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Monday: Oops...

Hey guys! It's Monday!

I apologize for two things. One, that I didn't have the time to piece together my special post surprise and reformat thing. I'll try to get it in a few weeks after I settle in at college. Second is how this post is so rushed. Like I said, college is coming up. A combination of work and preparation can really damper one's free time. I do not plan on leaving the site, I just haven't had a regular schedule lately.

Anyways! On to the regulars.

I've got both good and terrible news. The good, if you're a Ducks fan you may have noticed that the Ducks will be debuting a new jersey on October 16th against the Avalanche. While most of you would love an orange, I thought about how cool it would be to have a bronze jersey.

On the other side of the spectrum, Patrick Kane may have dug his career an early grave. If this was someone like Voynov, I would not have talked about this here, but this is three time Stanley Cup winner, two time Olympic athlete, and the Blackhawk's poster boy. Everyone and their grandma knows Kane because he is arguably one of the greatest hockey players both on the ice now and of all time. What happened? Allegedly, Patrick Kane was charged with sexual assault charges in his home town of Buffalo. I can't really say where I lean on the case, but all I know is that losing a player like Kane to such a case could end in the end of the Hawks dynasty. Regardless of the outcome, many would find it hard to root for a player or buy the jerseys of a player involved in a situation of this magnitude.


After a small turnout for the WWE Competition, it's up to you to choose the best. Vote vote vote!!!

COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

COTW Aug 2-8 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

WWE Comp Top 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


On to the usual concepts, moving from 4 the last few weeks to 5!

Zachary Errett - Atlanta Thrashers

Execution: A couple loose pixels under the armpits, and the lack of your own name docks this concept a few points. (.5/1)
This striping pattern, although a little overused, still looks nice. I just wish the stripes on the sides were the same width as the ones on the arms for the sake of balancing the jersey. (1.5/2)
It's leagues better than Atlanta's old jersey. (1/1)
For the team, yes. For the league, yes. Overall, eh. It's creative enough. (1.75/2)
The numbers on this jersey are both a little too big. Another issue I have with the numbers is the yellow. It doesn't really pop against the white. I would've used either the maroon or both colors to really let it stand against the powder blue. (2.5/4)

A great twist on a simple design. (7.25/10)

RJ - Philadelphia Flyers

Execution: Two big no-nos. The inside of the collar should always be the same color as the shoulders. The second is that the stripes should always stop the stitching at the tail. (.25/1)
A little too simplistic for me, but very well balanced. (1.5/2)
I think the Flyers should bring black back! (1/1)
This seems too much like an attempt at color swapping the current alternate with some more modern numbers. (1/2)
I think the black logo does have a hard time translating on this. Also that orange seems a little bit too scarlet to work with the Flyers current palette. (2.5/4)

Something that melds together parts of this franchise's history. (6.25/10)

Daniel Lowry - Chicago Blackhawks

Execution: You killed it here, man. (1/1)
I like the angle that you have in the arm. Other than that, very standard white Hawks jersey striping. (1.75/2)
I think this would work better as a Nike switch, because... (0/1)
The jersey takes the top half and socks of the home and blends it at the center with the bottom half of the white, white the stripes yanked up to the chest. The Hawks always prefer black alternates because they differ from the regular set, they wouldn't want a Frankenstein's monster of the latter. (.75/2)
The black number on the back does not pair well with the red on top. I would've done a black and red border as to make the number pop while still looking like the top of the regular jersey. This is mostly because I read a jersey top to bottom like a book, it's a lot better to see a concept like this go with the first design's numbers. Then again, I don't think I've ever encountered something like this. (1.5/4)

An interesting concept, but for someone who's watched the Hawks ever since they could walk, I couldn't see this. (5/10)

Brooks Freeman - Bakersfield Condors

Execution: Remember the league logo for this concept! Also, with the bottom stripes, the inside color should be the same, and the stitching should end where the tail stripe begins. (.25/1)
Really interesting choices. I love what you've done on the alternate. It's such a cool pattern, albeit a little cluttered. (1.5/2)
It's kooky enough to an ECHL concept, but not overly tacky. (1/1)
A little lacking on the regular set. It's very similar to the last jerseys the Condors wore in the ECHL, especially that wing pattern. The only new edition is the yoke. The alternate seems new to me though. (.5/2)
The pants for all the sets look fantastic. I really think that alternate though is what takes the cake here. Maroon jerseys are always a real winner with me, and this is a lot more modern than I'd usually like. But hey, it works. (3.5/4)

The maroon jersey is just too cool. I give the regular set a (5.5/10) and the alternate jersey an (8.5/10) and a COTW Nom 


That's it for today! What do you think? Like the post? Think I'm wrong in my reviews? Agree with me? Have something else to say? Leave it in the comments below! 

-Jack G.


Monday: Oops... Reviewed by Jack Godlewski on August 10, 2015 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Regarding the Kane case, it's inappropriate at this point to lean in favor of either side at this point. I think it should be left alone on HJC because if it turns into a debate then things will get out of hand.

Zach Wist said...

I don't know that people would stop liking Patrick Kane because of this. It was obviously a horrible thing to do. But people didn't stop liking Kobe Bryant when he was in the same spot.

Blake Szudzik said...

I was going to see him with the cup, but sadly, it didn't happen.

Andrew Warren said...

I'd like to nominate Daniel Lowry's Blackhawks concept for COTW. I think it would make a great Stadium Series jersey.

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