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Tuesday: The 4th

What's up everybody!? I hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! The Stadium Series game in Chicago was a blast. I haven't been a fan of the Stadium Series to begin with since it seemed like a cash grab for the league and had the league putting on too many outdoor games... But I can't deny, it's an unforgettable experience.

I got to Soldier Field at 3 to partake in the Fan Fest the league put on but it was so cold I spent most of it in the Molson Canadian Tent enjoying some bubble hockey, where I ran the table for awhile... I also had to get the official Stadium Series knit cap and scarf, the ones the players wore for warmups, because I haven't been able to find them anywhere else...

Also met the Penguins' mascot "Iceburgh" and we're best buds now, so there's that.

The game itself was fantastic. At least for the home crowd fans. Not so much for those Pittsburgh fans who made their way to Chicago to watch their team get pumped. Outside of the game, the atmosphere itself was amazing. Watching hockey in the middle of a snowstorm is quite the experience. Luckily our seats were down low and directly under a section of seats, had we been down another two or three rows we would have been snowed on the whole game and not just when the wind was whipping the snow around. I was layered up like a pro as well, so i was toasty the whole game while I listened to countless others complain about not being able to feel their toes.

Overall, 10/10, would recommend. If you can go to an outdoor game for sure do it, especially if there's potential for snow. Nothing like it...
If you wanna see more of my pictures, and even some video, check out the set of pics on Flickr or follow me on Instagram, my username on both is "dbroalexander"

Anyway guys, before we get to the concepts don't forget to vote, we've had some low voter turnout and it's making all of us writers and Ryan very sad. Don't make us sad anymore or we'll get mad...... for real


Now to the concepts -

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Caleb F.
Replacing orange with beige/cream looks surprisingly good on a Ducks jersey. I never would have thought to do that. The jersey design is pretty tame compared to normal Ducks' jerseys. I think this would make a good alternate jersey. I guess it could even be billed as a fauxback with those colors.

Rating: 8/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Caleb F.
Orange and Black are gone from the Sharks color scheme in Caleb's concept here. The striping is very Stadium Series-ish. I can't really get on board with this. I would have at least kept the black. At least as some outline for the logo, half of it seems to get lost in the jersey.

Rating: 6/10

British Columbia Concept - Cole98
Cole bases the jersey off of B.C.'s flag, which is unfortunate because the three primary colors clash in my eyes when used together. It's really hard to use those colors well together... at least it is when you try to use them equally. One should be used for a trim only. I'd say the white jersey is the better of the two here since there's very little yellow outside the logo. I'd try working with a better striping pattern, instead of having different colored sleeves and cuffs..... and maybe that dark jersey would look a little better.

Rating: 5/10

Team USA Concept - Gary M.
I like the use of a shield, or logo of any kind, on the front of a USA jersey. I don't care for wordmarks, and I loved the shield they used this year for the Olympics. I like where this is headed but I don't like the use of red on the sleeves and hems. Seems like too much red. I'd say keep the top of the sleeves the same base color as the jersey and use blue on the cuffs.

Rating: 6.5/10

San Jose Sharks Alternate Jersey Concept - Jacob K.
There is A LOT going on here... there is too much going on here. As much as I like orange in the Sharks scheme I wouldn't want it to be a base color for a jersey. The bottom of the jersey going up to the shoulders is a practice jersey and is very "paint bucket tool"ish. But shoulders have multiple stripes going down to the cuffs. I'd get rid of the practice jersey stitching and not keep those areas filled. Maybe keep the multiple stripes and see how that looks then replicate it on the hem. Not a fan of the wordmark logo either. I'd replace it with one of a shark.

Rating: 4/10

Seattle Chiefs - Expansion Team - Matt T.
First off Matt, and this goes for everybody as a reminder, you have to cite your logos. I've seen both those logos around the internet. The secondary logo still says "Atlanta Braves" on it. If you didn't make it you have to give credit to who did.

As for the jerseys the templates look distorted and stretched, The shoulder logos are flipped upside down. and there's no TV numbers. I don't care for the font on the front or back of the jersey. It doesn't really fit with the aesthetic of the logos or the classic look of the jerseys.

Rating: 4/10

Kingdom of Loquace Concept - Concept Nation - Patrick N.
The jerseys here look really nice. the sublimated stripes look really good. The one thing I don't understand is why use something other than the flag colors? No one else would have those colors. Why go with red white and blue which like, 95% of other teams use. Especially on a set of jerseys that looks like it would fit well for Team USA. That logic aside, the jerseys and bear crest look great.

Rating: 8/10

Stadium Series Concept - St. Louis Blues vs. Ottawa Senators - Stephen T.
Once again, sorry we could meet up in Chicago the other day Stephen, such a mess trying to get around anywhere at Soldier Field... Anyway, I like the St. Louis Eagles throwback. The Sens' throwback is a bit busy for my taste. I would call this a Winter Classic concept with the two throwbacks. Stadium Series would see these two teams wearing more modern jerseys.

Rating: 7/10

 Stadium Series Concept - Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens -Stephen T.
Same as the last Stephen concept, I would consider this a Winter Classic with the two throwbacks. I would like to see the Leafs in that jersey, the Canadiens isn't that drastically different from their current jerseys. The lack of Montreal TV numbers is interesting though.

Rating: 8/10

Literal Logo Series - Edmonton Oilers - Wings98
This series is odd to me. A lot of logos are already literal, since the logo is meant to represent the team or team name. A lot of the logos in this series are just stripped down. Like here... Oilers are now represented by a single oil drop, which I wouldn't say is literal.  The jersey is very reminiscent of the Penguins last Winter Classic jerseys.This looks like the wrong orange as well.

Rating: 6/10

Literal Logo Series - Los Angeles Kings - Wings98
This one makes sense I guess, it's actually a King. The brown is unnecessary. that could be yellow or left white. The jerseys are nice. I like them actually. Nice callback to their history.

Rating: 7/10

Well anything you guys wanna say about the concepts today?
Tuesday: The 4th Reviewed by DBro Alexander on March 04, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

If Caleb's Ducks concept just had a small amount of orange trim I would have nominated it.

Ben A. said...

I think that the main problem with the meet-ups at games is that only a few people are trying to meet up in a sea of 40,000 people that are all wearing the same colors. Just an idea: Meet at some sort of restaurant in the area, or try to meet up at a train station and travel together. I might be going to the Winter Classic in 2015, and I would be glad to do some research and find a way to meet up with fellow HJC readers

DBro Alexander said...

@Ben - not to mention conflicting schedules. We tried to schedule something for Saturday but we all got there at different times and had different schedules for the day. nothing could match up and it sucked. But I'm sure sooner or later one of these meet ups will work.

Ben A. said...

@DBro ALexander Hopefully! I think the only other option besides traveling somewhere else would be to have a Google Hangout on a weekend so that everyone can talk about hockey while staying at home, so travel isn't an issue

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