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November 30, 2014

Sunday: The Real Deal

In today's post, we have several concepts for the Penguins, an alternate for an "untouchable" team, a gray jersey for Buffalo, and much more! 

I recently (as in yesterday) added a new jersey to my growing collection! I bought my first authentic Reebok jersey! I am ecstatic to finally get my hands on one. I bought a an authentic Preds Edge 1.0 jersey from 2007-2011. I would never pay the full price for an authentic jersey, so I was very lucky to find one with tags, in the original packaging, size 46 (I'm not a large guy) for less than $80 on Ebay. Also, it's made in Canada! I have heard Ryan and others say on many occasions that there is a great difference between the authentic jerseys and the replicas, but I never realized how great a difference it was. I love having a stitched crest instead of the glued-on crests of the replica jerseys. The replicas are also much looser. The measurements of a size 46 authentic and a size small replica jersey are a little different, but the authentic also has more spandex material built into the jersey that cause it to fit a little tighter. The makeup and stitching of the jersey is much more complex, so I see now why they charge so much more for them. Also, you have the obvious inclusion of the fight-strap. I think the biggest difference between a authentic Predators '07-'11 and a replica is the silver material on the sleeves. On the replicas, the silver is very bright, thick, and cheap-looking. On the authentic jerseys, it's a more muted metallic hue, and much thinner, with a pliable feel. I'm very excited to add this to my collection, and if you haven't added an authentic jersey to your collection, I highly recommend it. Looking at the work and thought that is put in to the manufacturing of these jerseys gives me a new respect for even the most bland Predators home jersey we have had.

Also, I think I'll just leave this here:

Image taken from screenshot of NHL Western Conference standings on 11/30/14 at 12:30 am CDT
Leading the West. Same exact record as Pittsburgh, who leads the East. Feels good, man.

Also, I like to see Calgary and Winnipeg exceeding expectations so far. Dallas? 10th. I hope someone tweets this at Jason Spezza.

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Pittsburgh Penguins "Worst Jersey Ever" Concept - Martin L.

I won't rate this like I normally would, because this wasn't made with that intent, but rather to show what advertisement on jerseys would look like. Martin shows what is at stake here. This is a god-awful cluttered mess, and it's what we'll have to put up with if team owners decide to sell out the last thing in the arena they haven't already covered with advertisements. I have a great respect for the aesthetics of North American hockey. There's a reason no one has KHL and SM Liiga jerseys on their lists. Advertisements ruin jerseys. (Rating: N/A)

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. CSKA Moscow Concept - Stephen T.

Positives: The CSKA looks especially good here. I appreciate that Stephen put logos on his helmets, and added sleeve numbers on the back of the left arm. I've really criticized him for omitting those things earlier this year. It's good to see some improvements. 

Negatives: I'm confused on the choice to put Pittsburgh in navy blue, partially because that's not a color they are known for (even if it was used in the past), and because CSKA uses it, there is less color-diversification in this proposed game. In execution, part of the outline of Crosby's name has been left black, because this is simply a recolor of a jersey that Stephen has used countless times. I've reviewed the design ad nauseam. Sleeve numbers are left off the right arm on the CSKA jersey.

Overall: Stephen has shown improvements lately, but this needs more work. (6.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - Mario A.

Remind me why we need to be revisiting these again? It hasn't been very long since these concepts were posted the first time, so I just don't see the purpose. It would be one thing if it was a very experienced artist revisiting concepts from several years ago (i.e. Ryan posting his first concepts from HJC's beginnings), but Mario hasn't been doing this very long. That's like being nostalgic for things that happened a few months ago. I just don't get it. My feelings about these designs haven't changed. If you want a review, do a search of the website and find where I reviewed concepts like these, and apply everything I said then to this. (Rating: N/A)

Montreal Canadiens Third Jersey Concept - Dion S.

Positives: I love when someone gets brave enough to mess with the Canadiens. I really think they could pull off a blue alternate. As this concept shows, it wouldn't have to be anything elaborate or modern. The old Canadiens crest fits well here, and I like the thick white outline on the red yoke. The maple leaf logo makes a good shoulder crest as well. 

Negatives: Details take concepts to the next level. Putting a logo on the helmet just shows commitment to executing those seemingly small details. Also, no one could see with that helmet, because the visor has been colored blue. Unless, of course, they used the force.

Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: It's hard to miss when you're working with the Red Wings' past jerseys. Here, Taylor pays homage to the Detroit Cougars 1928-1929 set. The striping pattern looks good. It's on the verge of over-striping, but doesn't go over that ledge. The monogrammed shield makes a great alternate logo. Execution and presentation is top-notch.

Negatives: Detroit is known for their arched namebars, and I feel it would be especially appropriate here considering the arched Detroit wordmark on the front.

Overall: This would make a great Winter Classic jersey for the Red Wings. I would be interested to see who Taylor envisioned they would match up with. (8.75/10)

Quad City Mallards Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: I really like the striping pattern here, it's very attention-grabbing and unique. This was probably one of my top-5 favorites in the Quad City competition back in October. Taylor is one of the most improved artists this year, and it really shows in his execution and presentation. The Details really stand out.

Negatives: The jersey layout is very familiar, but there's nothing specifically about this jersey that I dislike.

Overall: This would have been a great alternate for the Mallards. It's unfortunate that the people at Quad City didn't like it as much as I do. (8.75/10)

Buffalo Sabres Third Jersey Concept - Jake88

Positives: If Buffalo wanted to do something unique when they debuted their new alternate jersey last year, they could have gone with a gray jersey instead of taking a page out of Nashville's playbook with a gold jersey, but then making it worse.. The color of the striping pattern against blue helps balance out the gray. Execution and presentation are flawless. 

Negatives: The gray is unique, but other than that, it's not the most innovative design. 

Overall: The alternate that Buffalo should have made. (8.75/10)

It's a really tough decision for me. I really like Taylor's Red Wings Winter Classic jersey, and his Quad City Mallards alternate, but my COTW nomination goes to Jake88's Buffalo Sabres Third!

There are several great concepts today, so if you saw one today you want to nominate that I didn't, or want to second Jake88's design, be sure to do so in our comments section! Also, if you disagreed with my evaluations, or have something you want to add, well, you know where to go. Let your voice be heard!

That's all for today! See you all back here tomorrow for Dylan's Monday post!

November 29, 2014

Saturday: Ryan & the Fakes

The winner of the COTW vote for November 17-22 was Dylan A!

Full Results
Dylan A. - 6
Matt M. - 5
J3 - 1

Just like we do every Saturday now, the new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. The concepts listed are for the week of November 23-29. This is the final COTW vote for November. Click on that black banner to see the nominated concepts or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Votes are due in by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time.

Be sure to beat the voting rush by joining the COTW Mailing List! Simply email your request to us with the subject line "COTW Mailing List" and you be placed on it. Then you'll get two simply emails a week, which you just reply to to vote. For those of you already on the list, back me up here and tell everyone how easy it is.


Here are the last of the CWHL entries...

James O.

John O.

Kevin H.


The entry phase has now concluded and we begin with the voting phase. Click the red banner at the top of the page to see the entries. Then leave your Top 5 votes in the comments section. "Wow, thanks for making it so easy for us to vote Ryan", said everyone.


A heads up for anyone who wants to get started on the next competition. We will be holding a logo design competition to design the 2014 Concept of the Year logo! The winning logo will be used for all COTY banners and such, as well as appear on the champion's plaque. DO NOT SEND IN ENTRIES THIS WEEK!


I made this Penguins concept as a guess for the 2011 Winter Classic.
Chinese knockoff sellers thought it was a legit leak and went ahead and made some.

I made this Flyers concept as a guess for the 2012 Winter Classic.
A small number of Chinese knockoff sellers thought it was a legit leak and made some.

This year I made this Blackhawks concept for the 2015 Winter Classic
Some bar in Chicago thought it was the legit jersey and used it in their promo material. This again confused those Chinese knockoff sellers and they made some.

It's like I'm some sort of unintentional jersey hacker. DO NOT BUY THESE JERSEYS!


Heads up, the LEAVE AN IDEA page is being demolished next week. Grab those ideas now, while you still can.

If five new people join the COTW Mailing List this week we'll have another HJC Podcast a week from today. If not, then we'll continue to take our time with the next one. Your choice...

COTW Nov 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

November 28, 2014

Friday: A Particularly Yellow Post

TGIF, welcome back to the best concept blog on the internet!

Happy American Thanksgiving to the America Readers! Hopefully you are all having a very relaxing weekend!

For those of you who took the time to listen to the HJC 5th anniversary podcast, thank you! Me and Ryan, Dylan and Caden had a blast recording it. That being said, another one is being planned, hosted by me. I have some material planned already but do you guys have any questions or topics you want answered or talked about?

Comment them below, not sure when the podcast will be exactly, but it will be soon.

The CWHL contest is in full swing! Today is the last day to get your entries into the contest, so don't forget to, if you haven't already and plan to do so, enter!

Here are some of the entries that have come in since last post:


Brin & JD S.

Oh, you're stumbling into your email account to send in your entry? Why not send off a COTW vote as well. Or if you are smart enough to join the HJC voting committee, just reply to the weekly email.

You're not a member of the voting list? I'd suggest you join up!

On to the Concepts!


Cincinnati Cyclones Concepts (By: Ryan C.)

+ While the Flyers 3D logo jersey wasn't the greatest in Philly, that doesn't mean a minor league team couldn't use it. This template looks great in these colours
+ Bringing back the vintage cyclone logo as the primary while keeping the new logo as a shoulder patch and third jersey logo
+Simple jerseys that make the colours pop

- While the third jersey isn't bad, since the numbers are red, the arm curves would look better as red and the cuffs and outer stripes being white
- The font, while not bad isn't is too large on the back

8/10: A good meeting of the two Cyclones eras 

Stadiums Series Concept (By: Mario A.)

+ Mario has improved ALOT since his early days, and being willing to show off your earlier concepts like this is a good way of showing new artists that you can improve with practice
+ Despite this being a paint bucket fill concept, the ideas are both cool 
+ The Pittsburgh jersey makes me excited, please, redo the Pens jersey with your current skills 

- The execution, obviously isn't good, I won't outline every point, since that isn't the point of this, but it'd be really cool to see you (Mario) remake your old concepts and show how much you've improved, rather than just re sending them in. We've seen theses concepts before, recently too. I remade several concepts multiple times and resent them in, but every time they were different! I could maybe see the point if they were never sent in or it had been years, but it's only been a few months. Use your new skills for the better! 

*/10: No rating, but thanks for showing us how much you've improved

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: John E.)

+Buffalo with a chest stripe looks surprisingly good, either jersey could be a solid alternate
+ Obviously, the yellow jersey is better than the current one
+ Blue sleeves look excellent
+ Use of Buff-a-Slug shoulder patch

- Numbers on the back look too elongated and NOB is too large
- Not that it's bad, but I wouldn't have put numbers on the front
- Remember that the stitch stops at the chest stripe and continues down at the final stripe, it doesn't go in between the stripes

7.5/10: Needs some work, but the idea is solid and would be a good addition to Buffalo's set, just maybe when they're ready to win again

Stadium Series Concept (By: Griffin B.)

+ This is the safest bet as to what the Stadium Series will be like
+ The basic idea of each concept is good
+ I do actually like that strike on the side of San Jose pants

- As with any new artist, the execution needs work, which is okay, no one puts on skates and starts to do spinoramas
- Even if they don't look the best, practice putting TV numbers (arm numbers), NOB and numbers on the back, it's good practice (check out the HJC templates page for a WIDE selection of numbers)
- The striping on the arms would stop at the underarm mesh
- While I like the yokes, the back part would be black on both jerseys
- The stitching should stop at the hem striping
- Practice putting shoulder patches and helmet/pants logos
- Remember to take the trademark logo off the logos when you put them on the jerseys
- The Sharks logo looks blurry, try using Word or another program to put it in a different size

4.5/10: Keep practicing and trying new things, and this rating will go up!

Victoria Royals Concepts (By: David P.)

As I said in the HJC Podcast, I think David has improve massively this year!

+ Replacing the Griffin logo with the VR logo
+ Simple striping that doesn't copy the Flames or Leafs
+ Dropping black and replacing it with grey
+ New shoulder patch looks awesome.

- Black pants would not look bad
- The VR logo does kind of look like the Warner Bros. logo, not David's fault, but still funny
- The blocky font doesn't match the curvy VR font, try using a rounded font to match it more, but one that isn't cartoony

8.75/10: Solid rebrand, with a few changes, this would be perfect!

Brandon Wheat Kings Concepts (By: BPoe96)

+The Wheat Kings have crappy edge jerseys, taking inspiration from the Bruins is not a bad idea
+ Sublimated Wheat Pattern and wheat pattern on pants
+ colours on the black jersey are balanced perfectly, with lots of yellow and white
+ Logo choices

-White jersey could use more black rancher than yellow on the arm band
- Font and numbers are too small and spread out
- No tv numbers

8/10: Would be perfect if not for the errors, but a solid replacement for the current

Brandon Wheat Kings Concept (By Taylor R.)

+ The jersey is very well done
+ Simple pattern
+ wheat pattern as yoke under stripe  looks great
+ lots of yellow and white along with the black
+ Old school numbers and enlarged NOB

- Wheat pattern on arms and especially under the yoke is a little blurry
- Yellow helmet
- Yellow pants could use more black to balance out the colours

7.75/10: The jersey itself is very well done, the gear kills the look

That's the post! Remember to vote and get your CWHL entries in!
Go Jets Go! 

November 27, 2014

Thursday: The Big Irishman

Hey gang, welcome to another Thursday post!

First off, I would just like to congratulate the Canucks and Maple Leafs for doing the right thing and honouring a man so crucial to each team's history.  I'm talking, of course, about Pat Quinn, who passed away this week.  Both teams are wearing jersey patches to honour him, and I believe they'll keep them on for the rest of the season.  Considering how important he was to both teams, as well as other NHL teams and the Canadian Olympic and Junior teams, I think this is such a classy move.  May he be remembered as a great coach, GM, and personality in the hockey world.

Moving on from that, we had our podcast last weekend, which I was unable to participate in.  Hopefully we'll have many more podcasts in the future, and I'll definitely try to make it next time.

This week we have our usual COTW vote, as well as the CWHL Competition going on.  There's been some good entries sent in so far, but hopefully we can keep them coming in until the end of the week.  Personally, I think a lot of the CWHL team logos are very outdated, so I'd love to see some fresh new logos designed for the competition.

On that note, let's get to the concepts.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

CWHL Entries:
Andrew W.

Maxx B.

 Vaughn R.

 Jordan R.

Kerouac D.
And now for our regularly scheduled concepts:
Sudbury Wolves -  BPOE96

+ I may have said this once or twice (probably more), but the Wolves are one of the ugliest looking teams in North American hockey.  Kudos for taking on this challenge.
+ Adding colour but keeping grey is what this team desperately needs for their identity.
+ Classic but well-detailed stripes look nice for an older team like this.
+ Really digging the white jersey of this concept.

- The blue jersey with the white yoke is alright, but the rest of the jersey looks a little bland compared to the white jersey.
- The stripes could be a little thicker, including the ones on the socks.
- It would be nice if the glove had a bit more of a design on it, rather than full-blue.

Overall: Probably my favourite Sudbury Wolves set I've seen, including their actual jerseys.  Still needs work, but it's pretty good as is.  8/10

Trail Smoke Eaters (BCHL) - Caleb F.

+ Growing up from BC, I'm definitely familiar with this team.  Long history of Senior and Junior hockey for the Smoke Eaters, including a couple of World Championships and Allen Cups.  I love seeing concepts from lesser-known teams like this.
+ Modern approach to classic style, looks great.
+ Easy to remake this jersey using a Flyers style, but great to see something original

- The full black arms are a bit much.  But maybe if the hem was all black, the jersey would look more balanced.
- Since this doesn't exactly look like a throwback, I'd like to see some TV numbers.
- Thicker hem stripes would look a little nicer.

Overall: The concept itself isn't too exciting, but seeing teams I grew up with or teams forcing me to do research does get me excited.  Good work.  7.8/10

 Shawinigan Cataractes - David P.

+ If I'm not mistaken, David mashes up two old logos to make a new updated logo. Very nice.
+ This team has changed their look almost as many times as the Canucks have.  So for David to make something that they haven't worn before but looks as believable as this is very impressive.
+ Love the classic approach on the main set, and the more modern look for the alternate.  Suits the team perfectly.

- As cool as it is that you used their original logo, there is a reason the Cataractes left it behind.  It's pretty boring.

Overall: Aside from the logo being a little underwhelming, this is a fantastic set!  9/10

Los Angeles Kings - Mario A.

 + It's awesome to see a designer show off their first few concepts, because usually they're so bad that they're awesome, and it can help measure how far a designer has come from their beginnings.
+ This could totally work if the Kings were part of Roller Hockey International.

- I counted 8 different colours on the jersey. 4 is usually the maximum you should ever use.
- It's funny how you used the black and white Kings logo on such an outrageously colourful jersey.
- Seriously though, why these colours?!
- I'm pretty sure the fill tool and colour picker were the only tools used here.
- I shouldn't have to explain what's wrong with the text and numbers here.
- Redo the equipment entirely, swap the pink and lavender colours for grey, make the light grey arm stripe the same colour as the front and underarm grey, and then you actually might have a decent start to a uniform.

 Overall: It's very fun to revisit concepts like this.  If it weren't for the Ducks, I'd say this jersey could work with grey, orange, black and white.  5/10

Portland Winterhawks - Michael G.

+ The presentation here is as sharp as I've ever seen on a concept.
+ Not being a simple copy of other Chicago/Portland jerseys is a definite plus for me.
+ Love the look of the hem stripe and chest stripe on this set.

- Would like to see the ends of the arms match the hem. It would look more unique compared to other Chicago/Portland jerseys, and would balance the jerseys better.
- I'd rather see the red/black/white version of the shoulder patch used here.

Overall: Slightly original, which is good enough for anything 'Hawks related. Presentation and execution look excellent! 8.3/10

Philadelphia Flyers - Patrik G.

+ Diagonal arm and sock stripes? Sign me up!
+ Definitely looks like a genuine Flyers uniform.
+ Differences between this and practically every other Flyers uniforms are the disconnection between the yoke and the arm stripes, and the lack of a hem stripe. Bold new look to the arms.

- The fact that I only counted two main differences between this and nearly every other orange Flyers jersey is a bad sign.
- Name is way too close to the yoke.
- The lack of hem stripes is really bugging me.

Overall: The coolest arm and sock combination I've ever seen on a Flyers uniform.  The rest of the uniform needs some work. 7.5/10

Quad City Mallards - Ryan C.

+ Interesting striping going on with the main set, but I'm buying it. Looks really cool.
+ The colours are well balanced on all jerseys.
+ The 3rd is simply beautiful, and contrasts perfectly with the main set.

+ The colouring of the numbers looks great, considering how difficult numbers can be with chest stripes.

- This concept would have a 10/10 score and my COTW nomination...if it wasn't for that font on the numbers. The name is fine, but the font for the numbers is just so cartoony and amateurish. Some minor league teams pull it off because their jerseys are ridiculous, but this set is classy, sharp, unique and pro-friendly, so the font fails terribly.

Overall: Redo this, change the font, re-submit, somehow ensure that it gets posted on Thursday, and I guarantee that this gets my COTW nomination.  But unless the readers disagree with me (and there's a good chance of that), I just can't bring myself to like it enough to nominate it.  8.7/10

Instead, I'll give David's Shawinigan Cataractes concept my COTW nomination.

Disagree with me? Agree with me? Have a mistake to point out to me? (There's been lots of those lately)

Then comment on this post and have your voice heard. Nominate who you think deserves COTW recognition, and I promise I wont hate you if you disagree or point out my mistakes (maybe just dislike you, for a minute or two).

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

November 26, 2014

Wednesday: The late concepts

Hi i'm Christian Legault! You might remember me from other review based blogs such as,  Honey save it as a PNG, or Concepts are better than love. Okay, that was a really lame intro but Welcome to another HJC post, Today we have a few concepts to review, most of them providing from old competitions, so lets get started... NOT before we get started you need to vote, then send an entry to the new competition. (even if you don't make jerseys, this is still an obligation).

Also, I've noticed a few people wanting to nominate concepts... Awesome! No, not awesome, because people don't know how. Basically all you need is a Google account (Gmail) or Blogger account. Once you have that, you just comment COTW TO ____ for the concept you like. In order for a concept to go to the weekly vote it must have two nominations! That's it.. easy peasy! 

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Caleb F - Quad City Mallards

Positives: A green jersey for the mallards works so well. The stars on the cuffs are a nice touch. Overall the black arms work well with the green jersey.
Negatives: I'm not sure what to think of the arm stripes. They look cool, but then when I look at the TV numbers and the bottom of the sleeve, I'm not sure about them anymore. What do you guys think, do you like arm stripes that high? The TV numbers a very small. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more orange. 
Overall: I'm not really feeling the arm stripes, but I know some will. (7.75/10)

Christian L - Erie Otters

This was my Entry in the CHL competition. Unfortunately I couldn't keep my competition win streak alive. I thought Erie need new jerseys, since they currently wear paint-bucket ones. I noticed the logo was very colourful, so I decided to add all that colour to the jersey. What do you guys think? Like, Dislike? Comments please!

David P - Mississauga Steelheads

Positives: The Steelheads basically copied the Leafs in terms of jersey. David gives them a unique identity, and it looks pretty good. JETS96 mentioned it in the podcast, but Davids execution and presentation really improved. 
Negatives: The stripes are a mix of the Leafs and Jets, interesting... Now I'm not saying it looks bad, far from it, but it seems a little safe. Maybe adding more grey, even between the two blue stripes could help that. 
Overall: Solid look, but making this unique set look even more unique could help. (8/10)

Mario A - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: The name Mario was thrown out a couple times in last weeks podcast, so good job Mario on your improvement. 
Negatives: Mario knows this is bad. Since he took the time to send it (showing us that he wanted feedback?) , I'm going to take the time to bash it. Let's start with the colours. If anaheim was to bring back the old mighty ducks logo, the colours would have to be eggplant and jade or their current colour scheme, not this shade of purple with forest green (which looks like slime by the way.) No Tv numbers, and the numbers on the back are numbers you get on Microsoft word. Also the black numbers are impossible to read on that shade of purple. One thing i've noticed (even with Mario's new concepts) is that he puts the nameplate really far from the numbers. The nameplate should also rarely have a box around it, unless it's a philadelphia concept. I don't see any stripes whatsoever. This is just paint bucket at its finest. Even the socks and helmet have paint bucket fill syndrome. In terms of jersey design, I would never have more than 4 (maybe 5) colours on a jersey. The more colours, the more crazy the jersey becomes. Moving on, one jersey has the stadium series logo (which is way too big) and the other doesn't? No helmet logos show no attention to detail in your concepts. I know most of these issues have been resolved in Mario's new concepts, but these jersey need to be scraped. 
Overall: I know Mario has improved, but needs jersey need medical attention, because they are suffering from severe paint bucket fill syndrome. I might have a prescription... stripes. (2/10)

Michael G - London nights

Positives: I love the vintage vibe Michael has brought us with this concept. The logo choice is fantastic and looks great on a chest stripe. The yoke, and stripes look very good together. 
Negatives: The OHL logo on the white jersey should be green not black. Numbers are always tough to make them stand out of a chest stripe, but they need a bit more work here. 
Overall: The vintage vibe you get from these jerseys are awesome, without even using vintage white! (8.5/10)

Mitch B - Anaheim Ducks

Positives: Mitch brings us a Mighty Ducks throwback! I haven't seen to many concepts from Mitch, so if he's a beginner, I applaud his execution. I don't mind yellow with the eggplant and jade colour scheme. 
Negatives: The jersey is pretty simple, being inspired by the old ducks jersey. A little more creativity wouldn't hurt. The numbers on the back are huge! I like the mighty ducks of anaheim logo, but their current logo does not go well with this jersey. The shoulder logos are also to close to the collar. 
Overall: If Mitch works his creativity and execution, man will he be a force in concept making! (7/10)

FattyRC - Muskegon Lumberjacks

Positives: The USHL has some really cool team names. This is one of them. The logo and colour scheme are superb for a minor league. The colours are balanced really well. 
Negatives: Unlike Michael's concept from above, the logo doesn't look great on a chest stripe. The shoulders are bare, maybe adding a shoulder patch could fix that. The USHL logo on the white jersey doesn't look good with a big black box around it. TV numbers are needed and showing the back of the jersey could also help. 
Overall: Good base, just needs a bit more work. (7/10)

That concludes the post, don't forget to send in your submissions for the CWHL and vote vote vote! Have a great second half of your week!

November 25, 2014

Tardy Tuesday

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. I had some issues that came up today and I just wasn't able to get it done. So because of that, I'll be short and sweet.

The 5th anniversary podcast was on Saturday, It included me, HJC Admin Ryan, Dylan, and Sean (Jets96). Caz was supposed to join us but do to Skype being a butt he couldn't connect. If you haven't listened to that I suggest you do that.

*** Edit by Ryan ***

Here are the CWHL Competition Entries so far;

Christian L.
John E.
Justin S.
Leo D.
Mike B.
Phil B.
Ryan C.


I'm doing a different rating system for today only, telling how much I would pay for a game issued version of this jersey/set . 0 is 0 but I am topping off at 750$.

We started a new competition this week for the logo-less CWHL. All the teams use a arched script and number combo on the front, so they definitely need a new look.

COTW Nov 17-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
CWHL ReDesign entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Austin S: Indiana Hoosiers

These were three separate images, but as being all part of the same concept, I am going to reveiw them all together.

I'm not sure which one of these is a concept. They all are jerseys that Indiana has worn in the past or currently. If you were the one to design Indiana's jerseys, then kudos to you! I like the script on the white jersey. It adds a bit of difference between the jerseys. The black jersey also looks really good and corresponds with the equipment well. I would have made the logo on the pants white, or taken it off altogether cause with just the red (with no outline) it doesn't look very good. Thought the jerseys look okay, I wish you were a bit more creative with your designs. They all look kinda bland. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 300$ for both.

Brass: Washington Capitals

Whether wearing this in the weather (Winter Classic) or as a regular alternate, I would love to see this on the ice. 

The stars above the logo look really good. It's something we've seen before, but it is executed well here. The regular Caps font looks good as always. It's one of my favorite fonts in the NHL. As I said on the podcast, I love traditional designs, and this fits the bill. I do wish the red was a bit darker.

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 400$

Christian L: Ottawa Senators

Fellow Ottawan and HJC writer Christian brought back the laurel leafs here, and used the alternate side profile head as the main crest. 

Good on you for bringing back the laurels. The Sens jerseys now are so templatey they are hard to look at! I wish there was more white on the red jersey, and more red on the white jersey. It would be cool to see this design on a Reebok Edge template, just to see what it would look like. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 1000$ for both COTW NOMINATION FOR YOU BRO!!!

Coby S: Dallas Stars

A good idea by Coby, Bring back the old look of the stars with the new colors.

It doesn't look as good as I thought. I wish that less grey was used to make room for more black. This concept is extremely dull and boring. The green pants are different though. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set:  If I could get it for 50$ I might buy.

Rocky Mountain Concepts:  United States Air Force Academy 
Cadet Squadron - 02 'Deuce' 

When I think of "Rocky Mountain" I think of coolness. This jersey is just plain stripes, with no correspondence to the logo used whatsoever.

Please don't misunderstand me, when I said I love traditional designs, that did not mean that every jersey had to be the same. This jersey, aside from the yoke, is pretty much the same template as the one before. A design can be traditional, and still be creative. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: I would take this if you gave me an ice-cream. 

Stephen T: Sherbrooke Phoenix (QMJHL)

I'm a big fan of sublimated designs, so Stephen pulled on my heartstrings there. 

Sherbrooke's current jerseys are more of a modern template, and these are more of a modern/classic mix. The off center logo looks spectacular with the chest striping. And I like how the arms, yoke, and chest all tie in together. A great design by you! You've definitely improved from this summer, when you were just recoloring templates and such. 

Amount I would pay for this Jersey/Set: 800$ for both, 450$ for the white one. 

Here you are guys! Sorry for the lateness! It won't happen again, and if it does, I don't expect to be writing for HJC anymore at that point anyway. Have a good week, go listen to the podcast if you haven't already, and go support your favorite women's junior hockey team by making them a cool jersey set and entering it into our CWHL redesign. Go do it!