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Saturday: Go for the Gold

Hello everyone and welcome to anther Saturday at HJC! I'm a bit pressed for time this week, so I'm going to spare you my usual ramblings and just get to the good part. Today we have some good, creative concepts, the last of Calgary Flames Redesign contest, and tomorrow Ryan will reveal who will receive the coveted Concept of the Year award for 2013!

Here are the last of the Flames Redesign entries:

Ben A.

Caleb F.

 Colin M.

Danny R.

Connor L.

Let's start off today's post with two gold concepts!

Nashville Predators concept - Maxx B.

What I like: Some artists try to take the Preds back to blue, but everyone knows that ship has sailed. The fans love the gold jerseys. The striping pattern on the arms is interesting. 

What I don't like: Take out the third color. It doesn't mesh well in this color scheme and sticks out badly. I would go with the new number font over this one. It always reminded me of something you'd see in NASCAR. The Pred Head seems to have a silvery gradient on it. I don't think it improves the logo. I'm not a fan of the side panel striping or piping, either. The way the alternate logos are done makes it appear as if their are 2 logos on each shoulder. The sleeve numbers aren't on the back of the jersey.

Overall: It's not lacking in ambition, but needs some polish and a bit more restraint. (5.5/10)

Team Sweden concept - Mike S.

What I like: Sweden's jerseys are usually very traditional and subtle (apart from the colors, of course). I like that Mike tries to make them stand out a little more. The small white outlines around the stripes on teh gold jersey is a nice detail. Execution is flawless.

What I dislike: I would make the three crowns larger, and give them a white outline on the gold jersey. The striping is interesting, but I think it might be a bit too much here.

Overall: All this needs is a few minor tweaks to make it a great set. (7.5/10)

1984 Winter Classic concept - Jordan R.

What I like: This template is pretty cool. Presentation is great. I love how Jordan makes the game look like something that could have happened in the 80s, especially with the colors used on that Winter Classic logo. The jerseys are great throwbacks. I love the goalie gear.

What I dislike: No sleeve numbers on the goalies.

Overall: Really cool concept, here. I hope this turns into a series of concepts. (8.8/10) COTW nom!

Sony Playstation 4 concept - Jeremy R.

What I like: This is an outside-the-box concept, which presents some difficulty in scoring, because you can't grade it like a normal concept. The jersey does seem to fit Sony's brand aesthetic. Execution is pretty good. The arms remind me of the Thrashers.

What I dislike: Little too much gradient for my taste. I understand wanting to use it, but maybe take it off the socks. The '4' is too large on the back. I would size it down a bit. The set is very dark. It could used some more lighter color to brighten it up a little more. 

Overall: I'm more of a Nintendo guy. (6.5/10)

San Jose Sharks concept - T.G.

What I like: Teal is left as the primary color, as it should be. Orange is used sparingly, but to good effect. This a Sharks set with proper color balance. I like the shoulder patches. That alternate logo fits better than essentially having the same shark on a jersey three times. Execution is great.

What I dislike: The sleeve stripes are crowding the TV numbers.

What the Sharks players will dislike: More stripes?! Why don't you just tie parachutes to our backs! That will slow us down! 

Overall: Certainly more interesting than the Sharks' new uniforms. (8.3/10)

Calgary Flames concept - Justin S.

What I like: Man, I love that alternate Flames logo, even on a "de-Edged" jersey. The flamed 'C' looks good as a shoulder patch, too. Execution is pretty good as well.

What I dislike: The black jersey needs more white, to help brighten it up a little. I've never liked slanted fonts. Leave that to NASCAR. Three flaming 'C' logos on one jersey is too many. I would use a normal 'C' for the captain's patch.

Overall: Not a bad de-Edge for the Flames, just needs a few changes. (7/10)

Battle of Florida concept - Victor B.

What I like: The yoke on the Lightning jersey is very interesting. I like the angled shoulders. The gradient doesn't look that bad on the Lightning logo. I like the detail that went in to some aspects of the jerseys. There are a lot of subliminated stripes on the Panthers jersey.

What I dislike: Both jerseys need sleeve numbers. There are some loose pixels around the collar of the Panthers jersey. Both primary logos are really pixelated. I'm not a fan of the side panel stripes on the Panthers jersey.

Overall: There are a lot of interesting, forward-thinking elements here that just need more detailing. (6/10)

New York Islanders concept - Patrick E.

What I like: I think we will see an orange third from the Isles eventually. This is pretty straightforward, just a color swap of the home jersey with a blue yoke.

What I dislike: It needs TV numbers. The primary logo is too big, and the monochrome treatment hasn't done it any favors. The "Iceborn" wordmark should be recolored to white. On the helmet, there are areas where the transparency still shows.

Overall: This is headed in the right direction for a good alternate. It needs some cleaning up, and maybe a few innovative touches to make it unique. (6/10)

Winter Classic 2015 concept - Felix T.

What I like: The subliminated trees on the Minnesota jersey is a nice detail. The colors complement each other well. I like the idea of having more color vs. color games instead of color vs. white.

What I dislike: I think the Avs would prefer to play as the Avs. If you're going to go the throwback franchise route, then Minnesota should be playing with a North Stars logo. The black number on the Avs jersey wouldn't be very easy to read, and the striping on the yoke is too much. The Reebok wordmark looks better on the back of the jersey, rather than the front, like on the Avs jersey here.

Overall: Close, but needs a some changes before this is ready for prime-time. (6/10)

As always, remember to send in your votes for next weeks concepts, and nominate concepts today that deseve COTW consideration. Also, come back tomorrow to see who wins the 2013 Concept of the Year! This is a big deal people! Get excited! See you back here same time next week.

Saturday: Go for the Gold Reviewed by Caz on February 01, 2014 Rating: 5

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Tederifico said...

I'm going to come to defense of the Nashville jersey. I quite like it! It has a lot of different elements to it for sure. But I think those elements are incorporated in well and that the jersey overall is well balanced.

I even like the light blue! I think it has potential. I think has it been added to other parts of the jersey it would have made the collar less obvious. As it stand, working it in is the trick here - not it's elimination.

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