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Monday: All American Grade A Concepts!

Nothing like a Monday for an HJC post, or any day that ends in y?

The NHL Playoff race certainly is going to be one of the more interesting struggles, with the West down to a two man race between Phoenix and Dallas for the last wildcard spot (Winnipeg couldn't beat Vancouver, Carolina or St. Louis, I don't trust them and Vancouver is sinking faster than the plumbing section at Rona). The East is a little more open, with Toronto struggling, Columbus, New York, Washington and Philadelphia all trying to get ahead of the other...and everyone else is hoping for a visit from lady luck (or liberty). Either way, it's going to be a tight next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Life is like a box of chocolates, it should never be left in your back pocket for later. Voting should be treated the same.

COTW Mar 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Roadrunners entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

If you haven't read already, the Reviving the Roadrunners contest begins this week. Entries are due Friday night, so remember to read ALL the rules to ensure you entry is eligible.

Here are some of the entries that have come in so far:

Caleb F.

Daniel L.

On to the concepts:


Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: s2dio)

We've seen double blue, double red and even double green, but what about double brick red? S2dio fixes a problem some people have with the Yotes look, without using black, the all brick look, almost like how an all red set is referred to as a blood clot look. The striping remains the same, aside from the added hem stripe and double brick, added to the inner stripe, pants and number outline. The hem stripe and double brick look good on the pants and on the white jersey, but on the dark jersey, the two shades are too close together. The sand numbers on the white jersey would also look better with the dark brick. I'd also switch the sox and add some black to the jersey, just so the logo doesn't look to out of place. Great execution though! (8/10)

Florida Panthers Fauxback Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Panthers are almost at the age where they can start to throwback, and Stephen fauxs them back to the days of Playstation and SNES with this concept. The white jersey I think captures the bright and energetic look of the original Panthers set, emphasizing the red and yellow over the Navy. None of the Panther's blue jerseys have looked right to me, just too dark for Florida. I'd stick with the white jersey, and make the Navy jersey Red, that's it. Good execution, but the primary logo is way too big. (6.5/10)

New York Rangers Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Enlarging the Rangers' crest to cover a whole jersey is not a completely new idea, but it isn't a common one, and Dylan takes his stab at it. The division of the red and blue is done perfectly, each colour gets equal representation, and the white stripe is thick enough the script isn't too small or short. The execution is done well, but the blue back numbers are a little hard to read, but it's the least of the 3 choices of colours that would be able to be used. (8.5/10)

New York Rangers Concept (By: Dallas K.)

This concept is a really new idea, and something we may not be too far off from seeing in the future. The striping looks great, modern and simple, the two silver slits looking like metal, and the right amount of red. The script below the collar, while it is a lateral move, keeps this concept from being too bland above the logo. The Lady Liberty logo, is probably the only logo that would work in that placement, this is one of the best parts of HJC, experimenting. (8.75/10)

New York Rangers Fauxback Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Rangers are old enough that they can throwback, but they tend to be even better at Fauxbacking (look at their Winter Classic jersey for instance). Stephen fauxs back to the 80's and makes a matching away jersey, something the Rangers haven't taken to. The home jersey looks good, but the away jersey really catches me. The league really lacks white alternates and this would be a perfect spark. Really good execution. (8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Phil B.)

The Blackhawks don't have an alternate at least for this season, and this concept, while similar to the current red jersey, the yoke striping and vintage font make things different. The yoke striping looks good, and compliments the square yoke well. The vintage numbering is a lateral move in my mind, but it keeps the jersey from just being the home jersey with a yoke stripe. Great execution! (8.25/10)

Utica Comets Concept (By: Matt Mc.)

I'm just going from memory here, but a clash kit is what overly bright and sometimes retro alternate, in other words, not your typical kit! Mc Matt begins a Clash series with the Comets of Utica, a concept maker's dream, great logo, crap jerseys. The division of blue and white is done really well, neither colour overpowers the jersey, and just the right amount of green is used to accent the striping. The stars on the hem look awesome and overall, it captures what an AHL team should do: Honour their NHL team but not copy them, using unique elements to define their own character and stay connected. (9.5/10) COTW Nom. from Me!

MLS West Concepts (By: David P.)

Another Crossover series from David, same good execution, but same lack of tv numbers. I agree with the other writers when I say quality over quantity, but the execution is still good. (7/10)

Chivas USA: LA template works for the red jersey, but the white jersey looks bare without more red or shoulder patched (6.75/10)

San Jose Earthquakes: The white jersey, once again is bare, and adding hem striping or even shoulder patches and enlarging the logo would fix that (6/10)

FC Dallas: Good striping and template, but FC Dallas wears gray as their main colour, and have 1920's Senators style horizontal striping, would be nice to work into the jersey. (7.25/10)

Colorado Rapids: Template works better for this team than for the Avs, but again, adding a shoulder patch would perfect things. (7/10)

Real Salt Lake: Best in the series, the striping looks amazing! (8/10)

Team USA Concepts (By: Alan H.)

Both of these concepts use the same striping, just with different logos, so I will grade them together. I definitely prefer World Championship logo, but kuddos to you, Alan, for designing really good primary, it's just a little too large, and making the gold stars white will make it better. The striping is a unique way of working in the American flag stripes, especially on the pants. The shoulder patch looks good on both, but one question: what is up with the curve in the back? I like it, but I want to know the thought process for putting it in. (8.75/10)

That's the post, everyone! Remember to vote for COTW and get your Road Runners entries in by Friday! Thanks for reading, I'm Jets96, Go Jets Go! Have a great week.
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Kris Knudsen said...

I really love s2dio's template! Though I think it would be nice to see gloves and helmets too.

Justin said...

Love that Utica concept from Matt! COTW nom from me.

Alan John Herbert said...

On my USA concepts, the hem I try to do the wave like the the arm stripes just curve over the IIHF patch. Lastly yeah I made the Olympic logo too big it was a good idea, but in the end it didn't pan out.

William Butala said...

Phoenix is a little far south for the WHL, no? Good concept though, jerseys look solid.

If David's MLS concept was separated, and execution errors were fixed, I'd vote for the Real Salt Lake concept in a heartbeat. That jersey looks sharp!

Felix Puchinsky said...

Love that Dallas K's NY Rangers sweater for too many reasons. It stands out plus it is very innovative with asymmetrical design on a crest. Dallas hit a nail on that one for sure! COTW from me. I'm very impressed with his work lately.

Caz said...

Dylan's Rangers concept is out there, but in an odd way, I like it. COTW nomination from me.

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