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Weekend Update (March 2)

The winner of the COTW vote for February 17-23 was Ryan H. (me)
Full Results
Ryan (USA) - 2
Gerard (NSH) - 1
Jack (PHX) - 1
Jordan (VAN/WPG) - 1
Keens (IST) - 1
Matt (ANA) - 1
Jordan (MTL/BOS) - 0

*FYI, neither of the two votes that my concept got were cast by me.

As you can see voter turnout was very low. It has been declining since the 2013 COTY vote concluded. Hopefully we can start building back up a group of loyal voters. Also don't forget that you can vote for your own concept in COTW and COTY votes.


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. To see those concepts you can click on the banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Anyone can vote and the voting ends when Friday ends.


The Pairs Competition deadline is currently set for Wednesday at 11:59pm Eastern. Does anyone feel that they are going to have a tough time meeting this deadline? I can extend it to Friday at 11:59pm, but that would put a strain on me to get teasers and presentations posted on time...but it can be done if needed. Let me know in the comments or by email. If enough pairs need more time than I will extend the deadline.

Lets talk about how this competition will be scored. I have two ideas. The first is the usual Top 5 method, but in this instance it would be Top 3. Or we can have readers leave a score out of 10 in the comments. We'll scratch the highest and lowest ratings and get an average from the remaining scores. That's how it's done in figure skating, which inspired this competition. The only issue I can see with this method is if only a couple of people comment on a presentation.

During the presentation week, there will be a fun little vote going on here at HJC. It doesn't pertain to the Pairs Comp, just something fun on the blog. You can read about it next week here on the Weekend Update.


We attempted to have a HJC meet-up at the Winter Classic, we failed. There was another attempt last night at the Stadium Series game in Chicago, it failed. There was a 3rd attempt today at the Heritage Classic. As I am writing this, the game is still over 12 hours away, so we'll see if that meet-up is successful. The failed meet-ups were mostly due to how difficult it is to move around in a packed stadium before and after a game.

Why do we need to have a meet-up at a game? We don't!

What I am proposing is that we start planning a HJC meet-up now to occur in the summer. I would like to do it here in Toronto, on a weekend. Maybe you have yet to make any summer vacation plans? Take a drive to Toronto in the summer for a weekend.

I would be willing to rent a conference room (if we get enough people) and we can take a group trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Probably get a tour of the Air Canada Centre arranged as well. Bring some of your hockey jerseys from your collection to share with other HJC readers. If it's on a weekend I could do a live Weekend Update in front of everyone. Find some way to web cast it. I'll have some free HJC merch giveaways as well as a chance to buy some.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in doing send me an email. If enough interest is shown then I can really get the plans in motion.


On Friday my Robo-Penguin jersey came back from the jersey cresters.
Before I picked up the jersey, I had in my head three possible results. Result 1 seemed unlikely, but perhaps they would get everything right and I would be 100% satisfied. Result 2 (most likely) had them doing a pretty good job, but me noticing something wrong because I'm a jersey nerd. However I would have to accept the job because I'm a jersey nerd. Result 3 was something I feared. It was the cresters just throwing standard block numbers on the jersey, in a preset location, in Penguins' colours.
Surprisingly, result #1 is what I got! I worried about the TV numbers as they are different from the player number on the back. They're also lower on the arm because of the long and pointed yoke. The cresters nailed it perfectly! I was also worried about colour discrepancies, but that wasn't a problem either. I am really pleased with the final product.
This was the first jersey I ever had sent out to be numbered. I usually buy them with numbers or have a Leafs jersey done while I wait at the ACC. Is three weeks a typical amount of time for this sort of thing? It just seemed long to me. I dropped it off at a Pro Hockey Life and they said 2-4 weeks. That just seems long to me and who knows where they are sending the jersey?!?! Maybe it's worth the wait if they're going to get retro jerseys numbered properly as that can be tough to find sometimes.


Ron Tugnutt's time in a Penguins jersey was very brief, but he will probably be most remembered in that time for this;
Now the video is over and it's time for you to submit your vote for COTW.
COTW vote Feb 24-Mar 2 (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Weekend Update (March 2) Reviewed by Ryan on March 02, 2014 Rating: 5


Kris Knudsen said...

3 weeks is a pretty good time, I sent a canes jersey out to get Gleason on it and it took 5 weeks. Though this was at the end of last season and all jerseys were 50% off so they may have been swamped. That was also the last year they wore those jerseys, though very few people I talked to knew they were changing them at the time.

PS77 said...

Very nice! Where did Pro Hockey Life send it out to? www.coolhockey.com in TO is also very particular to detail. I have to say they did a better job than what I've bought directly from both the Sens Store in Corel Centre/Scotiabank Place/CTC Centre and especially Joe Louis Arena.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm in the area so I'll be glad to take the GO into the city for a day!

Will S said...

If voter turnout is constantly low, have you consider having some sort of "click button" voting instead of having to email in votes?

Not sure how difficult it would be to set up.

Ryan said...

@Will: Yes and every 1 out of 3 times the voting would be compromised.

Ryan said...

@PS77: I don't know where PHL sends the jerseys to.

Ben A. said...

I think having a mass HJC meet-up would be really cool! Doing it in the summer might not work for me because I am going to Minnesota for the All-Star Game.

This is what I thought up: Saying that there isn't much hockey in the summer, how about we do a HJC meet-up over Christmas! I understand the family time, but if you think about it, a couple of days in Toronto we can see the HHOF and maybe catch a Leafs game!

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