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Thursday: Going For Gold

Hello all! Welcome to my final post of the Olympic games. As I'm writing this (Wednesday), Canada is playing Latvia in the quarter-finals, a matchup I thought I'd never say. And as I wrote that particular sentence, Latvia tied up the game 1-1, on a wicked backhand snipe.  Go Canada Go!

Before I get to the post today, here's a reminder for HJC's Team Competition going on next week. This will likely be the longest, most difficult and most interesting competition in HJC history. Teams of 2 will design a logo, jersey, and other design element for a new NHL expansion team. Teams will have a presentation day assigned to them to present their concepts. Teams should email Ryan the team members and desired division (Division 1 = Advanced, Division 2 = Novice) by Friday. Don't have a partner? E-mail Ryan by Friday and say so, and he'll match you up with another designer.

Here are the voting reminders for this week, then we'll get to today's concepts!

COTW Feb 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Design A Country Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Vancouver Giants vs Victoria Royals Winter Classic - Zack M.

Yay: We start today with an interesting idea from Zack, a Winter Classic between Vancouver and Victoria of the WHL. It is cool how both teams use some classic logos, and the colours change but the styles feel the same. The jerseys might need some work, but the idea is pretty solid.

Nay: I'll start with the Giants. If a dark red primary is used, gold is an awful colour for text, unless there are some white or black outlines with it. The "GIANTS" mark needs to be smaller. The stripes poke out of the jersey, and I think there really needs to be some more white on the uniform. On the Royals jersey, the main logo could be a little smaller, and the name/number needs to be higher and larger (especially the number). Again, this needs more white, and both jerseys need TV numbers.

Overall: The idea is there, but the concepts definitely need some work. 5.2/10

Robert Morris Colonials Concept - Connor L.

Yay: During Toledo's Winterfest, Robert Morris University will be playing Bowling Green. Here, Connor gives us half of what that matchup could look like.  If I am correct, this would be the first red jersey for RMU, and the first to use that particular logo. But it works well. More of a Stadium Series modern jersey than a Winter Classic retro jersey, but I think that works in their favour. The uniform is just as patriotic, timeless, and sharp as it needs to be, including equipment.

Nay: I get that there is grey in the logo, but with grey being on the collar and nowhere else, it looks out of place. I would like to see the hem stripes and/or sock stripes to match the arms more.  I'd also get rid of the white behind the "Reebok" tag, and colour the tag white. The shoulder patch is okay, but it would look better if it was shown on front and back.

Overall: It's a solid concept, and I'd love to see the Bowling Green jersey for the game. 8.1/10

Seattle Seahawks Concept - Tyler F.

Yay: 2nd straight week I've reviewed a Seahawks concept, and its the start of four NFL concepts today. This one has all of the colours that the Seahawks should have, without the font styles and patterns that would look weird on the ice. The font itself looks good, and I like the traditional striping approach. Overall, looks pretty good.

Nay: The biggest thing I don't like is the triple stripes at the bottom of the jersey, compared to only one stripe on the arms. One thick grey/green/grey stripe at the hem would look pretty traditional and consistent with the rest of the jersey. I'd also lower the main number a bit, swap the captain patch and Super Bowl patch, lower the logo just a little bit, and throw on some TV numbers.

Overall: The ball is snapped, the receiver is open, but the ball just comes up short. 6.9/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - Jack H.

Yay: This concept by Jake is basically a darker adaptation of the previous Sharks jerseys (before changing this season), with slanted arm stripes. I like this look so much more than their plain practice jerseys they wear now. I miss the teal colour, but this darker colour looks sharp, and is still an original colour yet belongs with the sharks perfectly. Absolutely nothing I can complain about execution-wise, this is a great concept.

Nay: If I were to redesign this jersey myself, I'd make 2 changes. 1) Move the arm stripes a little closer to the middle of the jerseys. The shoulders look pretty bare, and moving the stripes a little could help balance that out. 2) Do something more interesting with the pants stripes, something with the teal colour.

Overall: This concept is beautiful, and I'd gladly take this before their current jersey any day of the week, and twice on Thursdays. 8.7/10

Phoenix Coyotes Concept - Jack H.

Yay: Jack is back again with a Coyotes set that takes the logo from the 3rd jersey and puts it on the main set, adding a hem stripe and some more black. All of these are reasons I like this concept a lot.  This uniform gives Phoenix a respectable, classic look, while keeping the same basic style as their current set. I love the look of the black yoke and stripes against the Coyotes red, beautiful colour combo.

Nay: I don't have much to complain about again, as this concept looks excellent. The one thing that bugs me a lot are the black cuffs on both jerseys.  It's unnecessary, doesn't match the hem, and it's distracting from what is otherwise a great arm pattern.

Overall: Another great concept, but slightly downhill from the first concept, only because of the cuffs. 8.6/10

Sochi Olympics Jersey - J3

Yay: This is probably one of the coolest jerseys I'd never wear. I'm usually not a fan of gradients on jerseys, or full jersey images, but given that this jersey would be more of a gimick jersey found at a Sochi gift shop, it actually does the job well. It definitely looks like something Nike would do if they were in charge of making such a jersey. Any other colour scheme, and I may not like this nearly as much. But double blue makes everything better.

Nay: If this was a gift-shop sort of jersey, there wouldn't be much to complain about. But I'll look at this as a full uniform, for an all-star team or something.  The jersey is both too dark and too light, and using it as a home or away jersey would be difficult. I don't really like the plain white sides and underarms, they take away from the primary look of the jersey. And as much as the jersey looks cool with the gradient, I don't think the socks would work well with them.

Overall: This would be a pretty cool, if not gimicky, uniform. I don't know why, but I like it. 7.9/10

New England Patriots - Gerard M.

Yay: Here's the first of 3 NFL concepts from Gerard, this one being the New England Bradys Patriots.  The jersey doesn't look too different from what they wear anyways, so its definitely believable.  The simple, curved arm style works well on these jerseys. The font, name/number sizes, and collar look great, and the execution of the concept is great.

Nay: I would change two things on this concept, one would be making the logo just a little bit smaller. The logo is weirdly shaped, so its difficult to position properly without looking unbalanced.  The second thing is on the arms, they look just a little bare, and I'd fix that by adding some cuffs.

Overall:  If the Patriots ever became a hockey team, this is pretty much what I'd assume it would look like. Good concept.  8/10

New York Giants Concept - Gerard M.

Yay:  Contrasting against the modern, curvy look of the Patriots concept, Gerard gives the Giants a more traditional look, and I like it.  The Giants are a classic team, and deserve looking like one. The stripes are simple, but perfect for the look.  The font, and outlines on the numbers, work out well.  Simple design, but executed nearly perfectly.

Nay:  Again, two little changes that I would make.  The first would be changing the name on the white jersey to blue instead of red. I don't think that would matter too much, but just my opinion.  The second would be to either get rid of the blue cuffs, or add white cuffs on the blue jersey. That way, the jerseys match up a little better together.

Overall: It's a simple design, but looks great. A few things I'd change, but its still the look that the Giants deserve. 7.8/10

New York Jets Concept - Gerard M.

Yay:  And now for a bit of a combo between the curvy and classic styles, seen here in Gerard's New York Jets concept.  I've said before that I don't like contrasting shoulders, but the pattern here is cool.  All of the stripes and jersey elements look good together, and the fonts and sizes are, again, perfectly executed. 

Nay: The hem stripes and the shoulders look like two different styles, and while they look alright together, they don't blend together perfectly.  I wonder that if the bottom hem stripe fills the bottom of the jersey, if might match the shoulders better...maybe...? I'm not sure how to fix it to make it perfect, and it looks good as it is, but it just looks like its missing something.

Overall: Not as good as the other two concepts, but still an awesome concept.  7.5/10

Quebec Nordiques Concept - Christian L.

Yay: After doing a few different teams, Christian is back with another Nordiques concept.  Using some of the really cool logos he's used before, and a nice 3D template, this concept has almost made it perfect.  The jersey itself looks like a simpler version of the Jets jersey, which I think is one of the better jerseys in the league.

Nay: The TV numbers (and I assume the regular number) looks strange with the light blue outline. A different colour outline would be all that needs to be fixed.  Everything else on this concept looks good, besides the shoulder patch logo. You can barely see the buildings against the dark background, but a light background inside of the patch would be an easy fix.

Overall:  A couple changeups, but the concept looks fantastic. 7.9/10

Phoenix Coyotes Concept - Caleb F.

Yay: To paraphrase The Dark Knight, "This is the concept Phoenix deserves, and the one it needs right now".  A biege primary jersey with these colours would look fantastic, and their old logo looks solid here.  The style of the jersey isn't too different from what they currently wear, but the small changes gives this concept its own life.  Oh, the collar with the retro Phoenix style looks absolutely awesome.

Nay: I'd like to see something on the hem, because that part of the jersey looks so bare, but its not terrible.  The black outline on the numbers don't really work all to well. Maybe a beige outline, and then a black outline.  Finally, as much as I like sticking with traditional fonts, I wish the number had something more curvy and modern.

Overall: Again, Phoenix should wear this, right now. I'd love to see a full set of these.  8.1/10

Winnipeg Jets vs Vancouver Canucks Winter Classic - Jordan R.

Yay:  Yes, my favourite concept series returns! Here we have a Winter Classic (not a Heritage Classic?) from 1995. As awful as the "V' jersey is, I'd love to see it make a comeback.  Both uniforms look fantastic, execution on the concet is great, and the logo looks like it belongs in the mid-1990's. The Jets' goalie pads look awesome.

Nay:  While the goalie pads for the Jets looks good, the pads and equipment for the rest of the concept looks kinda plain.  And I know it's probably been done already, but I think I'd rather see the late-70's Jets jerseys. No reason for that other than I just like those jerseys more, and I've never liked these Jets jerseys.

Overall: The concept is great, of course, but I'd rather see a different jersey matchup. Still, 8.3/10

Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs Winter Classic - Jordan R.

Yay:  And here we are, I was waiting to see a concept like this.  First of all, the logo is absolutely awesome.  It reminds me of the World Cup of Hockey logos, which is a little later than this game, but still works.  The Sabres uniform is strange by modern standards, but its an awesome throwback that would be totally original to anything we've seen in the outdoor games. The throwback Leafs jersey is interesting but fantastic.  I never would have thought to use the St. Pats jerseys, but it looks great.

Nay: Again, the pads on Hasek looks good, but might look better with vintage white as seen on the jersey.  I think the pads and equipment on the Leafs uniform, but I think it would look even better with the old-school brown leather pads, to make the uniform look really, really old.

Overall:  When Toronto hosts the Winter Classic/Heritage Classic, they should play Buffalo, and these are the uniforms we should see. Really awesome concept! 8.9/10

Saving the best for last, as Jordan's Buffalo vs Toronto Winter Classic concept gets my COTW nomination. It could have been the Hasek mask, that gets me everytime, but it really is a great concept.

So thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! Don't forget to vote for your favourite concepts, and get your teams ready for next week's concepts.

Thursday: Going For Gold Reviewed by William Butala on February 20, 2014 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Jack H's Phoenix concept for COTW. It's just simple and solid. I really like it. I think it would fit them well.

Kris Knudsen said...

Jordan's jets vs Vancouver winter Classic set gets my vote for COTW. The jets need to go back to those jerseys if only for a game (even if it was hypothetically in the past!), those white yokes with their blue jerseys were awesome!!!

winnipegjets96 said...

I love the idea of a Skydome outdoor game in the 90's, when it was a shinning symbol of Toronto sports, but I'll 2nd Jordan's Jets vs. Canucks Outdoor game, because the Jets would look so good in those WHA throughbacks

Matthew McElroy said...

I'm gonna second the dark Knight Jacks Phoenix concept. the jersey Arizona Deserves

Jordan Roberts said...

Just so you know, on my Winter Classic concepts, those are their actual pads with the color taken directly from photos, since at the time guys wouldn't switch out even for the olympics or all star game, etc...

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