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Tuesday: We're A Baseball Site Now

Yo yo yo! HJC what's up!? Hope you all had a safe and neat St. Patricks Day.

Things are back to normal this week in terms of voting since we're actually voting on a concept competition this week. We need your votes on the Pairs Competition by this Friday night as well as last week's COTW. So click on the PAIRS COMP banner and check out the entries again and get your vote in! And remember to send it to the Competition Email and not the normal HJC Email!

COTW Mar 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Pairs Comp Top 3 votes (end Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

So let's jump right into the concepts!

Vancouver Canucks Concept - Leo D.
Leo recolors the Canucks' V jerseys of the past. Not much of a "concept" since its a straight recolor but it is interesting to see. The V definitely looks a lot better in these colors but still pretty gaudy. Not a fan of the green pants either. I'd stick with just blue.

Rating: 6/10

MLB NL Central Crossover Concept: David P.
David's crossover series continues so I'll take a look at each team individually.

Rating: 7/10

Milwaukee Brewers: Brewers share a design, as well as their owner, with the Ads. The Brewers' color scheme doesn't really work well with this jersey design. The white jersey is ok but the dark jersey is too dark. The power blue pops on the jerseys for the Ads but the Brewers don't have a color that does that for them.

St. Louis Blues: I think there's a pretty good color balance here. Red and white are most prominent like they should be. Maybe I'd swap the red and blue on the white jersey's sleeves. The crest is hard to see on the red jersey so I'd give that an outline. The shoulder logo is tough to see on the dark jersey as well so I'd use the white "STL" on both jerseys.

Chicago Cubs: The Cubs are my favorite team for some reason. The Blackhawks jersey scheme looks good in any color scheme. This scheme isn't too different. The white jersey looks good. The red jersey doesn't fit. The Cubs have never had a red jersey so this doesn't make sense. The blue and red should be swapped on that dark jersey. The shoulder logos on both jerseys look a bit too close to the collar.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates jersey isn't too different from a Penguins jersey in terms of color scheme. It's pretty much what the Pens would look like if they ditched vegas gold in favor of the classic sport gold.

Cincinnatti Reds: We finish the NL Central with the Reds. If the black jersey is the dark jersey than the red jersey can't be a light jersey. I'd keep the red jersey and make the black jersey into a white jersey. On that red jersey I think I'd rather have the white be more prominent than the black.

Detroit Red Wings Concept - Stephen T.
Stephen gives us a Detroit Concept that resembles their Winter Classic jersey from this year. The numbers look pretty good but I don't like that they touch the striping. I'd give them an outline so the red isn't touching red or white touching white. Not sure the arched name works here. I don't think any of the names or back numbers are centered properly so that should be fixed. Not a fan of this retro "fat" Red Wings logo. Use the current logo and fix the backs of the jerseys and this is a good looking set.... Also.. Like I say with every Red Wings concept that doesn't already do it, the sleeves should be red on the white jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Detroit Tigers Hockey Concept - Ben A.
Ben also designs a jersey for the Detroit Tigers. The logo choice is good. That's definitely one of their most interesting logos. It's hard to see the shoulder logo. I'd either space those lines out and give the shoulder patch a thick blue outline to make it stand out better or just ditch the logo or stripes. The idea behind the stripes is neat. I wish there was something on the hems. Also The team tends to use orange as a trim color on every jersey but their white jersey. I'd add a bit of orange to the striping.

Rating: 7/10

Houston Astros Hockey Concept - Ben A.
It's hard to read, but it would appear Caz gave Ben the idea to stray away from current jersey styles for some of his MLB concepts. I like the idea behind it but I would hope this would be an alternate since the rebrand they just went through last year would look great. This is very close to being a really good MLB Hockey concept.

There's a few things I would want to see differently, for example, the wordmark and the star being centered. First off, use this logo or something similar on the shoulders, its difficult to see the H in the current shoulder patch. As for centering the wordmark and star, it works on Baseball uniforms but not so much hockey jerseys. I'd also start the striping lower on the torso so the wordmark isn't right under the collar like that. Also I'd consider making the second half of the sleeves blue, a lot of players wore blue undershirts and it looked pretty good.

Rating: 7.5/10

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Concept - Dylan W.
Mr. Wonka gives us his like.... third Flyers concept in the last few weeks. He sticks with the normal Flyers logo for this one. Compared to other Flyers jerseys this one is very dark. The white is kept to a minimum. This kind of reminds me of their last Winter Classic jersey. I'd like to see another white stripe on the hem to better match the arms. Most importantly, I'm very indifferent with the black sleeves. I prefer the Flyers having quite a bit of white and being bright.

Rating: 7.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate Jersey - Bastian
Well it's been confirmed that the Lightning will don a new black third jersey next year and Bastian throws his concept out there. Definitely reminiscent of the team's old jerseys. I hope they do something like this. In my opinion this is the best Lightning logo and I hope its on the new jersey. However, I'm not so sure about making the inside of it blue. The victory stripes make a triumphant return and that's great!

Rating: 8/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Bastian
Bastian gives the Caps a new set of jerseys that are more traditional than their current set. The striping reminds me of the Oshawa Generals jerseys just with less stripes. The stripes are a little too thin for my taste and I'd like to see bolder stripes. I like the yokes though. The stars are a good callback to Capitals' jerseys of the past.


Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - Stephen T.
Stephen also makes a Leafs set based on their Winter Classic jerseys. I like the bare shoulders better than the yoke they had on their Winter Classic jerseys. I'd add some stripes to the pants so the striping matches the jerseys. Looks like the numbers are also not centered correctly. I know a lot of people might disagree but I think this would make a really good primary set for the Leafs.

Rating: 8/10

Winnipeg Jets Concept - Kevin P.
This is a good look for the jets. A return to their classic color scheme and a new logo. I like the leaf better in this logo. I'm not so sure about how the numbers interact with the stripe on the back. The dark jersey isn't so bad but the dark numbers on the back of the white jersey is rough. I'd consider stopping the stripe at the stitching and not continuing through the back.

Rating: 8.5/10 and a COTW NOM!

Well there it is everyone! Another day's worth of concepts! Anything you wanna say? Then do it!
Tuesday: We're A Baseball Site Now Reviewed by DBro Alexander on March 18, 2014 Rating: 5


Kris Knudsen said...

Man I have to nominate Bastian's Caps jerseys for COTW, and seriously what's with you guys making me nominate the teams I hate?! Lol, but in all seriousness this set is infinitely better than their current set! It calls on their history yet stays modern! I'd love to see them playing in these NOW!!

Matthew McElroy said...

K Post for COTW damn thats a nice jets set

Felix Puchinsky said...

I want to make a few comments on that modified Jets logo; leaf got better and cleaner and that is the only one step in a right direction. By duplicating a point at the bottom - it has a feel of a pie with a cut out piece. I think that I know why an artist tried to duplicate that point at the bottom - it is an abstract " W " for Winnipeg, but it would not be visible to a normal Joe. I don't like how a tail of a jet goes with that point at the bottom, in fact, it looses a dynamic of a jet and makes a tail split as it has been sliced. I don't think that besides an obvious improvement on a leaf - there much anyone can really accomplish as current Jets logo was not designed right in a first place. And as for the sweaters an artist have done a superb job - I really like a blue one.

Ben Acker said...

Wow, these were my highest rated jerseys ever! I did see the players with the blue sleeves, I thought that was just a Nolan Ryan thing. Well, more concepts on the way for me! Also, I think I should have used the logo you showed since it was a throwback, but should have tied in with the present day logos. Thanks again!

Chri$runs said...

The Flyers is Incredible. How that didn't get a 9.5 is beyond me! That should be their third when lazy Adidas can figure out how to make them.. Ridiculously lazy for a company.

The Jets logo is What they SHOULD be Using.
Their current plane makes it look like the 3rd grader who published it couldn't operate Adobe to make the plane right size! It hides the flag leaf! STUUUUU-Pid!!!

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