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November 30, 2015

Monday: Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Welcome to another fantastic Monday post!

We'll start off today's post with a overview of the Stadium Series jerseys because I promised it last week. If you don't know what they look like already....DBro did an excellent job of laying them out...btw did anyone ever notice how amazing Michael Leighton is?

Minnesota Wild- State of Hockey

I really like this jersey, then again I like a lot of what Minnesota puts out jersey wise. There really isn't much to complain about, it's one of the few Stadium Series jerseys (With LA's grey jersey & Pittsburgh's) I'd want to see outside of that game...with a couple of obvious changes.

Colorado Avalanche- Mile High Collar

It's a decent jersey, nothing amazing, but again, it would look decent outside of the Stadium game. I'd like to see the Avs use that arm striping on an future redesign, and I'm really digging the Colorado C as an alternate logo.

Chicago- Four Star Collar

I've grown to like this jersey more, though it's still weird to see the B-Hawks in anything other than something classic. The arms are nice though, and I also like how black is the main colour other than white. The stars on the collar look good too, but the white side sticks out like a sore thumb.

Detroit Red Wings- Flying V

It's not the worst jersey to come out of these games, but it's a missed opportunity. The logo itself & the chest stripe are okay, but the arms don't go anything for the jersey. There were a lot better alternatives on this blog alone. I mean, it's not the first Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey bad, but it's up there.

I'm gonna start a new series where I rank the best & worst jerseys in a team's history. Why? I don't know but it's always interesting to see what teams have worn and ranking them, going through many eras....or at least two...

This week: Colorado Avalanche (Not including Nordiques)

Best: 1995-2007 White jersey

Photo from

Think about all the amazing players to wear this jersey: Sakic, Roy, Forsberg, Foote, Blake, Hejduk, Lemieux, Drury, Bourque etc. etc. 
It's a classy jersey that many classy players wore. It's unique and is up there with one of the most easily identifiable jerseys. 

Honourable mention: 2015 Stadium Series jersey, current alternate 

Worst: 2007-15 Home 

Photo from

I think these jerseys are universally at least disliked. From thefront, there's very little detail on the actual jersey, aside from the panels and the pipping, which best terrible, but without any striping, it's one big patch of maroon with a few blue parts. The yeti foot patch, which is one of my favourites, was thankfully retired this year and replaced with a patch that reflected the current Avs rather than hanging on to the past. Honestly, there have been so many great concepts on this site alone the Avs could use in 2017, pick one and update, because these jerseys suck 

Honourable Mentions: 2001-07 Alternate, 2007-15 Away

Voting...we're going democratic on this one. With this upcoming Barrie Colts contest, we want to know, do you want top 5 or poll style voting. Do your (patriotic music begins) civil duty to HJC and vote!

Speaking of the Barrie Colts Comp...let's see those entries!!!

J.J. A.

Lucas D. 

Emin Z.

Ryan C

Also, don't forget COTW!

COTW Nov 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Barrie Colts entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts!!!

Detroit Pistons NBA Crossover Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Really classy striping for a team that, aside from a weird 5 years in the 90s, have remained mostly true to the same look
+ Good job using the proper numbers, that makes this a real Pistons jersey rather than a hockey jersey with a Pistons logo on it
+ Good execution

- Script logos won't make good shoulder patches
- Striping & gloves should match more
- If you're using a helmet template that faces forward, make sure to include front numbers

Rating: 7.5/10

Orlando Solar Bears ECHL Concepts (By: Jimmy T.)

+ The more purple the better!
+ Solid logo choices
+ I really like the striping pattern, especially on the purple jersey, where it looks like a sunset
+ Decent execution

- Primary logo is much to small
- Some teal would look solid on the jersey, not a lot but maybe as on the yoke or cuffs

Rating: 7.75/10

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Matt G.)

+ The updates to the home and away jerseys are solid. There really isn't much to do on them but what is done makes them into the jerseys they should have been in 2010
+ Yellow alternate that doesn't make me want to puke
+ Return of the Goathead
+ Great execution

- The pants should have a space between the white and yellow stripes
- Some details on the gloves would make them more interesting

Rating: 9/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Glen W.)

+ I like the idea of bright red & tan going together
+ Also a nice idea to have C tomahawks on the arms
 Welcome to HJC!

- The execution does need some work though, especially on the arms
- The C logo should be on the in half on the arm
- TV numbers are too small
- Hem stripe is too thin & should continue onto the back

Rating: 4/10- keep it up and you'll be making great concepts in no time

Golden State Warriors NBA Crossover Concepts (By: Jay S.)

+ Again, the little details are nice, like the numbers being the same on the actual Warriors jersey
+ Nice striping pattern
+ Again, good execution

- Remember to stop the stitching at the hem stripe
- NOB is too small
- Make the top stripe on the blue jersey white
- Again, numbers on the helmet

Rating: 7/10

Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Zeke G.)

+ I like any jersey based on the 70s Bruins, but also updated
+ Good logo choices & colour balancing
+ Good execution

- While the black jersey has it's colours perfect, the white jersey would look better with the same style striping as the black jersey, spacing between the stripes and hem
- Helmet logo is too large
- Sock stripes should match the jersey

Rating: 7.5/10

Mock Winter Classic Concept (By: Ryan C.)

+ It's like the 1992 specialty jerseys meet again in 201X, which would be good as both jerseys are highly praised and would be due for a return
+ Ryan does a good job simplifying & also transitioning the 1992 versions into edge
+ Excellent execution

- The Detroit jersey would really benefit from a shoulder patch, preferably the fat wheel logo
- I don't mind if the stripes don't continue onto the side but if they were to go around back the jersey would look more complete

Rating: 8.5/10


That's the post!
Don't forget to vote COTW & get your Barrie Colts entries in
Go Jets, Moose & Mooseheads
Have a great week! 

November 29, 2015

Sunday: Back to The Old Way

Hello everyone and welcome back to my text-friendly Sunday HJC post.

Last week's video post was a ton of fun, and while several issues (including my own procrastination) came up and the video quality suffered because of it, I'd like to think it was a cool addition to the blog.  I'd love to do that for every post I do, but so much work and time goes into it that it'll be hard to do.  But I had a blast doing it, I'm really happy with the positive feedback from it, and someday I'll bring the videos back.

But enough about me, let's talk about...STADIUM SERIES.

We've now seen all of the SS jerseys for this years' games, and I can't exactly say I'm excited for the new jerseys.  Detroit's is easily my favourite of the bunch, they kept things simple, met the "over-sized logo and numbers" requirement, and introduced a cool new logo as well.  Minny's and Chicago's are decent, but uninspiring, and Colorado's is just plain and ugly.

Side note, and irrelevant to the blog, but speaking of plain and ugly...

CFL what are you doing? That logo is the lamest thing in the league since the Roughriders' awful season back in... oh what that was this year, never mind.

Okay back to hockey with some good news: we've started a new competition!  You get to redesign the Barrie Colts of the OHL.  They have an OK logo, but some awful jerseys, and its your job to make them look good, or at least better than they currently do.  As usual, you have a week to get your entries in.

And we also have a humongous big COTW vote this week, with some great NHL, AHL, NWHL and even a video game themed concept going for COTW honours.

And with that, let's get to today's batch of concepts!

COTW Nov 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Barrie Colts entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

Indiana Pacers - Jay S.

Roundel logo looks good here.
Arm style is bold but simple, and looks great on a hockey jersey.
Equipment is well designed.
Great execution for the whole set.

Home jersey should be white, and have a yellow or blue jersey as an alternate.
You could do without the yellow outline on the white numbers.

Overall: This set needs a white jersey somewhere, but otherwise this is a great concept.  8.2/10

Atlanta Hawks - Jay S.

The white jersey has a design that I don't personally like, but is pretty suitable for a pro hockey team.
Despite how much I like the old logo better, the new "Pacman" logo works better because it doesn't have a basketball in it.  Best of both worlds here.

I think the font on these jerseys should be swapped.
This doesn't feel like a proper set since both jerseys are so different. Make a dark version of the white jersey, then make an alternate with the new logo and modern font.
If the new logo is used anywhere, it shouldn't be on a blue jersey.
The blue jersey arms and hem don't really work together well at all.

Overall: The white jersey is half of a potentially great set.  The blue jersey feels out of place.  7.4/10

Colorado vs Arizona - Duncan L.

I assume this is referring to the worst jersey matchup of the NHL schedule that week, which is ARI vs COL on November 5, but correct me if that's wrong.

Complete beige on Arizona's jersey. Finally someone gets it.
Arizona's jersey's are too complicated and clunky. This is simple and solid with great colours.

We haven't seen mountains on the Avs jerseys in over 10 years. Time to bring them back.
Substituting more white for blue on Colorado's jersey may be bold, but I think it works.

Arizona's shade of beige is almost too dark to be a "white" away jersey.
Can "fixing" the jerseys without straightening the Avs' arched namebars be even considered a "fix"?

 Overall: Arizona's is definitely a fix and looks great.. Colorado's is a fix, but I think they can still do better. 7.9/10

 Ryerson Rams - Cole P.

They have a cool logo, but their jerseys don't use it. This does, and that's a huge plus.
Good, basic arm and hem style that resembles a stereotypical college hockey jersey.

You should put your name or some ID on all of your concepts.
The font choice is bland, the name is too small, and the yellow outline doesn't help at all.
The logo looks way too big.

Overall: Decent design, but needs a lot of execution fixups.  6.8/10

Colorado Avalanche - Lucas D.

It says Avalanche, but looks like a Rockies concept.  If you're telling me the Avs should take on the old Rockies look...well I can't really argue against that.
I like the use of vintage white here.

Besides the collar, the alternate jersey and the logo don't match at all colour-wise, making the logo and collar look out of place.
The main set is pretty much the old Rockies set, except with a yoke and slightly different striping on the dark jersey, not enough to really be considered creative.
The main set should use a more traditional font if its going with the vintage look.

Overall: I love the idea, but the concept itself isn't really new or creative. And where it is new, it isn't really a change for good.  6.8/10

University of Denver Pioneers -  Taylor R.

 As far as I can tell (could be wrong), the changes here are mainly the addition of black, the addition of yokes, and inverting the stripe colours on the dark jersey.  All of these are good changes.
Execution here is perfect.
You took an already good looking college set and made it better, what else is there to say?

Maybe being overly nitpicky here, but I don't like the white outline on the gold text. Maybe there needs to be more, maybe there needs to be none, I'm not sure.

Overall:  This is great, but here's a challenge for you and everyone: I have yet to see a Pioneers concept with a "tan?" alternate, is it possible? I don't think it would look good but prove me wrong!  Anyways, this is a 9.3/10

Washington Capitals - Ryan C.

The Caps have had some cool designs. This isn't the coolest, but could easily be an awesome main set for them.
This is simpler and looks a lot nicer than their Winter Classic jersey.
Modern classic, fauxback, whatever you want to call it, this set does it well.
Execution and colour balance is perfect.

One issue, and its not entirely your fault, but the shades and red and blue are both dark, so on the red jersey, the blue stripes don't contrast very nicely. I agree having both colours is better than just two white stripes, but it still bugs me for some reason.

Overall: This could be their new main set and I would have no problems with it.  9.3/10

 Hmmm who to pick who to pick.... Taylor's is a good concept, but I'm giving the edge to Ryan C's Washington Capitals concept for my COTW nominee.

So that's about all for my post today.  Don't forget about the competition, the COTW vote and my little University of Denver challenge. I'd like to see what you guys come up with for that.

Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!

November 28, 2015

Saturday: 86 Colts!

Welcome back to another Saturday post, where all your dreams come true and then are shattered into a thousand pieces in the blink of an eye. Okay, it doesn't get that high or low on Saturdays here on HJC, however Saturdays are used as a break day. We count the votes and the nominations, competitions get reset, and I send a new batch of concepts to the writers. I'm sure we'd all love to see 7 straight days of concepts all the time, but frankly we would run out of concepts.


The winner of the COTW vote for November 15-21 was Jay's Reverse Winter Classic concept!

Full Results
Jay S. - 13
Ryan C. - 8
Matt G. - 6
Taylor R. - 6
Dylan N. - 5
Brooks F. - 2

Congrats Jay on your first COTW win! Perhaps this concept goes on to win November's vote in a couple of weeks? At this point the sky is the limit. Good luck and well done and hopefully there are more COTW wins to come for you.


The new COTW nominees for the week of November 22-28 have been posted on the side of the page. That's the black poll that's over there >
It runs until Friday at 11:59pm Eastern time. If you have a Google account you can place your vote. If you don't have a Google account, get one! Seriously, it pretty much does everything on the internet now.


Time for a HJC Competition! It's been a while since we've had a HJC specific comp. I was looking around for some ideas and I went back to some of my old concepts. Over the years one thing that I have continuously tried to do was improve the Barrie Colts of the OHL. So I thought that would be a nice and simple (yet creative) competition to get us back into it. Click the banner at the top of the page or go to the BARRIE COLTS tab to get all of the rules. Entries are due Friday at 10:59pm Eastern. That's an hour earlier than when voting ends, so I can have time to get everything prepared for voting.


COTW Nov 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Barrie Colts entries (due Friday @ 10:59pm Eastern)

November 27, 2015

Friday: Buy One Post Get One Free

Hey folks! It's another Friday, and if you live in the states it's a very important holiday! The day where all of America has decided that now is the only time to buy Christmas presents and go on a rampant tirade in search of the best deals on low quality 32 inch TVs. Good fun for the whole family. Of course most of you have already experienced this as for some reason it starts at like 6 o clock on Thanksgiving. Hardly Friday! But I digress...

Hope all of you had a great turkey day yesterday!

I'm not gonna be reviewing the Stadium Series jerseys in depth, but if you want some short response, here they are in my order from best to worst.

1. Detroit - The modern look is absolutely awesome. A great take on a classic style. The sash is awesome.
2. Wild - It's a very simple jersey, unfitting for the Stadium Series. No collar print like the rest of the jerseys, which is a little strange. I do think the color scheme does stand out really well.
3. Avalanche - I'm not a fan of this bland a jersey. The sleeves are just not enough to make it strong, and the whole inclusion of black is just a little way too out of place.
4. Chicago - Call me a contrarian, but I think that the 2013 jersey was much better. This just looks so... confused. The arm stripes and yoke don't scream Hawks to me. It's just very disconnected.


Alright, gotta be honest with you. I have not been planning all too much for my logo challenges. I do have some that I am going to save. But for now I'm going to be using this slot for any challenges. This week I'm issuing a design challenge.

For the video game jersey competition a while back I made a Fallout jersey. Most of this stems from my love for the Fallout franchise. It's something with a lot of deep lore and ideas you can draw from. We're just coming off the release of Fallout 4 and that means all new things to play with. So I want to see your guys take on the Fallout universe! 

I don't just want to see the Vault boy or the Vault Tec logo on every jersey! Here's some ideas for some teams you could use:
The New California Republic
Brotherhood of Steel
The Enclave
The Minutemen (Maybe a cool patriotic thing?)
Caesar's Legion
The Great Khans
Powder Gangers
The Institute
Followers of the Apocalypse 

You could even come up with your own team! Pick a city and one of the many wild mutated critters you can find in the wasteland! The Mojave Deathclaws or the Commonwealth Yao Guais! Even more specifically a city like the Junktown Raiders, the Necropolis Ghouls or maybe the New Vegas Night Stalkers!

Kudos to Ryan H. for getting a head start a few days ago! Also a note ahead of time, most of my contests are going to be really nerdy.


The Griffins contest went really really well! The contest is over and we don't have a new contest yet, but you can always check out the entries!

This week we've only got our COTW vote, but that doesn't mean it's not important! Check it out and pick your favorite!

COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Alan H - Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series

Execution: Everything seems good here! (100%)
Striping: It's actually just the Stadium Series striping from 2013, translated onto the white jersey. I don't know if I like it as much in this scheme. (75%)
Effectiveness: In a world where this idea wasn't already exhausted, I could see it happening. (100%)
Creativity: I can't say it's all that groundbreaking. It seems like it could easily fit in the Nike or Adidas jersey category as well. It doesn't scream at me the craziness and boldness that we expect during the Stadium Series. (70%)
Other: I feel like the font is too much. The 3d fonts is something I prefer to be stuck with the Rangers, but it just doesn't pair too well with the tomahawk and Tommy Hawk. (80%)

Overall: A new take on an old idea. (80.5%)

Brooks F - Swan Valley Stampeders

Execution: Strong execution (100%)
Striping: Really simple and effective modern patterns, what I'd consider an improvement on the current Stampeders design. I do actually prefer the words in the stripes, as it does add some more character. (85%)
Effectiveness: For a junior team, yes (100%)
Creativity: Not all too creative in my opinion. It does seem a little too close to their current set, just making the yoke fuller. The use of an edited logo is great here actually. (80%)
Other: If there's one thing that I would change, it would be to have just the horse head on the chest, and then the roundel on the arms. It would add much more character to the concept, something that one can never complain about. The pants stripes are also a little lacking, could be brought up in intensity more. (80%)

Overall: A very simple and clean Junior team jersey, but mostly a strong concept. (85.5%)

David K - Arizona Coyotes

Execution: Very well executed! (100%)
Striping: I think it's a little empty. The chest stripe is nice, but  a little too thin and a little too dark to be picked up on the tan jersey. Other than that, the diagonal is nice and it translates well onto all the accouterments. (80%)
Effectiveness: I don't know if this was ever in the minds of Arizona. (0%)
Creativity: It's very much a new idea to me. (100%)
Other: I feel like the choice of losing green was one of the worst the Coyotes have ever made. Talk about a color identity that no one else could have! I think that the maroon pants and the maroon socks don't work too well together. Maybe try flipping the socks on their heads. Another thing, I don't know if the tan is enough of a light color to constitute being a home jersey (away now). It looks like it could use a bit more balancing, because as it stands I would believe you if you told me it was the colored set. (85%)

Overall: I like this concept for what it is, a vintage Coyotes throwback. (79.5%)

Jay S - Tree Hill Ravens

Execution: A little inconsistent throughout with the patterns on the home and away. That can usually be expected in hand drawn images though. Great work! (90%)
Striping: Really interesting pattern. It's a little too much on the eyes for me, especially on the black jersey. It reminds me of bars and tone, which is kind of a cool reference to TV and One Tree Hill being a TV show, but as an emulation of the basketball jerseys from the show I don't know if it works too well. (75%)
Effectiveness: It's very close to the basketball jerseys so I'm guessing it works for the identity of the school. (100%)
Creativity: Very! I mean outside of the vertical stripes I've seen this before, and the alternate looks a bit too much like many a classic jersey, but it's those stripes that set it apart. (95%)
Other: I would really like to see some backs to these jerseys! (75%)

Overall: A cool homage to the show, that tries to emulate the identity of the fake team. (83%)

Jay S - San Fernando Valley Arrows

Execution: Very well done once again. Note though, on a lighter jersey, the helmet is white. (90%)
Striping: A very basic pattern, but it changes slightly and somewhat drastically from jersey to jersey. All feature the yoke, but the hem and tail are different. It's a little jarring to the eye. (65%)
Effectiveness: A very believable idea. (100%)
Creativity: Not too incredibly creative, although I couldn't find anything on this team. I'm guessing this is your own team? (85%)
Other: Ok, this is incredibly jarring to the eye. What's the alternate and what's the colored jersey? I can guess the white is the white jersey, but the way it's positioned in comparison to your last concept makes me think that that is the alternate, which makes me believe that the colored is the black jersey and the red is the lighter jersey, which just doesn't work as red is too common as a dark jersey. Also, create backs! (60%)

Overall: This concept just kind of confused me. The artwork itself is solid, just a little lost in what is what. (73.5%)

Ryan C - Grand Rapids Griffins

Execution: Great work! (100%)
Striping: The striping on sides of jerseys is something I don't see often enough, and it's something that I think is an incredibly bold move. It works very well here. The rest of the striping is balanced very well. (95%)
Effectiveness: Very strong. I think a very possible jersey the Griffins could actually use. (100%)
Creativity: I'd say that this would also be a very solid contender in the competition, as it looks absolutely stunning. This is an alternate at its finest. (95%)
Other: I think it's always a good idea to include the parent team's logo on the jersey shoulder. The Red Wing logo would actually look really nice here. (85%)

Overall: A fantastic jersey. Keep up the great work Ryan! You're becoming a great designer. (93%) and a COTW nom from me!

Taylor R - Miami Redhawks

Execution: Killer as always. (100%)
Striping: It's so incredibly simple, but I just love the colored sleeves look like this. The Penguins 90s jersey is one of my absolute favorites. This is also incredibly well balanced. (95%)
Effectiveness: A lot better than any wordmarked jersey. (100%)
Creativity: It's not too stellar, but it's a strong deviation from what we've come to expect in college hockey. (80%)
Other: I really wish you'd label your jerseys with the team, as it allows the reader to immediately see who it is that is being represented. A few notes on the jersey itself, the font is very nice but I think it could use a little thicker of a stroke. The dark helmet should be black if you ask me. The Pants should've also been black, with red socks. (80%)

Overall: A very simple classic design that I personally love, just emulated in a different and very familiar color scheme. (88.5%)


Well, that's it for today folks! Hope today was a good one! I'm gonna skip the usual sappy garbage that I post down and here and skip to the meat.

Vote! Participate in challenges! Continue being awesome!

Until next time...

-Jack G

November 26, 2015

Thursday: Thanksgiving Prime Time

Hello guys! I hope my fellow Americans are all having a great Thanksgiving, but it's prime time for HJC here so let's just get right into it!

After a good amount of votes in the past weeks, it's calmed down a bit here with only the usual COTW vote. Just a simple click so go vote.
COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Straight into the concepts

Taylor R. - Colorado College
+Yellow is not an often used color for a primary color, it looks good here
+I like the font
+Simple and classy look
+I like how the two jerseys have the EXACT same design, just a color change above the stripes
-I'm not a huge fan of the logo but that isn't your fault 

Overall: Great look (9/10) and my COTW Nomination!

Ryan C. - Grand Rapids Griffins
+I like the logo choice, I find it better than their primary logo
+I'm not a huge fan of this gold color but I think it looks good on this set, especially with the red 
+Classy looking design, except...
-The hem stripes would look much better if they continued around the sides, I don't really understand the purpose of this

Overall: The concept looks really good, aside from the one thing mentioned, which  at least in my opinion brings it down a surprising amount (7.5/10)

Ryan C. - Florida Panthers
+Panthers are in need of a new set, I think this would be an improvement
+I like the dont used here for sure
+I like the angled striping on the arms and I like the pattern but...
-Still don't like the fact that it doesn't go around the sides. I think the arm striping on this is better than the last though.
-I think the shoulder patch would look better as the main logo, and the chest logo looks a bit big

Overall: Same problem as the last but I think it's a bit better (8/10)

Matt G. - Winnipeg Jets
+I think everyone's wanted an alternate from the Jets, some solid looking options for them here
+They all use the same base design with a different twist on them
+Every jersey and color scheme looks good, and they all work well. The "Jet Black" jersey is a great idea as well.
-On the bottom two jerseys, the white stroke on the name and numbers blends in too much, and the name becomes hard to read from a distance

Overall: Solid choices all around (8.5/10)

Lucas D. - Tampa Bay Lightning
+Black is something that I'd really like to see them being back, and so is gray/silver
+A more unique striping patten is used here as well
+The logo choice combines their current logo style with their history, great choice
-Unless it's just me, the number looks off center
-That TV number placement would make it off center, you'd need to cut the 9 off and put it on the other side just s but for it to be centered correctly

Overall: I'd like to see them go to this for sure (8/10)

Jay S - Newport Beach Hockey
+The color scheme looks great, reminds me of the SD Gulls
+The alternate is interesting and unique but especially for fantasy it works
+Simple yet effective striping
-The sock striping would be almost completely hidden most likely, put it towards the bottom 
-The yoke outline on the black jersey doesn't look very good, either add a yoke or get rid of that

Overall: Simple but nice looking design (8/10)

Brooks F. - Winkler Flyers
+The black and orange color scheme looks good
+As does the logo, it definitely says Flyers to me
+The striping is unique for sure, reminds me of the Leafs '14 classic jersey combined with the Red Wings regular away
-There is not enough orange on the white jersey, but I can understand that it wouldn't be easy to do

Overall: It's a good look for sure (8.5/10)

Sorry the post is so late guys, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. Thanks for reading, have a good Thanksgiving for the rest of it for those who are celebrating it, and I'll see you guys next week!

November 25, 2015

Wednesday: Dylan A's Stadium Series Reviews

Hello there HJC and Happy Thanksgiving Eve my fellow Americans! I hope you're all ready for a day of food followed by a day of GREAT DEALS! Speaking of great deals, maybe you'll find some great deals on new Stadium Series jerseys on Black Friday or Cyber Monday...

That's right! I'm sure you saw yesterday, but over the last two days we finally got a look at the remaining Stadium Series jerseys that had yet to be revealed and now we know what all 6 outdoor jerseys will look like. I already spoke about the Winter Classic jerseys, so I'll tackle the Stadium Series jerseys now.

But, before I get into it, go vote now...

COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

First up, Detroit @ Colorado...

Technically this game is the last to be played but the teams revealed their jerseys first.
Colorado Avalanche Twitter
The Avs showed this off back in September! We've been waiting over 2 months to see the other 3 jerseys! This was our first glimpse at what would end up being a very bold and simple set of jerseys for the Stadium Series. No chrome logos, no slanty numbers.... nothing weird.... Last season's SS game saw two tone jerseys and some white pants, but the jerseys were pretty simple overall, this year saw that trend continue. The Avs will wear white at home with some pretty simple sleeves. I really like the simplified color scheme but the Avs will not let the color black go. It looks out of place on the logo and on the collar. If the circle in the logo and the collar were light blue this may end up being the best looking Stadium Series jersey, and maybe best Avs jersey.... the number 5280 (feet in a mile) is on the collar which is... whatever, you'll never see it unless you're close, but it's unnecessary. We also got to see the return of the huuuuge TV numbers that debuted in last season's game.

Rating: 7.5/10

Detroit Red Wings Twitter
Then finally, two days ago, the Red Wings show these off. The sash design had been reported and it turned out to be correct. I was very skeptical of a sash design, but then the logo leaked in some Reebok catalogs and I was on board. The new D logo is very slick, and the sash looks good. My only issue with these is that the white on the sleeves starts way too high, leaving the sleeves with a half/half design that I don't care for. I'd rather the white start more towards the cuffs, or just normal sleeve stripes. The "Red Wings" on the collar is unnecessary, so it looks like a new trend is forming with these Stadium Series jerseys... The huge numbers are also back... Overall... I wouldn't mind this jersey sticking around and becoming a new alternate or something if they made the fixes I'd want to see. It hurts to say, but this is a good looking jersey....

Rating; 8.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks
Yesterday morning the Chicago Blackhawks showed off their jersey. I'd been waiting for this one the most. This is the third new Blackhawks jersey in three years... I feel spoiled... Granted, one of those, the 2014 Stadium Series jersey, is ugly and I hated it and I never want one, but last year's Winter Classic jersey made up for it. This really surprised me, I was expecting a color swap of either Colorado's jersey or Detroit's jersey... but the Blackhawks have their own look... mostly. The big yoke remains and the foldover collar is there, but wait, what's that? The 4 Chicago Flag Stars on a white collar but it turns to black... This took a while for me to process and it's had a day to sink in... I really dig it. I really dig the sleeve striping being blown up really big. I had guessed from the early teasers that the sleeves may be candy caned... one more stripe and they would have been. I think I would have preferred that now, thinking about it, either 4 thick black stripes and have a black and white jersey as a nod to the very first Blackhawks jerseys, or go black/white/red/white/ the repeat. I think it would have worked very very well. The tomahawk C logo goes back on the arm like it did for last year's Winter Classic as a nod to the jerseys of the 50's. So that's three SS Jerseys that have a modern feel to them while acknowledging the past. Best part of this whole jersey though, is that the Blackhawk head and the C logo are stitched on with all their beautiful details like they are on the normal jerseys... no printed logos, no chrome, no gimmicks...

Rating: 9/10    I'll definitely be getting this jersey

So after three jerseys we're seeing a really good mix of past/present/future. It's a very good mix of jerseys this year, even if I see a lot of negative reception from fans online... but, as I'm sure a lot of you notice, the people who complain about some of these jerseys are the douchenozzles who will buy a counterfeit black ice jersey or something stupid like that... So a lot of them have no taste and their opinion is wrong........ 'Dylan that's mean' "Dylan are you joking?' Of course I'm joking...or am I?

Minnesota Wild Twitter
Lastly, the Wild. Dark jersey, wheat colored yoke, simple stripes... hot damn, this is a solid jersey. Nothing fancy about it. Plus they showed it off in full uniform, which is how it should be. We get to see the socks and pants with it, and look at that big M on the pants. I dig it. I wouldn't mind the Wild basing a whole set off of this jersey. It suits them. I think the logo has to be moved down so it isn't so close to the captain's C though. The State of Hockey patch is a nice touch, they've never used it on a jersey. Now, at first glance, there's no nod to the past like the other jerseys, but doesn't the jersey kind of look familiar to anyone? HINT: CLICK HERE. I don't know if the resemblance is intentional because it fits the look that the Avalanche first showed off, but I like to think it is.

Rating: 9/10

There you have it, the best looking year for the Stadium Series yet. Hopefully, from this point on, there is no need for chrome gimmicks and dumb stuff. Do what was done this year. Mix a team's past, present, and future. Clearly it works.

And now some concepts!

Music Themed Goalie Mask - Jay S.
Good ol' Blink. Basically a mask for fans of Blink as the other bands consisted of Blink members. The references to album covers are nice. I wish the background wasn't white though but it'd be a nice fan item. Don't really know how to rate it but I will say it's nice to shake things up here.

Super Bowl XLIX Concept - Jay S.
Jay Hockey-fies last season's Super Bowl. The jerseys follow a template I'm not really a fan of.  The blues on the Seattle jersey don't match. The team currently uses navy blue and a neon green. The colors here match the team's old look. The name on the back could also be hard to read. Now, for the Patriots, I kind of like the yoke design. It'd be nice to see that used in a more traditional looking jersey. The sock design, in both uniforms, would be covered by pants. Only the 1 in the number fades from red to blue, so that's weird. Seems like a lot of different ideas were thrown into this one but I'd try to step back and only go with one or two of them. Less is more sometimes.

Overall, I'm not liking the looks here at all, but they could be saved with more traditional logo placement and correct colors. As for the hand drawn style, these look very well done and congrats on that.

Rating: 5/10

Buffalo Sabres Concept - Jimmy T.
Basically what we've got here is the current Buffalo jerseys without the silver or piping and the addition of pants striping. It shows how much cleaner their look could be but other than that there's nothing going on for it. I'm sure we've seen this concept around here before.

Rating: 6/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Lucas D.
Lucas cleans the Ducks up. Like the last concept, we've probably seen this done before, but it does go to show that the Ducks could look pretty good if they decided to go with some 'normal' hockey stripes... Now Lucas, perhaps you could help me out, do these jerseys include a very dark green or is it just my screen and that's black?

I think my opinion on these jerseys is a little higher if a dark green was used. It's different. I know quite a few people would like to see green in the Ducks' scheme.

Rating: 7/10

Alaska Aces Concept - Mollie G.
New color scheme for the Aces and to me it reminds me of the aurora borealis. I dig it... Now for the home and road, I think the tree pattern in the sleeves is a bit much combined with this new trippy color scheme. Especially since the plain chest stripe looks really good without the trees. I think the name and numbers will be difficult to see on the white jersey, so go with black or a darker green. Not a big fan of the alternate unfortunately, and I really want to be. Not a fan of the font used, and I think it'd look better as a black jersey with a lot of darker green and the lighter greens as a slightly used trim.

Rating: 7/10

New York Islanders Concept - Brooks F.
Brooks brings back the fisherman and the teal. It's a look I wish would have worked. The team would have had the most unique color scheme for sure. Brooks finds a way for the wavy look to work without making it too gaudy. I think it would have worked better if the teal went across the front of the jersey and went under the collar, similar to the back of the jersey. Although, I'm having an issue with the namebars, I don't hate it, but I don't think it works well. Perhaps have all the teal just stop at the sleeve stitching.

Rating: 8/10

Fallout 4 Concept - Diamond City Vault Boys - Ryan H.
Before last week I had never played a Fallout game. I bought Fallout 4 and it's taken over my life. I actually get the references to one of these jerseys for once and it feels great. First off, the color scheme, I get it, but make sure when you use the logos on a dark background, same goes for beige text. It's very very hard to read the team name at the top of the image, and the logos are kind of getting lost too. Some of your text is cut off too, make sure you're making sure everything fits in the image.

Now the logo is clever. Ryan explains it all in the image, the game takes place in Boston. I personally think that "Vault Dwellers" would have been a better name, even with Vault Boy as a mascot, but it still works. The number font is ok but I don't care for it as the name font, but I understand why it's there and it would work on a fan jersey. Good work Ryan.

Rating: 8/10

There you have it! Wednesday is over! What do you guys think of the new Stadium jerseys?

November 24, 2015

Tuesday: Stadium Series Jerseys

Yesterday (and today) have been pretty big for us jersey geeks. The Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks have unveiled their Stadium Series designs. I'm going to give my quick thoughts about them.

Detroit's for the most part is a nice modern looking jersey. I think the biggest downfalls are the massive TV numbers and I think the white sleeves start up a little too high up on the jersey. If they were lower and the numbers were a size that's bearable I think this jersey could and should be the new alternate, but as it stands I wouldn't want them to promote it. The changes would need to be made.

Chicago's I think again, is decent. I think the base design is pretty awesome. I think the collar and the way the red stripe stops on the arms throws me off. If they just had a white outline of the 'C' patch instead of it just stopping it would look better. The stars are odd to see with Chicago Blackhawks and I understand why they are there but I personally would like to see them eliminated OR all the way around the collar. Just being on one half irks me.


1.) Hartford Wolfpack vs. 16.) San Jose Barracuda

2.) Hershey Bears vs. 15.) San Diego Gulls

3.) Houston Aeros vs. 14.) San Antonio Rampage

4.) Iowa Wild vs. 13.) Rockford IceHogs

5.) Lake Erie Monsters vs. 12.) Rochester Americans

6.) Lehigh Valley Phantoms vs. 11.) Providence Bruins

7.) Manitoba Moose vs. 10.) Portland Pirates

8.) Milwaukee Admirals vs. 9.) Ontario Reign

Here are this week's matchups. Seeding next week will be the final 16 teams and will be seeded by how many votes they won by. So, now that the Griffins competition entry phase is over you have time to vote in the COMMENTS! While you're there, leave your opinion on today's concepts!

COTW Nov 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


St. Louis Blues Alternate Jerseys - Andrew Warren
 Andrew has two concepts today that are St. Louis Blues alternates. I'm all for more white on a Blues jersey but I feel this concept has overdone it. With how thin the outline stripes are you don't get much out of them. It's almost like they aren't even there. It just seems like a Blue and white jersey and I think it needs more of that gold to offset the two. My annoyances could just be with the logo though too. I think if you are going to have white as the main color in the logo you need it just plain or a bigger blue outline. The gold and white don't do enough to make it stand out. So my changes would be, make the white stripes smaller (shorter) and make the gold stripes thicker. I think those changes could go a long way for this concept.

Rating: 7.3/10

 Andrew's other alternate I feel is much better. Throws a modern twist on a retro Blues jersey. I much prefer this one to the old ones they wore with more red. The small accent red helps with the throwback feel to the era but adding the dark blue to the main portion of the jersey keeps it modern and unites it with their current look. I'm all for this if they want to do a throwback look.

Rating: 8.6/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Jay S.
 Jay has more hand done concepts. These are really nicely done by hand and smartly done by printing the logos on. Is that how you do the numbers too? Anyways, the design to me doesn't fit with the logo or the yoke design. It seems as though there was just a "slap on some slanted striping" conclusion to the design. To be honest straight stripes would have looked nicer, In my opinion. Also, again, I believe thicker stripes on the hem and arms is a must. Thin stripes like that to me look like the jersey is cheap and it doesn't really add anything since you can barely see them. See, on the St. Louis Blues jersey above the thin stripes work, or if you are going to do a really sharp and bright accent color, but when the colors are being used prominently elsewhere and blend with the other colors then you need them to be thicker. I think the names and numbers also need to be filled with either gray or making them completely black. Making those changes I believe will make this a very sharp jersey.

Rating: 6.9/10

Lincoln Stars Concept - Jay S.
 Jay comes back with a set for the Lincoln Stars. The striping you came up with here is pretty awesome. I really like how you executed it. My problem with it would be does if fit the name "Stars". I see a more oceanic, rounded, calm team name with the striping used. I like the striping, but maybe not for this team. The alternate, while looking nice with the use of colors I think needs a new logo on the front. Scripts (unless beautifully done with calligraphy) need to come off of hockey jerseys. If there's words in the logo, fine, but just the script logo I think doesn't add a lot of character (haha) to the jersey.

Rating: 7.4/10

Chicago Cougars Concept - Matt G.
 Chicago Cougar concepts are still rolling in with Matt's redesign for them. First things first I would say something about the colors looking washed out but....part of me actually likes it. Maybe more of an electrifying green would look better but I think it's interesting the way it is. The striping and sleeves used I like. Except on the white. I think if you just kept the striping all yellow and kept it inside the green sleeve it would look so much better. Something about it with the green continuing and the gold going over the white looks confusing and messy. Only other change I have in my book is having green for the numbers and name on the white jersey. Pants are interesting, I don't mind them!

Rating: 8.5/10

Tri City Americans Breast Cancer Awareness Concept - Phillip H.
 This is a pretty cool jersey for a special game. The color combo is very pleasing on the eye. There's a lot of pink used but it is balanced out by the blue and gray very nicely. The patch made works well too. I think all in all this is just a nice jersey to roll out with. I don't have any real complaints. It's done nice and well.

Rating: 8.8/10

Providence Bruins Concept - Ryan C.
Ryan closes off today with a Winter Classic inspired Providence set. The home jersey, I like. I think it needs a shoulder patch to make it less empty but it's a good jersey and it would be nice to see. The white jersey on the other hand I think is almost there. I like what you did with the sleeves, however, the hem stripes could be worked with. The thin stripes don't do much and how high up they are a bit weird. My solution to this would be just to have two or one black stripe to match the rest of the set. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Another Tuesday in the books! I hope everyone has a splendid Thanksgiving (for you Americans) and for all of you Canadians out there I hope you have a splendid breakfast this week. See all y'all next week!