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April 30, 2015

Thursday: Stadium Series Galore

Hello again guys and welcome back to another Thursday post.

So as most if not all of you know round 2 of the playoffs start today. I was actually quite surprised to see an alert that there was a game today since round one just ended yesterday. Unfortunately the Penguins are out, but I guess it was expected. Hopefully next year will be better for them, and with guys like Letang, Maatta and Pouliot coming back that will definitely help out the back end. Anyways let's just get on with the concepts now but first the usual voting reminder for COTW. So go vote, you can always read this after.

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Griffin B. - Philadelphia Flyers

Today we start out our post with a Flyers concept from Griffin. First off I see a Flyers logo on it, which makes sense seeing as though it's a Flyers concept, but also gives it a rating of (-5/10)

Ben B. - Chicago Blackhawks
So none of you guys know this...well I hope you don't because that would be kind of creepy... but I've been reviewing some of Ben's concepts for a while now, even before I started writing here, and helping him improve. I think it has been working because this, in my opinion, looks like your best concept so far. A classic look like this looks good on the Hawks, and it looks similar at first to their 2009 Winter Classic jerseys. I like the yoke stripes, although I normally wouldn't think they'd work on a jersey with a chest stripe they seem to work here. I also don't mind their shoulder patch on the front either, but I would put their logo on the shoulders. Execution brings this concept down though; the chest stripe is a bit low, the back numbers and name and the TV numbers all look small, and a tan/vintage white nameplate isn't needed. I would also lower the hem striping so it doesn't become too busy and the inside hem and inside collar need filled in to the right colors (vint. white and black, respectively)
Overall: Could look really good with a few tweaks (7.5/10)

Dylan T. - Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks
The first thing I really noticed about these jerseys is that they have a stadium series look to them while also having a classic look, which would look really good and fit well for a game like this. I like the addition of yellow into Minnesota's jersey, it gives it less of a "traditional Wild" look and more of a "Stadium series" look, and still looks good. That applies for the Hawk's jersey as well, it makes it look less like their traditional look and more like a stadium series jersey. Only a few execution errors with this one. On the Wild jersey the preset stitching overlaps the arm striping, and on the Hawks jersey the numbers are too low and look too spread apart. Also on both jerseys, the vertical stitching should stop at the hem striping.
Overall: More traditional than all of the other ones, but it works (8/10)

Griffin B. - Philadelphia Flyers
So hopefully you guys realized my other "review" of this concept was just a joke. Of course I have a dislike of the Flyers being a Penguins fan, but all concepts still deserve a fair review.  However this concept still doesn't really do it for me. I like the heavier use of black, and I think the Flyers would look good in a black alternate. I also like keeping their nameplates to at least have some of their identity in the jerseys, even though I don't really like the nameplates themselves. But I don't think this template works well for the Flyers. The orange and black on the dark jersey contrast too much and will become and eyesore, similar to the way the Sharks' jersey from this year did. The same issue is on the white jersey, plus from the front, the black and white fight for dominance and can make the jersey look like a dark jersey. The TV numbers also look small and the black on the jerseys is different from the black in the logo. It also loses creativity points for being a recolor of the past year's stadium series jersey, and I'm also not too sure why the R in the Reebok branding on the back is lowercase, but that doesn't matter all that much.
Overall: Still just doesn't do it for me and isn't creative enough (5/10)

Nathan N. - LA Kings
Without anything to tell us, this concept looks like a fix of the Kings' stadium series jersey seeing as there is a patch on the shoulder. Overall I think this fixes a lot of what the original designs had wrong with them, namely the part where it doesn't continue on the back. I like the use of the burger king logo for a one off and I like the return of purple and yellow. I still think though that the yellow and white will be fighting for dominance to whether or not this is a dark or light jersey, however much less than the last concept. The back numbers also blend too much with the stripe, I would (at least try) making them gray like you have the outline.
Overall: Better than the original but still has it's faults (7.5/10)

Well that's it for today's post. I'm going to give my COTW nomination to Dylan's Stadium Series concept. I also realized while taking a look at this post that I say however a lot. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post, I'll see you guys next week.

April 29, 2015

Wednesday - Playoff (hat) Madness!

Hey Hey Hey, welcome back to HJC. Long time no see.

So, NHL and AHL playoffs are in full swing, and every year in the playoffs we start to see some new hats being worn by the players. Sometimes that new playoff hat ends up being the next season's draft hat... And I believe when we've seen see those new playoff hats these past two weeks we've been looking at next season's draft hats. I believe this because although Lids has them up by the name "2015 Playoffs Hats" but if that was true, why would there be all 30 teams? Surely they could have stopped working on a Buffalo or Edmonton hat months ago in that case.

I personally love this year's playoffs hat. The pattern along the back of the hat is the same pattern used in the 2013 Stadium Series hats and scarves that the players used. If it hadn't been for those hats and scarves I would have died at Solider Field 

I wish the AHL had some of these, I'd love to get an Icehogs one, but I guess I'll have to hope it IS the draft hat, then maybe I'll see one with a pig on it in a few months. Anyway, I'll share my second round playoff picks with you...Keeping in mind that I have Tampa Bay winning tonight...

Now that you see a good chunk of my NHL Bracket depends on Tampa Bay winning tonight....let's talk about voting.... You should do it. We've got our usual COTW vote this week as well as voting for the Pairs Competition, so help out the entrants!

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Belfast Giants Concept (EIHL) - David P.
David ditches the current primary logo in favor of their alternate logo. Good move, this logo is miles better than the other one. David has submitted a Giants concept before and it's better this time around. That sea foam green is one of my favorite colors, but I can see why it isn't used a lot, especially the main color of a jersey. I actually really dig it here, and the navy blue and red look good paired with it. Although, I'd add more navy to the white uniform, socks included, actually, you probably don't have to add more blue, just lose the extra green stripe above the striping. The name on the back looks to be low on the jersey, and the number (And captains C) are pretty small. Lastly, I'd go with a white helmet for that uniform, but still a pretty solid set all around.

Also, the advertisement is on a good part of the jersey. The butt.
Rating: 8/10

2016 Stadium Series Concept - Avalanche vs Red Wings - Dylan T.
Ah, another Dylan. We're taking over guys. Dylan applies the 2013 SS template to the uniforms here and it's not a bad look for a Stadium Series game. I'm hoping we see something new, but I don't see too many faults with the designs here. The numbers are a million times too low on the jersey though. The logos are a bit low too. It'd be nice to see the rest of the uniform.

I think the Avs' yoke could use a colored stripe, similar to what the Penguins did with theirs.

The Red Wings 2-Color Color scheme work well here. I'm sure Red Wings traditionalists would riot but that's not what Stadium Series games are for.

Lastly, huge points for getting the striping correct on the Wings jersey... The striping starts low on the front and works its way up towards the back....But why isn't it like this on the Avalanche jersey!?!

Rating: 7/10

Colorado Avalanche Alternate Jersey Concept - Jamie R.
Jamie takes the Avs' current alternate and makes it red/maroon/whatever. He leaves out the colored pit stain, good idea. He replaced the "Colorado" wordmark with an "Avalanche" one. Lateral move. I prefer the team name but the argument for city pride can be made. My issue with their current blue jersey is that the striping looks odd to me...the contrast between the red and blue is odd, but it works better here. This is a pretty good improvement. I'm assuming we'd see a black helmet and black gloves with this.

Rating: 8.5/10

New York Islanders Concept - Ryan C.
I'm surprised with the Islanders moving we're not getting a full new set of jerseys or a new logo or something. All we get out of it is a new alternate jerseys, and from the hints we've been giving, we probably won't like them. The current blue is also replaced by navy blue, making its return to an Islanders jersey. This new set is very old school hockey. Chest stripes, roudnel logos. I just heard the button on McElroy's jeans pop off.

Ok, for the logo, the NY is a neat logo but it doesn't fit in the circle right. It makes the roundel logo very top heavy. Try centering the NY in the circle and having the hockey stick pop out.

The uniforms use a classic hockey look that's hard to screw up. The numbers on the dark jersey may end up being hard to read though.

Rating: 7.5/10

And there it is. Wednesday is complete. Hump Day.... it's over guys. It's bedtime. I don't care what time of day or night you're reading this. Tuck in and get some rest. Thursday's a-comin'.

April 28, 2015

Good Dylan To The Rescue

Hey there HJCers, right when we think things are getting back to normal around here, the evil Dylan ruins everything. But have no fear! The Good Dylan is here!

Right to business, this is late and you want it now. But vote, COTW AND Pairs Competition votes are due Friday! Reward these artists for their hard work and creativity.

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Ok, now onto the jersey concepts!

Long Island Edge - Daryl D.
The Edge appears to be a youth hockey program in Long Island. This is their color scheme, except with some vintage white replacing white. I'm assuming that makes this an alternate jersey concept. Some info on that would be nice, as would an ID on the image. Basic hockey look here. Nothing bad about it, but nothing great either. The number on the back is small and too high, and the TV numbers are small too. I think the beige/cream/vintage white color should be lightened up a bit. I don't know what's up with the white stitching on the namebar or the black around the collar insert.

Execution note, position the actual concept in the middle of the image or fill the blank space with some info about the jersey, team info, or maybe an ID.

Rating: 5/10

Florida Panthers Alternate Jersey Concept - Patrick E.

In Patricks attempt at creating an alternate for the Cats, the blue and yellow swap roles as secondary team color and trim color. The primarily red and yellow look doesn't look bad, but at first glance I would immediately think of the Flames since the blue is so dark. I have no problem with yellow getting a bigger role in the Panther's color scheme, even if it's only on one jersey, but I'd still keep blue as a major color in the jersey, especially since the pants/gloves/helmet are blue. Striping is ok but I'd make the pants striping either match the jersey striping better or disappear.

Rating: 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes Stadium Series Concept - Alan H.
Alan suggests the Canes bring back the flag pattern hardcore for a potential Stadium Series jersey. I think there's too much of the pattern. If you ditch the striping/pattern on the pants and shoulders you'd be golden. I'd like to see some more white in the striping though...Very heavy on the red, which I know they do now, and I'm not a fan.

Rating: 6.5/10

2016 Winter Classic Concept - Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens - David P.
I expect more and more of these concepts to come in over the summer months as anticipation for the next season and outdoor games grows.

The Bruins jersey, while historically accurate to their 1940's jerseys, bug me. The mismatch in the striping between the sleeves, hem, and socks is too much for me to handle.

The Canadiens jerseys is a recreation of the team's very first white jersey. They first wore it in 1935, but with BROWN pants...before eventually switching to blue pants. I think with the teams wearing brown gloves, why not let the Canadiens wear the retro pants? This may be the first time I've seen this particular Habs jersey being suggested for the game.

Since these are both recreations of former jerseys, it's hard to give creativity points, but the execution is good and this is probably a pretty good bet.... well maybe, I don't like that particular B's jerseys...

Rating: 7/10

There you have it, check back tomorrow for my first post as Wednesday writer.....oh wait...I think I've done that before....maybe.....what day haven't I written?..... Check back for my first post back as Wednesday writer....or ......something....COME BACK

April 27, 2015

Monday: Snakes, Dogs, Sharks, and Snakes

Hey everyone. It's your blog admin, Ryan stepping in for a Monday here. Dylan A. isn't gone, he's just moved to Wednesdays to better accommodate his work schedule.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are really moving along. We've got a Game 7 tonight, Islanders and Caps. Should be a dandy. I would personally love to see Tavares get the better of Ovechkin. I like to see him do well and it would really help me in the Playoff Pool.

If you're in the Playoff Pool, be ready for Round 2. The minute we know all of the match-ups Round 2 predictions will be taken and usually there is only a 24 hour window between Round 1 ending and Round 2 beginning.

We have another head-to-head vote this week in the COTW. Email in your vote before the deadline. And go to the PAIRS COMPETITION page to leave your votes!

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Competition voting (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Vernon Vipers of the BCHL (Brooks F.)
Unfortunately this team takes the penny wise route for their jerseys and uses Atlanta Thrashers jerseys. Right down to the font and numbers. Brooks sets out to change that. I really like the fangs added to the jerseys. They would look cool wrapping around the players' arms. I would change the team colours or the font because those used together still have too much of a connection to the Thrashers. Changing one of those elements would go a long way to giving this team their own identity.
7.5 / 10

Hamilton Bulldogs, OHL (Mark G.)
This may be Mark's first concept on HJC, so welcome! I like this change for the Bulldogs heading to the OHL. Just using the same old jerseys, like they plan to, seems lazy. I like the classic structure of the jersey and I really like the colours. They seem to work well for a team called the Bulldogs. On an execution note, the hem stripes have been placed under the vertical jersey stitching. The stripes should go over top of that stitching and then the stitching should stop at the stripes and not continue to the bottom of the jersey.
7.5 / 10

Jaws (Adam R.)
I have never seen Jaws. I've been on the ride, but I've never seen the movie. I'm really bad for seeing movies. Name a movie and I likely have not seen it. Anyways back to the concept. I like how the blue fades up to white on the jersey, but then we have the blue yokes. I have to ask, does this jersey really need collar laces? I suggest no, but again I haven't seen the movie. I understand the ads on the jersey, but they are excessive unless this team is playing in a Euro league. The anchor shoulder patches only appear on the front of the jersey. Also, I think the shark teeth on the collar is overkill.
7 / 10

Las Vegas Rattlers (Ben M.)
I like that Ben has tried to create his own logos here. I always appreciate that effort. The colours are fitting for Vegas. You showed us the logo and you showed us the wordmark. I don't think we needed to see them together because as they are assembled they look like two different elements not working together. On just the wordmark, it simply says the team name. I would add LAS VEGAS in there somewhere.
7 / 10


That's it for today. I didn't nominate a concept for COTW. Have I missed something? Does one of these concepts need to be nominated? Step up and nominate it then!

April 26, 2015

Sunday: Big Three

Hello everyone, welcome to another Sunday post.

Wow! As disappointed as I was for seeing as few Pairs Competition entries as there were, I am greatly impressed by the overall quality by all groups. Well done everyone!

So now is the time where we decide which batch of concepts reigns supreme. Click on the big banner above to get to the Pairs Competition page, and send in a comment saying which logo and jersey set is your favourite. 

Also deserving of a "Wow"? The playoffs. The all-Canadian series' have been really intense, and there has been highlights and extremely good hockey from every series. And then there's the White Out in Winnipeg... I'm sad that they got swept, but it's so awesome to see playoff hockey in Winnipeg again.

The amount of concepts we've had this week also deserves a "wow", but not in a good way. It's been really slow concept-wise lately, but hopefully that will change soon! Irregardless, we have some concepts lined up for today, so let's get to those!

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Boston Bruins - Brooks F.

Yay: First up is this Boston Bruins concept from Brooks. Boston has stuck with a traditional look for their main set for their entire history, but what if they decided to modernize? By taking the edgy stripes from their old alternate (and straightening them), and adding the logo from their current alternate, we have a successful modern set for the Bruins.

Nay: On their previous alternates where this stripe style came from, it was used as a cuff and hem, so the skinny end "stripes" were only on one side. I think that would be a better look, as the stripes now look too busy and not as "grizzly. You could then lower the hem a bit, and give the logo some much needed breathing space.

Overall: I like the idea, but for a pro set, its not quite bear-able yet. Ah? 7.5/10

Toronto Maple Leafs - Frensch

Yay: While we're on the theme of totally dismantling classic identities... here's Frensch's take on a modernized Maple Leafs set. The logo is an interesting twist, and could possibly work with a little bit of tinkering. The single arm stripe gives this set a good classic look while still feeling like a modern set.

Nay: The "T", "L", and "1917" don't stand out enough to help the logo be identifiable. Instead, it looks clunky and busy.  The number outline is way too thick, and looks kind of silly. There's really no reason to have dark numbers on a dark jersey anyway. The contrasting bar behind the name and captain patch just looks ridiculous. 

Overall: This looks like a minor hockey or rec league jersey, which isn't bad. But it definitely doesn't belong on such a classic and well-known franchise.  6.7/10

Washington Capitals - Jarrett T.

Yay: The last concept of the day belongs to Jarrett for his Washington Capitals Winter Classic do-over. I'm totally sold on this. The blue version of this jersey as seen here looks much better than the red version we got to see.  The colours pop out better, everything is easier to see, and you now have the ability to have stripes of different colours, not just white.

Nay: This is mostly a recolour job, and while the original wasn't bad, I think there was some room for improvement that you could have used here.  I think the hem stripes should be thicker, or add a couple more stripes. I'd also take whatever changes you do with the hem and make the sock stripes match. I'm also not really a fan of the shoulder stripes, but they look better here in alternating colours than before, so I'll give that a pass.

Overall: I really didn't like the original design for this jersey, and while I'm still not entirely conviced by this redo, I think this looks way better than the original. Well done! 8.6/10, and my COTW nomination.

So don't forget to vote for the Pairs Competition and for our COTW.  Your votes and participation really helps to make the HJC community as awesome as it is. Also, don't forget to check out the updating standings in the HJC Playoff Pool.

That's all for me today. Thanks for reading, and see you next Sunday!

April 25, 2015

Saturday: And Here Come The Pretzels

Hey everyone.

This week was so slow that there really wasn't an appropriate title for today's post. Hopefully some of you got The Simpsons reference there though.

Great, I just wasted ten minutes looking up a Simpsons quote since I wrote that last sentence!


The winner of the COTW vote for April 12-18 was John E!

Full Results
John E. - 9
Ben S. - 1

The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can see the concepts by clicking on the banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Anyone can email their vote in, but be sure to get it in before the deadline. Friday at 11:59pm Eastern time.

This week, 9 concepts were nominated, 7 seconded, and 2 of those were thirded. As per COTW rules (found on both the COTW and COTY pages) when there are more than five concepts properly nominated and seconded, I get to choose which of those concepts gets entered into the COTW vote. I usually choose those concepts that have been thirded and fourthed and so on. I've done that this week, which also shows why you should continue to nominate concepts for COTW even if they have already been nominated.


This past week we got to see all of the entries that came in for the Pairs Competition. Great work by everyone!

This week we will be voting on those presentations. Remember, we'll have two winners. One from the Logos Division and one from the Jerseys Division. Click the banner at the top of the page for all of the voting rules or simply go to the PAIRS COMPETITION tab. Voting ends on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern.


If you've entered the HJC Playoff Pool, updated standing after Anaheim's and the Rangers' series wins have been posted.

For the first week of May I will be in Disney World. I thought about bringing my computer to do HJC stuff, but I think I'll ignore the emails for the week and take care of them when I get back. As a result, there will be regular concepts posted that week, but the week after that will be clear. We'll do some sort of competition where the winner is named that week's COTW champ.

COTW April 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

April 24, 2015

Friday: Three's Company

TGIF! Welcome to the Friday's post!'

Yes, the Jets got their @$$ handed to them by the Ducks, blowing it in half the games, but seriously.....they got what they deserved the way they were playing.

We have a very short post today (as with most of the posts this week) with 3 concepts. This is a record low, and just like California, we are in a drought. Not sure why this is, concepts tend to fluxuate, but they should not be this low. If you think the blog is getting stale, tell use why so we can keep the great name of HJC going! We need your concepts!

Wanna begin your weekend on an awesome note? Check out today's Pairs's Comp. entry on the HJC design blog! We even have the link right here!

Voting, don't forget to do it! Just because there's only COTW to vote for and two concepts to vote for, doesn't mean you shouldn't vote! It's going to be a tight vote, so voting extra important.

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the Concepts! Today I'll review the concepts as the stereotypical voices of famous hockey analysts (Don Cherry, Pierre McGuire & Darren Dreger). If you don't like this idea, let me know! I just wanted to try something new to get readership/interest up!


Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Ben M.) (From the voice of Don Cherry)

+ Alright, boys, what we got here is just a classic case of if it ain't broken don't try to fix it! If we look at the striping, look at the striping Ron, look at it, the original pattern remains intact and then the smart guy who designed this put in the red, yes the red. I've never understood why the Jets came back without one of their three original colours they were known for when I coached the Colorado Rockies and played the Jets, what a game that was eh? Remember Lanny McDonald? what a player, Hall of Famer! Okay Okay Okay, and that alternate, I'll tell ya something, the most beautiful jersey in NHL history, in my opinion and the Jets would make a killing off of it, if they brought it back, you know it, I know it, bring it back.

- Now, I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna say this, the Jets don't need a chest stripe, and it crowds the logo. The jersey is fine without it, don't change a good thing to make it hip for the kids who wouldn't know the original Jets. On the subject of the alternate, the original logo would be amazing coming back, bring back the history, and don't leave it to old farts like me.

(picture the whole time, Ron Maclean trying to say something but not able to because Don Cherry won't stop talking)

Rating: 8/10- You're doing well Ben, Grapes says so! COTW Nom form ME! NOW TAKE SOME COLD FX!

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Jack D.) (From the voice of Pierre McGuire)

+ The Jets could totally go for the original colours. It works well for the Jets, reminds me of Sydney Crosby/ The Jets secondary logo is strong enough to be front an centre on a jersey, just like Sydney Crosby. The original Jets striping and font is classic hockey, just like Sydney Crosby.

- There's a lot of execution problems with this jersey, just like the Penguins without Sydney Crosby. The logo has a pixelated border around it, the numbers on the back are not lined up with the name back and the blues in the logo and jersey do not match. Sydney Crosby would not approve. The Jets on the striping are a unique idea, something Sydney Crosby would think up, but it doesn't work as is.

Rating:  6/10- Needs more Sydney Crosby-like work

New York Americans Concept (By: Brooks F.) (From the voice of Darren Dreger)

+ The Americans have a good prospect in Freebie, and any team that wants to get him out of these wonderful jerseys will have to give up at least a 3rd round pick to get him out of that star filled kit. I have several sources saying this is a solid way to update the Americans without being tacky. A source close to the team says they were the first team to attempt to wear a name on the back of a jersey. Excellent execution.

- One thing the Americans have to do if they want to succeed design-wise, that's change the font. The Winnipeg Jets & Montreal Canadiens are both willing to trade a #2 centre & mid-round draft pick for the Americans to change the font of there numbers, since it doesn't show up well on the back of the jersey. The Dallas Stars are also interested in a 4th line 2 way defenceman and a prospect to keep the stars from overlapping the stitching, making them look pasted on afterwords and not of the jersey themselves.

Rating: 7.75/10- Something to keep an eye open for at the draft, but needs some work

That's the post!
Don't forget to vote and checkout the Pairs entries!
Go...oh wait.....
Have an awesome weekend!

April 23, 2015

Thursday: Bright Colors

Hello again guys. You all most likely know what's been going on in the playoffs so no need to update you guys on that. I will say though I'm surprised the Jets got swept. I was hoping they would go further than that, or at least win a few games. I also was at the Pens game last night. Aside from the disappointing loss that puts them on the brink of elimination it was pretty fun. I also picked myself up a new jersey which I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while now:
I've noticed a few things about replicas from pictures I've seen and now even more after getting this, but is it just me or do the logos seem abnormally large on replicas? They always seem to look really big, and I mainly notice it with this jersey too.

Anyways enough rambling about that here's today's pairs competition presentation. I've actually been really impressed so far. It seems like everyone has brought their best concept creating skills to the table on this one.

And the usual voting reminders...well, reminder.
COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

And now for the concepts. Hopefully this is just a slow week for the blog and not trend, maybe people were just working on the competition entries.

Jarrett T. - Oakland Seals

This concept from Jarrett supposedly modernizes the Seals. While I wouldn't say this is too much of a modernization aside from the edge template, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Classic designs almost always look better, as proven by how popular a lot of these throwback jerseys are with fans. The striping patten looks good, but they look a bit thin. The yellow as an accent color in the way you used it looks great and it really pops out, especially on the green jersey. I would add some more green on the white jersey though, maybe on the cuffs or something.
Overall: Solid set (8/10)

Jarrett T. - Oakland Seals
Here we have the alternate jersey to go with the set above. This one appears to be based off of one their uniforms from when they were the California Golden Seals, and the throwback look is pulled off well. I think the shoulder patch should be the version of the logo you used on the white jersey in the previous set, because the white in that logo stands out to me in a bad way. I like the font used for the alternate captain patch, and the wordmark looks good too. The logos look very pixelated too, though.
Overall: Another solid jersey (8/10)

Ryan C. - San Jose Barracuda
I personally am not a fan of the logo for the new San Jose AHL team, nor am I a fan of their Sharks copies of jerseys. I like the logo you used for this set, I mean I still don't really like it but I think it's better than the one with the sponsor logo behind it. That isn't your fault though. I think they would look unique, yet still tied in with San Jose's branding by wearing an orange uniform. I also think teal pants might look better, but I also don't recall ever seeing them used so I don't know how good that would look on the ice. I would also change the sock stripes to match the jersey striping more. Execution is good except one thing: the vertical stitching should stop at the hem stripes.
Overall: Better than what they're actually going to be wearing and a good look for them (8.5/10)

Well that's all I have for today. I still really hope this is just an slow week for HJC and we'll have more concepts again to review next week. I'm going to nominate Ryan's Barracuda concept for COTW this week. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys again next week.

April 22, 2015

Wednesday: Retiring

No i'm not retiring designing concepts, just reviewing them. I just don't have the time. I don't want to keep posting posts late, and I'm sure theres a great replacement for me out there. I'ts been really fun writing posts for this blog.. it's a great community and it needs to never end.. and lately we just haven't been getting a lot of concepts so hopefully everyone can keep contributing. Anyways enough about that sad news, we've got the pairs competition going on right now! I've been reaallllllyyyy impressed with both entries so far so great job. Here is todays link:


COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

By the time the post has been posted i'll probably be on my way to the sens playoff game. How has everyone been enjoying the playoffs so far? It's been frustrating for me. Hopefully I can have a perfect bracket though! 

Concept time! 

Jack D - Vancouver Canucks
Jack takes a stab at improving the Canucks. I like the logo change. I personally like this one better than"stick in a rink". The dark jersey is perfect. No complaints. On the other hand The light uniform doesn't need the blue yoke, but if you were to take that away you would need some cuffs or something to add some blue. Overall: Execution is great, and design is almost perfect. (8.25/10)

Jamie R - Vancouver Canucks
I forgot how much I liked this colour scheme. Great job to bring it back. I love the bold striping on the light jersey its looks great. Execution is superb. If I had a few complaints, I'd try to match the striping on the dark jersey more to the one on the light jersey. Lastly, I just don't like that stick in the rink logo... I get its iconic but I just think it looks awful. Personal opinion thought. Overall: Another great Vancouver Canuck design. (8.5/10)

Michael G 

Michael has been design university jerseys, and I love how he goes with a classy look as it almost always looks great. In this case it does. Simple stripes. This is what a hockey jersey is all about. Inside the collar should be the colour of the yoke. Overall: Not much to complain here, good job (8.25/10)

Well here it goes for the last time, Have a great week everyone and don't forget to vote! 

April 21, 2015

Tuesday: Slow Week.

What might be the smallest batch of concepts I've ever seen before on HJC is coming up for this week. Three concepts on all posts this week. Hopefully a lot of people are just taking some time off like me and will come back with a bang. Also I hope there is a new batch of new designers soon. It's always fun to see new people getting into the community. I can quit the chatter though and give you the link to todays Competition Entry.

and of course the deadline to vote!

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


And now onto the concepts!

All concepts today with a black and (vegas)gold scheme too

Purdue Boilermakers - David P.
 I will start off to say that I've started to like the vegas gold and black scheme lately. I used to despise it but now I kind of wish Pittsburgh keeps it, but changes their design. The main designs you have is sort of what I'd like to see Pittsburgh go to (the pre edge design) but without the yokes for Pittsburgh. As for this concept theres just some small inconsistencies that I think could make the overall jersey stronger. The width of the white outline stripes all differ in sizes. I would choose the size on the arms, I think that's more visually pleasing. Making the yoke outline like that would be a lot better too. I know that might give trouble with TV numbers and placement for that but you might just have to move them down more. That's why I dislike the NIKE templates. It's hard to make a nice combination of yoke and TV numbers.

Rating: 7.6/10

Pittsburgh Penguins - Jack D.
 This Pittsburgh concept takes the idea striping from their alternate now and incorporates it even more traditionally to a set. To me, there is too much gold around this set. Especially on the away. It goes from a primary black uniform to black being the secondary accent color on the away. I would try and balance out the colors. Perhaps switching the gold and black or removing the yoke. Removing the yoke though makes the concept look nothing special though. I would personally either remove the yoke or like the above concept, match the outline so theres a gap between the colors of the yoke.

Rating: 7.4/10

Michigan Tech University - Michael G.
I really do like the look of the script for this team. And I like the roundel logo. All in all it's a nice traditional set. Could be an "untouchable" of the NCAA hockey world. Other than the slightly big shoulder patches the. execution is nice here. Some of my slight changes would be to switch the gold and black on the white jerseys numbers. Then making the all gold collar on the white black or adding a black outline with gold. Nice. Very nice.

Rating: 8.2/10

So there's that. Another short post will follow today. I will try to get the incentive of sending in more concept, hopefully you can too. The problem for me is that I've done this for some time now that I know what is accepted, what's not, and what's been explored. The only thing left for me to keep making concepts and having the incentive is if I create a team which...hopefully I can finish my small project this summer. 

Enjoy your day. Enjoy Playoff Hockey! And Enjoy that McDavid guy Oiler fans and I will enjoy my Jack! Not the alcohol.

April 20, 2015

Monday: Seeing Red

Happy Monday and Happy Second Week of Playoffs!

Today's the day that some of you have been waiting for, the beginning of the Pairs Competition presentations over at the HJC Design Blog! So click the link below and check out today's entry! Don't forget to come on back though!

While you check out today's Pairs entry, don't forget to cast your vote for this week's COTW

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

And now let's get to our three concepts...wait....THREE?! Holy cow guys we're drying up over here! Start sending in some concepts!

University of Maryland (NCAA) - David P.
This has to be one of the only University of Maryland concepts I've seen that doesn't utilize the Maryland flag pattern in full color. David opts to keep the pattern simple and subtle, which I think looks best. It's a unique pattern and it really stands out and gives Maryland teams their own identity, but damn can it be an eyesore sometimes. The striping is nice and simple which is what this color scheme needs. Overall, I really like the set. I might change is the striping on the white socks. I'd add the black stripe under the yellow, like the sleeves, and I'd also use yellow instead of black on the collars.

Rating: 8/10

Bradley University ACHA Concept - Michael G.
I live near Bradley University so I see these logos quite a bit. Their most recent rebrand is very classy looking and this look fits that. I don't believe this is very far off from what they actually wear. It'd be nice to see the rest of the uniform's equipment just to get an idea of what the complete look would be. The inside of the white jersey should be red just like the yoke since that's the part of the jersey you're seeing.

Rating: 8/10

Calgary Flames Alternate Jersey Concept - Jack D.
Jack wants to see the Flames back in black (rock on yeaaaah) and he suggests using their newest logo on the chest, front and center for all to see. I think it looks very nice and tying the striping into the logo design is a nice touch. Overall, a very nice looking jersey that would look miles better than their current primary jerseys everyday of the week.

Rating: 8.5/10

And there you have it folks, very very quick day. Hopefully we get a bunch of concepts in soon. I'm pretty sure only three concepts is a record low here. Anyway, go check out today's Pairs Competition entry if you haven't and send in your COTW vote as well!

April 19, 2015

Sunday: Time for Some Teasers

Hey gang, welcome to another Sunday post.

So each of the NHL playoff series' have played two games so far, and I have learned two things so far: 1) It's not crazy to think that any playoff team can win the cup this year, and 2) Backup goalies will save your life. I'm really excited to see how intense the VAN-CGY and MTL-OTT series' are getting. That is what playoff hockey should be like.

Here on HJC, we're entering the judging stage for our Pairs Competition. We didn't get nearly as many entries as expected, which is sad to see, but is also a testament to the groups that did get their work in. This competition format is really tough, and it takes skills not only to put out good work, but to do so as a team. So good luck to everyone who got their entries in.

Today we have the Teaser videos/photos to showcase, then we will have one presentation per day, then voting. The link to the Teaser page is here:

This week for COTW we have a head-to-head battle between two NCAA schools, Alaska Anchorage (by Ben S.) vs Notre Dame (by John E.). Get your votes in and see which school and artist reigns supreme.

COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Alright let's get to some concepts!

Guelph Gryphons - Adam R.

Yay: To start things off, we get some Canadian university action here with Adam's Guelph Gryphons concept. To the best of my knowledge, their current jerseys look similar to the modern Calgary Flames look. Meh. This set is a nice old-school set, with really good colour balance and variety, especially with the well designed "Thirsty Penguin Game" jersey, although I have no idea what that means.

Nay: The "C" patches are really inconsistent in size, there are no TV numbers, and you can see checkerboards on some of the jerseys, which is a sign of some transparency issues. Design-wise, the Away and TPG jerseys are perfect, but I'd switch the Home and Alternate, but keeping the stripe patterns as is. So have a black home with their main logo, using the Away stripes, and have a red Alternate with the wordmark and a hem pattern similar to what you have on the current Alternate.

Overall: Execution issues prevent this from being a great concept, but it's still a good one at least. 7.7/10

Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers -  Christian C.

Yay: Next up is a Stadium Series match between Winnipeg and Edmonton. I really like the styles you went for here. Winnipeg's jersey looks sharp, with a traditional style but modernized with the font and shoulder pattern. Edmonton's is a really nice design that flaunts both of the team's colours, and throwing away the Oilers history book by being recklessly modern, and I love it.

Nay: Winnipeg's jersey is extremely similar to the New York Rangers Stadium Series jersey. This one has a hem, and a logo instead of text, and a little more on the shoulders, but I don't think it's enough considering Winnipeg has a lot more colours and designs at their disposal. Edmonton's design is perfect, but the numbers are too skinny and need more of an outline, and having a white name on orange isn't the easiest thing to read.

Overall: It has some flaws, and the Winnipeg one could be a little more original, but I'm digging the Oilers jersey. 8/10

Winnipeg Jets - Jack D.

Yay: Hartford? Is that you? Jack's Winnipeg design does one thing really well: including grey as a key part of the jersey. Grey is a cool colour when used correctly, as shown by the Hartford Whalers' final jersey. The style between their jersey and this design is nearly identical, and while it loses a point or two on originality, you can't tell me that this isn't one of the best looking Jets concepts you've seen. Try it. See? You just can't.

Nay: Again, it loses a point or two because as awesome as this is, Hartford did it first. The light blue doesn't contrast well with the dark blue, so using it as an outline isn't working very well. The outlines themselves are too thick. It would be better to use the Jets' wordmark logo on one of the shoulders, instead of this logo on both.

Overall: 1) The last Whalers jersey is probably my favourite jersey of all time. 2) Though not my favourite team, I have a big soft spot for the Jets. 3) Double blue is the key to my design heart. Those 3 things might make me really biased here, but I can't help it. I really love this concept. 8.7/10

Florida State Seminoles - John E.

Yay: Next up is John's Florida St. concept. As I mentioned last time I covered the Florida St., they aren't exactly a hockey school. But that doesn't stop them from having cool jerseys, and this would fit that category. This jersey has lots of character and identity, and the colours are really well balanced. This would make for an awesome Third jersey.

Nay: The "C" patch needs to be a bit bolder and a bit lower. I don't like how thin the hem stripe is, and how much "white space" it creates on the bottom of the jersey, since the top is so busy. I think the logo on the arms makes the jersey just a little too busy.

Overall:  This set is everything an awesome 3rd jersey should be, but possibly a little too ambitious. Either way, it's great! 8.4/10

Edmonton Flyers -  Paul N.

History Lesson: For our last concept, lets go way back to the Edmonton Flyers, a team that existed from 1940-1963. During their years in the WHL (not the junior league we know today), they were the affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, and all-time greats such as Johnny Bucyk, Glenn Hall and Al Arbour played for them.

Yay: As far as I can tell, the Flyers wore yellow and blue. Here, Paul gives the Flyers the Oilers colours. But he makes it different from other Oilers jerseys by making orange the primary colour, and it looks great. The classic stripe style really suits the jersey well.

Nay: The stripes are inconsistently sized, or the blue stripes aren't positioned correctly inside the white ones. Either way, it looks really messy. This jersey is meant to be a classic, but it's not exactly a memorable one.

Overall: Kind of bland, and has some issues. But it's cool to see some old teams getting fresh designs. 7/10

My totally, completely, 100% non-biased COTW nomination goes to Jack D's Winnipeg Jets concept.

So make sure you get your COTW votes in, nominate the concepts you liked on today's post, and head over to the HJC Design Blog (or click the big link above) to check out the Pairs Competition teasers.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

April 18, 2015

Saturday: Three-peat!

The winner of the 1st Quarter Vote was Dylan A! If memory serves me correctly, this is the 3rd year in a row that Dylan A. has won the 1st Quarter Vote.

Full Results
Dylan A. - 5
Jake88 - 3
Christian L. - 2


The winner of the COTW for April 5-11 was Bpoe96!

Full Results
Bpoe96 - 4
Ryan C. - 3
Mike S. - 2
Dallas K. - 1

The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. Click that banner to see them or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Get on the COTW Mailing List (email a request to HJC) to have weekly voting reminders emailed to you or simply get your vote in this week before Friday at 11:59pm Eastern time.


The teasers for the Pairs Competition will be posted very soon on the HJC Design Blog. We didn't have many teams at all get their presentations in (only 4 or 5 total). That will mean that we'll have one presentation a day on the Design Blog and then voting will begin.


COTW vote April 12-18 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

April 17, 2015

Friday: Try Pronouncing Worcester

TGIF! Welcome to the Friday Post!

Jersey News:

The newly OHL'd Hamilton Bulldogs unveiled the jerseys they'll be wearing in their new league. As expected they kept their look mostly intact, baring the Montreal Canadiens affiliation and logos.

Photo from Bulldogs's Official Facebook Page

While this photo doesn't offer much, the changes are all visible. The CCM logo & OHL logos have obviously been added, and no more sponsor logos. The Canadiens shoulder patches have been replaced with two shoulder patches, the crossed bones logo on the left shoulder (which was originally their 10th anniversary logo) and stand alone H logo the Bulldogs wore when they originally became Montreal's affiliate. Overall, I kind of liked the Bulldogs AHL threads, and now they that are not in the AHL, they don't have to worry about resembling Montreal. I wish the team had gone back to their Oilers's era colour scheme, but it could have been worse.

Rating: 6.75/10

In AHL news, there's been an affiliation swap, one that has be puzzled.

With the creation of the new Pacific division, there was one team that had an affiliate close to them, Arizona, and the San Antonio Rampage. That no longer is the case. The minor league Yotes are now playing out of Springfield, and Columbus to move their minor leaguers to Cleveland, a move that makes sense. That leaves Colorado with the Rampage. Does this mean logo & jersey changes. Most likely for Springfield and possibly Cleveland/Lake Erie. Expect the Rampage to remain the same, since Colorado was one of the few teams that left their AHL team's identity intake when taking it over.

Playoff Picks you can see mine in the playoff pool. Obviously, without saying GO JETS GO!

Voting, super important. This week we have 2 votes to send away for, COTW & the ever important COTY vote. It's the first of the 4 quarter votes, so don't forget to have your say.

1st Quarter Vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW April 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

On to the concepts! We got 5 today


Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Griffin B.)

+ The V logo on a green jersey looks excellent
+ This does look like a Canucks version of the Stadium Series jerseys this year, not like a stadiums series jersey with Canucks logo on it, there's more to it
+ The bare arms look great
+ Good execution

- Griffin has made similar concepts before, and when dealing with a template system like this, it becomes tiresome very quickly, there needs to be some variety (granted + in the proper numbers and shoulder patches/other logos does help)
- Shoulder patches & pants are too larges
- Using the stick in rink updated logo 4 times over the course of the kit would be too much

Rating: 7.5/10

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Chase C.)

+ Calgary would look better in a simpler design of what they've worn over the past decade and a bit
+ Colours are balanced well
+ Stripes look excellent

- Numbers came from a jersey, which is really lazy. Check out the template page to get numbers to do it yourself
- Pant logo is too small and the pants could use stripes
- Lack of shoulder patch hurts the jersey, making the upper half look bare
- TV numbers are too small

Rating: 6.25/10

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Brian B.)

+ Totally in favour of the Yotes going back to the Kachina
+ The stripes certainly don't  look dated or guard, and compliment the simple shoulders
+ Thank you for adding an outline to the Coyotes numbers, making them look even better.

- Helmet and pant logos are a necessity
- The stripes are much too thin, and either adding a second set of stripes on top or making the stripes wider would fix that, but without it, there's too much empty space
- The Moon logo makes a better helmet or pant logo, consider the AZ state logo as the best option
- The Kachina would look great on the pants

Rating: 6.75/10

San Jose IceCats Concept (By: Jarrett T.)

+ The Ice cats returning would be pretty cool, as they were a solid mind league identity
+ Striping is similar to the Sharks, but isn't an exact copy
+ Recoloured IceCat looks pretty good
+ There's just the right about of both Sharks logos and IceCats

- The primary logo is pretty pixelated and too high up on the jersey
- Don't forget to change the Reebok vector logo on the back to the CCM logo
- Arms would look better if the white and black swapped on the teal jersey to resemble the 90's Sharks more, like the white jersey does

Rating: 7.25/10

San Jose IceCats Concepts (By: Jarrett T.)

+ This jersey really pops the white and teal, good call on the lack of orange
+ Since the team is now in San Jose, the SJ logo would be a great shoulder patch, with once change
+ Again the stripes are similar to the Sharks, but not exactly like them
+ Recoloured logo looks great

- Pixelation problem is still there
- The SJ logo should have some sort of IceCats mark on it, not the shark's fin (like what the Barracudas did)
- Vector logo problem again

Rating: 7.5/10


That's the post
Don't forget to vote!
Stay tuned for the Pairs Concept entries (sure to be amazing)
Have a great weekend