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Thursday: Super Bowl Thursday

Yes, I am well aware that the Super Bowl has already happened, much to the delight of Seahawks fans (and not so much for Broncos fans). So why does the Super Bowl matter on today's post? Well, you'll see for yourself below.

But first, I have to rant about one little thing. You may have seen this mentioned on Twitter, but I thought I'd better have my say on it. For any concept, if you don't create the artwork, then it isn't yours. If you intend on using it anyway, give some credit somewhere on your concept saying where you got it from. Nothing wrong with that, everyone uses NHL logos for concepts all of the time, just be sure to credit the source of the artwork.  But if you think you can pick some unknown junior or college logo, change it a bit, and call it your own, then you're only fooling yourself. I love seeing artists on here create their own artwork, and I'd rather see a visually-weak logo than a great logo stolen from somewhere without credit. There is nothing to be ashamed of for using pre-made artwork, like NHL logos, and giving credit for the source; in fact I'd rather see the source than have to guess or research whether you made the art or not. With online tools, places to research sports logos, its not all that difficult to spot a phoney.

Alright, so I probably won't kill you, but I will find out, and won't be happy.

Okay, before I totally kill the mood, lets go look at some concepts!

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Design a Country Concepts:


Stephen T.

Brendan F.


Caden P.


AHL Stadium Series: Norfolk vs Manchester - Caleb F.

Yay: To start us off, we get a Stadium Series concept between these two AHL teams. The best part of this concept is that it uses primary colours that these teams don't use, but should. Norfolk uses blue, which looks plain ugly. This is a totally new look to the Admirals, but it works even better than their current set. The Monarchs jersey isn't a total stretch, but it looks great as well. And both jerseys fit the Stadium Series look, so design-wise this concept is spot on.

Nay: Looking closely, you see quite a few minor pixelation and colour issues, especially on the Monarchs jersey. On the Admirals jersey, I don't see a reason to keep the blue stripe. I'd make it black instead, it'll look better and match the logo more. On the Monarchs jersey, the "black" on the arms should be actually black, not the off-shade you see there. Finally, on both jerseys, I'd rather see the shoulder patch on the front and back.

Overall: This looks like a great jersey matchup from afar, but a few technical issues knock this down a little. 7.3/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Caleb F.

Yay: Here we see Caleb coming back with a Flames set. The main set looks like a beautiful fauxback, with Calgary's old colours and stripes, but a different arm style and a modern looking stripe set. These jerseys could work as a main set, alternate set, heritage jersey or modern Stadium Series set, and still be a believable look for the Flames. The black 3rd is a neat look, and would definitely work as a Stadium Series uniform.

Nay: There aren't any of the execution errors as seen on the previous concept, which is a good thing. On the 3rd, the number and logo seem unnecessarily smaller. The yellow outline is hard to see against the white, but I'm not sure how that could be fixed.

Overall: Hard to pick out what I don't like here. It's a really good concept. 8/10

Rockford IceHogs Concept - Connor L.

Yay: Starting a theme here, but my favourite part of the jersey is that it's totally different from what they'd wear. I love the paler colours, and chest stripe design, and the fact that the Blackhawks haven't worn these jerseys first. The adapted logo looks pretty solid, certainly less cartoony than their current logo. In principle, this is a good design.

Nay: But, execution wise, this jersey falls flat. The stripes are all over the place for their sizes. The chest stripe is the best, but the think black stripes need to be thicker, and the single beige stripe at the bottom of it is just weird. The arm and the hem stripes could either go without the beige stripes, or make them sticker, and the thickness of the black stripes needs to be about the same. I'd also go with black laces, black name (with no name bar), and white/red Reebok text with no white around it.

Overall: Plenty to work on, but it's definitely a good start. 7/10

Chicago Wolves Concept - Connor L.

Yay: The Wolves have a cool colour palette and traditional style, making them one of the aesthetically cooler teams in the AHL. None of that is lost here, as we still have their trusted colours and some neat striping patterns that keep the jersey looking traditional. I like the style of the numbers, but I don't know how well that would translate to a dark jersey.

Nay: The striping pattern on the arms doesn't really math the hem striping, and the back hem doesn't match the front hem. I'd make the hem striping pattern similar to the ones on the arms, on both sides. Again, I'd rather see Reebok coloured white/yellow with no bar around it. I'd also like to see the TV numbers and shoulder patches on both sides of the jersey, something that was also missing from the Rockford concept.

Overall: I like the look of it so far, but the stripes and a few other fixes would make this even better.  7.4/10

Montreal Canadiens Concept - Tyler F.

Yay: Tyler (relatively new on here I think) shows us what Montreal would look like with a blue jersey. Looking past the execution errors for a minute, it actually wouldn't be a bad idea if they came out with something similar to this, it actually looks pretty cool.

Nay: I won't dwell too much on the fix-ups, I'll just list them. A good concept number needs TV numbers, the yoke outline should be gone unless the yoke is a different colour, the "Reebok?" name patch on the back is just a bunch of pixels, the stripes sometimes go past the jersey, and don't always match in sizes, and finally the number should be larger.

Overall: It looks like a good idea, but there needs to be a lot of work done before this concept can reach its potential. 5.5/10

Team USA WW1 Concept - Stephen T.

Yay: Stephen comes at us with this awesome World War 1 jersey set for the USA. This is a really cool crest to use on a hockey jersey, and the colours look very American. Stripes like this didn't show up on jerseys until the mid-1920's, so it's not exactly World War 1, especially if you look at the Team USA jerseys from the era, but irregardless is a nice fauxback with ties to World War 1, executed almost to perfection.

Nay: Almost? Why only almost? Because on the back of the jersey, 2 of the stripes happen to be a brighter red than the other stripes. Its not a huge error, but it is very distracting from otherwise a great concept. The only other request would be to make the red outlines on white numbers thicker and more noticeable, as that dark red doesn't blend well with the dark blue.

Overall: Good, but the colour error really shoots this concept down in flames. 7.5/10

Team Belgium WW1 Concept - Stephen T.

Yay: Fun fact, Belgium was one of the 5 original members of the IIHF in 1908, in before Canada, USA, Russia, and pretty much every major powerhouse in the sport (besides Czechoslovakia and Switzerland).  They have one of the neater logos and jersey sets in the IIHF, and this concept doesn't part too far from that. Its a nice simple design worthy of a team almost as old as the sport itself.

Nay: I'm not sure how this jersey is supposed to be World War themed, as it looks similar to it's current look anyways.  I'm not a fan of the contrasting shoulders, or the numbers on the yoke. The dark jersey really needs some white, maybe where the thin black stripe is on the striping pattern, or on the numbers, but it is way too dark. The logo looks a little too large. Also, there is no name on this concept.

Overall: While I like what the concept is going for, its not WW2 enough, and its too dark on the black jersey. 6.9/10

Washington Capitals Concept - Christian L.

Yay: Christian gives us another of his Quebec Nordiques... Wait, this isn't a Nordiques concept, Christian gives us something completely new for the Washington Capitals. I love the diagonal striping pattern, and the stars on the arm are really neat. It's sometimes hard to work with a 3D template like this, but this looks like a beautiful concept.

Nay: As much as I like the stars on the arm, I feel like the arms are way too plain, and there needs to be some striping somewhere. Whether or not you can have both is a good question, but it would be tough. It's hard to tell, but I think the blue stripe on the white jersey is lighter than the primary blue of the dark jersey. If that is the case, I'd like to see a lighter shade of blue used on the dark jerseys anyway. Finally, and this is something I always have troubles with, but the blue numbers and letters with the red and white outline clash, and it doesn't look pretty.

Overall: Something totally different, but I like it. A few changes and this would be golden. 7.9/10

Anaheim Ducks Concept - Bastian S.

Yay: Bastian creates what appears to be a new jersey matchup for the LA Stadium Series game, with the first concept coming from Anaheim. Why they didn't use this logo on their jersey, no one will ever know. The striping pattern is a rounded version of the old Mighty Ducks striping, and it looks fantastic. The equipment for the most part looks nice, and I think most Ducks fans could agree that this jersey would have been so much better than what they actually had.

Nay: There isn't much I'd change to the jersey itself, but on the equipment, I'd make the pants stripe thicker, or add more stripes, and on the sock I think I'd put the orange on top and the white on the bottom. But that last part is just a personal preference, and it looks decent nonetheless.

Overall: Great concept, and would only be better if we could see it on ice. 8.8/10

Los Angeles Concept - Bastian S.

Yay: Part 2 of Bastian's Stadium Series concept doesn't look too entirely different from the original, but makes some interesting changes. He inverts the stripes, so white is a lot more prominent on this jersey than black, and I don't think that is a bad thing. The striping pattern itself is kept clean and traditional, something I'm happy to see.

Nay: It looks like Bastian used a darker shade of grey than what was actually used on the jersey. It probably matches the logo better, but that isn't good in this case because the logo blends in with the jersey and doesn't really stand out well. I'd also ditch the grey helmet and stick with black, and do something more exciting with the pants than 2 faint grey stripes.

Overall: Just like in the real game, Anaheim comes out on top in this Stadium Series battle. 7.8/10

Denver Broncos Concept - Gerard M.

Yay: Ah yes, now to the Super Bowl matchup I mentioned earlier. Gerard has been working on an NFL series lately, and of course these two jerseys were going to come together. The jersey style, especially on the center of the jersey, looks different but pretty neat. The colours work out well and would make a good transition from the field to the ice.

Nay: Much like the Broncos in the Super Bowl, this concept is a little disappointing and fails to execute what it has going for it. The arm outlines would be cool, if the arms had a different colour to outline. I think I'd give the top of the arms some contrasting colour, like white and orange, and then the blue outline would be necessary, and look good. The font choice is not what I would want to see on any sports jersey, and the orange outline on the blue number looks messy.

Overall:  Right now, they look like decent practice jerseys, but with some changes they could become a contender. 7/10

Seattle Seahawks Concept - Gerard M.

Yay: In comes Seattle to mop the floor with the Broncos once again, or so they hope. The striping pattern is different, to say the least. I really like how it works with the chest stripes and the logo, but I'd maybe keep the plain stripes on both arms. The font choice, unlike the last concept, works well this time.

Nay: First, I'd use a darker green on the number outlines, on both jerseys. And as I said earlier, I'd put the blue and grey stripes on both of the arms. Now, the dark jersey presents a problem, and that white outline isn't doing the trick. I wonder if changing logos to their pre-2011 logo, adding a new blue colour to use, could help the situation? Thats what I would try, but no guarantee it would work.

Overall: Even though this jersey still has some issues, it's really creative, and wins this Super Bowl battle in a landslide. 8.1/10


My COTW nominee for today is Bastian's Anaheim Ducks concept. Easily the best concept of them all today. But that, of course, is my opinion. If you have a different opinion, I'd love to see it in the comments.

Don't forget to vote and send in your competition concepts. There really are no excuses. Okay, maybe if you're busy playing ping pong with Arnold Schwarzenegger while partying with Don Cheadle, his llama, and a bunch of twins, you may have an excuse. But thats it, everyone else needs to vote!

That's it for me today. Thank you once again for reading, and have a great weekend!

Thursday: Super Bowl Thursday Reviewed by William Butala on February 13, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

I got to give Gerard's Seahawks concept a COTW nom!

I'm a traditionalist, probably to a fault. Yet, I really enjoy what he did with the Seahawks brand there. He took the uniqueness of the football jerseys and applied it to the hockey jerseys, but in a completely new way.

Ben A. said...

My nomination goes to Steven's USA WWI COncept. The logo is amazing and the jersey would be cool to see on the ice.

Second Nomination goes to Christian's Capitals Concept. It's a new look, and I was considering it to be first, but I am a Caps fan and I just love their current logos too much to part with them.

Eric W said...

Where's my concept entry? I sent it in this afternoon.

Dylan Wonka said...

I'll nominate Bastians LA concept. That is a beaut. Simple, but awesome.

Ryan said...

Eric, sometimes the writers write their posts ahead of time. Thus, the entries would be placed on the post ahead of time. It should be there tomorrow.

Eric W said...

Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the reply, and sorry to bother you!

Kris Knudsen said...

I second bastions LA kings concept COTW nom, the NHL needs more grey jerseys!

Keens said...

Really enjoying seeing the creativity in this design a country comp, kudos to Ryan or whomever thought of it. I love the back stories people are making and I think it truly makes the jerseys have a little more meaning. Keep it up guys/gals!

Anonymous said...

To Brendan F.:
Like your Quebec concept but it should be written "Club National du Québec" (National without an "e" and "du" instead of "de" because with the "de" it refers to the city of Québec and not the whole Québec). And to be in perfect french it should be written St-Louis and not St.Louis.

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