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Weekend Update (February 9)

The winner of the last COTW vote for January was Dylan W!
Full Results
Dylan W. - 7
Andrew G. - 6
Ryan H. - 1

*That single vote for me was not cast by myself. I typically am the last one to vote in the event that ties need to be broken.


January's roster of COTW winners is now filled out. All five of them move into the COTY-January vote. The concepts entered are listed on the side of the page in the red banner. You can click on that banner or go to the COTY 2014 tab to see the entrants. Voting ends on Friday.


The winner of the Calgary Flames ReDesign was Dylan W!
Dylan's concept moves into the COTW vote now. It would have anyways because it was properly nominated during the week too.

Full Results
If you don't understand how some of the ties are broken it's essentially as follows. A 1st place vote trumps a 2nd place vote. A 2nd place vote trumps a 3rd place vote. A 3rd place vote trumps a 4th place vote. And a 4th place vote trumps a 5th place vote.


The new COTW nominees for the February 3-9 vote have been listed on the side of the page in the black banner. You can see those nominated concepts by clicking on that banner or by going to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Voting ends on Friday.

For some of you new readers, please take 30 seconds to read the COTW nominating rules on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. There were a few ineligible nominations this past week.


With the men's Olympic hockey tournament starting up this week I thought it was very appropriate to have an international themed competition this week. When I create some of these competition I really like to force the entrants to be creative. So, this week you will have to create a brand new country. Give your country a flag and then create jerseys for your country. To read all of the rules go to the DESIGN A COUNTRY tab. Entries are due at the end of Friday.


Last week, Justin C. won his second Concept of the Year award in a row. As was the case in 2011 and 2012 a championship plaque has been made and is in transit to Justin as you read this. Hopefully Justin takes a pic or two and sends them in!


I have a couple of templates for those who may be interested.

First is a template that has been used on the Sportslogos.net forums. It was made by user "Sparky Chewbarky". Will S. has made it MS Paint compatible.
Click & save

Next we have a 2014 Sochi IIHF template. Originally sent in by Jake88, this was based on the Nike Swift template that I traced. I made some adjustments to this and here it is for everyone to enjoy.
Click & save
Also, the HJC Drag & Drop template has been updated with the Stadium Series jersey cut, yokes, and body stitching. It can be downloaded on the TEMPLATES page.


This past week I tweeted out a link (and shared on the Facebook page) for an eBay auction involving a game-issued Atlanta Thrashers jersey.
It was a great opportunity for someone to get their hands on a NHL game jersey and see and feel the differences up close. This thing went for under $70 (US) at auction's end. It was picked up by a regular HJC reader, but it's up to him if he chooses to share his new sweater with us or not.


Lastly, I have sent in my mid-90's white Penguins jersey to be numbered. Last week I was asking for some ideas on what number to put on the jersey. Instantly I scratched 66, 68, and 10 off of the list...too obvious. Also 5 (Ulf Samuelsson) was definitely not going on any jersey of mine! 35 Barrasso was also not happening because from everything I've heard he has a less than awesome reputation.
Here are some hints as to what player and number I'm getting
- He shares his name with a famous clown
- He played for 8 different NHL teams
- He appeared in 1 NHL All-Star Game

I'll share pics of the jersey when it comes in.


Now is the time when you go vote. Go vote or else! Or else what?
Vote, or else you'll be forced to wear this god awful bucket worn by former Islanders and Flyers goalie, Tommy Soderstrom.

COTY-January vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Feb 3-9 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Design a Country entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

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Jordan Roberts said...

I wear a jofa. Don't diss the bucket!!!

David Kerr said...

My guess is #20 for Robert Lang.

Anonymous said...

Mark Recchi

Will S said...

link to Sparky's Olympic faux-knit sweaters:

template for my paint friendly version on page 2 - front and back of sweater (plus a Stark sweater concept).

Connor Lawrence said...

Robert Lang I believe as said below..

CLIB542 said...

The shipping must have adjusted to my location. Only paid $53US for the jersey

Eric W said...

The guy on the jersey will be Ron Tugnutt.

Phil B. DDragon60 Studios said...

I want that bucket. That's awesome.

Matthew McElroy said...

I'm happy to see My Calgary redesign was fairly well received I was trying to do something that broke the pattern of what we are used to seeing. I think it's time we expand the box a bit and step out of our comforot zones.

Ryan said...

One of you above got the Penguins jersey number correct.

Dylan Wonka said...

First of all thank you everyone for the votes!

Second, I'd say with the hints we've been given; Ron Tugnutt hits the money. Eight NHL teams, and ...Ronald McDonald I'm guessing would be the clown. Eric wins!

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