Well maybe not last time. I discussed it with Ryan and maybe I'll be back someday. But for the time being I won't be writing regularly. Maybe someday Ryan will need a guest writer or something. I'll gladly volunteer. Maybe I'll pop up on the design blog since there's no set schedule for that. I'll still pop up in the comments sections.

See you guys!

December 29, 2015

Tuesday: Year End

How was everyone's holiday season? Whether you celebrate something or not I hope this last week was enjoyable. As for me, it didn't feel like Christmas at all, but that's okay it was still a great time with my family. Being at the age of 20 I'm at the age where all the gifts are gift cards, money, or gag gifts which I love, a lot of great ones this year. Any gift that you gave or received that was amazing? I gave my older cousin a huge charcoal portrait of myself I did for a school project as a joke (inside joke when he was intoxicated) and my sister who did the same project as me 5 years earlier still had hers, so we gave him both and his reaction was priceless. It's nice being at the age where I can also purchase a ton of presents for people. The reactions are usually always amazing to see. The only disappointing one was my three year old nephew. Bought him a kid drum set and he had to ask what it was and once we told him his response was "oh". It wasn't a very happy "oh" either. He's three though, I understood. The next day he was banging away at it causing an annoyance through the whole house. You're welcome family!

I'm finished with my boring talk! Now onto today's concepts..


I said this last week I believe, but I am greatly surprised at the outcome. There's not doubt I think this is a very nice logo, but the best in the league? I don't mind the shield, the script or the stars but I think the comet could have been done better. Specifically the puck. Comets are huge and bright and the puck I feel should have a bright spot or it should be larger (obviously pucks are black and should be darker but pucks are also not comets). The colors I think are awesome and at the end of the day, a great logo.

Rating: 8.9/10

Thank you to all that voted. Last logo tournament from me because I will be leaving this site as a writer shortly. Keeping that in mind we have 2 writers spots available! If you want to write for this site once a week, click the banner above!

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 


SKA Saint Petersburg - Artem S.
 Let's start off today with Artem's KHL concepts. Out of all that I have reviewed so far this is my favorite. It's a very traditional design but that is what makes it so great. My knock on it? It's basically what they have worn. The only difference is that their is a shield in the logo. There's no doubt this is well done and looks nice but we lose a bit of creativity here. No complaints about the design, just want to see something new!

Rating: 8.5/10

Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod - Artem S.
 Artem gives us another red, white, and blue team! The plain side paneling with the yoke outline is something I rarely like. I don't think I've had ever liked it but I think there could be a way someday. I feel if there is going to be a side panel it shouldn't continue all the way up to the yoke and should have a more striped design feel to it rather than a paint bucket fill. To me that's where the jersey is lacking. If you took the sleeve stripes you have and made them onto the side panel, the same size and stopping at the armpit it might not be as bad, but side panels in general on hockey jerseys are very hard to pull off.

Rating: 7.4/10

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs - Ben S.
 Minnesota might have one of the best jersey sets in the NCAA. Ben takes the basic traditional idea they have and simplifies the striping. I think the white jersey looks nice but the maroon one looks gorgeous. Only think that would make these better in my eyes (specifically on the maroon jersey ) would be to have the bulldog head on it. Maybe not on the white jersey since I think there would be too much yellow on the jersey. No real other complaints. I think the back numbers are riding a little too high and don't give enough room for a bigger name. Just that little execution notice, but this is really nice.

Rating: 8.3/10

Colorado Rockies - Dylan T.
 Dylan brings back the Rockies. In doing so he gives them a new jersey idea. To be honest, I love the striping done on the white jersey. I think adding a plain blue yoke or squared off yoke would be amazing. I think you should have done the striping the same on the other two jerseys though. Also, that shield logo you have with the mountains looks much better than the old logo. If you used that on all three I think it would look better! So close to an amazing set, just a few changes!

Rating: 8.7/10

Iowa Hawkeyes - Matt G.
 Matt G continues his BIG10 Rivalry series. For this one he has Iowa vs. Nebraska. Nebraska is the one jersey I like, however I think it would look fantastic if you flipped the color and the outlines for the number and logo so that there is more white. White pants is an out of the box idea and would match the football team but I think you're better off just sticking with red pants here. For Iowa the one switch I would have is to have the striping on the hem or maybe no striping on the hem. If you pick no striping on the hem I think a black yoke would be needed to balance everything out. Again with the pants, I think black would be the way to go. I understand it's what the football team wears but as a hockey set I don't think it would be effective.

Rating: 7.9/10

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs - Taylor R.
T-Roy finishes off today with a Minnesota Duluth concept too. This one I think is awesome. Keeps a very traditional look but it's a striping style that is quite original. After analyzing the jerseys I really don't see anything I dislike. Honestly it's not a perfect jersey but I don't see anything wrong with it if that makes sense. Close to perfect. Maybe if they had a more modernly done bulldog now that you could use could make this great.

Rating: 9.3/10


That's if for me this week, hope everyone has a great week and New Years! See you all next week in 2016!

December 28, 2015

Monday: Sort Of....

Welcome to another Monday Wednesday postpost!

I expected to be in Blainville when this post went live  QC, enjoying a game with a friend who also happens to be from the suburb, and next week, you'll get to see my adventures in the twin cities because by the time this post goes live, we'll be at the arena or close to it. Unfortunately, my flight home from Orlando was delayed massively by the airline and by the shuttle service so I got into Toronto at 2:00am and then left for Montreal at 10:30am, and of course, I forgot to finish this post....oops. I left my laptop in Toronto and because of a bad snow storm...this is coming late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning...

Sorry sorry sorry! I try to stay on top of these things but travel can mess with ya!

The game was awesome, the Armada lost 3-1 to the Val d'or Foruers and I can safely say merchandise & tickets are at least 10x cheaper than in Toronto.

I'd like to take this time to wish well Dbro & Dylan N. as they are leaving HJC's writing staff. When I joined HJC as a writer in summer 2012, Dbro joined up too. We've been through it all with admin Ryan, and while I plan on staying for a while, Dbro will always be with the likes of Colin M., Thallos, Steven G., the other 5 original writers.

Dbro's first post from August 21st 2012

As for Dylan N. he came on to the team a little later, but he's been an off an on writer through the past 2.5 years or so. I can't remember Dylan's first post but if someone links to it I'll post it and you can all read it.

On with the post, and thanks for the ride guys, Go Hawks & Sabres!

Do you wanna replace these two? Think you can? Write a mock post and send it to Admin Ryan and he'll give you all the details in the bar up above with the lined paper!

Hey, do you think the Gatineau Olympique's jerseys are not the best....ME TOO! Wanna change them...well unless you have a hefty bribe that's gonna be hard. But you know what you can do, enter the Gatineau Olympique redesign contest!

Here are the entries that have come in so far:

Vaughan R.

Also, COTW is a great thing to vote for while you're working on you Olympique entry!

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 

On to the concepts:


Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Brooks F.)

+ Very good choice of logos and colours, certainly looks like something you'd see in the Mighty Ducks series as an opponent in a bad montage
+ The striping and especially the yokes are very colourful and certainly stick out against the teal
+Numbers match the look and tone of the jersey
+Great execution

- This jersey reminds me of another Florida sports team from say....1995? Maybe a little too close
- I'd prefer the original Panthers logo recoloured to this logo

Rating: 8.75/10 COTW nom from me!

Kelowna Rockets Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ I always like how Ryan creates new patterns for jerseys without changing much, here he creates a yoke out of negative space, and it looks pretty solid
+ Logo looks good, a little Jimmy Neutron/cartoony but it works more than an aboriginal sea dragon from 15 years ago
+ Ryan's execution is pretty solid

- A hem stripe certainly would improve the jersey massively
- TV numbers are too small
- Shoulder patch?
- The side panels kind of work, but would look better if they had more detail to them

Rating: 7.5/10

Prince George Cougars Concepts (By: Andrew W.)

+This was certainly a unique entry to the Cougars competition I really liked, but the colour balancing was my favourite part
+ The red set is beautiful
+ Using the empty space in the logos on the hem stripe was a really nice touch
+ Good execution

- The hem stripes would look better if they were thicker
- tv numbers are too small

Rating: 8.5/10

Iowa Hawkeyes/Minnesota Golden Gophers NCAA Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ The Gophers jersey is a yellow jersey of the red jersey we saw last week, so I won't talk about it much, I still like it a lot and like the logo choices, so this review will mostly focus on the Hawkeyes kersey
+ The striping is fantastic, while they don't match, they sure do look good
+ Great execution
+ The gear is really colourful, which is always nice

 -The Hawkeyes logo would look 1000% better with an outline
- Yellow gloves don't work as well as yellow pants

Rating: 8.5/10

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: Dylan T.)

+ Nothing too extreme with the jerseys, they remain almost them same which is nice, of course with a semi 1979/80 logo and a slightly darker blue
+ Call me crazy, but the piping wouldn't be the worst idea, it could look okay
- Good execution

- The piping template looks like two half circles on the sides, which is not how piping looks on any jersey
- tv numbers are too small and close to the shoulder yoke
- It would be nice to see something a lot more interesting and unique, I think we can picture this jersey in our heads

Rating: 7.25/10

Severstal Cherepovets KHL Concepts (By: Artem S.)

+ I originally didn't recognize the team because they're not wearing the Severstal corporate logo or their flames, so kudos for not just doing minor changes to the jersey
+ The new logo is pretty good, or at least better than the current, and it matches the simple striping
+ Good execution 

- The script on the hem still seems pointless
- Don't forget to get rid of the vector logo on the back of the collar 
- Pants logo is too small 

Rating: 7.25/10

Traktor Chelyabinsk KHL Concepts (By: Artem S.)

+ Traktor's current jerseys are pretty tame compared to these, and in some regards I like the buff-a-slug, but it isn't necessarily an improvement
+ Good logo choices 
+ Again, good execution

- The jersey really is just a cut and past template, it even uses the numbers and pants the Buff-a Slug jersey used, do try to be more original! This series for the most part hasn't been the most creative by any means 
- again with the script on the hem and pants logo, which looks awkward on the pants

Rating: 6.5/10

That;s the post!
Don't forget to get your entries in for the Gatineau Olympique redesign as well as your votes
Have a great week
Go Jets, Mooseheads, Moose & Armada!

December 27, 2015

Sunday: Happy World Juniors

Hello everyone, welcome to an awesome HJC post!

So Christmas came and went, (yay)
And I didn't get any jerseys this year. (boo)
But I did get NHL16! (yay)
But I don't have the console to play it on. (boo)
So the World Juniors have started. (yay)
And Canada lost the opener to the USA. (boo)
But I still have HJC, which never lets me down. (yay)
Except HJC is now missing 2 awesome writers. (boo)
But those writers could be you! (yay)
So check out the link at the top, and get your mock concepts in! While you're at it, vote for the COTW, and nominate the concepts this week, as they're the last entrants into our COTY competition for 2015! In the next few weeks we'll be determining this year's best concept! (triple yay)

(Let's just hope Steve Harvey isn't the one announcing the winner...)

COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)
Olympiques Competition entries (due Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern) 

Now lets get to the concepts!

Barrie Colts - Brooks F.

I like seeing designers make their own logos. These could be more polished, but have a great look to them.
Colours are well used and well balanced.
Alternate jersey contrasts well with main set.
Simple but not too simple striping pattern works best with these logos.

Still not a huge fan of the contrasting shoulders look, and this concept doesn't change that at all.

Overall: For the 2nd time, I get to review a really sharp Barrie Colts set that somehow didn't win the competition. 8.9/10

University of Denver - Ben S.

The Denver Pioneers have a nice classic look that is easy to change a little and still look sharp.
As far as I can tell, they don't use black on their jerseys currently, while this one does just a little.
The brown and white are switched on the dark jersey, which I think looks more effective.

There really isn't much to talk about here. The design is almost exactly the same besides swapping the colour positions and adding a tiny bit of black. Looks good, but nothing noteworthy here.

Overall: It's not bad, but it has been done better several times. For a common, traditional-style team like Denver, you really need to try and stand out more. See Taylor R's concept from November 29 and note how sharp it looks and how it has more key differences without losing the theme. 7.0/10

Vityaz Podolsk - Artem S.

Side note: If there was a Russian equivalent to the Charlestown Chiefs, I'm pretty sure this would be it.

As far as I could research, this is a team that wears Red Wings-style jerseys, so right away I'm happy that there is more going on here.
I've never been a fan of this arm style, but it has it's place in modern jerseys, and it does look good here.
This is a fairly well balanced set.

I think we can do without the piping.
The font for the numbers bother me. A team with WHA-style logos and looks should have a more classic font.
There is definitely room for a black alternate in this set. A black alternate done right would make this a great complete set.

Overall: Yeah I dig it, this is a pretty good set. 8/10

Spartak Moscow - Artem S.

Now for a team that could look like Detroit. They've been flashy in the past, but this is all they need to look good.
The thick arm and chest stripe combo seems to work best for timeless teams like Spartak Moscow.
The balance of space for the chest stripe and logo is perfect, that's something most designers have trouble doing.

The logo could use a thicker outline so it stands out just a little more.
With the classic style of the jersey, I'd get rid of the extra outlines on the numbers. 

Overall: Sometimes simple is better, and this is one of those times. 7.8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Josiah B.

The primary mark is really the big thing coming from Josiah's rebrand. It's a simple idea of combining two logos, but I think it works perfectly here.
The triple-stripe style was used briefly in the 60's and again as an alternate in the 2010's. It definitely has room to come back full time now.
The jerseys look sharp and are well executed.

The alternate logo is alright as is, but just a little too boring and familiar. 
The wordmark is definitely boring and familiar. If anything can be brand new in this concept, it should be the wordmark.

Overall: The jerseys and primary logo are great. The other logos need work, but overall this is a solid rebrand. 8.4/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Lucas D.

Using a classic logo but changing it to have the current font, that's not a bad idea at all.
You know the awesome triple stripes I mentioned in the last concept? Well, this concept doubles that for a completely unique and busier look.
Less radical than the one above, but just as believable.

The problem with the text in the logo is that its a little too big, and its not completely centered on the dark jersey.
The back number could be a little bigger.

Overall: The extra stripes are cool, but the change in logo font kind of flopped. Good try though. 7.4/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Ryan C.

And now for something completely different, like 40's-style Penguins.
I can honestly say I've never seen the Robo-Penguin logo adapted to look as good as this.
Colours are well balanced, jerseys are really well executed.
I love the number font used here.
If a naive William was told the Penguins were an Original 6 team and this was an old uniform, he'd believe it.

The only big problem here is that this almost looks better as a Bruins concept, and that would be much more believable. And if this isn't meant to be a fauxback, it still encroaches on Bruin territory. Maybe with their current gold, or their old baby blue, this jersey could still look great AND be their own.
Small thing, I'm not sure if the circles on the logo are really necessary.

Overall: I want to love it, but it suffers from an identity crisis. 8.8/10

My first try nominating a Barrie Colts concept for COTW didn't work, so why don't I try again. I nominate Brooks F's Barrie Colts concept as my nominee this week.

Don't forget to vote for COTW and to send in your Gatineau Olympiques redesign entries before Friday! Also, get your HJC Writer applications in!

Thanks for reading and see you next year!

December 26, 2015

Saturday: Boxing Day Post!

Hello all. Happy Boxing Day to my fellow Canadians and greeting to anyone else who is now confused. I saw on a website recently someone write "What is a boxing day?". In Canada it has become a very busy shopping day with lots of deals. It used to feature Black Friday type deals, but in my opinion those deals no longer exist on Boxing Day and can now be found on Black Friday (which Canada also uses for sales now as well). It's called Boxing Day because the 26th was typically the day retailers would box up all of their old Christmas merchandise from the season and put it on sale before packing it away. So happy Boxing Day! Maybe you can score a jersey at an awesome price.

Of course Boxing Day is also celebrated as being the first day of competition at the World Junior Championship. Canadians love this tournament, and I am not one of those. I need a pro versus pro tournament to stop everything I'm doing and cheer on Canada. Of course the country disagrees with me as last year's Gold Medal Game drew 7.1 million viewers on TSN. That's 20.2% of Canadians tuning in to watch the game. By comparison, that would be like 64.6 million Americans tuning in to watch a game.


The winner of the COTW vote for Dec 13-19 was Josiah B and his Team Canada concept!

Full Results
Josiah B. (CAN) - 15
Taylor R. (BAR) - 9
Jamie R. (DAL) - 5
Ryan C. (ALB) - 5
Ryan C. (FLA) - 2

This is Josiah's 2nd win in 3 weeks. Congrats Josiah and it's great to see that your Canada concept came out on top from all of your international concepts that were posted that week.

The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page for the week of December 20-26. Only two concepts were properly nominated and seconded. Those two concepts have been joined by Brendan P's concept that won the Price George Cougars Competition. Voting ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern. You can see the concepts by clicking that link in the poll or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

This week will be the final week of the 2015 COTW calendar. Here's how our schedule breaks down...
Jan 3-9: COTW vote (Dec 27-Jan 2)
Jan 10-16: COTY-December vote
Jan 17-23: 4th Quarter vote
Jan 24-30: COTY Semi-Finals
Jan 31- Feb 6: COTY FINAL!!!


As you read above, Brendan P. won the Prince George Cougars ReDesign!

Full Results

Congrats Brendan on your first competition win! Brendan's concept moves into the COTW vote now.

What did you guys think of the poll system for this competition? We've had a chance to do three different types of votes, which one do you think works best? Which one should we use going forward?
- traditional Top 5 vote
- pick ONE (poll style)
- pick FIVE (poll style)

A new competition will be starting soon. It's been delayed slightly by the holiday season.


Unfortunately both Dylan's that write for HJC will be moving on as their lives have become busy and they are no longer able to commit their time to HJC. I really want to thank both of them for all of their efforts and their words will be missed here on the blog.

Their departure creates two new opening for a HJC Writer! Go to the HJC WRITER page to get all of the details on how you can apply to be a writer. This is your chance to have your voice heard. You can be the lead voice once a week for a whole bunch of concepts. Perhaps you have some new ideas about the way concepts should look? This is your chance to steer us in that direction. We are looking for people who can post on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


COTW Dec 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 4:30pm Eastern)