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Wednesday: Guess What Day It Is?

It's Hump Day! Contrary to Jets96's mellow approach, I'll get straight to the point and tell everyone to vote! Vote for the Design a Country Contest! Vote for COTW! Just make sure you vote, vote vote!
You wouldn't want this guy following around all day?
Photo: nbcbayarea.com
Also both Canada and the United States won their respective elimination games today and will face off on Friday in the semifinals! I can't wait to see the 2010 gold medal rematch. GO USA!

Before I get to the concepts, Ryan wanted to share some news about one of our dedicated artists.

Edit by Ryan

Justin C. (2013 COTY winner) needs our votes. His mask design is one of 10 finalists. The winner of this vote will have their mask worn by JS Giguere in an actual game! As a bonus, Giguere is Justin's favourite player (even pre-Avs days).

To vote go to attdesignmy.com

You have to make an account unfortunately but it's really easy. The only thing is, when you make an account you have to put your city as Denver, CO or else the wrong gallery will come up. Try using postal code 80201. Voting goes until March 6th

I used to design goalie masks before I got into designing jerseys, so I think this opportunity for Justin is awesome! He needs our votes, so make sure you go to the link above to help Justin's design end up on his favorite player's mask!

COTW Feb 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Design A Country Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


We have a new artist card that I want to share with you...

Finally, the concepts...

Jordan R. - 1992 Winter Classic Concept
Design: It's great to see the Penguins back in yellow! Jordan's Penguins jersey looks like it is based on the Penguins 2008 Winter Classic jerseys, or if these were worn in '92, the 2008 outdoor jersey would have been inspired by Justin's set... Any way you look at it, Pittsburgh's jersey is nicely complemented by New Jersey's black jersey. The logo on the Devils jersey would look great at the Winter Classic.
Execution: Every concept in Jordan's series has looked great, and this concept is no exception.
Score: 8/10 - I can't wait to see the next concept in the series...

Jordan R. - 1993 Winter Classic Concept
Design: The short-lived globe jersey showed off the Canadiens 1924 Stanley Cup Championship in grand fashion. Jordan's concept brings back the globe on the Canadiens' classic template, but he utilizes the "CH" logo on the goalie's helmet. The Bruins concept is based off the the organization's second jersey. I especially like that both teams are wearing "leather" pants. I like that much more than only one team wearing that color. However, my favorite part of the concept is Moog's mask.
Execution: Neither of the jerseys in Jordan's concepts have TV number, BUT, neither of the jerseys that this concept was based had TV numbers. In fact, the first televised hockey game in the U.S. wasn't until 1940. Therefore it is appropriate for this concept to lack TV numbers.
Score: 9/10 - COTW Nomination! I really like the detail put into this concept. From the goalie masks to the tan pants, this is a great looking concept.

Kevin B. - Alabama Crimson Tide Concept
Design: Kevin, gives Bama hockey an entirely new look. The circular crest is a step up from the "A" on their current white jersey. This concept would look great on a school which such a rich football history.
Execution: The logo is pixelized and the concept is missing TV numbers. I'm going to guess this is one of Kevin's first concepts since we just saw his artist card, and I look forward to seeing his future concepts. On the next concept, stick to one collar. and delete the rest. Maybe use the dead space on the concept to show the pants, helmet, and socks.
Score: 4/10 - Keep the concepts coming Kevin. Welcome to the site!

Gerard M. - Kansas City Chiefs Concept
Design: I really like the Chief's color scheme, and I like how the team's arm striping was translated to this concept. The red jersey's striping switches the white & yellow from what appears on the Chief's current jerseys. I would consider a different color collar to so that the jersey doesn't look so plain.
Score: 6/10 - Would the Chiefs win 11 games if they played hockey?

Gerard M. - Miami Dolphins Concept
Design: I really liked the Dolphin's redesign prior to last season. This concept looks to use the stripe from the Dolphins' old helmet, while using the team's new logo. The number style is also very similar to that on the Dolphins' old jersey as well.
Score: 6.5/10 - I would hope that the Dolphins might be better on ice because it's hard to do much worse.

Gerard M. - Minnesota Vikings Concept
Design: I like this concept the most out of Gerard's three NFL concepts in today's post. My favorite detail is the number font. It actually differs from their current font in that the second number includes the points to right. I wish Gerard would have used the striping pattern on the Viking's current uniforms. That striping makes a viking's ship out of the bottom stripe, which would have looked great on a hockey jersey.
Score: 6.5/10 - This is my favorite of the three NFL concepts today.

Execution For All 3 of Gerard's Concepts: All three NFL concepts look great! Each one was better than the last! The amount of detail put into each one of these concepts really shows. Each of these jerseys is very well done.

Nate F. - San Jose Sharks Concept
Design: The Sharks would look great in an orange alternate jersey. The logo that appears as a shoulder patch on the Sharks' current alternate looks great on as a primary crest on this concept. I also really like the striping and number font. They look a little bit like shark fins.
Execution: The crest looks quite large. I would try reducing its size by 20%. Also, the numbers look a little large, but more noticeably, the nameplate and jersey number don't appear to be centered on the back of the concept.
Score: 5/10 - There are a few mistakes, but this concept has a really good design. I look forward to seeing some more of Justin's concepts.

Dallas K. - Detroit Red Wings Concept
Design: Dallas makes a daring concept by messing with one of the most iconic uniforms in hockey. I like the striping pattern, and I especially like using the old Detroit Cougars "D" as a shoulder patch. I also like that Dallas used the original Red Wings logo. I might actually like that logo better than the current one.
Execution: This is a very well done concept. I wish there was a hem stripe to match the arm striping, but that is just my preference.
Score: 7/10 - This is a concept that I could get behind replacing the classic Red Wings jerseys.

Jack H. - Columbus Blue Jackets Concept
Design: The red & white stripes have been popular amongst concepts recently, and I really like this striping on the primary uniforms. I also like that Jack uses the number font from Columbus' alternate jersey. I am loving the shoulder yoke. It looks like it was inspired by the team's current shoulder/sleeve stripe.
Execution: This concept not only looks great, but is also executed very well. No complaints here.
Score: 7/10 - The Blue Jackets could use a new set of jerseys, and I like the idea of this concept as a replacement.

Jack H. - St. Louis Blues Concept
Design: When the Blues introduced red as a primary color in 1995, they also introduced pinstripes to their uniform. Pinstripes return in Jack's second concept of the day. This concept reminds me of the Penguins 2011 Winter Classic jersey. The striping looks great, and I like the number font and the use of the double outline.
Execution: Another well executed concept from Jack! I would maybe include a yellow pinstripe on the pants, but keep up the good work!
Score: 8/10 - The Blues need these jerseys to replace their current uniforms that are left over from the Reebok Edge-redesign.

Matt M. - New York Rangers Stadium Series Concept
Design: Matt's first of his two concepts is based on the Rangers Stadium Series jersey, but instead of the diagonal text across the chest, the "Lady Liberty" crest is used instead. The striping on the hem comes from this year's outdoor jerseys, but the arm striping is based off of the "Lady Liberty" jersey. This is a good looking concept.
Execution: The mix of elements from different jerseys of a team's past is important to me when designing a new "one-off" jersey. Matt does a very good job of this in his concept.
Score: 7/10 - I thought I liked the Rangers Stadium Series jersey, but I hadn't seen this concept when making that decision. Get this jersey on the Yankee Stadium ice!
Matt M. - New York Islanders Stadium Series Concept
Design: Matt's Islanders concept includes every design feature that the Stadium Series jerseys were meant to have, except the awkwardly long numbers of course. The striping comes straight from the old fish sticks jersey, and on that note, I'm glad he didn't try that logo here. The "NY" crest looks really good with this striping pattern.
Execution: It's hard to believe the quality of today's concepts. The white nameplate isn't necessary here, but sure does look good. I like how this concept is a mix of old and new. This is what the Stadium Series jerseys should look like.
Score: 8/10 - I already used my COTW nomination, but I hope this one ends up in the running as well.

Not only has the participation in HJC gone up recently, the quality of jerseys has also gone up! Pick your teams for the new Team Competition, because the quality has never been so high. I am looking forward to seeing the Team entries, and I know they won't disappoint. I am teaming up with... well, I'll let my team mate spill the beans.

That's all for Wednesday! By next week, we will know which Olympic team took home the gold!
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Anonymous said...

I am so %&*#ing mad that I didn't know about the goalie mask contest. I had a mask design just waiting to be submitted. Oh well, I hope Justin wins. His design is OK.

Alex O. said...

I just voted! It's really easy so help out Justin by clicking the link and registering.

Justin said...

Thanks so much for sharing the contest details and thanks to those that have voted!!! It really means a lot to me and I am so appreciative. You guys are the best!

@anonymous: they didn't promote it well at all. I found out three days before the deadline after (luckily) seeing a blurb in one of their facebook posts. You had to be a Colorado resident over 18 but if that is you it would've been awesome to see your entry.

Lastly, I'll second Jordan's 1993 Winter Classic concept. That Bruins jersey is simply awesome and I've always wanted to use that Montreal globe logo and Jordan does it well.

TG said...

Justin's goalie mask is awesome!

Colin May said...


you're telling me all those masks were designed by adults?!?! ... seriously? Your's is head and shoulders above the rest (to the degree that some of them look like they were designed by children... not that I could do any better with mask design). Good luck bud.

Kevin Burr said...

Thanks for the critique Alex. The Alabama concept was actually my very first jersey concept. I accidentally erased the TV numbers because I was having a hard time trying to match the numbers on the back. I plan on getting better and will be sending in more concepts very soon.

-Kevin B.

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