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Wednesday: It's Spring Break!

Spring break has finally allowed me to catch up on uniform news. I am excited to see what Tampa Bay comes up with for their new alternate. They will finally take the opportunity to create an alternate uniform that will match their new identity and style.
The Winter Classic vote was a really fun contest. The 2010 Bruins, 2012 Rangers, and 2009 Chicago were my favorite three, and all of them ended up in the top 5 in the voting!
This week we will be voting on COTW from last week as well as the Pairs Competition. I had a lot of fun checking out the Pairs contest entries, and I hope voter turnout is high for that one because there is going to be some tight competition.
COTW Mar 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Comp Top 3 votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Here are today's concepts...
David P.  - Montreal Expos Concept
Design: I'll start today's post with a baseball concept because I can't wait for this season to start! When televised hockey returned to Chicago, I let 4 baseball seasons go by without even knowing it. David puts the defunct Montreal Expos logo on the classic Canadiens jersey. I never liked the Expos logo, until I saw it on a hockey jersey!
Score: 6/10 - I'd like to see some TV numbers, and maybe the old roundel as shoulder patches. I hope there are more of these defunct team concepts coming. I almost like them more than the existing teams.
Stephen T. - Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Fauxback Concept
Design: Next, I want to mention that the Mighty Ducks are solely responsible for getting me into hockey. (The cartoon, of course.) I wore a jade Mighty Ducks jersey every week in my learn-to-skate classes. I especially like that the dark jersey is jade as opposed to eggplant, because the jade jerseys introduced in 1997 have a special place in my heart. I actually didn't realize that eggplant was the primary color until much later in my life. I like the yoke on both jerseys, however, I wonder what the jade jersey would look like without a white yoke.
Score: 7.5/10 - As always, Stephen gives us a quality concept, and I like the originality while still maintaining the classic features of the Mighty Ducks jerseys.
Stephen T. - Buffalo Sabres Fauxback Concept
Design: Stephen's second concept features one of my favorite logos in all of sports. The jersey striping is inspired by the Sabres' 40th anniversary alternate jersey, and the sock striping is inspired by the Sabres first sock pattern from 1970. Although all of the design elements are only subtle changes from what the team wore in its early days, I have to say that I like every change that was made. There aren't many teams that have a 4-stripe pattern, so that would make this concept pretty unique.
Score: 7/10 - Great concept, I like how some historical elements were mixed with the new.
Dylan W. - St. Louis Blues Concept
Design: St. Louis could be on the verge of a new jersey and logo, so Dylan gives us a hint of what the team could look like in the future. I really like the Blues' current alternate logo with the arch, but the cleaned up look Dylan uses also looks very good on a jersey. Dylan's concept also uses white more prominently than any past Blues jersey. I like the look, but it took me a while to get used to the lighter blue jersey being used with the circular logo.
Score: 7.5/10 - Another solid concept from Mr. Wonka! It's still weird seeing Miller's name on a Blues jersey.
Ben A. - Anaheim Ducks Concept
Design: When I saw the Ducks on the Dodger Stadium ice wearing orange, I hoped that I would see the team back in an orange jersey. Ben creates a concept around the alternate crest that features Wildwing's mask. I am a believer that Wildwing should return to the primary crest of the Ducks in some capacity. Saying as such, I think the oval logo looks a bit funny as a primary logo.
Score: 5.5/10 - The crest looks very large for the front of the jersey and the TV numbers look small to me. I think the striping pattern could be a bit more unique as well.
David K. - Montreal Voyageurs Concept
Design: David brings the Montreal Voyageurs back to life with a completely different color scheme as before. Personally, I have never liked the combination of burgundy and yellow, but I like that the color scheme is unique as opposed to the historical red, white, & blue. I also very much like how each uniform has a unique crest. The sock striping that matches the jersey striping exactly bring the entire concept together.
Score: 7/10 - There's nothing more I can say. Dan has given us a very good concept.
Patrick E. - Buffalo Sabres Concept
Design: I already said above that the Sabres' logo is one of my favorite in all of sports, but I like their wordmark as well. This is a very good looking concept, and I like the striping pattern on the sleeves and hem. I even like that the pants striping and sock striping are different from that on the jersey.
Score: 5/10 - I can't call them loose pixels, but the fill on around the seams of the template and on the mesh paneling really distracts from the creative details that Patrick uses. The pants and sock striping don't look even. I think the yellow stripes are off by a pixel or two which is also distracting.
Valeria C. - Minnesota Wild Concept
Design: Recently, I have seen many concepts meant to replace the atrocious Minnesota Wild home uniform. The collage of red, green, and a lack of identity don't make for very attractive uniforms. The Wild scored with their new road uniform, and Valeria's concept would make for a great complement to that jersey. I think the striping pattern looks too much like the division rival Blackhawks striping, but a slight change would make this jersey a hit.
Score: 7/10 - The striping should go on top of the seams as if the material was sewn on to the jersey. Otherwise, Valeria has made a cool concept.
Dallas K. - Dallas Stars Alternate Concept
Design: Dallas creates Dallas a new alternate jersey to go with the Stars new branding. I like the use of the alternate logo as the crest. The second they unveiled that logo, I though it would look great on an alternate jersey. As far as the striping, I wouldn't change a thing.
Score: 8/10 - One small detail I would change is to make the crest stretch from the top of the striping to the bottom. I like the black gap on top of the crest, and I would enlarge the crest just enough to give the same effect on the bottom of the stripe.

Mike S. - Louisiana Ice Gators Concept
Design: First of all, tell me that this is real...
With a name like the Ice Gators, why would the team wear such boring uniforms? The teeth on the striping is as unique as it gets. I wish we could see the same striping on the socks. That would bring the whole concept together. I also understand the team currently wears a black helmet, but I would still pair this concept with a white, or even green helmet if it must be dark. I also like the angles of the arm striping. It makes for a mouth of sorts at the elbow.
Score: 7.5/10 - Props for the creativity, but I would move the TV numbers from the shoulder yoke to the upper arms.
Well, that does it for this Wednesday! Don't forget to vote for the Pairs competition and the COTW vote. I hope by the next time I post, the Blackhawks will have started winning some games.
On that note, see y'all next week!
Wednesday: It's Spring Break! Reviewed by Alex O. on March 19, 2014 Rating: 5


Kris Knudsen said...

I have to nominate Dallas K's Stars third jersey for COTW!! They need this and they need it NOW!!!! It works so well, for one it's BLACK so it calls back on some heritage, it still uses green in a BOLD way LOL, and it uses IMO the best logo out of the new set on the chest! I also like that the primary logo is on the shoulders, I love it when the logos switch for the third jersey.

Dallas Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks! I didn't realize how "Starbucks-esque" the jersey looked until seeing it again here...I do think it complements their new set tho! ..I'll nominate Wonka's Blues, its an awesome mix of old and new

Ryan said...

Dylan's Blues for COTW!

Phil B. said...

I'd have to disagree with Kris' best logo comment, because I like the state of Texas logo better and I think that this logo is just a lazy roundel logo, just like Minnesota (home crest), Anaheim (alt shoulder patch), NY Rangers (center-ice logo), to name a few.

My COTW nomination goes to David K's Voyageurs de Montreál. That color scheme works very well together, especially with the Minnesota Golden Gophers (NCAA).

Christian said...

Dallas' Dallas stars for cotw , looks really good.

Felix Puchinsky said...

Hello everyone! I would like to leave a comment for two concepts today; David's K Voyageurs de Montreal and Dylan's Wonka/Nowak St. Luis Blues. David have done an awesome work on his concept and a maroon sweater in a center just unbelievable! Also,I love his presentation and his concept for COTW! Dylan's Blues indeed a very well technically executed concept but a roundel choice kills a Note. Perhaps, a Note alone would have been a better option. Blues have one of the best logos in NHL of all time and there is no need to bother. Their logo alone with the Habs are timeless. I really like a color scheme that Dylan chose for his concept and an addition of that white really helps.Maybe a thin white stripe between two yellows on a yoke would make it more interesting? Lately I really impressed with Dylan's art work on this blog. Also, I'm very happy to see more new faces and their work and they're doing a superb job! And finally I want to say thank you to Ryan Hasslet for keeping this blog clean and challenging.

Felix Puchinsky said...

I wonder where is my comment from last night? Why it wasn't posted?

Tom V. said...

Holy Wonka!! The execution on that Blues jersey is flawless! It looks unreal. Whatever you're doing for the stitching & logo emboss/bevel is turning out gorgeous. You've got the touch with that template man. I've got to jump on board the nomination train. Dylan's Blues for COTW!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Gator zamboni is no longer in use.

mbvswb said...

I'd like to see a New Orleans team. An original team. It could be for any league.

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