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March 31, 2015

Tuesday: Last Day of March.

April first know what that means, right? Everyone will be pregnant. Get it? I tried to make a funny. Regardless if you laughed or not the end of the NHL season is near. Regardless if your team is in the playoffs, out, or still fighting, I love this time of year. Even when my beloved Sabres are out I love watching playoff hockey. The whole intensity of the game goes up a notch and you can sense it from both the players and fans.

At the start of the year my prediction for the Cup Finals was Tampa Bay and Colorado. To be clear, that was my wish. I love both of those organizations. I love the players on the teams and how they are built. Unfortunately for Colorado, they play in the Western Conference. Granted I don't think they are as good of a team as they were last year, especially with injuries, but if you placed them in the Eastern Conference a long with other Western Conference teams, that might be a different story.

Anyways, I have to predict a new Final two teams going into the playoffs. I still like Tampa Bay but I'm not sure if they can make the run yet. They are still young in areas and I think there are other Eastern Conference teams more prepared and ready. And this year I think Pittsburgh will finally break through. Year after year I believed they were favorites and I picked them to go to the Finals but this year I haven't had that feeling. I kind of have that feeling that they are 'underdogs'. I just think this is the year where get back to the Cup. As for the Western Conference it's a tough call. Always is. The teams are all so good. The 8th seed isn't as far away in depth as the top seeds usually. I'm a huge fan of the Blackhawks and if Kane does make a nice early return I would have them making it to at least the Conference Final again. I don't think Nashville is quite ready... Anaheim? I don't know it's such a close call. I'll probably end up going with Chicago and Pittsburgh again for the second straight year. Eventually, right? I think that would be an awesome series.

Who do you got right now? I know opinions might change when seedings are final but who are your early birds right now? Who did you have in the beginning of the season? Are you still sticking by your guns?

My one team that completely didn't do as I expected was the Islanders. Kudos to them and GM Snow for proving a lot of hockey fans wrong. I was expecting them to be near the bottom again but there were times in the season where they played like a legitimate #1 team. Let's see how far they can go.

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Our only voting reminder this week is for COTW. So you won't have to spend hours deciding on who to vote for. Maybe just a half hour or so. Make it count.



Colorado Avalanche Concept - Christian L.
This one right away is a tough one for me to review. There are concepts where at first glance you love them or you know you don't like them. And then there are concepts like this where it's just so 'meh'. And that's not an insult to Christian at all, he makes great concepts unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. It's not even that this is bad or anything. Execution is great and I love the main jersey color used. The thing that throws me off is the striping. Not so much how he uses it but the colors that are used for it. I think the burgundy with the white outlines has a Christmas sweater/ugly sweater look to it. The zigzags are nice but with the way the stripes are made it kind of has that 90's crazy TV transition to it. My immediate reaction fix to this would be to have the zigzag burgundy at the bottom but right above that have a bold white zigzag outline. Almost like the stadium series jersey from this year but...stylized to how you have the striping. That's my quick fix on this. Not my taste, but it could be someone else's! 

Rating: 7.7/10

 Arkham Harlequins concept - KrakenIndustries
 This concept is one that could potentially become a reality. Ever hear of GeekyJerseys? Well if you haven't you should check out their site. Awesome hockey jerseys made for us geeks! One day I will invest in one but the money isn't their yet. Maybe this Christmas I hope. Anyway, this one takes a Dark Knight turn with the Harlequins. The logo looks really menacing. And all the secondary logos fit well. The jersey design fits along great too.

Geeky Jerseys take peoples concepts into consideration and based off the response that's how they choose to produce them. Obviously they don't want to waste the time making a product if no one buys it. So they make sure that a concept has lovers from the start. If this is something that interests you, go support this cause by going to this Facebook link and liking it, sharing it and commenting on it about how much you love it.

Good luck! Hope to see this as a reality someday!

Rating: 8/10

Gay Rights Jersey Concept - Mario A.
 This jersey is for a nice cause. Cool to see Mario making jerseys outside of actual hockey teams. Honestly if you told me that Gay Rights was getting a hockey team together this is the exact jersey I would assume they would wear. So you hit the mark with this as to what it would realistically be. However, as a concept and submitting it to this site to get it reviewed I would take that time to complete the look. Name, number, and TV numbers to give it a full finished product. People have disagreed with me in the passed but the font for name and numbers use are huge in the design aspect of a jersey and can make or break the design. So I would just like to see the numbers used to give the idea of what it would look like if I was looking at the real thing being laid out.

Rating: 8.5/10 On making a concept that would be perfect for the cause. 7/10 for having it incomplete. 

Nintendo vs. Sega Concept - Mario A. 
The great old debate of gaming. Mario takes the stab at them dueling it out hockey style.  My first reaction is..Mario! Nice job with the fonts on this one. The Sega name font could be cleaned up but the fonts used do a nice job of mimicking the old picture of the two companies. The Nintendo jersey does a nice job of being the classic look. One execution note is the arm stripes..looks like the bottom stripe is a little thicker than the other ones. Nice looking jersey. Downfall with the Sega one is that it looks too modern for the logo. The font and logo used makes me think really retro. However the look you have would fit more of an All-Star team look. I would go more a long the lines with the digital feeling you have with the rest of the jersey. 

Rating: 7.5/10

 Hamilton Bulldogs Concept - Ryan C.
 This is a stunning look. As I was talking about earlier about first glances. This one right off the bat is just one of those classic jerseys that is just beautiful to look at. Everything looks extremely well with this. The font, the striping, the colors, everything. The negatives would be the logo being too big and the TV numbers. However, the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey I won also has a huge logo on it and it seems as though it's realistic. However this logo is almost touching the striping so I would reduce the size for this presentation. Great job.

Rating: 9.4/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Tristan P.
Second week in a row we get a concept that takes classic and modern and fuses them together to make an awesome looking jersey. First thing first, great job with the logo on fusing the Weagle with their old logo. I never was a huge fan of that old logo but you did a nice job. I think the Weagle would be a better choice with the way your stars are shaped, but that could be justified. The arm striping with the stars looks sexy and the classic hem striping to me balances out the jerseys so they don't look too insane. A good insane, obviously. To me, this is a very cool design. Whether I'd want it to see the light of day in the NHL, I'm on the fence. It does look really cool though. 

Rating: 8.9/10

Another day another COTW nomination. To me today it's an almost easy decision with 
Ryan's Hamilton Concept.

Have a great Tuesday night! Will you partake in April Fools day? I'm all for new and original pranks that are harmless and funny but I cannot stand the social media status'. The cliche "I'm pregnant" and "My life is an April Fools joke" Hardy Hardy Ha. Peace guys! I'll write another post next week Tuesday and you can come back and love my post then! 

March 30, 2015

Last Mon. of Mar.

Hey There Hi There HJCers. Some big things are brewing up for HJC, the teams are set and the Pairs competition has begun. Not as big of a turnout as last year's pairs competition but that doesn't mean we just may see the best work we'll see all year. Last year's Pairs Comp. pumped out some of the best work of the year that was noticed and shared all around the web. So here's to the great work we've come to expect!

Before we jump into things I'll point out the ONE vote this week. This week's COTW vote is basically the Christian L. Show with a couple guest stars.

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

I have declared my love for headwear on this site before. And I'll do it again. I love hats. I have too many of them. It's a weakness. Especially hockey hats. A style of hat has recently come onto my radar and it appears to be either very new and only a few teams are currently available or a few months old and sold out everywhere. HJCers, say hello to Reebok's "Jersey Hook" line.
I love when a team uses their jersey striping on merchandise. The best Blackhawks shirts currently in my closet have arm stripes and "shoulder patches". I'm surprised that a team's jersey stripes aren't utilized on merchandise more often. I'm not a Penguins fan, but that hat up there looks so good to me I'd wear it and not care.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot track down a Blackhawks hat from that Jersey Hook line. Hopefully one turns up, and if any of you find one, you let me know ASAP!

Any of you readers own any hats/shirts/jackets/etc. that feature jersey stripes? Please do share.

Speaking of jersey stripes, they look good on jerseys too. Let's see some jersey concepts, stripes included!

Ottawa Senators Alternate Jersey Concept - Ben B.
I'd like to start with a presentation note, the text at the bottom of the image does not need to be that big, or have the white outline. Feature the jersey concept and keep the other stuff, except your name of course, smaller at the bottom. Now, for the jersey, a mish mash of some eras here. Logo is meh, I don't like the wings. The shoulder patches don't belong. It looks like 3 different shades of red were used between the logos and jersey. I don't like the arm striping going all the way to the shoulders. The back numbers are too small. If the laurel leaves were rotated 90 degrees it would improve this a little bit. Definitely stick with one era from their past and thin out the stripes.

Rating: 4/10

Team Jamaica Concept - Luke B.
First off, let's all agree. If Jamaica was to get a chance to play hockey in the Olympics, they'd have the wildest jerseys. Maybe not this wild, but if Nike kept everyone else as tame as they kept most teams last year, they wouldn't have to do much. This is a bit too far outside the box. There's too many greens used. The green on the flag seems to be nowhere on the jersey except maybe the gradients on the logo. Also, don't do gradients in the logo, it would look bad wen embroidered and a printed logo, much like the Stadium Series crests, would look dumb.

If the sublimated pattern was more subtle and not done throughout the entire jersey, but instead only on the back, or in the numbers, or wherever...just contained in one or two spots, it would look a lot better. The collar insert wouldn't be on a Nike jersey, but oh well, this is a concept. And the inside of the jersey where the Olympic Rings are should be green.

Rating: 4/10

Wolfenstein: The New Order Concept - Mario A.
I'm not familiar with the Wolfenstein games but I do know this past one looked neat. The jerseys are pretty basic but with just a few small tweaks they'd be better. Some white to separate the black and red on the black jersey would be good, same with the brown and green on the other jersey. The numbers should be smaller. The logos on both jerseys are huge. I did notice that "Death's Head" should be Deathshead, so there's that. I also know that the game involves some Nazi imagry, I understand the red stripes on the arms for the black jersey, but if these were for purchase or to promote the game, you should probably steer clear of the red stripes, even if on both arms like they are here.

Overall, the jerseys are dark and lack contrast. The game's branding was BOLD Red/Black/White. High contrast. Try to work that into the jerseys.

Rating: 5.5/10

Team Finland Concept - Ryley C.
Ryley pairs Finland up with a jersey that says "Old School Pittsburgh Penguins" to me. I think a jersey like this would go over pretty well. I really like the striping pattern, always have, but I think it'd look better with the white and navy swapped. I also feel like the yoke should have an outline. White helmet looks odd too, go navy. The blue in the logo isn't anywhere else on the jersey, so that should be changed. It'd be nice to see a different logo perhaps. Something bold with thicker lines would pair well with the jersey design.

Rating: 6/10

Utica Comets Concept - Ryan C.
Has anyone noticed or mentioned that Vancouver is the only team out West not moving their AHL affiliate out West? That JUST occurred to me....Hmm...

Ryan would like to see the Comets use a jersey template different from their parent team's. This new jersey set has Reebok-y, Pittsburgh-Ottawa sleeves with a classic striping pattern on the hem/pants/socks.. Not a good mix to me. If you absolutely had to keep the sleeve pattern, add a bold blue outline to the white/green section. Lately I've grown somewhat fond of the color on the inside of the sleeve so this isn't lookin' bad to me. Maybe tweak the sleeves to make them more unique to the team and find a new hem pattern that goes with the modernized sleeves better.

Rating: 7/10

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey Concept - Christian L.
Christian has 4 concepts in the COTW vote this week, and it looks like he's going for more this week. Going to be hard to try and beat him this year as revenge for this past COTY..... I'm usually against wordmarks on hockey jerseys, but damn, this wordmark looks great. I don't think it'd look good on the ice, at least in the NHL. But if the Oiler's were to name one of their minor league affiliates "Oilers" this would fit so well. The only thing I really don't care for is the white pants stripe.

Rating: 9/10 and a reluctant COTW nom.

And that's it. That last concept above is the last concept that will ever be posted on a Monday in March 2015 EVER..... Think about that. Now tell me how you feel about just witnessing history.

March 29, 2015

Sunday: Jersey-Mania

Warning: This post will contain a large amount of wrestling references and quotes. If most of what I say doesn't make sense to some of you, I apologize.

Welcome to this special Wrestlemania Sunday post here at HJC. Considering that it is a pretty large and entertaining event, and how much interest in a WWE Competition we had during our "Request a Competition" week, I thought I'd do something a little different for today's post. I thought I'd review each concept in the style of some of the most famous, successful and quotable wrestling superstars. Don't worry, I'll try to hammer out each point like I usually do, and post my scores, so you still get a fair review even if you're not getting all of the wrestling lingo.

Big thank you goes out to our blog admin Ryan for making this awesome logo for today's post!

Before we get to today's post, I just want to say that the Pairs Competition has now started, and all of the rules and guidelines have been posted, so click on the link above to get all of your info and good luck to everybody in the competition!

And with that, let's get to the main event!

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Avtomobilist Yerkaterinburg - Jake88 (As reviewed by The Rock)

"Before I get to this concept, I just want to say that FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK... to Yerkaterinburg!  This team has been a jabroni in the standings during their existence. Do you know how bad they are? IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BAD THEY ARE! The fact of the matter is, with this concept, and this modern design with simple traditional colours, the awesome yet readable font, and this clean of execution, they go from being jabronis to being jabroni beating pie eating trail blazin' eye brow raisin' son of a guns.  Their millions (and millions) of fans will take this modern but classy jersey any day, if they smell what The Rock is cookin'!"  8.8/10

Los Angeles Kings -  David G. (As reviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

 "Alright now, if you think I should open up a can of Whoop-*** on this concept, gimme a hell yeah! Now son you walked the walk, you talked the talk, and you should you can hang with the big boys when it comes to creativity, and for that I'll give you credit. Tying up all of the Kings' looks into one jersey is impressive and all, but this concept isn't walking away with any titles. Could this concept use a more symmetrical back hem? (What?) Consistent colours on the equipment? (What?) A better font? (What?) The name in it's proper place? (What?) TV numbers? (What?) Shoulder patches facing sideways like they should? (What?) Your name or ID? (What?)... See, this concept is bold, Texas bold, but it's not a good enough for any team to use, and that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!" 6/10

Boston Bruins - Christian L. (As reviewed by Ric Flair)

"WOOOOO! Diamonds are forever, and so are the Bruins. If they wore a fauxback like this, they'd be stlyin' and profilin' with a jersey that would look as good in the 40's as it would now. This takes their current and mediocre alternate to school, by simplifying the stripes, adding a simple, old and effective yoke stripe, adding a hem, and going with brown and beige. 40's colours, modern design, WOOOOO! But to be the classic, you have to beat the classic. The stripes could be closer together, you could add a second hem stripe, and add some more beige in the uniform so the numbers don't look out of place. This concept isn't quite jet-flyin' and limousine-ridin' yet, but it's so close! WOOOOO!"  8.4/10

Philadelphia Flyers - Brian B. (As reviewed by Hulk Hogan)

"To make this jersey, brother, first you have to take the RoboPenguin jerseys from Pittsburgh, add your regular arm style, and change how the chest stripe works with the logo. The Penguins did this design first, but let me tell you something brother, the Flyers would do it better with this. I fear no man, no beast, no evil and no gradients, brother. The gradients here look as good as my set of 24-inch pythons! Boring equipment and flashy jerseys don't go well together, just like negativity and Hulkamania brother. But what'cha gonna do Philadelphia, Brian's awesome Jerseymania concept runs wild on you?"  8.6/10

Stockton Heat - J3 (As reviewed by 'Macho Man' Randy Savage)

"So the Stockton Heat could have looked like a number one contender, especially with that logo ohhhhh yeah. But they simply took the look of the Calgary Flames, they just made a copy man, they didn't take it to the limit. We're in space, and space is the place. Things aren't copied in space, dig it? So J3 here made a new set for them, ohhhh yeah. J3 snapped into a Slim Jim, freaked out, took it to the limit, and made a full set for them that is original and classic just like me. The curvy modern stripes, the logo used on the main set, the font, and the perfectly contrasting 3rd jersey yeah, it's all cream my friend, and cream always rises to the top. That's what this concept is, the cream of the crop! The 3rd could have the Flames' font, or had some more yellow you know what I'm saying? But this full set could spend ten thousand years as the intercontinental world heavyweight concept of the year, ohhhh yeah!"  (8.3/10 Alternate, 8.8/10 Main)

Stockton Heat - Ryan C. (As reviewed by Daniel Bryan and his fans)

Chest stripe? (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
Matching arm stripe? (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
Font? (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
Sharp style and execution? (Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!)
Enough yellow on the jersey? (No! No! No! No!)
Back number contrasting enough with the chest stripe? (No! No! No! No!)
(Triple H comes out and calls this a B+ concept, or an 8.1/10)

The winner, and new champion of the Intercontinental World Heavyweight Concept of the Week Nominee is J3's Stockton Heat Main Set

If you're a wrestling fan, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you're not a wrestling fan, I recommend Youtubing the wrestlers mentioned here, then try reading this again in their voices. If you do that and still didn't enjoy the post, then I'm sorry, I'll go back to being normal next week.

I had tons of fun writing this post, I'm slowly getting back into wrestling myself, and trying to quote all of these famous wrestlers was a fun nostalgia trip for me.

So thanks for reading, and thanks again to Ryan for the awesome logo he included. Don't forget to vote for COTW and work on your Pairs Competition pieces! See you guys next Sunday!

March 28, 2015

Saturday: Let The Pairs Comp Begin

The winner of the COTW vote for March 15-21 was Ryan C! Congrats Ryan on your first COTW win.

Full Results
Ryan (QCM) - 6
Brandon C (COL) - 3
Ryan (MUSK) - 2
Ryan (ONT) - 0

The new COTW nominees for March 22-28 have been listed on the side of the page. I would like to see voting numbers climb a little higher so even if you're a silent HJC enthusiast I encourage you just to send me a quick email with your COTW vote. You guys can click the banner on the side of the page to see the nominated concepts. Voting ends on Friday, as always.


The winner of the Video Game Competition was Taylor R!

Full Results


I've been talking about it for two weeks and now it's time! It's time to start the 2015 Pairs Competition. It's a big project. You can see exactly how big it is by clicking the banner at the top of the page or by going to the PAIRS COMPETITION tab. This is a two week competition and if teams feel like they will need more time as we approach the deadline, then I have no problem extending it.

Here are the teams who made their intentions known. If you would like to join the competition, find a partner and you can still submit something. Just let me know that you hope to submit something.

John E. & Dylan N.
Christian L. & Scott G.
Dylan A & Matt M

Taylor R. & J3
Daniel L. & Phil B.
Dylan G. & Zach W.
William B. & Vaughn R.
Coby S & Josiah B
Bpoe96 & Kaner88


I was contacted by Richard who is president of the Burlington District Minor Ball Hockey League (Burlington, Ontario). He liked some of the stuff that he saw on the blog and was wondering if anyone wanted to take a stab at designing a jersey for the team to wear in an upcoming provincial championship tournament, July 10-12 in Georgetown, Ontario. The team is called the Burlington Blazers and here is the logo they used last year:

Richard said that he is open to any ideas when it comes to the jersey and logo. The only guidelines given were that the team wears orange jerseys with black shorts. If you want to put a design together, send it into HJC and I will forward it to Richard. If he likes a design, the team will wear it for the tournament.


Another nerd world that I live in is the Disney nerd world. And one of my favourite things about Disney is the monorails. It's easy to make a comparison between how I view all the different versions of the monorail and how a non jersey nerd may not see the differences between a CCM Vintage cut and a Reebok Edge cut.

For example, take a look at the monorails below,
They may appear to most people to be the same thing, however they are very different.

Same can be said for these Kings jerseys,
They may appear to be the same to the average fan, however to me they are very different.

Anyways, there's no real point to that other than I'll take any opportunity to make a monorail reference. I also needed you guys to pay attention so that I can remind you to vote!

COTW Mar 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

March 27, 2015

Friday: Cujo & the Technicolour Concepts

TGIF!!! Welcome to the Friday post.

Ondrej Pavelec....way to pick up your game! I'm impressed!

Logo/Jersey news: A new NWHL has been formed! Unlike the previous women's professional leagues, these women are going to be paid, which is fair, I mean, I was surprised the other leagues didn't pay but hey, better now than never. Take a look at the primary logos!

Photo from

The four teams for the first season are New York Riveters, Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts & Connecticut  Whale (Who are looking a lot better than when they did in the AHL). All the logos are based on the NHL teams in their cities, with some obvious changes. The Whale are just a Whalers logo on its side, but it still looks good (it's an amazing logo), the Boston & Buffalo primaries are decent scripts, but it would have been nice to get more of a logo, and the Riveters get a logo mixing Rosie & Lady Liberty. This is the one of the 4 it would have been nice to bring the NHL logo back, as the Lady Liberty logo is a person favourite (maybe with a font update).


Boston: 6.5/10
Buffalo: 7.75/10
Connecticut: 8/10
New York: 8.25/10

The biggest thing design wise for most is the jerseys, which if they are similar to the CWHL, will be NHL jerseys with scripts. I hope it's not that. Some more original designs would be appreciated. Maybe these will get some designs on HJC to get some ideas rolling? 

Still waiting on San Jose & Bakersfield in the AHL, and my anticipation is building. What will the Sharks name their team? Will the Seals, Bulls or Spiders come back? Will we get a new team name? We'll find out soon!

Voting! DO IT! 

COTW Mar 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Remember, the pairs comp begins soon, so get your teams ready and make sure you email both your partner & HJC to confirm your team!

On to the concepts 


Jamestown Vikings MAHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+Despite the MAHL lasting a season it had some very good looking logos and Ryan capitalizes on that
+ Excellent colour balancing on the white jersey
+ Striping is simple but uses all the main colours on the logo
+ Curved numbers are something I'm fond of

- The numbers need some yellow on them
- There needs to be some white on the yoke on the blue jersey

Rating: 8.25/10 (Really wanna see more MAHL concepts)

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Brian B.)

+ I really like the Devils concept logo from 1982, putting in on the old Devils jersey would look sweet!
+ The updates to the logo look excellent
+ Solid throwback without being an exact (yoke changed & arm striping doubled up)

- Socks need more green
- Helmet needs a logo
- The Devils big fat numbers look much better than this font
- The collar on the back is white while on the front it's green, gotta watch the execution, simple errors like that really bring down a concept!

Rating: 7/10

Bowling Green Falcons NCAA Concepts (By: Ben S.)

+ The colours are done perfectly, very similar to the Browns
+ Full name on the front of the jersey reminds me of the New York Americans, something unique
+ Alternate very similar to a Bruins/Rangers mix
+ Striping on alternate is very unique

- Pants stripes should stop at the waste line
- Falcon logo would make an excellent shoulder patch on all the jerseys
- Shading on the brown helmet should be dark brown, not grey
- Don't forget ID your concepts!


Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: David G.)

+ I'd be nice to bring this logo back for the Kings, and using the 80's colour scheme with some grey would be a decent way of doing it

- Aside from the big triangle in the centre of the jersey, the concept is mostly a fill bucket job
- The colours on the jersey don't appear in the logo, and the dark grey doesn't appear on the jersey aside from a little bit of on the collar and sides, but there's a another grey on the numbers
- The numbers and name are hard to see
- The key here is to pick a design and go with it, one unified theme and build around it
- Don't forget to ID your concepts!

Rating (4/10) Keep working and I'm sure you'll bet getting higher ratings very soon

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Christian L.)

+ Cincinnati Cyclones did warning stripe right, and the 'Cane could pull off a less extreme version of that with the Hurricane flag
+ The lack of white really helps the striping and makes it pop more than white would
+ Great logo choices, it is tempting to put the flag as a primary, but the toilet bowl has grown on me recently

- Not sure how I feel about double red, it looks good on the logo but weird on the striping
- Never a fan of the old Hurricanes font, the current one is much better
- The tv numbers look like they say 5353
- Grey in the logo would help it stand out more, even a little bit in the centre

Rating (8.75/10)

Grand Rapids Owls IHL Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ Love this team's logo! I mean Owl as a hockey glove how creative
+ Striping really goes well with the logo
+ Yoke stripes look excellent
+ Excellent execution

- The font on the logo is unique and would connect the whole concept together
- Having black on the numbers would match the logo more

Rating (9/10) COTW Nom from me!

Philadelphia Flyers Concept (By: Ben B.)

+ I think Ben made a concept like this earlier, and has improved on it
+ That bell logo looks amazing
+ Striping looks excellent and the square yoke looks amazing

- The yokes on the home & road set should be white and black to match the set cuffs & hem
- The bell logo would make a better shoulder patch
- Remember to stop the hem stitching at the hem stripes
- The stitching should match the square yoke, and not go around like an elliptical one
- Numbers are too small & too far down on the back

Rating (6.5/10)


That's the post!
Remember to vote for the video game contest & COTW
Go Jets Go!
Have an awesome weekend!!!

March 26, 2015

Thursday: I am...

See y’all don’t understand me. My plan B is to win your hearts before I win a COTW.....hopefully at least someone gets that reference. Anyways hello fellow jersey conceptualizers and enthusiasts! It's Bpoe96, and I’m of course the new Thursday writer for the blog, otherwise I’m not really sure why I would be writing this. I’m not going to bore you with my life story or anything but here are a few things about myself:

Location: Pittsburgh
Favorite team: Penguins, 2nd Oilers
Favorite Players: Olli Maatta and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
Favorite current NHL jerseys: This is most likely biased but the Oilers' set and the Pens’ new alternate
Besides concepts I also like to do “edits” of hockey players which is basically just editing photos of the player. My most recent one is below, and all of the ones I have made before were on my phone, as I am just starting to learn how to make them on my computer. Outside of hockey my only other interest really is music, and my favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar.
Original photo from
Anyways, I’ve said enough about myself at this point so let’s get on with the rest of the post.
The 2015 pairs competition is coming up soon, and if you have a partner one of you should probably email Ryan about it so he can see how many pairs there are. I will be entering with my friend Connor, and I remember we entered last year but we never ended up submitting anything because we were both beginners at the time, and I guess we didn't have the motivation to do it. Also don't forget to place your votes for COTW and for the Video Game competition! As far as I'm aware neither of the artists in the vote this week have won COTW yet so it will be cool to see someone new win.

COTW Mar 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Video Game Comp vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Caleb F. - Buffalo Sabres
Our first concept for the day puts the Sabres in yellow. I think the Sabres could look good in a yellow alternate jersey...well one that can't (or at least shouldn't) be confused as a blue jersey. I like the overall design of this concept, it is a simple concept that's unique to the Sabres and it works well. The colors are balanced nicely too, and I like the use of the Buffalo inside their logo as the main logo. The TV number and number on the back both look a tad small however, and a few areas on the jersey are pixelated and rough, namely the IceBorn wordmark on the back and the "A" patch. The hem striping also looks a bit low. It would also be nice to see the equipment to complete the look.

Overall: Simple yet effective design that gets the job done (7.5/10)

Christian L. - Arizona Coyotes

Our next concept of the day is for the Coyotes, who definitely could use a redesign. The striping looks great, as does the Kachina pattern on the yoke. I also really like the sublimated pattern on the front, it's subtle yet stands out, if that makes sense like it did in my head. The TV numbers look just a little too small, and while this doesn't affect the concept, Ekman-Larsson's name has a hyphen in it.

Overall: Great looking and unique design for the Coyotes that I would love to see on the ice (9/10)

Daniel L. - Team USA
I like the inspiration for this concept and the uniqueness of it. I don't think this would look good for a main set but it would look great as an alternate. Like I mentioned I like the uniqueness of the sash design however along with numerous other concepts that use this design the sash ends awkwardly on the back, but I really don't know what else to do for it either. I think it's just one of those things that you have to deal with. I would also separate the red and blue on the number a little with white, the colors start to blend with each other.
Overall: Unique and pretty solid design overall (8/10)

Mike S. - Chicago Blackhawks
This set is not much different than what the Hawks currently wear, and I don't think the changes are beneficial to the look. The main difference is moving down the shoulder patch to the arms like the Winter Classic jerseys did, and while it isn't a bad design feature it leaves the shoulders empty. There are also reverse laces on the jersey, which don't really fit in on a more traditional design. The helmets also need logos on them, and I'm pretty sure this is just a mistake but the box where your ID usually is is just empty, so make sure you have ID so they aren't stolen.

Overall: While it is a good looking design it just isn't creative enough nor are the changes beneficial enough for me to give this a higher rating as a concept (5/10)

Phil B. - Team USA
Phil gives us a patriotic set for team USA for the 2016 World Cup. The jerseys definitely give off an American vibe, and I'm not sure if this was intentional or not but there are 13 stripes on each jersey, including both the red and white ones, and I like it. I also like how you put the World Cup logo in the collar insert. The logo doesn't look all that great though the way it is though, I would go with either one or the other (the star or USA wordmark) or even have one of them on one jersey and the other one on the other jersey. 

Overall: A patriotic look for the Americans (8/10)

Ryan C. - Denver Cutthroats
Ryan has been improving a lot lately and I've been really liking his concepts, this one included. Based on a quick Google search the Cutthroats wore very templatey looking jerseys when they last played, and this set is an immense improvement. The striping pattern and yokes look great, and the colors are balanced well. The only thing I would really change is to add some white to the yoke stripes on the green jersey. Also the TV numbers look slightly too large.

Overall: Great looking set and an improvement on what they last wore (8.5/10)

Ryan C. - Kalamazoo Wings
With our last concept for the day Ryan again impresses me with this set for the KWings. The striping pattern is simple yet works really well. I also normally don't like diagonal wordmarks like that but it works here because of the unique striping. There are a few issues though. The main one is that the red and blue in the stripes on the the white jersey should switch, or they should switch on the dark jersey, in order to balance out the colors better. There is also no need to have the same logo on the shoulders that you already have on the front in the case of the white jersey. The TV number also looks slightly large again.

Overall- Another solid set (8.5/10)

Well that's all I have for today. I'm going to give my COTW nomination to Christian's Coyotes concept, but there were a few others I think are COTW worthy so if you like them comment and nominate them! I hope you guys enjoyed the post, thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next Thursday.

March 25, 2015


WATCHU TALKIN' BOUT PLAYOFFS? Hey everyone, I'm really excited as the team i've endured all season long (sens) is in a playoff spot! Hopefully they can keep it. *Knock on wood*. It seems like everyone took out their sens jersey yesterday, which in a way bothers me. I wore mine all year but people are only starting to wear theirs now... hmm. It's not really a pet peeve just an observation. For the past few years Calgary was also one of my favourite teams, and it was really tough to see them struggle so I'm really glad they're playing some good hockey as well. The Hudler-Monohan-Gaudreau line is Fire!

Are you HJC playoffs?... in which I mean voting for COTY. It's technically the playoffs since your chasing the holy grail. Well Vote! Also don't forget to announce your HJC pairs team! I'll be pairing up with Scott Garland in the logo division!

*** Edit by Ryan ***


If you already have a team, please email me with your team members and what division you will be entering. This does not obligate you to finish the project, but I am trying to get an idea of how many teams there will be so I can create a presentation schedule.

If you don't have a teammate yet, but you would like to join the competition then please email me and let me know. Also let me know what division you would like to compete in. I'll then pair you up with someone that has also expressed interest in competing. By emailing me for this purpose you are granting me permission to share said email address with other people.

If you check out the HJC Design Blog you should be able to find the rules posted there.


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Now for some concepts! 

Brandon C - LA Kings

Brandon takes blasts to the past with these Purple and Gold uniforms. I really like these, they're unique in terms of colour. No one in the NHL is using something close to this. The jerseys themselves are very similar to the ones the Kings wore so I would've liked to see more creativity. Overall: I prefer the kings using something like the purple jersey as a throwback alternate. Its the ideal jersey for them. (7.8/10)

 Chase C - University of New Hampshire
I love the Bold grey stripes, the logo is heavy with grey so it's only right. The blue cuffs are magnificent, it balances out the uniform. I only see one issue here, the logo is huge making the hem stripe to low. Reduce the logo and move the hem stripe up and you're set! Also a minor nitpick but move the shoulder patch up a bit. I wouldn't mind seeing the dark coloured jersey to complete the set. Overall Very Clean: (8.1/10)

Phil B - Team Finland
Phil gets creative and goes all out for Finland. I actually really like the arms striping, I know it's a cliché to have the team flag but Phil pulled it off right. In my opinion the Yoke is an overkill. You already have it 4 times on the jersey. Another personal critique would be the the dark uniform, for some reason I prefer baby blue as the base colour of the dark jersey, It just goes better with the flag. I also don't mind the diagonal text with the lion logo, but its not my favourite. Overall: (7.6/10)

Christian L - New Jersey Devils

I decided to start an alternate series, so you'll be seeing more alternate jerseys to come. This was the most hated one, I wanted to try a "no white jersey" I thought it looked cool but people seemed to disagree. What are your thoughts? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. 

Scott G - Montreal Vs. Boston

Scott designs jerseys for two original six teams, and let me tell you these look like they belong to original six teams. He also shows us his inspiration with the two jerseys. A few things I like: Montreal's arms.. I love how the red arms go with the darker blue, very clean. I also Like the Boston Jersey, yes the vintage white is overused, but Scott used enough stripes to make it look nice. If I'm not sure about something it would be the logos, its not my favourite, but they do look old so I'll give him that.
Although I don't think you need the "B" logo under the bruins script, it makes it look busy and you already have it on the shoulders. Overall: I'd be happy with these being used in the WC. (8.6/10)

Well thats the post folks... NOT! lets keep it rolling!

Vaughn R - BC CHiefs 
Vaughn continues to educate me on minor teams in BC! This time the chiefs are featured. I quite like the logo, very minor-league-ish. I don't mind the absence of a hem stripe, but these jersey look bland, give me something exciting, it's a minor league team so don't be afraid of creativity. For the Black jersey the bottom inside should be coloured black. The numbers and crest could be a tad bigger.  Overall:  Keep working' at it! You've got the basics down, now let your imagination flow. (6.1/10)

Ok now it's actually the end of the post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed typing it. If you disagree with my comments please don't threaten to kill me, just leave a comment it's easier. Don't forget to got, announce your teams, maybe trash talk a little and have a good week.