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September 30, 2014

Tuesday: 2 Double Scoops and 2 Singles

Hey guys! Caden here again on a Tuesday! This is my one month anniversary on HJC! Wow it's been fast! The next big contest for HJC is here! Starting tomorrow we will be accepting entries for the Quad City Mallards Comp. This is basically a CeHL version of the Grand Rapids Griffins Contest that had had over 100 entries! The contest doesn't end till the 31st, so take time to perfect your entries. I've slightly revamped the format for my posts, merging the "Bad" and "Tips" section of my reviews, and giving a score for the jersey in school style (A+ to F, with the letter taking precedent over the +/-. EXAMPLE: B- is slightly higher than C+).

COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Quad City Mallards Comp starts Tomorrow at 12:00am Eastern! 

Las Vegas Rams: Jamie R.

Good: I like the logo. It's a simple classic logo that could easily work in hockey. The poker chip shoulder patch is creative and screams Las Vegas. The simple striping works...

Bad: ...but, I would rather see something a bit more modern for LV. Sin city needs something flashy. I hate to say it, but maybe a full time chrome crest and Stadium Series style striping. The Numbers need an outline, and there are a lot of loose white pixels around the logo. Speaking of the logo, I don't think Bluefield College would be very happy about the NHL using it. 


Detroit Redwings: Michael G.

Good: Detroit will always need a classic design. They don't look good in anything else. I like the actual striping, not just bars, and the addition of a shoulder patch is long awaited, full redesign or not. The regular block font transfers, and does a good job with it at that.

Bad: The yoke stripes aren't sitting well with me. I think the jersey would benefit without them. Execution notes, the TV numbers are too small, and there is a loose white pixel below the right armpit of the front of the red jersey.


Florida Panthers: Michael G.

Good: I like the classic fauxback look. The consistency of the red between both jerseys is appealing. The gold numbers are cool. Except for the new Pens 3rd, I don't believe there are many gold numbers in the NHL. The roundel logo fits with the theme.

Bad: I wish the arm stripes were lower and had less of a slant, so the matched up with the hems. I think that would make the jerseys look more clean cut and professional. I would make the numbers gold on the away jersey, with a blue outline. Would the blue look better a bit darker?


Savonlinnan Pallkerho (Mestis Finnish Teir 2 league): Taylor R.

Good: I did some research on Mestis, It's a 10 team tier 2 professional league in Finland. On that note these are some pretty awesome jerseys! I love the simple yet elegant striping. The font ties everything together. The square yokes are especially pleasing. 

Bad: The one thing I don't like is the lack of pant/helmet logos. That would perfectly bring it all into sync. 

A+ and a COTW nomination!

Turun Toverit (Mestis): Taylor R.

Good: I'm liking the mismatching jerseys, but it almost has a Montreal Habs feel to it. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The Canadians have some great jerseys! I like the fact that you added pants stripes...

Bad: ...but one pair of pants is plenty. I would've gone with red pants for both jerseys, and spent the "budget money" if I were that team, on white helmets for the road jersey instead of a second set of 75$ a pair (or more in some cases) pants.


Arizona Coyotes: Nathan N.

Good: The 'Yotes, with their name change, need a rebrand, I like the added black. The current jerseys are lacking black and hem stripes, so thanks for making that up.

Bad: The colors are balanced awfully on the home jersey. Not trying to discourage but it's not very good. I would switch the maroon and vintage white stripes, and add a maroon outline to the numbers. A shoulder patch on both jerseys would help as well. Put your name or ID on your concept so no one can steal it and say it was their's.

C- (Keep working at it! You will improve in no time!)

So, let's go through the basics. Vote, And send in your Mallards Comp entries (BUT NOT UNTIL TOMMOROW!), Make concepts and send them in.

If you can guess why my post is titled why it is, I'll give you a twitter shoutout. @cpatafie. I'll give you a hint, It has to do with the concept artists, not the concepts...


September 29, 2014

Monday: New Jersey Mania!!!

Hello there one and all! I'm sure you've noticed but these last few weeks has been full of new NHL jerseys for us all to judge and be picky about!!! So I'm going to go over them! But first....

Vote... there is no excuse this week. There is ONE thing to vote for and that is nothing. It will take next to no time... I promise. Do it and make Ryan and the rest of us writers happy. Please......

COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Ok so, new jerseys... So Pittsburgh came out and revealed their new alternate jersey, which most likely will take over as new home jersey down the road... I think it's a nice throwback to a historic look in the franchise and overall, the yellow looks a hell of a lot better than the vegas gold.
Photo from NHL Shop
Rating: 8.5/10

Next the Flyers revealed a "new" jersey. They brought back their last Winter Classic jersey. It's a great look. The missing black stripe from the hem has always bugged me though....Really nothing else to say about it. 
Photo from NHL Shop
Rating: 8/10

Next, the Capitals unveiled their new Winter Classic jersey and went against what almost everyone thought they were going to do and go with a red version of their original jerseys. Instead they celebrate DC's hockey past with neat shoulder stripes and a nod to the Washington Monument.
Photo from NHL Shop
Rating: 9/10

And lastly... the Lightning revealed their new black jersey that they had been teasing recently. I believe the jersey was way over hyped for what it was. The striping is boring and there's practically no blue anywhere on the jersey. And the BOLTS nickname on the jersey isn't going anywhere apparently... so that sucks... The one neat thing about the jersey is the number font. The little silver spikes in it are neat.
Photo from NHL Shop
Rating: 5/10

So let's get past the real thing and see if anyone came up with something better than these...

Columbus Blue Jackets Alternate Jersey Concept - Nathan K.
Nathan suggests a light jersey featuring the current alternate jersey theme. The arms have a very Blackhawks look to them. It's not unique but I'll be damned if I don't say it looks pretty good. The hem is meh, but it can't really match the arms otherwise we have a beige/blue Blackhawks jersey. The font doesn't fit the throwback vibe of the rest of the jersey and the number is practically invisible and also very large. Make the numbers blue and put some on the arms. The old Reebok vector is on the back of the jersey as opposed to the wordmark they use now. Also, equipment would be nice to see as well as your name on the concept.

Rating: 5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - Colin M.
The Lightning have themselves a new alternate jersey and Colin suggests a new set of primaries. He keeps the white/blue scheme and adds silver as a big part of the jerseys. It's interesting to see the chest piping, or "Bettman Stripes" being replaced with lightning bolts. I'm not sure how that would look being worn though. I think the bolt striping on the arms is too thin as well. I'd keep the silver as a trim on the blue jersey and move all the arm striping down on the arms if you want to keep it thin as it is. It'd be nice to see the equipment with the jerseys as well.

Rating: 6/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept - Michael G.
Michael gives the Avalanche the IceBorn treatment. The shoulder logos/stripes are pretty great. The rest of the jersey is pretty basic. I'm not totally sold on the blue yoke and mostly burgundy striping on the white jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Michael G.
Michael wants to see the Stars go the black/gold route. Honestly, it doesn't look bad. I'm glad the Stars went with the victory green but this wouldn't have looked half bad. It definitely has a western feel to it. The only thing I'm not feeling is the white yoke on the black jersey.

Rating: 7.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Jersey Concept  - Tristan M.
Well Tampa revealed their very underwhelming third jersey over the weekend. Tristan's concept is very close to what they went with but less boring and better overall. The addition of blue and silver helps so much. The blue arms is definitely what they should have went with and the hem stripe just helps the jersey look complete. The Captain's C also looks very tiny.

Rating: 8/10

JYP Akatemia (Mestis - Finland Tier 2) Concept  - Taylor R.
Very dark look for this team. The absence of white for gray/silver help keep it dark. Makes this team look intimidating. I think the arm striping is well done and the hem is nice. I like how the hem keeps with the rest of the jersey without overdoing it and looking like the arms. I don't care for the square yoke though. It's blocky and doesn't fit with the curvy nature of the rest of the jersey. I'd probably just leave the yoke off.

Rating: 8/10

Keuruun Pallo - HT (Mestis - Finland Tier 2) Concept - Taylor R.
The square yoke works with these jerseys better than JYP's. I'd give the yoke only one color outline though. The striping is interesting and works well with the logo. The number font is very nice paired with the logo. They are both pointy and curvy. Overall this set has a very New York Rangers-y feel to it.

Rating: 8.5/10

And there you have it. Overall a pretty good start to the week. What do you guys think of the new NHL jerseys? What about the concepts? Get at us!

September 28, 2014

Sunday: Mallards Comp Starts Oct. 1st

The winner of the COTW vote for September 8-14 was TG and his Flyers concept!

Full Results
TG - 6
Christian L. - 2

The winner of the COTW vote for September 15-21 was Christian L. and his Nordiques ReDesign.

Full Results
Christian L. - 7
Dylan N. - 1

The new COTW nominees for September 22-28 have been listed on the side of the page in the black banner. This week we had three concepts properly nominated and seconded for COTW. Joining those three concepts are Christian's Disney Competition winner as well as a Kansas City Scouts concept from Taylor R. The Scouts concept was properly nominated and seconded during the week of September 15-21, but I missed it. Taylor agreed to having it placed in this week's vote.

Voting ends on Friday for COTW and once the vote is complete we can move on to COTY-September vote! Don't delay, vote now!


The winner of the Disney Competition was CPM...
But wait! Unfortunately for CPM, he violated one of the rules. There was a maximum of THREE concepts allowed on each entry and he had six. That disqualifies CPM and makes the 2nd place finisher, Christian L, the winner!

Amazingly, this is Christian's 3rd straight HJC Competition win (not counting the Griffins Competition). Anways, you can see the full results below. It was a really close vote!


Thanks to the success of the Grand Rapids Griffins Competition we hosted, I'd like to introduce the Quad City Mallards Jersey Competition!

Imagine having a jersey that you designed worn by a professional team during a game! You have that opportunity with this competition. The winner will also get an authentic copy of the jersey they designed.

The Mallards have one of the best looking brands outside of the NHL. They've always been one of my personal favourites. This is a really exciting opportunity to design something really cool. The colour and team name are going to be really great to work with, for me.

We start accepting entries on October 1st and the competition ends on October 31st. So you have some time to perfect your concept. Good luck to everyone!


This week try really hard to simply email in your COTW vote with your concepts. Right now we have only about 15% of concept artists submitting votes. We'd love to get that number up.

Even if you have never submitted anything to HJC you can still vote. We'd love to hear from you. VOTE!

COTW Sept 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

September 27, 2014

Saturday: Season Predictions - Eastern Conference

Hello everyone! Today's Saturday post features the continuation of my 2014-2015 NHL season predictions, some designs for Finland's Tier 2 league, redesigns for the Bruins, Blue Jackets, and Blackhawks!

In case you missed the news, the Tampa Bay Lightning debuted their new third jersey today!

(Image Credit:
(Image credit:

Wow. It's as if the Lightning got mad at their fans for wanting black when they did their redesign a few years back and decided to shove it down our throats. This is awful. I sincerely hoped that "BOLTS" wordmark was going away forever. There is very little color in this. I can't stand this, for the same reasons I hated the Dallas Stars 2007-2013. It's plain, it's colorless, it's lifeless, and feels dated already. What a lazy excuse for an alternate. Who is making the decisions to put out jerseys like this, and the Buffalo third from last year? Can I have their job? They obviously aren't doing it, so I will. The jerseys debuted by the Penguins, Flyers, and Capitals make them amateur by comparison. I give it a 4/10, and the finger. Begin the countdown to this look's retirement.

Atlantic Division:
  • Boston - Lack of Iginla will hurt to a degree. The Bruins will rightfully expect to return to the playoffs. Games against Montreal should be fun. Taunts over the Seguin trade somehow get funnier.
  • Tampa Bay - Barring injuries, I think the Lightning return to the playoffs, and make a better show of it than they did last year. A year of healthy Stamkos and Bishop should be interesting. Tampa did the more to improve than any team in the Atlantic.
  • Montreal - Rivalry with the Bruins will make the race to the top of the Atlantic entertaining. I think the Bruins edge them out, but Tampa Bay is nipping at their heels.
  • Detroit - The Legwand experiment was a bust, Weiss and Helm are fragile, and Alfredsson is likely out. If Datsyuk and Zetterberg can't stay healthy, the playoff streak ends.
  • Ottawa - I'm stating the obvious, but they'll miss Spezza. The Senators stay in professional sports purgatory: too good for a high pick, too bad for the playoffs. They fail to deal Bobby Ryan at the deadline, and he signs a big contract that will become an albatross around some GM's neck.
  • Toronto - Has talent, but not a serious contender. I expect roster retooling to bring the team in line with their new-found commitment to advanced statistical analytics. Think "Moneyball" but on ice, and with lots of money. Peter Horacek was a good hire that should help their defense.
  • Florida - Overpaying role players won't produce much better results on the ice. They have some really good prospects in the system, but need them to grow up fast. The Panthers are just hard-nosed enough to potentially play themselves out of the Connor McDavid sweepstakes.
  • Buffalo - This has dumpster fire written all over it. I know they signed Gionta and Moulson, but look at their defense and goaltending. It's going to be a rough year for Sabres fans, but they'll feel better once they end up with the first overall pick in the draft, and a prospect many believe is the best since Sidney Crosby.
Bold Prediction: The Red Wings' playoff streak ends as Philadelphia takes the final playoff spot for the Eastern Conference.

Metropolitan Division:
  • Pittsburgh - Made some great acquisitions in the offseason, shoring up foward and defensive depth. They are built to win, and will take the Eastern Conference's top spot.
  • New York Rangers - Not the best looking team on paper, but Lundqvist can work miracles when he needs to. They make the playoffs, but don't make it to back to the final.
  • Philadelphia - They will live or die by the health of Claude Giroux. Del Zotto becomes a perma-scratch. They take the final playoff spot in a tight race with Detroit and Toronto.
  • Columbus - I love the way this team plays, but if they don't get Ryan Johansen resigned, they will struggle in goal scoring. He is the kind of player they need to win their first playoff series.
  • Washington - Barry Trotz and "Goalie Yoda" Mitch Korn will make this team better. With goaltending and defensive deficiencies addressed, this team could go far...or they totally reject Trotz's system and implode. I see it as an either/or, feast/famine type situation.
  • New Jersey - Not much was done to improve this team, and it will show. They finish last in the Metro and trade Jagr to Washington at the deadline.
  • Carolina - Even with Jordan Staal going down with injury, this team has talent for days at forward, but like many in the Metro, they have a no top defensemen, and serious questions with goaltending. If they don't make the playoffs again, Ron Francis may see a need to change the cast and start anew.
  • New York Islanders - The Isles picked up Grabovski and Kulemin, and their goaltending improved with Jarolav Halak, but the defense is still porous. They challenge for a spot, but come up short. I see them trending up, especially if they can find some defensive help.
Bold Prediction - Washington has a breakthrough year, as a determined and revitalized Barry Trotz shows more versatility than he did as head coach of the Predators.

Who reaches the Stanley Cup: Washington Capitals

Come back next week for my predictions on final division standings, NHL awards, and who I believe will win the Stanley Cup!

Chicago Blackhawks Redesign Concept - Michael G.

Positives: It's not easy to take on a redesign of an "untouchable" team; alternate jersey, maybe, but a full redesign is hard. These aren't bad jerseys at all. The striping looks good, as do the logos, but does this make a good replacement for the current set? No, but I think either of these jerseys would make a good complementary alternate jersey. Execution is pretty good.

Negatives: Color balance is an issue for me here, if this is a full redesign. The dark jersey doesn't have quite enough red, and the white jersey doesn't have enough black.

Overall: I wouldn't want this to replace the Blackhawks current set, but there is alternate potential here, more so in the black jersey. (8/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Redesign Concept - Michael G.

Positives:  I really like the striping on the dark jersey, if there is no beveled star there. The beveled star doesn't automatically say "Blue Jackets" to me, primarily because that is the Dallas Stars' thing now. Execution is pretty good.

Negatives: The logos are problematic. The Blue Jacket's original identity doesn't need to make a comeback, partially because it was no good, and partially because no expansion franchise wants to look back on the bad early days. Also, the current Blue Jackets' primary logo would have matched the striping. That was a big missed opportunity. The white jersey looks like a recolored Bruins knock-off. The number font used is my least favorite in the NHL.

Overall: There are some good ideas here, but ultimately misses the mark. (7.5/10) 

Mestis Jokipojat (Finland Tier 2) Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: I really like the yoke and striping design. That design has some good character, and makes up for the lack of hem striping. Good execution and presentation. 

Negatives: Most minor teams aren't going to want to have two sets of pants. The font doesn't ideally complement the design. The design relies on right angles and straight lines, so the font needs to be an extension of that design theme. I think the font from the Blue Jackets' current alternate would fit well here.

Overall: This is a good, clean design. Some minor adjustments, and this is an excellent set. (8.25/10)

Mestis Mikkelin Jurkurit (Finland Tier 2) Concept - Taylor R.

Positives: Lots of color here; it's definitely eye-catching. It's good to see some more dramatic designs in minor league play. Execution and presentation is strong.

Negatives: That style yoke has been used too often in this series. The font works for this kind of design better than the font used in the above concept. The jerseys are busy enough without the stripes on the pants. A more realistic approach to the equipment would be plain blue pants and helmets. I would abstain from lace-up collars here.

Overall: A little more restraint and realism would help this concept. (7.5/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Nathan N.

Positives: I think the Kings could do a successful throwback to the Gretsky-era designs someday. 

Negatives: The shoulder patch is facing the wrong way. A pre-war style striping pattern doesn't fit well with a logo that is very 90s. The name and number font doesn't fit an athletic jersey. I recommend using one of the fonts you can download from our templates page. The sleeves need numbers as well. The Reebok logo used here is no longer featured on jerseys. You need to place an ID on your concepts. There needs to be some NHL branding as well. All you need is the NHL shield in the collar insert.

Overall: This design needs more work and execution, but the general idea of a Gretsky-era throwback is intriguing. (6/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept - Nathan N.

Positives: Ottawa needs new jerseys.

Negatives: There's no reason to include grey here. The vintage white doesn't fit a modern jersey template, and the front-facing Senator logo. The font doesn't seem like something you would see on an athletic jersey. Try one of the fonts on our templates page. The Reebok logo used here no longer appears on hockey jerseys. The sleeves need numbers. You need to place an ID on your concepts. There needs to be some NHL branding as well. All you need is the NHL shield in the collar insert.

Overall: Keep working on it. (5.5/10)

Boston Bruins "Bright Series" Concept - Colin M. (CPM Hockey)

Positives: The old brown wouldn't be bad on an alternate. The striping design looks good, and the two colors are balanced very well. Execution and presentation is wonderful.

Negatives: The shoulder patches look like animal crackers. I know where it comes from, but it doesn't really add anything to the look. The numbers seem a little small.

Overall: The white jersey in particular could make a good throwback alternate. (8.5/10)

Have you heard the big news about HJC's new competition coming up? We just finished a third jersey competition for the Grand Rapids Griffins, and now we have a competition coming up to design an alternate jersey for the Quad City Mallards! Get to work on your entries! Details, rules and important deadline information can be found here, or the banner above! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the competition from Ryan in his post tomorrow!

Did you vote in this week's double COTW vote? If you did, why not a DOUBLE GIF REWARD. Stay classy, responsible adult.

Did you fail to cast a vote for either Concept of the Week vote? Well then you get DOUBLE SHAME. So much shame. Get better at life.

Do you like hockey? What about the people at HJC? What if I told you that you could play hockey with the HJC community? Ok, it's fantasy hockey, but still. Still hockey in a sense...or in name...good enough. Click this link to sign up. We draft tomorrow, so this is your last chance!

That's all for today. See you all next week!

September 26, 2014

Friday: Double the 13th IV: Revenge of the Thrashers


Washington, Washington, Washington! As if they didn't have enough speculation surrounding them prior to their recent unveiling, they now have this jersey to deal with.

Image from

What do I think. I like certain parts a lot, not so much others, but overall, better than I expected. The design itself is classic fauxback, made up vintage logo, unnatural amounts of striping, lace, but no vintage white. The unique inverse wave yoke shape is would fit into the era, and the logo, if you could call it that, has some noticeable symbolism (look at the middle spike of the W). It's not perfect though, the middle star on the W would look better in blue to match the arms and the striping itself could use some blue, minimal at that, to balance colours. It does narrow down what Chicago will wear.

Rating: 7.75/10

For those who don't like it, here are some alternatives:

Red 80's jersey- BORING!
90's jersey- love it, but what would the Hawks wear?

That's how I see it at least, I'm sure Ryan will have his thoughts on the HJC design blog soon. Comment what you think.

Voting is double this week for COTW, so make sure you do that. And when you vote on HJC, all you dreams will come some point....probably.

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Disney Competition Top 5 vote

On to the concepts!


San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Taylor R.)

Despite San Jose having a solid alternate, updating it to be more colourful is something I'm totally in favour of. The striping is classic Sharks, but what's new is the addition of orange, not just to the current Sharks, but the Sharks in general. With that increase in orange though, the responsibility of using that sharks fin patch, which would be a 10/10 shoulder patch. Swap the shield logo to the pants and put the fin on the shoulder yoke and that'll solve that. Also, some sort of helmet logo would perfect the gear. (8.75/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Nathan N.)

With a new alternate for the Pens gives everyone's interpretation of what they would want Pittsburgh to wear, and my guess is this is Nathan's, a crossover between the 80's and mid 90's (which the Pens did experiment with during the design process). The design itself is decent, very basic but would totally work for the Pens. The execution needs work though, but Nathan is certainly improving. The logo is too large, there are no tv numbers or shoulder patch. The tag on the inside of the jersey is CHL tag, not an NHL tag. The numbers on the back would look better black and having one letter in Crosby be a different font, is unique, but it doesn't really work here. Finally, the Reebok vector logo on the back should be updated to either the CCM logo OR the Reebok script (either are fine). Still, getting better. (5.5/10)

Montreal Maroons Concept (By: Taylor R.)

The odds of the Habs honouring the Maroons is low, but not impossible (unlike a Wanderers tribute). Of course the jersey needs to be monochromatic, and have lots of striping, and this jersey is classic Maroons. The chest stripe would be unique to the Maroons, but fits into the era and to the jersey. Having the chest stripe not around the entire jersey is the best design Taylor could have gone with it. No real complaints, but helmet logos. (9/10)

Atlanta Thrashers Concepts (By: CPM)

Guess who's back? Back again? The Thrashers, as you can tell by CPM's latest bright series concept. For sure the biggest problem the Thrashers had was the absurd amount of colours on their logo and jersey. CPM makes a solid choice of going with darkened red, orange, burnt orange and white over double blue. The logo doesn't look as good without the navy, and that's the only problem with the jersey is the lack of navy. Replace the brunt orange with navy and you're set. Looking forward to more from this series. (8.25/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Michael G.)

The Flames and yellow: sometimes good, sometimes bad.  The red jersey uses the yellow and accent the red and it looks really good. The yellow is dark enough that it doesn't blend into the white. The white jersey on the other hand has the yellow accenting the yellow, and red is demoted. The colours aren't balanced properly, and just swapping the red and yellow would fix that problem. Rule of thumb, the main colour on the dark jersey should be the secondary colour on the white jersey. The striping is pretty cool and if this isn't meant to be a set, it's solid concept, but if it is, then the white jersey needs some work. (7/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Michael G.)

Poor Jordan Staal....anyways, the Canes would look pretty good in full-time black, and using the flag over the toilet bowl logo is something I'm in favour of. The striping certainly is unique, I think it's based on the Lethbridge Hurricanes's logo, but it does have a fierce wind theme to it. The execute is pretty good though there are some flaws. The stitching should stop and the hem curve, and the shoulder patches are much too large, even for the Iceborn template. (7.75/10)

2015 All Star Game Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

Although the rumours are swirling about this season's all star game using neon green, metallic silver and black, the classic red vs. blue theme would be preferred by most. Having all colours game, however is the new idea, and using a less....2011 template. The jerseys are identical, aside from the colours but the jerseys are so clean and trendy that jersey sales would spike instantly. Nitpicking the details, the font isn't the greatest, thought a thin font would work best, maybe less early 2000's Sharks (current hurricanes numbers?). (9.25/10)

That's the post everyone! Remember to comment, vote, watch hockey, vote and come back tomorrow for and all new post and vote. 

September 25, 2014

Thursday: Foot in Mouth Disease

Hello and welcome to another glorious Thursday post!

So I'm going to start with a slight apology. I, along with a few other writers I think, have previously reviewed Washington vs Chicago Winter Classic concepts, and most of those concepts had the same negative criticism:

"The Capitals weren't around in the 1940's, so this old looking concept isn't realistic for them".

Well then... seems we were wrong.

I'm sure most of you have seen the new Capitals uniforms for the upcoming Winter Classic, and have made your own opinions on it.  Personally, as excited as I am to see a 1940's look (as well as a subtle reference to a Washington hockey team of that era), I'm not really liking the look of the jersey.  There's nothing terribly wrong with them, and I respect those that like this uniform, but I'm just not a fan.  The dark blue "W" doesn't really stand out much against the red jersey, and the stripe patterns on the shoulders and hem look kinda mismatched, and while I like the star designs, they should have kept the colours consistent and made the middle star blue on the front of the jersey. My favourite part of this uniform is the fact that it probably confirms a black and white Chicago uniform.  All nagging aside, this is still a great jersey I can respect, but just not one I would want to buy. My score: 7.7/10

There, that's my rant for today.

There are a bunch of votes going on this week, including TWO COTW votes.  As noted yesterday, Christian L is involved in all of those votes.  Being the noob writer here at HJC, I'm worried that winning all of those votes will go straight to his head.  So for his sake, don't vote for him.

I'm kidding of course, vote for whoever you think is best! As long as you vote, we're all happy.

COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Disney Competition Top 5 vote

St. Louis Blues Concept - Colin M.

Yay: We start today with the next installment of Colin's "Brights Series".  Compared to the previous jerseys we've seen so far, this is by far the most subtle, using a design that somewhat resembles the 1970's Blues, but looking more updated, fresh, and modern.  The result is fantastic, and I'd definitely love to see these as some sort of alternate.

Nay: Caden made this point a few days ago, and I agree: there needs to be an outline on the jersey, or a slightly coloured background. Otherwise the white on the jersey is hard to distinguish from the white on the background.  I think I'd colour the "Blues" text yellow on the blue jersey, to better match the back and make it stand out more.

Overall: Love it! 8.6/10

Buffalo Sabres Logo and Concept - Dylan N.

Yay: Next we have a concept, logo, and history lesson from Dylan.  First, we see the early 1980's Sabres logo in it's true form, according to Dylan.  Any logo I've seen in this style is much cleaner than how this looks, especially with the legs, but it's very interesting nonetheless.  Dylan then takes this logo and applies it on a new alternate for the Sabres, which is immediately awesome because a) it's not their current alternate and b) it's definitely a traditional jersey but with it's own spin on it, so it's not just a throwback.  The jersey looks great and I'd be more than happy to see this as the Sabres new 3rd.

Nay:  This concept would get a 10 if it had "Hasek" on the back instead of "Hodgson".  Oh well.  The only other negative I have is that there should be a different logo on the shoulders, or even no shoulder patches at all. But the Sabres had their main logo as shoulder patches before anyways, so I can't dock too many points off.

Overall: Perfect fauxback. I think Hasek would come out of retirement to wear these jerseys.  And honestly, it couldn't hurt the Sabres that much, right?  9.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: Next up is a hat-trick from Taylor, showing off his NHL Alternates set.  This set has been great so far, so lets see what he comes up with today.  This Blackhawks concept is obviously a reference to previous black jerseys Chicago has worn.  The ridiculously-striped one has been relegated to just the yoke, which is totally fine by me. The other stripes are a little more flashy than previous uniforms, so this uniform as a whole is totally new and unique, yet not drifting far from the comfort of jerseys past.

Nay: Get rid of the red outline on the numbers, or add a thin white outline outside of it.  Colour the collar white, or even red, but don't keep it black. Put a logo or something on the helmet, and do something entirely different with the pants.  Everything looks good besides the pants.  Even just taking the stripe pattern from the jersey and throwing it on the pants would look much better.

Overall:  Pretty decent, but needs a few adjustments. 8/10

Dallas Stars Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: Round two belongs to the Dallas Stars. Dallas doesn't have much luck with black jerseys, but since their main dark uniform switched to green, they have room to try again.  This is a very simplified version of their current home uniform, without hem stripes, which is alright by modern standards.  This would probably be their nicest black jersey in team history if these were actually used.

Nay: Problem is, those other black jerseys suck. This is much better, but the bar was set very low.  The stripes are just recoloured from the home set, and it looks way too plain without hem stripes.  This set would be practice-jersey worthy if the yokes didn't look as nice as they do. The extremely-tiny outlines on the numbers could be thicker.

Overall: Dallas should just stick to green.  This is alright, but not a 3rd jersey I'd be excited to see. 7.3/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept - Taylor R.

Yay: The last of today's trifecta is for the Los Angeles Kings. Taylor takes the Kings' most colourful uniforms and puts them in the style of their current monotone set, with interesting results. The logo transitioned nicely, and the basic striping pattern is close to the stripes on the 1970's Kings uniforms, with an added outline.  Definitely a believable throwback.

Nay:  White and yellow.  Any instance of white on this uniform is hard on the eyes because of the bright yellow around it.  The stripes aren't too bad, because they have purple beside them, but the numbers and name are a little hard to look at. Changing them to purple could work, but a thicker purple outline around them would be an easier fix.

Overall: For the reasons stated, I would have gone with a purple jersey with yellow as a secondary colour. But this is still a cool mix of eras. 7.6/10

Florida Panthers Concept -  Nathan N.

Yay:  Finally, we end today with a Florida Panthers concept from Nathan.  The arms suggest that this is a simplified version of their current road uniforms, with added hem stripes and a nice "scratch" design on the back.  The hem looks great, although if the current "vertical" arm stripes were kept, they would look even better.  The scratch on the back is a very interesting touch.

Nay:  A lot of complaints on Nathan's concepts involve unoriginality, and keeping too close to existing concepts.  I agree for the most part, but here I would have like to see the arms match their current set, to go with the added hem and create a "fuller" jersey.  The logo looks too big in the front.  The scratch design could be cleaned up a bit, and should either end right at the bottom or lose the blue outline in the red area so it "blends" with the hem stripes. Also, no ID or TV numbers.

Overall:  I like what you're going for, but you still have a ways to go yet.  Keep up the creativity! 5.6/10

Nearly all of the concepts today were remarkable in one way or another, and a few concepts gave me real troubles when it came time to find things to negatively critique about them. So a collective "good job" to everyone featured on today's post!

As far as my COTW nomination goes, I'm going to go with Dylan N's Buffalo Sabres concept.

So what do you think about the Caps' new uniforms? Are the Blackhawks going to go with black and white uniforms now? What was your favourite concept from today? Was Hull's skate really in the crease? So many questions to fill our comment section with, so go!

BUT before you do that, don't forget to vote, vote, and vote again!

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend!

September 24, 2014

Wednesday: Jumbo edition

Welcome to another loaded HJC post! Last Saturday we got to see predictions from Caz. I enjoyed reading them so I though I'd make some predictions of my own, but instead for scoring. I'll do a top 10. Today I'll start with 10-5.

# 10, Tyler Seguin

Photo credit:

Last year, Tyler Seguin had his breakout year, getting 84 points in 80 games. Playing alongside another all star helps his case. With Dallas now a strong contender, adding Spezza and Hemsky we could see this team dominating games. My prediction: 87 Points.

# 9, John Tavares

Photo credit: The Hockey News

Many people think Tavares plays alone in NY. That's not the case, he has great chemistry with line mate Kyle Okposo. Last year, Tavare's season came to an end due to an injury. This year I expect 88 points from him, if he stays healthy.

# 8, Corey Perry
Photo credit

Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry might just be the best duo in the league. There is no surprise Perry can score. I expect another solid season from him. Prediction: 89 Pts.

# 7, Jamie Benn
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Speaking of top duo's, Jamie Benn and Tyler sequin clicked really well last year. Benn also has one of the top shot's in the league. I have Seguin in the top of the goal list, and I expect this guy dishing the puck to him. 89 points and a hell of a season is what I'm guessing. 

#6, Alex Ovechkin


Ovechkin is the face of the franchise, but last year received much criticism for his poor defensive play. That being said, he is still one of the best offensive players in the league and probably one of my favourite to watch. Playing with a gifted playmaker Backstrom also helps his cause. I think he will have another great season in the goal column. Prediction: 90 pts.

Stay tuned next week to find out my predictions for the top 5 scorers in the NHL!

We have 3 votes going on this week, and i'm included in all of them! Make me happy and vote!
COTW Sept 8-14 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 15-21 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Disney Competition Top 5 vote
Edmonton Oilers concept by Connor J.

Positives: Connor brings us an orange alternate jersey. I like the idea of the oilers wearing an orange jersey. The striping pattern works well with the logo. Keep up the good work and your concepts will improve!

Negatives: The hem stripe is high. There are small inconsistencies in the thickness of the stripes. I don't think the duck's font looks good on an Oilers design. The reebok word mark should be blue and not black. The stitching should stop at the hem stripe.

Overall: On the right track, but needs a few tweaks before its ready to hit the ice. (6.5/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept by Nathan N.

Positives: Bringing back the old ducks logo is a great idea for an alternate jersey! I think people miss the jade and this concept does a good job of utilizing that colour.

Negatives: This is essentially a template concept, using the ducks current jersey. I think you could've been creative and create a new jersey. This jersey lacks Tv numbers. The old reebok vector should be replaced with the new logo. I think making the numbers green with a purple outline would benefit the colour balance. You forgot to colour the inside of the collar.

Overall: I like where this is going, but Nathan needs to rework this. (5/10)

Buffalo Sabres concept by Taylor R:

Positives: Taylor has really stepped up his game, presentation wise and concept wise. Buffalo jersey work well with almost no white. This jersey does well in colour balance. Striping pattern is pretty simple but it still works.

Negatives: Let's talk about the logos. Should these come back? My opinion is no. What do you guy's think? I've mentioned this to Taylor before, but stitching needs to end at the hem striping. Helmet logos would add attention to detail.

Overall: I like the jersey design, but not sold on the logo choice. (7.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes concept by Taylor R.

Positives: The hurricanes lost the flag warning pattern when they updated the home and away jerseys, so it only makes sense to have it on an alternate. Logo choice is great, this logo makes the perfect alternate logo.

Negatives: I tend to like black alternates more for carolina but this one does a great job using red. Execution wise, the shoulder patches are rotated wrong. I'll let you guys look at that. Lastly the same things I mentioned on the concept before about stitching and helmet logos apply to this one to.

Overall: My mind isn't blown, but still a good jersey. (7/10)

Calgary Flames concept by Taylor R.

Positives: Our third concept from Taylor offers us a Flames alternate. This one looks cool! I love how the hem stripe really ties in well with the logo. Colour balance is great, even thought some people might not like black I think it looks good here.

Negatives: Wow that hem stripe is pixelated! I'd tone down the angle of the arm stripe by a lot. Its wayyyy to angular, touching the TV number. I think the flaming C would make a better shoulder patch.

Overall: Fix the issues i mentioned, and were gettin' pretty serious here. (8/10)

Grand Rapids Griffins concept by Matt MCELROY

Positives: This was Matt's entry to the competition HJC held s few weeks ago. I know Matt worked hard on this, you can tell by the detailed logo. Which looks awesome by the way.  The jersey is a clash jersey, which I think looks cool, but could encounter problems against a team that wears red. This was ONE of my favourite designs, and I know Matt was upset when the winners were announced but sometimes there's nothing you can do.

Negatives: On the shoulder patch, the word Griffins is upside down. Sniffirg is what i'm reading.

Overall: Matt always produces great logos and designs with great execution, this one was no exception. Just maybe not what the Griffins were looking for. (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks concept by CPM.

Positives: Helllo! I think right of the bat, this is a concept that you say, wow. Execution is amazing. The detail with the shadowing in the collar is amazing. The designs is great, and looks really modern, love the colours used. I think we saw something similar to this when Colin won the Ducks contest, but why change something thats great.

Negatives: The numbers and NOB are really small. On the white jersey i'd change the black outline to orange.

Overall: Great execution, great design. Fix the numbers and send this to Anaheim, now! (9.5/10)
COTW nom.!

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