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November 26, 2015

Thursday: Thanksgiving Prime Time

Hello guys! I hope my fellow Americans are all having a great Thanksgiving, but it's prime time for HJC here so let's just get right into it!

After a good amount of votes in the past weeks, it's calmed down a bit here with only the usual COTW vote. Just a simple click so go vote.
COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Straight into the concepts

Taylor R. - Colorado College
+Yellow is not an often used color for a primary color, it looks good here
+I like the font
+Simple and classy look
+I like how the two jerseys have the EXACT same design, just a color change above the stripes
-I'm not a huge fan of the logo but that isn't your fault 

Overall: Great look (9/10) and my COTW Nomination!

Ryan C. - Grand Rapids Griffins
+I like the logo choice, I find it better than their primary logo
+I'm not a huge fan of this gold color but I think it looks good on this set, especially with the red 
+Classy looking design, except...
-The hem stripes would look much better if they continued around the sides, I don't really understand the purpose of this

Overall: The concept looks really good, aside from the one thing mentioned, which  at least in my opinion brings it down a surprising amount (7.5/10)

Ryan C. - Florida Panthers
+Panthers are in need of a new set, I think this would be an improvement
+I like the dont used here for sure
+I like the angled striping on the arms and I like the pattern but...
-Still don't like the fact that it doesn't go around the sides. I think the arm striping on this is better than the last though.
-I think the shoulder patch would look better as the main logo, and the chest logo looks a bit big

Overall: Same problem as the last but I think it's a bit better (8/10)

Matt G. - Winnipeg Jets
+I think everyone's wanted an alternate from the Jets, some solid looking options for them here
+They all use the same base design with a different twist on them
+Every jersey and color scheme looks good, and they all work well. The "Jet Black" jersey is a great idea as well.
-On the bottom two jerseys, the white stroke on the name and numbers blends in too much, and the name becomes hard to read from a distance

Overall: Solid choices all around (8.5/10)

Lucas D. - Tampa Bay Lightning
+Black is something that I'd really like to see them being back, and so is gray/silver
+A more unique striping patten is used here as well
+The logo choice combines their current logo style with their history, great choice
-Unless it's just me, the number looks off center
-That TV number placement would make it off center, you'd need to cut the 9 off and put it on the other side just s but for it to be centered correctly

Overall: I'd like to see them go to this for sure (8/10)

Jay S - Newport Beach Hockey
+The color scheme looks great, reminds me of the SD Gulls
+The alternate is interesting and unique but especially for fantasy it works
+Simple yet effective striping
-The sock striping would be almost completely hidden most likely, put it towards the bottom 
-The yoke outline on the black jersey doesn't look very good, either add a yoke or get rid of that

Overall: Simple but nice looking design (8/10)

Brooks F. - Winkler Flyers
+The black and orange color scheme looks good
+As does the logo, it definitely says Flyers to me
+The striping is unique for sure, reminds me of the Leafs '14 classic jersey combined with the Red Wings regular away
-There is not enough orange on the white jersey, but I can understand that it wouldn't be easy to do

Overall: It's a good look for sure (8.5/10)

Sorry the post is so late guys, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. Thanks for reading, have a good Thanksgiving for the rest of it for those who are celebrating it, and I'll see you guys next week!


Dylan Glenn said...

COTW nom to Matt G.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Matt G for COTW, though I really like Ryan's Griffins' concepts!

jan schreyer said...

Ryan's Panthers for COTW